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Saturday, April 30, 2022

BAND MAID Yoake Mae Photo Collage

BAND MAID Yuragu Photo Collage

BAND MAID Big Dad Photo Collage

This is one of the few songs that Miku the secondary/backup vocalist/rhythm guitar takes over as the lead vocalist. She is a very good singer. Actually she has a much larger range than Saiki the Primary vocalist. However she felt she didn't have the power in her voice to really sing out the songs she wanted, the way she wanted. Which is why the recruited Saiki. Saiki has a powerful voice, however until Miku herself and others taught her, Saiki had a much more limited range in her voice. Now after 9 years plus additional training, Saiki has a very good range, but still Miku's range is much broader. But Miku doesn't have the same power that Saiki does.

So when I get to listen to a song where Miku takes the lead, it is all the more special for me. Remember, Band Maid is "Miku's" band. She thought up the idea, she recruited the members. And during the production of their second album she started writing the lyrics for the band. It wasn't until their third album, when the record company said they could put one of "THEIR" songs, writen, composed and arranged totally by the Ladies of Band Maid.

And that song is "Alone" Which I will try to post later. It's tricky as sometimes you can embed it, and sometimes you can't. And I don't know if P IN D has made a collage for it yet.

BAND MAID Order Photo Collage

BAND MAID Be Ok Photo Collage 2

Another of my Top 10 favorite Band Maid songs.

BAND MAID Forward Photo Collage

BAND MAID Freezer Photo Collage

This is one of my favorite Band Maid songs. It's on my top 10 list.

BAND MAID Arcadia Girl Photo Collage

BAND MAID Bye My Tears Photo Collage

BAND MAID Ooparts Photo Collage

BAND MAID Shake That Photo Collage

BAND MAID Ai to Jonetsu no Matador ACOUSTIC Photo Collage

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

HMS Unicorn - No Ordinary Ship - Drachinifel

Beretta SCS-70 for Italian Special Forces - Forgotten Weapons

Six rifles that tried to beat the AR15 and FAILED - Military Arms Channel

SAF IJP: Biden’s Gun Hypocrisy - Second Amendment Foundation

Biden arms terrorists then disarms law-abiding Americans

by Lee Williams

Among the $80 billion worth of high-tech weaponry Joe Biden gifted to the Taliban after his inept and deadly Afghanistan withdraw were 176 artillery pieces,64,363 belt-fed machine guns, 126,295 handguns and of course 358,530 select-fire assault weapons – realassault weapons. 


Most of the assault rifles were equipped with high-end optics. Many had IR lasers, which aren't much goodwithout night-vision gear. However, Biden left behind 16,035 sets of NVGs. 


The small arms were accompanied by 23,132 armored vehicles, both tracked and wheeled, 8,000 cargo trucks, 42,000 pickups and SUVs, 109 helos and 65 fixed-wing aircraft, including four C-130s. 


Of course, the highest price we paid for Biden's Afghan retreat wasn't guns or gear. It was the loss of 13 brave service members who were killed during the final days of the evacuation. Biden honored their sacrifice by fidgeting and checking his watch each time one of their caskets was carried past him on the tarmac of Dover AFB. 


Joe Biden created the largest and the most heavily armed terrorist army the world has ever seen. It is only a matter of time before the Taliban projects the force he gave them beyond Afghanistan's borders. They don't appear to be in any hurry. Afghans have always played the long game with all things international. 


Since the Afghan evac, the Biden-Harris administration has lurched and stumbled from one disaster to another, but they're happy no one is looking back. We might notice their hypocrisy, which is off the charts. In fact, the Biden-Harris administration has redefined hypocrisy. 


To be clear, after he armed foreign terrorists, Joe Biden now wants to disarm American citizens. He wants to ban homemade firearms, even though Americans have been making guns in their homes since before there was a United States of America. 

Biden and his millennial handlers are worried more about Americans with 80% Glock-ish frames than they are blood-thirsty foreign terrorists with 100% M4s. 


I'm sorry, but no one who supplied arms to terrorists is going to tell me what type of arms I may or may notown, and if I want to build one myself, so be it. It is no one's business but mine. Besides, Biden's ban on homemade guns is based on data that ATF cannot verify, and statistics the Justice Department disavowed. It is an infringement, pure and simple, just the latest battle in Biden's war on our gun rights – a war that's raging. 


Last week, Biden named Steve Dettelbach as his second choice to fill the vacant ATF directorship. Dettelbach is an anti-gun extremist who supports bans on private firearm sales, "assault weapons" and standard-capacity magazines. My thoughts on Mr. Dettelbach are thus – if he's such an accomplished gun grabber, maybe Joe should send him to Kabul, where there are plenty of guns for him to grab, all bought and paid for with American taxpayer dollars. 


Don't think for a second Biden has pivoted solely to homemade guns. He reaffirmed his true intent last week during a press conference in the Rose Garden


"We need Congress to pass universal background checks. Universal background checks. And I know it's controversial, but I got it done once: Ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines," Biden said. 


He is right about that. Unconstitutional bans and infringements are certainly controversial – about as controversial as arming foreign terrorists who have already spilled American blood.

The Second Amendment Foundation's Investigative Journalism Project wouldn't be possible without readers like you. Click here to make a tax-deductible donation now to support pro-gun stories like this.
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Monday, April 18, 2022

Pro Gun Group Is AGAINST Constitutional Carry?! - Guns & Gadgets

It sounds like either they want to "Gatekeep" the Second Amendment, or they are more concerned with maintaining their financial bottom line. At least to me. YES, people need training, YES, too many people DON'T get or receive it. However, the Second amendment doesn't say, Oh, you can exercise your "Rights" ONLY if you have this training being offered by this particular group. It says "Shall Not Be Infringed".

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Whistleblower: Biden’s ‘Crackdown on Ghost Guns’ Based on ATF Hoax -

 U.S.A. -( Joe Biden repeated some of his most discredited lies about the Second Amendment Monday during a press conference held in the Rose Garden – deer in Kevlar vests, fictitious prohibitions on the right to keep and bear arms, including cannons – but it is the actions he’s taking that are the most worrisome because they’re all based upon a hoax by the ATF.

Without any congressional action and based solely on the flimsy authority of an executive order, Joe Biden is disarming Americans. He is taking away our right to build guns in our homes, even though Americans have been making guns in their homes since before there was a United States of America. Biden based his decision on “ghost gun” data he was given by the ATF – data even the ATF itself cannot verify, which a whistleblower claims the U.S. Justice Department admitted is inaccurate.

“Last year alone, law enforcement reported approximately 20,000 suspected ghost guns to be – to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. That’s a tenfold increase in these ghost guns from 2016. Tenfold in five years,” Biden said Monday. “These guns are weapons of choice for many criminals. We’re going to do everything we can to deprive them of that choice and, when we find them, put them in jail for a long, long time. Law enforcement is sounding the alarms. Our communities are paying the price. And we’re acting.”

The entire “ghost gun” drama was started by Carlos A. Canino, the former Special Agent in Charge (SAC) of the ATF’s Los Angeles Field Division. In 2020, anti-gun activists asked Canino about the prevalence of homemade firearms in California. An earlier study said 30% of the guns recovered by ATF in California were unserialized “ghost guns,” but Canino said the real numbers were actually much higher. “Forty-one percent, so almost half our cases we’re coming across are these ‘ghost guns,’” Canino said. That was all it took.

A story by the Second Amendment Foundation’s Investigative Journalism Project published last week showed that the ATF cannot verify Canino’s comments.

“I contacted the Los Angeles Field Division earlier today after your initial email, and their Public Information Officer was unable to verify any figures provided in 2019 by former SAC Canino without knowing the time-period(s) he used for his comments,” an ATF spokesman said in the email.

After the story was published, a staff member for a U.S. Congressman came forward. This whistleblower, who asked that their name be withheld from publication, revealed even more problems about the ATF’s “ghost gun” statistics.

Click the link to read the whole article:  Biden’s ‘Crackdown Based on ATF Hoax

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

ATF Agent & Biden Try to Ban Ghost Guns - Firearms Unknown

The Truth About Biden's Plan For Poltergeist Pews -

Biden Had A Press Conference on Guns and Prostitutes ...We Think. - Gun Owners of America

New Regulation Regarding Unfinished Frames and Receivers Unveiled -

 WASHINGTON, DC -(, surrounded by anti-gun advocates and politicians, President Joe Biden announced new Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) regulations surrounding unfinished frames and receivers.

The new rule will go into effect 180 days from today. It will deal with the manufacture and sale of 80% firearms. Those kits currently in possession of gun owners will not require serialization unless the owner takes it to a gunsmith to have work done to it. The gunsmith would have to serialize the frame to work on it. Also, if the gun owner sells the gun to a licensed dealer (FFL), that firearm will have to be serialized.

It will affect the sale of popular kits from companies such as Polymer80 and JSD Supply. All frames and receivers that are transferred must be serialized, and all commercial sellers must be federally licensed firearms dealers. The kits buyer must fill out an ATF Form 4473 for each receiver.

President Biden set out on his crusade against what he referred to as “ghost guns.” The ATF relates to these products as privately manufactured firearms (PMF). Last April, the President gave the ATF 30 days to develop new rules surrounding unfinished frames and receivers. This act of political theater was to appease anti-gun advocates that were disheartened by the lack of action against guns.

When President Biden was elected, anti-gun advocates expected swift action through Congress since Democrats control both chambers and the executive branch. The filibuster had to be removed in the Senate to get anything through Congress. Through heavily lobbying by gun rights groups, Senate Joe Manchin (D-WV) and others held firm to their pledge not to remove the filibuster.

This inaction forced President Biden to act through executive action. Like President Trump’s action against Bump Stocks, Biden ordered the ATF to change the rules dealing with 80% firearm kits and pistol stabilizing devices. Most in the gun community saw this as the ATF making a de facto law to ban a product that the President did not like.

Members of Congress have spoken out against the new rule. Thomas Massie argues that the federal government doesn’t have the right to prevent someone from making their own firearm. The Congressman also takes issue with what he sees as the President making laws in violation of the US Constitution.

Click the link to read the whole article:  New Regulation Regarding Unfinished Frames and Receivers

Google Censoring people AGAIN - Important Notice: Update regarding Ukraine

What it boils down to is, if you don't follow the "Party" line we will take away your ability to make money from your own work.

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

FFLs BEWARE: Carjacked Congresswoman Sends ATF After YOU! - Guns & Gadgets

DANGER: Don't Be Fooled - Firearms Policy Coalition


You need to be aware of an insidious plan brewing on Capitol Hill.

The swamp dwellers in Congress are hoping you dismiss this scheme. Please don't, the future of your right to keep and bear arms is at stake.

HR 6225 would hand over MASSIVE new power to the ATF – power that could be used to shut down gun shops at will.

This is part of a larger three-pronged attack to quietly regulate your rights out of existence.

STOP HR 6225

Related bills are also targeting gun manufacturers, online gun and ammunition sales, home builds, and private transfers. Essentially putting every means of obtaining a firearm on the chopping block.

They know patriots would fight like hell to oppose an outright gun ban, but they're taking a gamble that you won't notice they're giving themselves the power to regulate and sue the Second Amendment into the ground.

FPC needs to alert EVERY patriot to the danger ahead and crank up the heat to STOP HR 6225 – and we need your URGENT support to hit them hard.

Please chip in $50, $25, $10, or any amount you can afford to STOP this scheme.

STOP HR 6225

HR 6225 and related bills are quietly gaining co-sponsors and promises of support in the Capitol.

They may disguise their plot as "regulating commerce" to pull the wool over your eyes, but make no mistake, they're targeting YOU.

Please FIGHT BACK with an emergency contribution to stop HR 6225.

Thank you for swift action.

Stay Free,

Firearms Policy Coalition

Paid for by the Firearms Policy Coalition. Not Authorized By Any Candidate Or Candidate's Committee.

Investigation: How Roblox Is Exploiting Young Game Developers - Roblox Pressured Us to Delete Our Video. So We Dug Deeper - People Make Games

Monday, April 4, 2022

Colorado Passes Anti-Self-Defense Legislation -

 U.S.A. -( Yesterday, Governor Jared Polis signed the so-called “Vote Without Fear Act,” House Bill 22-1086.  Having only sat on his desk for a handful of days, Governor Polis couldn’t wait to put his pen to paper and further restrict the right to self-defense of his constituents.

House Bill 22-1086 “The Vote Without Fear Act,” bans the open carry of a firearm at voting locations in the Centennial State.  This measure prohibits you from exercising one of our constitutional rights while engaging in another.  It’s unfortunate that it is a serious and deeply-held belief by anti-gun legislators that the Second Amendment is a lesser right.

Law-abiding gun owners have the right to self-defense and are provided with options that fit their needs.

Maryland Senate Passes Oppressive Dealer Requirements -

 U.S.A. -( Last Thursday, the Senate passed House Bill 1021, to impose unreasonable burdens on gun stores and drive them out of business. This demonstrates that the General Assembly would rather punish gun stores for the actions of criminals, rather than hold the criminals accountable. It will now go to Governor Larry Hogan’s desk for his consideration. Please contact Gov. Hogan and ask him to VETO HB 1021.


House Bill 1021 requires all licensed firearm dealers to have video surveillance and burglary alarm systems covering the premises and bars, security screens, commercial grade metal doors, grates, or other approved barriers on all doors and windows. If practicable, they are to have physical barriers to prevent ramming by vehicles. It also requires dealers to lock away all firearms outside of business hours in vaults, safes, or rooms with all the security features above.

This places expensive requirements on Maryland’s licensed firearm dealers, most of whom are small businesses, during a time when they suffer from inventory shortages and inflation. Many dealers will close down and new entrepreneurs will be unable to afford to enter the industry. Those who do remain will have to pass these costs onto law-abiding gun owners. Either outcome will make it more expensive and difficult for Marylanders to exercise their Second Amendment rights.

Again, please contact Gov. Hogan and ask him to VETO HB 1021.