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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tuesday tunes

As usual let me know what you think...

Friday, September 16, 2011

Cynthia Yockey

has a new article in the Advocate, please give it a read, also please visit her blog and take a look around as well.


Air Show Accident

There was an plane crash at the air races in Reno Nevada. So far 12 people have been confirmed killed and 75 severely injured. Please keep these folks and their families in your prayers.


Friday Music

He is some more music that I enjoy. Let me know what you think in the comments.

Let me know what you think and you can suggest some tunes for me to find.

Tell me, does this make sense to you?

It does to me. Why doesn't it make sense to the politicians?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Muslim speaks out against Islamofacism

Watch live streaming video from ideacity at

In case the Embed code messes up here is the Direct Link. HERE

You need to watch this video, post it to your own blogs, send it in e-mail to your friends.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I've been Blacklisted!!!!

I will also add this in so it's on the main page.

What did I do or write THIS time?

If this is you gimme a hollar.

Thoughts on Tactical accesories

I read quite a few blogs and have many friends who have what many would call "Tacti-cool", that is firearms with many tactical accessories attached. You have seen the pictures and many of you have probably checked out the various web sites and printed catalogs, drooling over this or that. One of my friends once accused me of being Tacti-cool with my SKS and 2 of my shotguns. I've posted pictures of them before so I won't now as I don't want to look through the several thousand photos in over a hundred different directories on my computer. But yes I have a folding stock on my SKS and my Maverick 88 shotgun and my High Standard is a pistol grip only weapon. The high standard I purchased from a retired sheriff in Missouri, and the only thing I've done to it was get rid of the ridiculous 3 point sling it had on it and removed the heat shield from the barrel. That's it. I'm not adding on something to one of my weapons unless I have an actual need or use for that accessory.

My Romanian SKS has an ATI folding stock, TAPCO fully adjustable rear sight, and green neon front sight. I do have several detachable 30 round magazines for it but I've had to spend several hours hand fitting the magazines to the rifle to allow them to function properly without double feeding, FTF's or FTE's. Most of the time I have the 10 round non-detachable steel magazine it came with in it. Why? The detachable mags are only used when I take the kids out plinking at cans and empty plastic bottles. They enjoy being able to shoot 30 rounds without having to reload. Me I HATE the 30 round detachable mags. Why? they had to be hand fitted, which took me over 6 hours, I have issues when trying to shoot from a prone position with them, whereas the 10 round mag I have no feeding problems and can shoot from the prone position quite comfortably. I do have a 4x scope and mount which replaces the reciever cover, however this is a 100 to 150 yard rifle The scope and it's mount is bulky, throws of the center of balance of the rifle and I cannot get a good cheek weld when using the scope. For some long distance plinking from the bench it's not bad but With the scope the target still better be inside 200 yards or it's useless. Inside 200 yards I can still use the iron sights quite well.

The Maverick 88. I installed an ATI folding stock and an 18.5 inch barrel on it. Besides using some white ut on the front bead that is about it, other than smoothing up the shell elevator, extractors and ejector with a needle file and some emory cloth. My next addition to it will be some good sling mounts and a decent sling. The only reason it and my SKS have folding stocks is so they can pack away better in the truck. They won't fit behind the seat with the stock extended. Folded I have an extra 8 inches of room for my .50 cal ammo can full of ammo.

The High Standard, was the duty shotgun of a sheriff, he carried it since he bought it new when he got hired back in I believe he said 1962, and it went with him every where. It had the original stock cut down to a pistol grip, and side saddle shell holder, barrel heat shield and a funky 3 point sling on it when I bought it from him for 180.00 in 1991. Well I removed the sling and the heat shield. I am actually looking for a new buttstock so I can put this back to original other than retaining the side saddle. It too fits behind the seat of the truck easily. But after I get the new stock for it it will probably become a safe queen.

All of my pistols, are either factory stock, for plinking, or have pachmeyer grips for my carry guns. My 2 carry guns are my 1911A1, the only mods are the wrap around grips and some white out on the sights. That is it. My .38 special Taurus, pachmeyer grips and I stoned the sear to get rid of an annoying burr when fired double action.

All of my mods are for my ease of use. I don't need laser sights, an ACOG, night vision, flashlights etc ad nauseum. I need reliable, easy to transport, easy to use with no confusing geegaws hanging off it that will either get in the way or it's batteries will fail at an inopportune moment.

The adage's I try to follow are very easy to remember.

The 7 P's








And the KISS method





I've found that the way I have my weapons setup, serves me and my kids just fine. Plus it means I have more $$ for ammo to take the kids shooting more often.

Your Thoughts?


Thinking about old songs

Got me thinking real hard about songs I love to hear but haven't heard in a while on the radio as they don't hit the right, hmm what is the word, demographics. I actually had to call my mother to remember that word.

Well here they are.....

I'll post some more later. But please leave me a note in the comments about my playlist.

Hmmmm Last Mag against Zombies

and what song is on the MP3 player.

H/T JayG,, The Lady Tam

I am not ashamed to say

that THIS video made me tear up.

The selflessness of the Maritime men and women. The disregard for their own safety in case of more attacks, shows me that there is still good in the hearts of the people of the world.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Department of Homeland Security snitch sheet

I am someone to be watched. Because I buy lots of ammunition, MRE's, Night Vision and all the stuff I circled. Ammo cans are good for storing tools so the don't rust in Texas Humidity. Meals Ready To Eat, (MRE's) are good for when the kids and I go to the beach or when I'm driving to St. Louis, My night vision monocular lets me know if the dogs are barking at a coyote or someone is walking through the property, High capacity magazines make it a lot easier to enjoy shooting instead of reloading a magazine after 5 or 10 rounds, plus they're fun, bi-pods make it so I can shoot more accurately at long distances such as when I wanted to enter competitions. But according to the DHS, I'm a possible threat. What a load of malarkey.

The only possible threat I can be is to someone who wants to hurt myself or others. I have no intention of hurting anyone, in fact I abhor violence. That doesn't mean however that I will stand idly by while someone attacks someone else. I will contact the police and if I see that someone's life is in danger, I WILL step in. All life is precious and no one has the right to hurt someone else for any reason outside of war. When I joined the Army Reserve way back in 85 I joined up to be a medic. I wanted to serve my country, however I didn't and still don't feel comfortable with the idea of taking the life of another. That doesn't mean however that if push came to shove, I will use whatever means necessary to save someone's life. Even if it means I have to take the life of another. If it ever came to pass that I had to use deadly force, I probably would need to see a psychologist for a bit.

I was born in St. Louis, Mo. However I spent many a summer at my Uncles farm in North Central Arkansas. I learned many valuable lessons from my uncle. I learned that racism is wrong from a man who was as racist as a Klansman, but he had served in the Armed forces where black men saved his own life many times. As my uncle told me once, "I was raised a racist, I'm not raising you to be that way." He knew he was racist and he admitted it, just as he admitted that he knew it was wrong, but every day of his life he treated everyone white, black, indian, asian it didn't matter, the same way. With respect. It was from him I think I got my feelings about taking a life. He had been in war, had killed men from far away and up close and personal. He told me, that you did everything you could to avoid doing it, but when the time comes there is no other choice, well, you don't have a choice morally. You do what must be done to protect others.

It is people like me, that the DHS says are a threat. Returning servicemen and women, veterans, people who care about what this country is and what it is supposed to stand for. We are threats somehow, because we believe that no one should have to live their life in fear of assault, robbery or personal harm. And yet the people who commit those crimes are not even on the radar of federal law enforcement agencies. Instead the federal agencies are trying to enforce another countries laws on our businesses and citizens.

What happened to us?