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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Texas Fred has some info on the raid to get Bin Laden

"What infuriated the Seals, according to Pfarrer, was the description of the raid as a kill mission. “I’ve been a Seal for 30 years and I never heard the words ‘kill mission’,” he said. “It’s a Beltway [Washington insider's] fantasy word. If it was a kill mission you don’t need Seal Team 6; you need a box of hand grenades.”

Click the above to RTWT

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Ace has two you really

really need to read.

Obama Kills, offshore drilling for FIVE years?

And Obama's "Global" Income tax.

Go read them and check out the links.

Serenity and Firefly are a prophecy

I just rewatched Serenity.

And while I find it a fascinating movie with an excellent ensemble cast. With ideals that I wish my children and myself would live up to. I also find it to be a damning of the liberal left and their agenda.

A government, trying to make people “better”. And when their experiment has disastrous effects and side effects, they cover it up and bury the truth. Killing anyone whom might possibly know the truth and might expose their lies and actions.

The liberal left has an agenda. For some of them their agenda is a world more in tune with the earth. They will tell you that right out. What they won’t tell you is that their plan for that involves the deaths of millions of people to reduce mans footprint of the earth. And for oil and gas production to be stopped. In fact they want any type of industrial activity stopped. They want the world to return to sustenance farming, with no hunting, no cars, no radios, no television and no advanced medical care. Don’t believe me? Ask one of them. They will tell you, that man is destroying the earth and needs to be trimmed back to allow the earth to heal. They are against GMO plants, against finding new sources of energy, new medical cures and treatments for the aged and elderly. They are trying to make the world and it’s people “Better”.

Below are the lines spoken by the characters in the movie. I have just re-watched the movie for about the 20th time, this time with the captions on, and I stopped and typed out the lines as they are spoken. Read these for yourself. See what you think. Is this where we are headed?

(Teacher) The Central Planets formed the Alliance, ruled by an interplanetary parliament. The alliance was a beacon of civilization. The savage outer planets were not so enlightened and refused alliance control. The war was devastating, but the alliance’s victory over the independents ensured a safer universe. And now everyone can enjoy the comfort and enlightenment of true civilization.

“What is wrong with this picture?”

It’s true that there are dangers on the outer planets. So with so many social and medical advancements we can bring to the independents, why would they fight so hard against us?

(River Tam Answers) We meddle.

(Teacher) River?

(River Tam) People don’t like to be meddled with. We tell them what to do, what to think. Don’t run, don’t walk. We’re in their home and in their heads, and we haven’t the right. We’re meddlesome.

(Teacher) River, We’re not telling people what to think, we’re just trying to show them how.

(Teacher then take stylus and stabs it into Rivers forehead.)

(The Operative talking to Mal) I believe in something greater than myself. A better world. A world without Sin.

(Mal) So Me and mine gotta lay down and die, So you can live in your better world?

(The Operative) I’m not going to live there. There is no place for me there. Any more than there is for you Malcom. I’m a monster. What I do is evil, I have no illusions about it, but it must be done.

(Mal) Keep talking, you’re not getting a location trace off this wave.

(The Operative) And every minute you keep River Tam from me, more people will die.

(Mal) You think I care?

(The Operative) Of course you care. You’re not a Reaver Mal. You are a human man and you will never understand how—

(Mal turns off screen)

(Mal taking to crew) there are a lot of fine ways to die. I ain’t waiting for the Alliance to choose mine.

(Recording of Scientist in rescue ship) These are just a few of the images that we’ve recorded. And you can see, it isn’t what we thought. There’s been no war here, and no terraforming event. The environment is stable. It’s the Pax. The G-23 Paxilon Hydroclorate that we added to the air processors. It was supposed to calm the population, weed out aggression. Well it works. The people here stopped fighting. And then they stopped everything else. They stopped going to work, they stopped breeding, talking, eating. There 30 million people here, and they all just let themselves die. [crashing sound, scientist gasps] I have to be quick. About a tenth of a percent of the population had the opposite reaction to the Pax. Their aggressor response increased beyond madness. They have become, [crashing sound] Well they’ve killed most of us. And not just killed, they’ve done things.

(wash) Reavers. They made them.

(Recording of Scientist) I won’t live to report this, but people have to know. We meant it for the best. To make people safer. [Reavers growling] God! [Scientist raises firearm and fires off camera, then puts firearm to her own head to commit suicide. A reaver grabs her and take her out of camera as she screams]

(Jayne) Turn it off [Wash shuts off recording]

(Mal talking later in ship) This report is about 12 years old. Parliament buried it, and it stayed buried, until River dug it up. This is what they feared she knew. And they were right to fear. Because there’s a whole universe of folk who are gonna know it too. They’re gonna see it. Somebody has to speak for these people. You all go on this boat for different reasons, but you all come to the same place. So now I’m asking more of you than I have before. Maybe all. Sure as I know anything, I know this. They will try again. Maybe on another world, maybe on this very ground swept clean. A year from now, 10, they’ll swing back to the belief that they can make people, better. And I do not hold to that. So no more running. I aim to misbehave.

(Jayne) Shepherd Book used to tell me, “if you can’t do something smart, do something right.

(Mal talking to The operative at Mr Universes complex) I know the secret. The truth that burned up River Tam’s brain. Rest of the ‘verse is gonna know it too. ‘Cause they need to.

(The Operative) Do you really believe that?

(Mal) I do.

(The Operative) You willing to die for that belief?

(Mal) I am.

[Mal and the operative are fighting under Mr Universes complex]

(The Operative) Do you know what your sin is, Mal?

(Mal) Ahhh, Hell. I’m a fan of all seven.

(Mal after knocking Operative down) But right now, I’m going to have to go with wrath.

(Mal after disabling the Operative) I ain’t gonna kill you. Hell I’m going to grant you your greatest wish. I’m going to show you a world without sin. [He then puts the memory cartridge in Mr Universes transmitter and the message starts to play.]

[Mal and the rest of the crew are under the guns of the Alliance soldiers, the soldiers are getting ready to fire when the Operative issues an order]

(The Operative) Stand down, Stand down. It’s finished. We’re finished.

[The operative talking to Mal after helping to repair Serenity,]

(The Operative) It’s not over, you know. I can’t guarantee that they won’t come after you. The Parliament. Your broadwave about Miranda, has weakened their regime. But they are not gone, and they are not forgiving.

(Mal) That don’t bode especially well for you, giving the order to let us go. Patching up our hurt.

(The Operative) I told them the Tams are no longer a threat, damage done. They might listen, but I think they know I’m no longer their man.

And the people in power still try to make us and our world "Better". Shouldn't they look to themselves first? If they wish to improve people and our world, shouldn't they look first to themselves? Lead by Example? Malcolm Reynolds did just that. He stood up. He took the lead. And he set the example. Do you see anyone in our current political game, who is standing up for that? Standing up for us?

Friday, March 30, 2012

Trying to get some shooting in

on my new to me Taurus Model 82. I went by our other piece of property earlier and even with the 4X4 suburban, no way would I be able to get some shooting in. Since it's so flat down here on the coast, in order to have a safe back stop I have to fire down into a drainage ditch. The ditch is almost 6 feet deep where I shoot, and standing back from the edge I can get 25 feet of distance from shooting line to target. Perfect for shooting handguns and getting in some practice with the shotgun. However, remember I said it's wet? The ditch is right now a goopy clinging mud. there is no way i can get down into it to setup my target stand, then back up on top to shoot, without sinking into the muck over my rubber boots. Already tried it, sank almost to my knees, and getting back up was real fun. The sides of the ditch didn't want to support me to good. I could try it in my back yard, however the county frowns on me shooting anything larger than my .22 unless I'm shooting snakes with the shotgun, on the property. Once again, it's that lack of back stop, with the .22 I have a couple of nice 12X12X36 blocks to put my target on and that wood stops a .22 real good. So, weather holding in abeyance I should be able to shoot on the property by next wednesday. I really hope so. I need some trigger time. And I don't want to have to drive to Corpus and pay the ridiculous range fees.

Bill Whittle's newest

Peter has 2 vidoes

on government spending that everyone needs to see.

Click here to read his post and see the videos.

Bob Owens has

a very interesting post on the current culture of the African-American culture. I'm being slightly PCish there as these people aren't from Africa, but they insist on differentiating themselves from simple Americans such as myself for some strange reason. But, I digress. Click HERE to read what Bob has to say. A small tidbit below is also clickable.

"Trayvon Martin’s death wasn’t murder. It was suicide by culture, one of thousands of black men killed every year in violent encounters egged on by a culture awash in ignorance and violence."

Thursday, March 29, 2012

If this is true Criminal charges need to be filed

Uncle links to a story about a woman who was going to give birth at home with a mid wife. However the little sprog decided to come early, so the mid wife said go to the hospital. She delivered in the ambulance.

I'll let you click on over and read the rest.

If what is written in that account is true, there needs to be charges filed against the caseworker for filing a knowingly false report. Also the doctors and nurses at the hospital and the hospital itself needs to be investigated for interference with parental rights, and sued accordingly. If someone tried that crap with me, I would sell almost anything and everything I own to do my best to have CRIMINAL charges filed against all involved for their criminal incompetence and willful disregard for the rights of the parents to determine how and for what their child receives medical care. The medical staff appear to be willing accomplices of an over zealous false prosecution of parents by an agent of the state. There must be a reckoning.

Bloviating Zeppelin has some interesting thoughts

about some of the backers of Obummer.

Click HERE to go read for yourself.

Where is Gloria Steinem?

Jane Fonda? Sandra Fluke? All of the liberal left women who scream about the rights of women?

What am I talking about? THIS is what I am talking about. A woman who is beaten and abused by her spouse and tries to escape that abuse, can be jailed? While her abuser walks off scot free. And the woman doesn't even need to be married. She can be a rape victim, and yet she is punished, while her rapist walks off without punishment. And to top off the injustice, after getting out of jail, a woman can be killed through an "Honor Killing" and it is perfectly legal!

WAKE UP! Do you left leaning women think for a SECOND! that if the terrorists win, you'll somehow be safe from their predations? And why are you not speaking out? You can scream from the roof tops when someone from the right side of the aisle says something mean spirited. But you can't so much as raise your voice above the level of a butterfly when these, these I can't even think of a name that describes just how LOW these animals are. No, that's wrong. That is demeaning to the animal kingdom. These people are lower than phyto plankton, but at least phyto plankton serves an actual purpose.

My blood pressure is getting up. I can already feel the migraine coming on.

The right of the people

to know everything that happens in the world is NOT an enumerated right to every little bit of operational details and juicy tidbit of gossip about everything our government is doing or has done. Granted I believe that there should be a cut off date beyond which secrecy is ridiculous and the information should be made available.

HOWEVER! The right of the news media in it's thirst for ratings and readership should NEVER take precedent over the right of confidential informants to remain unidentified to protect them from retaliatory actions.

While checking the news this morning I run across THIS story. Allow me to paraphrase. The physician who helped us try to locate Osama Bin Laden has been fired from his job, arrested and they want to try him for treason. The penalty for which includes the death penalty. Other physicians, nurses and medical aides have lost their jobs and could possibly also be charged.

Why was ANY information about their role in locating of OBL, EVER released? That information should be held until either they are no longer in that country or they are dead. BUT NOOOOOOOOO!!!! Big giant media prostitutes looking for the ratings and readership, just HAD to expose them. They needed that kicker for their report. And now people may die. And who told this information to the media? Who authorized it's release? If any harm comes to any other the team members who helped us locate OBL, those leakers should be put on trial for manslaughter at the minimum. Not just them though. The media prostitutes who reported it should also be prosecuted for revealing information as well. Remember Julian Assange? and how he didn't redact the names of confidential informants? And remember how it was reported that many of those informants and their families were killed or disappeared? Aren't we going to try to charge him in a US Court of Law for their deaths? He should be. And so should any "Leaker" or Media Prostitute who publishes sensitive information without making sure it is sanitized. And if it cannot be sanitized, don't report it in the first place.

If the good Doctor and his companions come to harm. I feel individuals in the government who allowed the information get out need to be charged, and also the media that reported it, needs to be charged as well. Not just the reporter who wrote the story, the editors who authorized it and the managers, and executives running that media organization. ALL OF THEM need to be charged. Every last one of them.

Hey Remember the story about the union wanting to

force parent volunteers to join the union? If you don't click THIS and read about it. Then click on THIS LINK to see how the parents of another district got fed up and tried to trigger a parent take over of the school board. And see how the UNION steps up and does EVERYTHING in it's power to prevent that from happening? The union claims they don't wish to subject the children to "untested changes" Hmmm, it seems to me they doth protest too much. The school has been chronically under performing, and the parents have had it with their tax dollars being wasted on an incompetent school board and school district. They use a new provision under the law to try to take back their childrens schools and the union and the school board jump in with both feet to try to stomp on the initiative. I don't know about you, but I personally think the parents have more than a leg to stand on here. And in my not so humble opinion, Public Sector Unions need to be abolished. That's just my opinion, but I am tired of the rubber rooms, the ridiculously high pay of the administrators who consistently produce negative results. If a teacher isn't teaching they need to be FIRED. The unions won't allow that though. Teachers who have sexually molested their students are still on the payroll instead of being fired and locked up in prison. And it is unions and the corrupt school boards who are not just allowing this to happen, they are not just enabling it to happen. In a few cases they are actively ENCOURAGING it to happen.

I'm going to stop here before my blood pressure starts to go up and I give myself another migraine.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Obmmers EPA bypassing congress

and putting into effect regulations that ban new coal powered electric plants.

“After Congress refused to pass carbon caps, the administration insisted there were other ways to skin the cat, and this is another way — by setting a standard deliberately calculated to drive affordable coal out of the electricity market,” Popovich said.

Conrad Schneider, advocacy director for the Clean Air Task Force, said the proposed rule will ensure a cut in the nation’s carbon output even if gas prices spike. He cited four planned coal plants that would capture part of their carbon emissions and store them, largely by injecting them into depleted wells to enhance oil recovery. “We need regulatory signals and economic incentives” to make these projects economical, Schneider said.

The proposal will provide some flexibility, allowing super-efficient coal plants an exemption for the first decade of operation before requiring them to reduce their carbon emissions by more than 50 percent.

The EPA rule, called the New Source Performance Standard, will be subject to public comment for at least a month before being finalized, but its backers said they were confident that the White House will usher it into law before Obama’s term ends.

“The Obama administration is committed to moving forward with this,” said Nathan Willcox, federal global warming program director for the advocacy group Environment America. “They’re committed to doing it this, and we’re committed to helping them do it.”

How much longer are the unfettered agencies going to run rampant on the producers of our country? How much longer before the United States becomes a 4th world country?

H/t Ace

Obummer is selling our allies and us

down the river in order to stay in office for another term. What else is going on that we don't know about?

Click HERE to go over to Texas Fred's place and read what he put together. Jake Tapper has the original story.

Have we had our "Cyber Pearl Harbor"

Peter links to a story that just makes me feel all shivery right now. Click on his name to go over and read his comments and link over to the original article. Just when you think it's safe to get back on the web.

Former NAACP Leader calls out

Sharpton and Jackson for their hypocrisy, race baiting and intentional inflammatory rhetoric.

"Former NAACP leader C.L. Bryant is accusing Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton of “exploiting” the Trayvon Martin tragedy to “racially divide this country.”

“His family should be outraged at the fact that they’re using this child as the bait to inflame racial passions,” Rev. C.L. Bryant said in a Monday interview with The Daily Caller."

Please go read the whole thing. For many years I have thought of the NAACP as one of the MOST racist organizations in this country second only to the KKK. IF the NAACP had more men of this integrity, I would have more faith in it as an organization.

H/t Insty

Monday, March 26, 2012

Encyclopedia Brittanica

Alas The Brittanica  will no longer published as a dead tree edition.  I for one already having several older dead tree sets of it, would love to have the latest collegiate edition before they finally bite the dust.  I don't know how many times my kids would ask me the answer for a question and my response would be "Look it up."  And them caterwauling that Wikipedia doesn't have the information they need.  I smile smugly and point to the full book cases in my bedroom, where 3 different editions of the Encyclopaedia Brittanica reside.  The oldest first published in 1954, the next newest published in 1966 and the newest of them all published in 1983.  There are also Grolier World Books and Comptons encyclopedia in the mass of book which reside in the bookcases in my room.  It saddens me that I still don't have enought bookcases in my room to get the Grolier Classical Literature volumes put up yet.  But I would purchase or build a new bookcase if I could get a 2012 Edition of The Encyclopaedia Brittanica, the full Collegiate Set  : :hint hint: :  : : nudge nudge: : Brittanica foundation....... 

The Brittanica as an institution of education and the dissemination of knowledge, is one of the greatest things in this world.  For many years it would be said, "Does it appear in the Brittanica?  Yes.  It's real"  As a child growing up, my father knew of my thirst for knowledge.  As an attorney he was able to get for my siblings and myself a well used but maintained set of a 1938 Collegiate edition, the green cloth bound volumes with the onion skin pages for illustrations, and the very slick, thick pages for photographs, the regular pages felt almost like rice paper.  I learned how to do actual research on that set.  However being a 1938 edition in the 1970's meant that much information I would need to satiate my curiosity was then not available to me.  My father triumphed again.  He acquired a 1954 edition, the "Library" type, with leather bindings, and while the books were much larger than the collegiate edition, they were still filled with such wonderful knowledge.  They too were found to be lacking.  In that time of the space race and all the new technologies.  My father couldn't afford a fully new up to date set of Brittanica.  So he got me the World Book by Compton, and all through middle school and high school that was my main source of information.  If I couldn't find it in those volumes, I would tell my dad.  With in a week, at the most there would be a package he and my mother would bring home.  And it would have anywhere from 1 to 9 books for the subject I was studying or interested in.  My parents taught me the joy of learning through the experiences of those old tomes.  Those book would explain to me the reasoning's of what brought about world war one and world war two.  I learned about what were the causes of the Korean Conflict and then something that still gave me nightmares, Vietnam.  I am a child of the Vietnam War.  I was born in 1968, the height of the Vietnam War.  In 1969 I almost died.  I was only 18 months old and fell out of third story window.  When everything was said and done I had had pneumonia several times while in the hospital, requiring me to have part of one of my lungs removed..  I can barely remember my father and mother sitting next to me, I couldn't move.  I remember my parents both crying.  My mothers had touching me.  According to my father I spent several months in the hospital.  While there since I couldn't really do much, my father would always read to me.  I remember him reading to me, and I'm not sure but I think I remember my mother reading to me.  They both weren't there at the same time all the time.  Dad had work and school, and my mom had work and my older brother to take care of.  But they read to me, my dad's strong yet soft voice, I have no memory of what they read to me, but I think that is why I so love to read books, magazines, web sites.  They passed to me their own love of reading and of knowledge.  So through my albeit small library, I hope to do the same for my children.

So Brittanica!  If you could see it in your way of working with me here, I can make monthly payments and I would always make those payments.  Because your creation is something magical to me.  By reading the historical entries, the mind can be taken back, to see what has been written.  To read the Science entries about great pioneers in their respective fields, your mind opens a screen that allows you to hear the words of them as they explain their theories and creations.  I really want a 2012 Collegiate edition of The Encyclopaedia Brittanica.

BOOKSTEVE'S LIBRARY: Encyclopedia Brittanica

M-1 Carbine

Daily Caller has a story. Many years ago if I remember correctly Iver Johnson made a M-1 Carbine in 9mm Luger and .45 ACP. Of course my memory could be faulty, but I would love to have a carbine in .357 Mag, that with an adjustable gas system could fire .38 special. Do you hear Auto-Ordnance? a .38/357 M-1 Carbine please?

How much ammunition

is enough? Peter has a few recommendations.

Click HERE to read for yourself.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Old NFO has the Last 6 Seconds

And I suggest some kleenex should be handy for your allergies.

"The truck explodes. The camera goes blank. Two young men go to their God. Six seconds. Not enough time to think about their families, their country, their flag, or about their lives or their deaths, but more than enough time for two very brave young men to do their duty into eternity. That is the kind of people who are on watch all over the world tonight - for you."

People like our president and his ilk, don't understand that it's not about them. It's about the dream of what this country is about. Freedom, self determination and personal responsibility. To the political prostitutes it's about what type of deal can they get for themselves and their friends and benefactors. It's about the real people like those two Marines. It's not about birth control. It's not about Racism. It's not about government handouts. However the political prostitutes try to make it about all those other issues. So they can lie, cheat, steal and destroy what makes this country what it is and is supposed to be. This country used to be called the blinding light of freedom and democracy. Now thanks to the politicians, it has become a dim shadow of itself. Laws, regulations and other hindrances to our Rights are being diminished not through the ballot box, but the use of a pen to sign another law or regulation further restricting our rights.

Those two Marines didn't die for some abstract theory. They died knowing that if they didn't do it, others would die in a senseless act. So they stood up and took personal responsibility and gave up their lives to protect others. That scares the political prostitutes. The fact that there are people who believe in this dream. Would willingly lay down their lives for it. That scares them. For they know, that on their side, there is truly no one with that willingness, that intense personal belief, that they would sacrifice themselves. That shallowness of theirs is evident in how they weasel around and cast aspersions upon those who do have those beliefs and do stand up for them. They seek to destroy what they cannot comprehend. They seek to change what should not be changed. All for their own narrow minded self interest.

Let us not forget what those and countless other Marines, Soldiers, Swabbies, Airmen and Coasties have given us for all the years of this great experiment in democracy.

Freedom isn't free.

It costs the blood and lives of our nations most cherished children.

Should we forget that, their sacrifices become in vain.

Precious metal buyers BEWARE!!

From Insty I got this

"Attached are photographs of a legitimate Metalor 1000gm Au bar that has been drilled out and filled with Tungsten (W)."

Soooooo, if you purchase precious metals, I strongly suggest you be extremely careful.

AM has an interesting post.

about the Zimmerman case, that hauntingly also pertains to how our world is slowly becoming.

The Hecklers Veto

I strongly suggest you go read it.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hillbuzz has a post about The Hunger Games movie

by Robert James. I'm still reading myself, but what I have read so far, this is something you need to read.

Click HERE to go over and read it for yourself.

Mike V has more

on the F&F scandal.

Click HERE to read about how the fibbies screwed up.

Og had a dream

a worrying dream.

I think this is now appropriate.

Firehand has one

About the naming of various government agencies.

Click HERE to read about "Service"

U2 Operates from an Aircraft Carrier?

Why yes it did. After I posted about the C-130 taking off and landing on the USS Forrestal, XBradTC, left me a comment about the U2 also operating from a Carrier. So with a little bit of searching I have found a few things.

"The idea started in the late 1950s when the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was looking for a way to overcome the range limitations of the U-2. Possessing a useful range of about 3,000 miles (4,800 km), the U-2 simply could not reach every location of interest to the CIA given the locations of U-2 bases. As a result, the CIA began a cooperative effort with the US Navy known as Project Whale Tale. The purpose of this project was to adapt the U-2 for use aboard aircraft carriers. Testing commenced in August of 1963 when, in the dark of night, a crane lifted a U-2C onto the deck of the USS Kitty Hawk at San Diego, California. The vessel streamed off the coast on the morning of 5 August where Lockheed test pilot Bob Schumacher began flight test operations."

The U2's were modified with stronger landing gear and spoilers to over come the U2's tendency to glide, and a tail hook. Some later, larger U2R's were even modified with folding wings. (Link)

The first and possibly only operational mission of the U2 was a mission of a U2G model in 1964. With the U2 operating from the deck of the USS Ranger, to monitor French Nuclear tests at the Mururoa Atoll

The last tests of operating the U2 from a carrier were in 1969, several Lockheed and CIA pilots were involved with the tests, however no other known missions were known to down after those tests.

The possibility of using the U2 as regular US Navy aircraft though, was revisited in 1973 and 1974. Modifying 2 U2R airframes with forward looking radar and infrared detection system to be used for ocean surveillance. These aircraft, U2EPX, were determined to be too expensive, withe the introduction of satellite systems capable of perfoming the same functions.

There was a further modification suggested of a 2 seat U2, armed with the Condor anti-ship missile. the idea was quickly squashed with the demise of the Condor.

The Central Intelligence Agency has a PDF you can either view or save, of their U2 program. (Link)

The U2 fleet has been planned to be retired since 2007, however they are still in frontline use by the Airforce for tactical and strategic reconnaissance and a NASA variant ER-2 is used for high altitude studies. Current projections are to retire the U2 fleet in 2015, as the RQ-4 Global Hawk would take over it's roll. However the cancellation of the Block 30 Rq-4 means that the U2's use may be extended.

I have been staying out of this

as I know someone who works in the area of it and I wish to respect his privacy. However Bloviating Zeppelin put together the various strings and has a post about the Trayvon Martin incident and I strongly suggest you read it for yourself. It makes several points my friend has already said. And I will say no more on this incident.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Stormy has some info you should know

About Charities and how they spend your donations.

Click HERE for the scoop.

Landing a C-130 on an Aircraft Carrier

No, I'm not crazy. It' actually been done.

"When one reviews the encyclopedic range of accomplishments by the C-130 Hercules and its valiant aircrews over the years, surely one of the most astounding took place in October 1963 when the U.S. Navy decided to try to land a Hercules on an aircraft carrier. Was it possible? Who would believe that the big, four-engine C-130 with its bulky fuselage and 132-foot wing span could land on the deck of a carrier?"

The aircraft had very little modifications done to permit this. The fuel pods were removed from the wings, the nose gear was modified with smaller gear and the brakes were modified to incorporate anti-skid hardware. The Forrestal's modifications were the removal of the arresting gear, and the painting of a white line down the axial or main runway deck. Those were the only modifications done to the aircraft and the aircraft carrier. All told there were 29 touch and go landings from the angled flight deck and 21 full stop unarrested landings and 21 unassissted take offs from the main or axial deck.

The C-130 Hercules first entered service with the United States Airforce in 1956, and is still going strong today as the C-130H, R and T and the newest Version the C-130J Super Hercules. Hopefully this fine old warbird will continue in it's tradition of service.

Another Nail in the coffin of Free Speech and the First Amendment

BZ has a post about the Los Angeles City council trying to adopt a resolution prohibiting certain types of speech.

"City Council Warns ‘Crack Ho’ Comments ‘Intolerable’, Calls For Diversity In Talk Radio

March 21, 2012 11:04 AM


LOS ANGELES (CBS) — City Council members took a step closer on Wednesday to becoming the first in the nation to adopt a resolution condemning certain types of speech on public airwaves"

Click the above link to go read it.

Peter at Bayou Renaissance Man has something you need to read

"Last night, while discussing climate change activists and their attempt to use international forums to override individual national sovereignty, I cited Lawrence Auster's excellent article about 'liberal intolerance' in an attempt to explain their actions. Amongst other things, Mr. Auster made this point:

'... today's "liberals" are really leftists who have rejected the older liberal belief in a shared equality of citizens before the law and have embraced the socialist vision of "equality as a fact and equality as a result," as Lyndon Johnson famously put it.'"

I strongly suggest you CLICK and go read the whole thing......

Over at Ace's

Andy published a story out of Draft, about the MSM's need to be "Right" rather than correct.

"What Ed is missing is that, to the left, being "right" is more important than being factual.

This seems to be a mutually exclusive scenario unless you can accept the proposition that to many people whose sense of self-importance requires a heroic view of one's existence, of which the left appears to be a huge cohort, "right" and "wrong" are purely relative concepts, with no more regard for empirical reality & actual experience as is a child's concept of fairness.

So in this frame of thinking, "right" is merely a variable in the equation whose only value is "in accordance with the goals we pursue"."


Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Ulsterman has 3 you need to read

First. The Florida Zimmerman case.
Be sure to watch the embedded video at the end.

Second. The Insider: America doesn't have a race problem, it has an Obama problem.

Third. The Insider has an end run

Go over an read those

Oh how the media shows it's hypocrisy

related to the show I did this morning. A newspaper editor who was against "prostitution" died while having sex with a prostitute.

"A Newsman’s Secret: The woman with Bob Caldwell on the day he died works as an internet call girl."

Does this really surprise anyone? The All for me, none for thee attitude of the media.

Paul Harvey in 1965

AmericanMercenary: Culture, Civilization, and getting ready for the fall

AmericanMercenary: Culture, Civilization, and getting ready for the fall

"I mean come on, if we look at Rome, Russia, even Britain, and we can see that we are going down the same time worn path.

1. Expensive foreign wars that have nothing to do with national security? Check.
2. Currency devaluing at a predictable rate? Check
3. Ever tighter restrictions on freedom in a desperate grasp to stop the slide that restricting freedom causes? Check
4. The breakup of the Empire causes the collapse of the military back to "home base?"  Check and double check.  Pax Romana ended, Pax Britainia ended, and Pax Americana is over."

GO RTWT. I agree with him 100%

Drew over at Ace's

has posted an interesting point.

"Obama: We Didn't Create The Program That Gave Money To Solyndra"

Oh, the hypocrisy! Go over and check it out, especially the links he embedded.

If you look over to the right

near the top you will see the player for my show is back. The newest show is done, and should be in the player. All you need to do is hit the play button to hear it. Plus I"m embedding it in this post if you would like.

Listen to internet radio with Texas Fellowship on Blog Talk Radio

Here is the ITunes link to my shows as well.

Mike at Sipsey Street Irregulars

is still on top of things despite the fact he's still recovering from cancer surgery.

"Federal agents released alleged gun trafficker Manuel Fabian Celis-Acosta to help them find two Mexican drug lords. But the two were secret FBI informants, emails show."

Click on over to see the pic and to get the link to the article.

Unions want to force parent volunteers to join

their union. The whole issue starts from parent groups fund raising and volunteering in the school. The unions want those volunteer positions filled by union members who pay union dues. How is this going to help teach our children? and yes this is in Kaliforniastan

So I'm taking my show out of hiatus

and I click to see what it would cost for me to get a premium channel to offer more services for people who would want to listen to my show. Hmmmm.

$39.00 a month. They don't seem to understand, when you have 7 kids, $39.00 a month is a LOT of money. That's gas to take a kid to the Doctors office in Corpus 40 miles away. That's 3 pairs of jeans for one of my kids or 1 pair of jeans for 3 of my kids. So I don't think I'll be upgrading anytime soon. Besides their minimum plan is more than I need. I just need 60 minutes per day, if that, 6 call in lines, being able to broadcast during primetime, and being able to upload more than 3 audio files.

Any opinions on how I should approach this?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Illegal everything?

If you haven't seen John Stossels special from Fox News please watch the video below

Uh, Why?

Why is this person still in the news cycle? Why is anyone paying any attention to this self absorbed, narcissistic media created individual?

"Georgetown Law student Sandra Fluke said on Tuesday that candidates running for office should have to pass a pro-woman litmus test in order to get elected."

Seriously? A "Pro-Woman" litmus test? Isn't the right to believe what you wish to believe guaranteed in the Constitution? So now she is saying that in order to be elected a person needs to pass some test to show that they are "Pro-Woman" What type of hypocrisy is this? Ohhh, I remember. Liberal Democrat Left Hypocrisy. The do as I say not as I do, and I know better than you so shut up and take it, party.

How about this Litmus Test?

If you cannot effectively state just what your actual rights are under the Constitution, you should shut up? Ohhh, sorry, we can't even do that.... why? Because the "Government" does not have the authority to take away your "Right" to say things which may be distasteful to someone. Here is an old saying which I agree with with my entire being. "I may not agree with what you have to say, but I will defend your right to say it with my life." However, that which I hold in my soul and believe with all of my being, is an anathema to the leftist extremists. They want to be able to control what you can and cannot say. Why? Because if if you can control how someone speaks, you can try to control how they think. By forbidding or banning a type of speech, they try to forbid or ban a type of thought. George Carlin did a bit on this and I have spent the last hour trying to find the video of it. But I can't. I wonder why? I did however find some other cogent observations by Mr. Carlin. and these are posted below.

I apologize in advance for some of the language he uses.

All in all I feel he nails it pretty much on the head.

And Ms Know-it-all, who wishes to "Pro-Women-Litmus-Test" everyone who runs for office, should be ashamed of herself and her own narcissism. However, we know from various outlets, that she isn't doing this on her own. Noooooo, she is a run plant by none other than the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Think about that when you read her "notions". Just another attempt by mistake in chief to control the discussion and to divert attention away from his failed policies and his further plans.

I think we're in trouble

Movie's website

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Shape of Things to Come

Reading all the news stories a thought came into my head. And with that thought, came a song. this song.

The Lyrics:

Jesus´ praying for rain, lightning flashes around
The prophet is screaming, his head hits the ground
You should hear the warning if you read the signs
Play with your own life but don't play with mine
The shape of things to come
There was Moses and me when the wind took the change
He hands out the menu, he moves out of range
If you knew the action, you see us so blind
Play with your own life but don´t play with mine
The shape of things to come
You´re not invited to stay, you´re not intended to go
Can you tell the future, I don´t think so
You should hear the warning if you read the signs
Play with your own life but don't play with mine
The shape of things to come
You're living your way, I live in mine
May be tomorrow we will collide

Hydrostatic Shock

Lyle@UltiMak over atJoe Huffmans of Boomershoot has 2 examples of hydrostatic shock over on Joe's blog. This is actually one of the methods I use to teach my kids and new shooters as to just how dangerous firearms are. There is nothing more graphic than seeing an object destroyed in such a fashion to drive home the point of just how dangerous the wrong end of a firearm is. I highly suggest clicking the above link and checking it out.

New NSA Data mining center.

WIRED.COM has the story about the new data center that the NSA is building in Utah. I'm not black helicoptering this, but I do feel that with the Patriot Act and some of it's enhancements, this is a little bit worrying. My main concern isn't that the NSA is going to collect and sift through all this information, it's what other use the data might be used for. With all the various security breaches the government has had in the last few years, from laptops missing to hacks against government servers, I"m not sure of the safeguards that will be put in place to ensure the data and the analysis of it cannot be obtained or used by unauthorized persons. That is my big concern.

The cold war isn't over

it just had a small detente, and now I think it may be starting to heat up.

Russian Anti-Terrorist Forces in Syria - ABC News

Obummer needs to watch this situation very carefully. One wrong move on his part, could bring on an open conflict with Russia. Unfortunately, I don't think he is intelligent enough to realize that.

H/t: Insty

I'm shocked!

That CBS, usually a firm member of the MSM is getting even more critical of the Obummer administration.

Click HERE to find out how CBS is actually allowing criticism of Obummer's increase of the national debt was actually published.

Occupy Unmasked

Click HERE for the link to the trailer for the Citizens United film on the people behind the "Occupy" movement. When this comes out. I will be one of the first in line to see it.

Jennifer posts some common sense

which unfortunately in this world isn't so common any more.

Teach your children is about how it's commonsense if you own firearms, or anything really, that they are not toys. I personally don't "Childrproof" my home, I home proof my kids. My kids know about firearms, they know not to mess with chemicals, they know that things can hurt them or others. And they know to leave them alone. This weekend if the weather cooperates, my kids and I are taking out the newest addition to the gunsafe for some shooting. The kids are already looking forward to it. They know that they don't touch firearms without permission. Because they know that if they want to look at one of the firearms in the house. they only need to ask, and I will show them what they want to see. They know the 4 rules, although at times they slip with the BB gun, they NEVER do with the "REAL" firearms. I need to get them out of that, I know. But all in all, the kids know.

Monday, March 19, 2012

The cracks in the wall are

allowing light to shine on the procrastinator in chiefs screwups.

Remember the Debt Negotiations? Remember Obummer's failed negotiation tactics? Remember the Democruds blaming the Republicans? Well the light is now shining. Click HERE and see for yourself.

UPDATE: Mickey Kaus has MORE

H/t: Insty

Sabra hits one

And I agree with her.

Click over on THIS finely crafted link. And go see if you agree.

Why indeed?

Does the Department of Homeland Security need 450 million rounds of .40 S&W?

Mike V

Sunday, March 18, 2012

How is this legal?

First click on THIS link, read the whole thing then come back here.
Do you understand what that says? It say that at any time of "Emergency" be it a natural disaster, war, terrorist attack or anything the government declares to be an "Emergency" The federal government takes control of, oh, EVERYTHING. Hospitals, the electrical grid, gas stations, railroads, airlines, refineries, pipelines, radio stations, television stations, internet providers, telephone exchanges, cell towers in short any bit of infrastructure in the United States it deems important of control by the government.

Who defines this so-called "Emergency"? Why the President does. I'm not going to go all black helicopter here, but I had an idea. Google "Executive Order" and "Suspend Elections" and enjoy some of the ravings against G.W. Bush. Yes the liberal democrats were SCREAMING that G.W. Bush was going to suspend the elections in 2008 to maintain his power. And yet NOWHERE in those rantings do you read one hint of his administrations efforts to do so. However you DO find THIS little blub: "Progressives who now control the Democratic Party, had an "oops" moment on Wednesday, September 28, 2011, with a “Freudian” slip during a speech given by Gov. Beverly Perdue (D) from North Carolina at the Cary Rotary Club, stating that maybe we should suspend democracy for two years by cancelling the 2012 elections until the economy recovers. After the slip an air of silence loomed over the Rotarians in attendance." Hmmmm, Bush and the republicans never to my knowledge, ever mentioned "Suspending Elections". However Democrats are constantly mentioning it. Why is that? Are the Democrats pushing their owns beliefs on to Republicans? They believe that since "They" think about doing it, the Republicans do as well? I don't know which worries me more. That the Democrats will actually say this stuff out loud, or that the Republicans don't call them to task for it.

One Millisecond after an Atomic Explosion

Roughly 1 ms after detonation. Visible along the bottom of the fireball's surface are what have been referred to as 'rope tricks'. Absorption of thermal energy by the tower's guy wires result in such spike-like extensions. Further discussion of this phenomenon is available here.

This picture and more like it are available HERE I think that the beauty of these photos hide the terrifying nature of them as well as the ingenuity behind their very existence.

Friday, March 16, 2012

The death of Free Speech

Eugene Volokh has the news.

All I can say to this is this is another grab by B.O. of American Rights. I feel he won't be satisfied until we as Citizens are no longer free men, but serfs.


Since I try to moderate my language I won't borrow Jay G's favorite headline.

But Seriously? The NAACP wants the United Nations to "Review" U.S. Voter Suppression laws? Who - wha - how - whaaaa?

Click HERE to go to Texas Fred and see for yourself.

Two over at Anarchangel

I feel they should be required reading.

First about Rapes in Muslim and not so Muslim countries. Click HERE for that one.

The other about eht worst whupping he ever received from his Mother. Click HERE for that one.

To quote Jay G

That is all...

Bureaucracy run rampant in NYPD

A Whistlblower in the NYPD has been suspended, been forced to undergo psychiatric evaluation harassed and generally minimalised for telling the truth, and trying to do his job.

Click this finely crafted link HERE to go over to Peter's Blog and read more about it.

Caliber Wars

Ok, what I am about to talk about is sure to start some discussion. I'm going to talk about my choice for a personal defense/survival cartridge.

Now these are just my personal choices based on my experience. Not on stuff I read in a magazine or on a web site. I choose these on a number of factors from my personal experience to date.

Ok, for a personal defense round in a hand gun.

I prefer....... .38 Special/.357 Magnum I know it's a bit of a cop out as it's two different rounds. However I own pistols in both calibers and several family members as you've read on my blog now own one of them as well.

My reasoning: I've carried a Taurus Model 82 with a 4 inch barrel and Pachmayr Gripper grips since 1992. I carried it while I was working security at the St. Louis City Housing Authority and St. Louis County Housing Authority. I've put several thousand rounds of standard velocity and +P velocity ammunition through it and I've never had any problem with it other than 3 ammunition related failures. It's recoil even with +P rounds is light enough my 10 year old twins prefer to shoot my .38 over my Heritage .22 Single Action. The +P rounds have good enough kinetic energy that a center mass shot will be a debilitating shot. Coupled with it's light recoil follow up shots are not a problem. Yes it is only 6 shots then it's time to reload. However a recent study which I don't have the link to at the moment, I keep finding the Clayton Cramer study and not the report I read before, most gun fights are over after 3 rounds are fired. And the study said there were only 2 or 3 cases where reloading was required. Well my Taurus with 2 speedloaders is 18 rounds of 125 grain JHP Golden Saber +P's. I pray I never have to use it to defend myself or others, but if I do? I'm comfortable with what I carry. Yes, I have a 1911A1 .45 ACP and extra mags, I, however am not as good with it as I am my revolver. And that is the main thing. You have to be comfortable, proficient and knowledgeable with your carry piece. And I am with my old Taurus Model 82. That's for self defense, but what about "Survival" situations?

In a survival situation some may think I am under-gunned. Not really. While it's not recommended a .38 special can be used for hunting anything from rabbits up to to deer and javelina. Yes I said Javelina, Wild Pigs. Which are such a problem here in south Texas a permit isn't even required to hunt them. Not even 2 weeks ago an older gentleman who lives about 6 miles from me used his Colt Police Positive in .38 special loaded with hardcast 158 grain SWC's he loaded himself took 5 of javelinas with 1 shot each. They had been destroying his garden which he had just started planting, so they had to go. He and a few of his neighbors now have full freezers, and I'll be getting some sausage from him at church. So the .38 special can take down larger game animals. It's all in where you aim. So I am really not out gunned with my Taurus. However for a survival situation I would still prefer to have a rifle or shotgun over a handgun.

Let's move on to that rifle. I have several rifles, a single shot Rossi .22 that can have it's barrel swapped out to a 20 gauge shotgun barrel, but in a survival situation you might need a quick followup shot. So a top break rifle or shotgun might not be the best. What is my rifle? Well actually I'm torn between my old Sears 102 which is a copy of the Savage Model 29A that shoots .22 short, long and long rifle. and my Romanian SKS. Yes I said SKS. I know, I know. I have a HK91 clone in 7.62X51 that offers increased capacity, more power, better sights and longer range. But am I really going to be shooting beyond 100-125 yards? Most of my shooting in that situation will probably be within 50-75 yards. And increased capacity? Why would I need more than 10 rounds to take down dinner? Yes, I know what some of you may be thinking. What about a gang of marauding scavengers that walk on two legs? I don't believe and pray that it never comes to that, but if it does I am rather good with my stripper clips and can put out quite a bit of aimed fire in a short amount of time. Did you catch that? I said "AIMED" fire. This isn't Hollywood where you can just point the weapon in the general direction and keep pulling the trigger and hope you hit something. You will probably have a limited amount of ammunition, and who knows when the stores will open back up, so you had better make sure every round you fire counts. You're not in the army where you can get on the radio and request a resupply. If you are mobile either in a vehicle or on foot, you only have what is with you. So make sure every round is an aimed one. Which leads me to sights on my SKS. The original SKS sights are ok if you are in combat and most of your fighting is done inside the 50 yard range. Beyond that however is where they let you down. Many people have gussied up and tacticooled their SKS's with picatinny rails and scopes and lasers and collapsing stocks and this and that. Well me? I do have a side folding stock on my SKS. That is so it will fit behind the seat of my truck. I do have a receiver cover 4X scope and mount. It's still on the shelf of my safe. I've used it maybe 3 times. The wandering zero on it from the recoil forces makes it not really worth the bother and weight. So what I do have to help me put rounds on target is an old Tapco fully adjustable rear sight. Tapco no longer makes this sight, which makes me kind of sad as it is actually a decent sight. I have also replaced my front sight with a neon green sight post, to help me pick it up easier in low light situations. At the 25 yard "Battlefield" zero I can shoot 1.75-2.5 inch groups. At 100 yards, well I can barely see the target at 100 yards, but I can put all 10 rounds from my SKS into about a 7 inch group if I take my time and watch my breathing. That is centermass, that is all I am concerned about. Now saying all this, I'm glad my Sears Model 102 is a break down one, so I can take it along tucked into my backpack. 22 ammo is easier to carry large amounts of, it's less expensive. For what I pay for 100 rounds of 7.62X39 I can get over 500 rounds of .22 LR, and it takes up the same amount of room and weight on my gear.

Now what about shotguns? Well I already mentioned my Rossi that is both a rifle and a shotgun. however the reload time is bit long. I also have several 12 gauge shotguns, from a top break one to several pump action ones. I'd love to get an old Remington side by side, but I just don't see the utility of a double barrel shotgun other than intimidation factor. My NEF Pardner top break is a decent shotgun. It can take 3" shells and has a modified choke barrel, it's great for shooting some old fashioned loads such as cut shells or wax shells if necessary, but if I need a shotgun I think I'll need more than 1 shot. Saying that however I'm torn between 2 of my other shotguns. My High Standard K1200 Riot gun,with an 18.5 inch barrel and which has it's buttstock cut down to a pistol grip. And my Maverick 88 by Mossberg with a side folding stock and an 18.5 inch barrel. Now a pistol grip only shot gun is hard to fire accurately. Inside of 15 yards though it can be devastating, with the proper loads. However the High Standard has a fixed barrel, so I'm limited to that 18.5 inch barrel. The Maverick however, I have extra barrels for. A 24" barrel with screw in chokes and a full choke in it and a 28" ribbed barrel with screw in chokes, at the moment it on has a modified choke in it. I plan on getting an extra full and a rifled win choke for it to use with slugs. The ribbed barrel with it's much longer sight radius the center pin and the front bead which I replaced with a green Hy-Viz sight and the rifled choke will allow me to shoot slugs much more accurately out to longer distances. Something very important in a survival situation when you are trying to put food in the pantry on on the table. I like the portability of the High Standard, but the utility of the Maverick weighs more heavily for me.

Now I might need a back up weapon. Well I already have a second Taurus Model 82, but for this I'd choose my Heritage Single Action. It is a .22 single action revolver with a 7.5 inch barrel, but the kicker is the extra cylinder in .22 WMR. That's .22 Magnum if you aren't familiar with it. It's a nice shooting little .22 if you know it's foibles, and mine shoots high at 7 yards. About 3 inches. 7 yards is 21 feet. The most common self defense distance. Since I'm aiming for center mass it's not really a problem. However at longer ranges, say against a prdeator animal, wild dogs, javelina and such. It can be a very big deal. 3 inches can mean the difference between wounding and annoying them, making them more angry and harder to kill, and putting them down immediately. So be aware of where your sights print on your target.

Now I know I'm probably going to get a bunch of people saying well you need this caliber or gun or this piece of gear. That's fine. Remember these are my choice based on my own experience. your experience may be different from mine. And you may have a better way of doing something than I do. If so I'd be glad to hear it in the comment section. Please just keep it civil is all I ask.

Why does this worry me?

Transformer Replacement Test

Oh maybe it has something to do with claims by a certain country that is inimical to us, about the 11,000 rockets they plan on launching against us and Israel? Maybe it's the North Korean Long Range Missile test they claim is coming up? Maybe it's that I know just how messed up and vulnerable our power grid actually is? Or maybe it's that the DHS in it's infinite wisdom decided to do this now!?!?

It's a start

Preparedness for kids at Shooting Illustrated has a decent start for a kids BOB. However, there are a few other things that could be added. Here are the contents of an adult BOB and a youth BOB, that are a little bit more detailed. Not every situation is the same though, so take this with a grain of salt. But it is a good beginning.

Random Nuclear Strikes has

some info about the last deployment of America's first Nuclear Carrier, Enterprise.

And a weird aircraft it's launching......

Too many laws and regulations

“If you have 10,000 regulations,” Winston Churchill said, “you destroy all respect for law.”

John Stossel at Reason has it: HERE

H/t Insty

How's that religion of peace?

Muslim Lawyers threaten and block attorney for Christian defendant: HERE

H/t Insty

Please claim yourself

If you're logging in from Fort Gesundheit as I call it, please leave a comment or hit the e-mail button over on the right and send me an E-mail. I'd be interested in hearing from you about what you like and dislike about my blog, and how I might be better able to post stuff that interests you.

Same if you're this person from the Veterans Administration in California. Leave a comment or hit the e-mail button.

Remember poor Sandra Fluke?

Who couldn't afford $9.00 a month Birth control pills? But, she could afford a trip to Spain and Pompeii

Jim Hoft - Gateway Pundit in my old stomping grounds has an update.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Obama told us in 2008

Oh Rly?

I have to pay higher prices because you want to play craps with tax payer money. Even though you've been coming up snake eyes when your point is 7? How many more throws are we going to give this idjit, before we all say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!


Steve Miller posting

Monday, March 12, 2012


Ok after a complaint or two about the new Captcha's they have been disabled but the comment moderation is still on.

I'm sitting here with 3 of my boys

and we are talking about how they think one of their teachers might like parts of my blog but not others. They asked if I could block certain parts of it so she could see the others. I told them this

"You take things as they are. Not as you wish them to be."

I wish more people in the world would figure that out. It would make it a lot easier to live if the wishful thinkers could just accept that the world is what it is. Not what they want it to be.

2 more of the J&G Taurus 82's

Ok, I went over to my mothers house to clean her pistol and my cousins pistol. The first few shots show my mothers pistol, the last 3 are from my cousins pistol.

This is my mom's Taurus Mod 82 with the grips removed. You can see some of the rust under the grip area and at the edges of the grips area.

These are the grips that came with her pistol. Rather beat up and worse for wear. Since this is the pistol my mother is going to use, I took the grips from my original Model 82 which I took off when I put Pachmayrs on it, and put them on her pistol. I didn't get a photo of it because I forgot, but after a thorough cleaning and the grips from my pistol it looks very good.

Here is my mom's pistol with the cylinder and crane removed. If you do not know enough about firearms to do this, don't ask me to tell you because I won't. You can damage your pistol if you do it incorrectly, and make it unsafe to use. There was a lot of fouling buildup on the inside of the frame and crane area which I removed using a phosphor bronze brush and some Hoppe's #9. The the whole frame was given a scrubbing as well.

Here is mom's pistol with the sideplate removed , so I could get inside to clean out all the fouling. Once again if you do not know what you are doing, I am not going to tell you. If you do not have the knowledge to do this properly you can DESTROY, yes I said DESTROY your pistol by damaging the sideplate and frame. So if you don't know, don't do it. Take it to a gunsmith to do this. I once again took my phosphor bronze brush soaked in Hoppes to clean out the inside, Q-tips help out here a lot, as well as a small magnetic jewelers screwdriver, to get all the gunk and junk out of the pistols internals.

This is my cousin's pistol, with very heavy fouling. It took me a lot of scrubbing, Q-tips and time to get all the fouling out and the grittiness out of the action.

It looks a little better here, but it still took me a while to get it all cleaned up.

This last pic I threw in to show the transfer bar safety. This is why I prefer the old Taurus's to the old S&W revolvers. The old S&W don't have a firing pin per se, they have what is called a "Hammer Nose", which is a physical firing pin on the nose of the hammer. With the old S&W a sharp strike on the back of the hammer "COULD" fire a round. Not exactly something I want to carry in a holster pointing down my leg at my knee and foot.

Both pistols took me about an hour to clean. Not surprising considering that these were police turn ins. The bores look good and other than having some gritty feeling in the action from all the fouling. The trigger breaks rather nicely at 6-8 lbs for double action and around 2 -3 lbs for single action. Not bad for a $139.95 pistol.

All of these pistols should be getting some rounds through them either this week or next, so I can see how they group at 7 yards. That is the most common self-defense usage range so that is what I will have my mother and cousin practice for.

To read about my pistol with some pics click HERE to read the range report on my pistol click HERE

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Old NFO has a really nice one

taken from the annals of Navy Flight operations.

Click THIS finely crafted link.

Newest addition to the Gunsafe

I already own a Satin Nickel version of this pistol. I've had it since the early 90's when Taurus first started becoming a big concern. For many year Taurus was considered less than optimal in it's quality, however my experience with their revolvers is very good. I have fired thousands of rounds of standard velocity and +P ammunition out of my personal Model 82 with no malfunctions except a few that were ammunition related.

Now saying that here are the photos of my newest acquisition.

This Model 82 was purchased from J&G Sales In Arizona. We, meaning myself and other family members chipped in and purchased 5 of these revolvers and used a special J&G had to order 250 rounds of 158 gr .38 Special ammunition with them. My pistol is the worst of the 5 revolvers. What looks like the reflection of the flash in the photos is actually holster wear. This is the second time I've purchased from J&G and their service is quite good as it was the first time I purchased from them, which was my Tokarevs.

The cylinder chambers were very clean with no signs of pitting or corrosion in them.

You can see on the right hand side plate where the department identifier was removed from the pistol.

The bore was bright and shiny even after I scrubbed it out, and it was clean when I received it.

The lanyard ring is very firmly attached and swivels a full 360 degrees. When I pulled the grips off to see if I could remove the lanyard I cannot. There is a press fit pin on the inside that looks like it also has a pin through it to prevent it's removal. I'm not sure how the lanyard ring will work with how I shoot, but my other family members like the idea of the lanyard especially how I explained their use to them.

The pistol has been used as a police issue weapon as such it has some dings and dents and other issues. However I could see no issues other than cosmetic with this revolver.

The sights are similar to the S&W Model 10HB, a slot cut into the top strap with a ramp front. The top strap and top of the barrel are grooved to cut down on reflections which might interfere with sight acquisition just like my first Model 82 and over the years I've had no problems with sight acquisition. If this one shoots as well as my first pistol I will be happy as a clam. Now my definition of acceptable accuracy is 18 rounds inside of a 10" pie pan at 7 yards. Others may think this is unacceptable, but for me that is center mass in actual gunfight range, so that is my standard.

I'll be running some rounds through this in a week or so and I'll see how it shoots.

EDITED TO ADD: To read about 2 more of these pistols click HERE to read the range report on this pistol click HERE