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Thursday, April 30, 2015


My eldest daughter's fiance, a really nice polite young man who treats my daughter the way she is supposed to be treated, owns a Glock 17.  I told him and my daughter both that I want to get a Kel-Tec Sub 2000 for my daughter.  What I would like however Kel-Tec doesn't offer.

Kel-Tec has hit it out of the park with their Sub 2000 Carbines in both 9mm and .40 S&W.  However they do not offer the Sub 2000 with the grip to use Glock 26 magazines..  Why Glock 26 you ask?  Because Bronson, my soon to be son in law has a Glock 17, and I want my daughter to get herself a Glock 26 for herself.  I also want her to have a Sub 2000 carbine that would use the same 10 round magazine of her Glock 26.

My thought on this are, Kel-Tec would make the Sub 2000 to take the Glock 26 magazine, and offer a slide in and locking spacer to lengthen the grip for the either the Glock 19 or the Glock 17 magazines.

Think of the take down pistol used in many spy movies, where the pieces just slide together and lock into each other which allows 00-whatever to assemble a full size firearm out of pieces the size of a can of smokeless tobacco.

Imagine if you would, the small grip for the Glock 26 magazines, however an internal lip, which would allow a polymer spacer to be slid onto the internal lip with a locking lip to hold the spacer in place or it could be slid in and a locking screw could be used in the back strap area to hold the spacer in place.  You could have 2 sizes of spacers, for either the Glock 17 or the Glock 19 magazines.

As for fitting a decent optic, I've seen the rotating forends, what I would like to see is one that would only rotate 45 degrees, so that when it the Sub 2000 is folded, your optic is held slightly to the side, and the forend is actually part of how the carbine is held closed.  My idea is the forend is locked when the barrel is locked.  It cannot move, when you open the barrel for folding, the forend rotates 45 degrees and it's corner actually helps to lock it in the folded position.

So Kel-Tec!!  How about it?  Glock 26 size frame with slide in/lock in-bolt in spacers, forend rail only rotates 45 degrees and is part of the locking mechanism when folded.  Ohhhh, and please thread the barrel for a suppressor..  Even with good Earpro, 9mm is just a tetch LOUD!

After that, I'd like to talk to you folks about a Sub 2000 in .45 ACP for myself.  It could use the Glock 21 magazines.  Considering the recoil impulse isn't quite as stout as 9mm you can probably use the same blowback operation of the standard Sub 2000's.  I know several police Law Enforcement Agencies that would buy those in a heartbeat.  Like I would.

And just to be really silly, could you guys make a .32 ACP and .380 ACP Versions of the Sub 2000?  I know I'd buy the .32 ACP version just because I like the caliber.  Or maybe conversion kits to convert the larger caliber firearms to those calibers..

Brigid I apologize - Brigid has a new book out and I completely forgot about it.

L.B. Johnson the author of The Book of Barkley, has another book out.

Saving Grace (A Story of Adoption) and as she did with The Book of Barkley, 50% of her proceeds go to charity. This one to help get Kevlar Vests for for the dogs in harms way.

I will be honest, I still have problems reading her first book.  I remember reading all of her posts and seeing her photos of Barkley, and I tear up.  I know how much she loves and loved him, and how much he loved her.

He left us too soon, but he is no longer in pain.

So when you can, please check out both of her books.

I eagerly await the Kindle Version of her newest so I can take it with me everywhere.

TriFecta - Earth Day Hypocrisy: Leo Has Yachts and Gore Has Villas

Links!! Links I tell you!!

Chelsea Clinton's Claim That An Independent Watchdog Rated the Clinton Foundation As Among the World's Most Transparent Organizations is, Get This, a Complete Lie

Ooooohhhh, THAT'S gonna leave mark.

You're Not Quite Going to Believe This, But Hillary Clinton Is, Get This, Refusing to Disclose 1,100 of Her Big Money Foreign Donors

Are we ready for "All Hillary, ALL the Time", yet?

EXCLUSIVE: Adjudicated Pedophile Brett Kimberlin’s New Lawsuit Against Pretty Much the Right Half of the Blogosphere...
Hasn't he figured it out yet? The more he tries to hide his past and to get people to quit telling the Tru.... Uhhh I mean talking mean about him, the more this information comes out. And everyone knows, the Internet is F-O-R-E-V-E-R.

Salman Rushdie calls six writers “pussies” for boycotting PEN America Gala for giving Freedom of Expression Courage Award to Charlie Hebdo

More authors who go on my ignore list.

Christian prayer is banned in Quebec schools but spending $10,000 to fund soccer headbags for Muslim girls is just fine and dandy?

Don't you know, ONLY Allah is allowed in school you Infidel!! ~sarc

When SWAT teams meet their (literary) match . . .
Keyboard Alert, also monitor and sinuses. Diet Coke sting a little when it comes out of your nose.

Does anyone remember that modification for the AK type rifles so they safety lever could be used to hold the bolt back? If you do please post it in the comments.

Could A Tiny Five-Man Company Provide The Army’s Next Pistol?
Cool, I used to drive through Milstadt years back to see a girl I was trying to convince to date me.

Democrat answer: more spending
They've had decades of bri uhhh Anti-poverty spending, and the problem has only gotten WORSE. Maybe it's time to start "Cutting"

Unfortunately Correct...

M/V Maersk Tigris and Lawfare in Action
IANAL but make your own determination

That sound you hear is all our allies shuffling papers to re-examine their treaty relationships with us.
That is it in a nutshell.

Communist agitators
Yup, bought and paid for Civil Unrest

Orlando cop ruptures handcuffed mans spleen, takes cell pictures
Sorry, but I used to work in a jail, Our protocols said ANYTIME a prisoner was injured even if minor, they HAD to be cleared by EMS Personnel.

I'm done for now. My head is startting to hurt again. According to the NWS website another front is coming into the area. Good Night.

Manufacturers and Dealers B.O.L.

If anyone requests a T&E Firearm for "GreyLocke at the Gun Blog Black List", please do not send anything back to them, not even a response. And please forward the e-mails with full headers in HTML format to my e-mail address below. Please also take screen shots in .JPG, .GIF or .BMP format and send them as well.

For the record, I DO NOT request T&E Firearms. I DO test ammunition, but for the most part I only test firearms I myself have personally purchased OR firearms borrowed from friends who personally purchased them for themselves.

Also for my blogging purposes I ONLY use the below e-mail address. So if it is not from it, it's ISN'T me.

My E-mail is greylocke (at) gmail (dot) com

Stacking the Deck

Swiped from A Nod to the Gods - (I even swiped his title :) Don't kill me Jeff)

I hope he doesn't come down here and kick my butt.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Making firearms ammunition

Firearms History, Technology & Development has a series of posts on the making of firearms ammunition.  From manufacturing cartridges back in the 19th Century until today.  So check them out at the below links.

Manufacturing Cartridges in the 19th Century

Manufacturing Cartridges in the 19th Century - Part II

Manufacturing Cartridges in the 19th Century - Part III

Manufacturing Cartridges in the 19th Century - Part IV

Manufacturing Cartridges: More Modern Methods

I'm still working my way through them and watching the videos.

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TriFecta - Doomsday! We May Be Kinda Sorta in Environmental Danger...

Baltimore and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's Legacy

Citizens lining up to protect the police on W. North Ave. in Baltimore.
Posted by Van Applegate on Tuesday, April 28, 2015

This is Martin Luther King's true legacy...Unarmed men standing up for the rule of law. Standing between hellions, Satan's spawn and those whose mandate to "serve and protect" has been castrated by the power brokers just a few miles away in DC....*THIS* is America.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Some links for you

Thousands of new Lerner emails found
The truth will finally come out AFTER the Democrats no longer have the Presidency. Unless the GOP goes turtle again. In that case, we will NEVER find out the truth of the matter.

NFL Will End Its Tax-Exempt Status, Goodell Tells Owners
I give it 20-45 days before the stories that have been buried until then, start coming out.

Maersk Tigris ship manager declines comment, Pentagon says Iran boards vessel
Look for more and more transgressions against U.S. Sovereignty. Iran is just LOOKING for a reason to start something. With Saudi Arabia, U.A.E. and others coming after their proxies and exposing Iran's efforts to control the area, they will do ANYTHING they can to divert attention away from that. Think of it as the worlds largest game of "Chicken"

Paranoia catches Abbott attention: gov orders Texas guard to monitor military exercises over fears of federal takeover
I got nuttin.

181 Clinton Foundation donors who lobbied Hillary's State Department
From Vox, I'm SHOCKED, shocked I tell you. (10 points if you get the reference)

That Time Bill Clinton Ran Ads Attacking His Rivals For Taking Money From Foreign Interests
Rules for thee, not for meeee. Does anyone else notice it's the Liberal sites that are bringing out he most damaging revelations about the Clintons right now?

GOP has few options to get Clinton emails short of arresting her
Why don't they? They have a Sergeant At Arms. Send him and his deputies after her. FORCE her and her minions to cough up the data, or hold her in a small cell until she complies.

Judge sets deadline for deadline to release Hillary Clinton emails
Rose Law Firm documents all over again.

Finland fires warning shots at 'foreign submarine' near Helsinki
Three Guesses and the first two don't count.

New bird flu cases probable in Iowa, millions of birds affected: Iowa
Watch China levels of censorship to start.

Intel report warns gang attacks on white cops could spread nationally
I'm surprised it has taken this long, considering how the police have run roughshod over the Black and Hispanic Communities.

UN chief praises pope for framing climate change as moral imperative, says encyclical
Your Holiness, go fornicate yourself. Show me you degree in climate science, show me uncorrupted and unaltered data. Otherwise, SHUT UP!

California prepares for the next ‘big one’
Could it have anything to do with certain TBM's that were built off the books and vanished in Nevada?

Watchdog blasts State Dept., Clintons after four-year battle for documents
I said it before "Rose Law Firm"

Agency: DOE's green energy loans won't make a profit
They were never intended to. They were to pay back campaign donors and sweet heart deals to fleece the taxpayer.

National Guard, police descend on Baltimore
I just hope calmer heads will prevail.

The original version. I'll post their later versions in a bot. Tell me which you prefer in the comments.

U.S. Senate rejects bid to toughen Iran nuclear review bill
As I posted on the book of face. There is a "Deal" With Lynch's confirmation, and this refusal to hold any treaty to the highest standard, there has been cut, a "Deal". Two of my little birdies are saying the Dems are going to help the Mainline GOP force out and marginalize the Conservative GOP members. Basically the deal is to neuter the conservatives in the Senate and the House. With full collusion of McConnell and Boehner.

Lawmakers seek to end phone data collection
Smoke and Mirrors that has no chance of passing. It's a feel good bill to make it look like the GOP is actually following through on their campaign promises. The "Deal" won't allow it to come to a serious vote.

U.S. Supreme Court appears sharply divided on gay marriage
I'm sorry but 3 members of SCOTUS should be recusing themselves on this case. But they won't because they are part of the agenda. What I want is a lawsuit that challenges that the government has any right or authority to regulate marriage in any way shape or form.

Viewers Left Dumbfounded by CNN Anchor’s Police Brutality Theory: ‘I Love Our Nation’s Veterans, but…’
Can we please have her taken into custody for terminal stupidity? Before she hurts herself. For her own good of course.

Something Bizarre Is Going on With This Movie’s Rotten Tomatoes Page That Has Stunned Filmmakers Speaking Out
The disconnect between the "Approved" reviewers and the public is starkly shown here.

This is the second version of the song. There is still one more version. Leave a comment with which one you prefer.

PIERS MORGAN: As another US city burns with rage, is Obama going to be the President who did less for black Americans than a white one did?
He'll be known as the President who sold out not just his supposed race, (He's Arab/Caucasian, NOT Black), he sold out the entire nation.

As Baltimore burns Hillary is slammed for hawking her free campaign BUMPER STICKER on Twitter
Just showing what her true priorities are.

'Democratic Socialist' Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders will run for president, joining Hillary Clinton and running far to her political left

At least he is honest about how cuckoo he actually is.

Hillary supported export of nuke technology to India after Clinton Foundation got cash infusion from Indian politician - and it wasn't even his own money!

Clinton for a safer world. Riiiiiiight. And some people actually believe that.

Can you handle Taco Bell's hottest EVER hot sauce? FEMAIL puts the devilish Diablo to the test
I guess I'll be going to taco bell and getting as many Diablo sauce packets as I can.

CIA manager 'removed from his job for abusive management' is back and in charge of drone strikes
Excuse me? Why can we NOT fire Federal Employees?

Kung-Fu flight attendants: Chinese stewardesses practise hand-to-hand combat in grueling training academy where they are taught to be elegant, professional... and deadly

Are any of them looking for a husband?

Father born with severe facial disfigurement is branded 'cruel' after he and his wife decide to keep baby daughter who also has the condition - and insists 'I'll tell her she's beautiful every day'

Can I get the addresses of the people who are slamming this man and his family? Please? I have some aggression I need to work out.

This it for me tonight.  Please let me know which version of the song you like in the comments.

I need to lay down, my back is starting to spasm again.

Chuck Woolery - Mark Young - Banned Words - Gay Marriage

Welding without a welder - DC Welding Stick Welding with car batteries

I"ve used this trick once many years ago to weld the spring shackle on my old IH Scout II.

I used my battery and the battery of another guy there.  My battery died completely about a week later.

But I got out of the woods, where I was about 23 miles out in the back beyond.

Here is another video.

He has the system set up to use the negative ground and you can see the issues he is having. 

If you do this ALWAYS POSITIVE Ground it or you will not get proper welds.

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