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Thursday, December 27, 2018

My Daughter an Son in Law need some help

They are trying to buy a house, but they can't get the down payment together due to medical bills on top of their car note, insurance, fuel etc. Bronson my son in law, is a very good man. He is an Air Force veteran and he can get his home loan from the VA, but it is the down payment, the inspection and all the other associated costs of buying a home, while still paying the rest of his bills, including co-pays for doctors visits, prescriptions, etc.

If you can help out and spare a little, please give it a thought.

Friday, December 21, 2018

Big Shooterist - Liberals and Conservatives should agree on Bump Stock Ban

The phone app won't allow me to use the embed option

Let's see off this worked

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Thursday, December 20, 2018

Bill Whittle Now - Will NRA Trumpians Cave as He Bans Bump Stocks?

Shoe0nHead - PEDOPHOBIA?? responding to an ex-fan

Blunt Force Truth Minute - Green New Deal

The Infographics Show - Why Are People In Venezuela Starving (Hyperinflation Explained)?

Ben Swann - Facebook Fact-Checkers Want To Cut Ties With Company

Blunt Force Truth Minute - Progressive Court

VICE - Zombie Drug: The Truth About Flakka

LaughingAtLiberals - You Can Legally Fight Police In Oregon; But You Can't Defend Against Mob Violence

TheGunCollective - Pittsburgh Goes Gun Control - The Legal Brief

PragerU - Why You Should Be a Nationalist

Sunday, December 16, 2018

ReasonTV - A Crackdown on Cash and Bitcoin? Curbing Crime vs. Empowering the Surveillance State

John Stossel - Media Hype Questionable Gun Control Study

ReasonTV - The 7 Rules of Free Speech in Schools: Free Speech Rules - (Episode 1)

Tom Scott - Your New Social Credit Score

Ben Swann ON: Google CEO in the Hot Seat

ReasonTV - When Democrats Loved Deregulation

John Stossel - Stossel's Stocking Stuffers

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

My son needs some help

He is in a school program for video editing, however none of the computers we have are able to run the editing software he is required to use by the school.

The following is the e-mail he sent me about the specifications which are the minimum requirements to run the programs he is supposed to use.

Many of the minimum specifications listed for the programs are shown as a baseline for running these programs, which means they will will run, but productivity will suffer. Also note that I list a few wiki/discussion pages in place of some of the programs' official pages due to the information either not being provided by the main source or being outdated (because of this though, some of the specifications the users post may be somewhat overzealous)

A lot of the screenshots cut off the information, so you will have to visit the page to get all of the information

Autodesk 3DS MAX:

Autodesk MAYA:

Adobe Premiere Pro:

Adobe Photoshop:

Adobe After Effects:

Adobe Animate/Flash:

Epic Games Unreal Engine 4:

Unity 3D Engine 2018.2:


If anyone could help out with getting him a decent enough computerto run these programs properly, I would be very appreciative.

Miles is wanting to specialize in video and game production/design after he graduates come spring and he is busting his tail to try to get his assignments done.  The issue is, right now he can only work on them on the schools computers AFTER school.  And there have been several times I've had to pick him up from school at 9:00 PM.  Add in all of the other programs he is in, (FCA - Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Young Life {Christian Youth Group}, NHS {National Honor Society}) plus his school's own TV Production work) he is basically on the go from 7:15 A.M. when I drive him to school and many times, I've had to pick him up after 10:00 P.M. at night from school games, Youth Group, and other programs.

So if anyone has a desktop computer that can run the above programs properly, please let me know via e-mail: greylocke (AT) gmail (DOT) com

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Кто-нибудь из моих читателей живет в Миассе, Россия?

Если да, пожалуйста, оставьте комментарий, чтобы я мог отправить вам электронное письмо. Я пытаюсь связаться с женщиной, с которой я разговаривал в Миассе.

 Поэтому, если вы живете в Миассе или рядом с ним, пожалуйста, свяжитесь со мной или оставьте комментарий

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Bill Whittle Now - Conservatives Condemn Mail Bomb Attacks

Ben Swann - Reality Check - Could Death of Journalist Khashoggi Save Thousands of Lives in Yemen?

Right Angle - Love the Constitution? Love This!

Paul Joseph Watson - Questions About the Mail Bomber

Project Veritas Action - Heitkamp Opponent Reacts to Undercover Video Revealing She Will Be "Super Liberal" if Re-Elected

TheGunCollective - Fed Judge Upholds New Jersey Magazine Ban - The Legal Brief

Project Veritas Action - Hannity Plays Heitkamp Undercover Video

Right Angle - Into Harm's Way: Trump Challenges China

Bill Whittle Now - Moore Broadsides Constitution Mocks Democrats

Project Veritas Action - Sen Heitkamp Dir. Details Bait & Switch "… when she gets elected she's going to be super liberal.

Project Veritas Action - O'Keefe Indignant at Nat Conf on the #1A: “I don’t seek your recognition I seek your distribution.”

Ben Swann - Reality Check - Stop Funding Afghan Security Forces Who Keep Child Sex Slaves

ReasonTV - Stossel: Sweden is Not a Socialist Success

Democratic socialists in the United States point to Sweden as a socialist success. But Swedish historian Johan Norberg says, "Sweden is not socialist."

Norberg hosts a documentary called Sweden: Lessons for America?, in which he notes that in Sweden, "government doesn't own the means of production. To see that you have to go to Venezuela or Cuba or North Korea."

John Stossel asks Norberg why so many Americans think Sweden is socialist. Norberg answers, "We did have a period in the 1970s and 1980s when we had something that resembled socialism: a big government that taxed and spent heavily."

But big government led to problems. "Our economy was in crisis, inflation reached 10 percent, and for a brief period interest rates soared to 500 percent. At that point the Swedish population just said, 'Enough, we can't do this,'" Norberg says.

Sweden cut public spending, privatized the national rail network, abolished certain government monopolies, eliminated inheritance taxes, sold state-owned businesses, and switched to a school voucher system. It also "lowered taxes and reformed the pension system," adds Norberg.

So Stossel asks why we keep hearing "that Sweden is this socialist paradise."

Norberg answers: "We do have a bigger welfare state than the U.S. and higher taxes than the U.S. But in other areas, when it comes to free markets, when it comes to competition, when it comes to free trade, Sweden is actually more free market."

He's right, according to the Heritage Foundation's Economic Freedom Rankings. Sweden ranks higher than the U.S.

Norberg also tells Stossel that Sweden's tax system may surprise Americans. "This is the dirty little secret....We don't take from the rich and give to the poor. We squeeze the poor, because rich people might leave."

Even people who earn below average income pay up to 60 percent in taxes.

Stossel asks: What lessons should Americans take from Sweden?

"You can't turn your backs [on] the creation of wealth," warns Norberg.

Sweden: Lessons for America? airs on PBS on October 29th at 7 p.m. Eastern. You can also watch it at
The views expressed in this video are solely those of John Stossel; his independent production company, Stossel Productions; and the people he interviews. The claims and opinions set forth in the video and accompanying text are not necessarily those of Reason.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Project Veritas Action - Missouri Media is All Over McCaskill Undercover Videos

list25 - 25 Worst Cases Of People Being Wrongfully Accused

Computing Forever - Apple Caught Overcharging for MacBook Pro Repairs

TED - What happened when we tested thousands of abandoned rape kits in Detroit - Kym Worthy

ReasonTV - Stossel: Libertarian Larry Sharpe Brings New Ideas to New York

Are Smartphones Recording Everything We Do?

This is why I uninstall apps such as Facebook.

I have actually had ads targeted to me pop up on FB after texting a friend about something.  Just ANOTHER reason, I am no longer on FB.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Colion Noir - Recovering Heroin Addict To Hansen Discusses Seattle's Drug Epidemic

Project Veritas Action - McCaskill Campaign Reacts to Second Undercover Vid - Indirect Contributions from Planned Parenthood

Project Veritas Action - James O'Keefe: McCaskill's Response is Outrageous

Project Veritas Action - PART 2: McCaskill Campaign Hides Planned Parenthood Contributions "to get the moderate voters"

Oh, Really

Paul Joseph Watson - Why the NPC Meme FREAKS OUT the Left

Monday, October 15, 2018

Lisa Haven - Google GOTCHA! 377 DHS Tracked Online Words —The List—Who - What - Why & How To Stop It…

From the Inbox

Bill Whittle Now - Deconstructing Trevor Noah - The Spin Cycle

Right Angle - American Singapore - We're Not Ready for the Attack That's Coming

5 Mysterious Military Bases You Are Not Allowed To Visit

The Mystery And Unanswered Questions Behind Cicada 3301

Project Veritas Action -

Redacted Tonight

Friday, October 12, 2018

Bill Whittle Now - Kavanaugh Crisis: The Waking of a Majority?

Right Angle - Mob Violence: The New Democrat Dialogue

Well that sucks

I was driving home last night after picking up my son Miles aka Sprog #6, when we hit what I thought was a chuck of concrete in the highway.  It flattened both passenger side tires on the minivan and I didn't find out until today it also destroyed the rim on the passenger side front wheel.

Grand Total for 2 new tires and a steel replacement rim, $239.17 plus I had to fill my daughters truck for driving me around to take care of all this.

Meanwhile the power converter on my trailer let out all it's magic smoke, and I'm still having to tether my cell phone to get internet.


I hate to keep asking but if you can spare some money, I could really use the help.

My daughter still has a page on Go Fund Me for us: Fundraiser for Mark Anderson by Mary Louise Anderson : Help for Anderson Family

And you can always send me money through PayPal;

Just when I start to get ahead, something happens and screws me up all over again. 

Thursday, October 11, 2018

New Additions to Specialization

"He either fears his fate too much,
Or his desserts are small,
Who dares not put it to the touch,
To win or lose it all!"

- James Graham, 5th Earl of Montrose 1612 to 1650 Royalist General during the English Civil War

Overcome your fear and stand for what you believe, whatever the opposition.



Project Veritas Action - James O'Keefe Interviews Bredesen Campaign Staff and Manager for Comment on Undercover Video

Pat Condell - The People's Vote

Pat Condell - The People's Vote

ReasonTV - The $15 Minimum Wage Is Turning Hard Workers Into Black Market Lawbreakers

Project Veritas Action - "We don't say that out of these walls." Bredesen Staff Says He Is Lying About Kavanaugh Vote

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Slavery is a Very Real Thing in America (And here are 10 facts about it)

For Sale - 1995 Dodge Dakota Extended Cab 3.9 V-6 4X4

For Sale: 1995 Dodge Dakota Extended Cab 3.9L V-6 4X4 with Bed Liner and 4 brand new tires.
Asking $1,500.00 O.B.O.
Contact Mark via E-mail at: greylocke (AT) gmail (DOT) com
Truck was NOT submerged after Hurricane Harvey, it does however not idle correctly after it warms up, and I'm tired of messing with it and replacing parts.  All Harvey did was to break the drivers side headlight lens.  I've got video of my boys and I driving the truck after Harvey while we examined the devastation.

Here is 30 minutes of me and 3 of my sons driving through the aftermath of our county after Hurricane Harvey in the Dakota.

The truck starts and runs fine but when it warms up it doesn't idle right.  I'm tired of replacing parts, so I'm selling it.