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Friday, October 31, 2014

Tahmooressi to be freed

Mexican Judge Orders Release of US Marine Andrew Tahmooressi

The EPA and Argon?

"Its hard to imagine a more inoffensive substance than Argon. As a noble gas, Argon is chemically inert – it participates in no chemical reactions whatsoever, except under exotic conditions – there are no known chemical compounds which can survive at room temperature which include Argon. Argon is not a greenhouse gas."

Link leads you to Random Nuclear Strikes

Bowe Bergdahl to be granted P.O.W. Satus?


Well, now we've received confirmation from a deep-cover Pentagon source that the fix is in. "Hagel's already gotten his marching orders," says a disgusted senior officer. The "commander-in-chief" has let it be known he wants the sham investigation of Bergdahl's disappearance in Afghanistan to result in a complete whitewash of the bizarre soldier's activities over a five year period."

If this is true, it's rather disturbing.  The facts from the investigation still haven't been published, so how could he be granted POW Status?

The New York Times needs to register as a Lobbyist or a PAC

Because that ALL they seem to be reporting is stories to help Bloomberg and various Democrats and to hinder any Republican.  In particular any Conservative is smeared by the Times.

"Nasty New York Times editorial writer David Firestone pretends to care about campaign scare-mongering. But what he and his elitist ilk really fear are independent-thinking women who have dared to exercise their First Amendment powers to defend their Second Amendment rights.

This week, Firestone took aim at “attack ads” sponsored by the National Rifle Association. The “worst commercial,” he says, “features a rape victim describing her assault and accusing” former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg “of wanting to take away her right to defend herself.”

That rape victim has a name and a story Firestone couldn’t even bother to mention. She is Kimberly Weeks, a brave and fierce Colorado woman who testified against the Bloomberg-backed gun-control measures that beleaguered Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper now admits he passed “without basic facts” and concedes were ineffective from the get-go."

It seems like every time the NYT prints something it always a dig at the GOP in general and Conservatives in particular.

What say you?

Are you reading

Islam: Making a True Difference in the World - One Body at a Time

If not take a look at their current update

Real Classy Democrats

College Insurrection

has several you need to read

Creationist Professor Accused of Forcing Religion on Students

Ohio University Could Triple the Number of “Women Only” Student Senate Positions

National Association of Scholars Reading Assignments Are All About Progressivism

UCSD Students Protest Eviction of Campus Che Guevara Cafe for Failing to Pay Rent

Video: Texas Tech Students Don’t Know Who Won the American Civil War

Elementary School Handout Calls the Presidents on Mt. Rushmore Racist

Ebola, Quarantine and Medical Staffing

Peter has a post discussing all three of those with links and excerpts from BookFace and Elsewhere.  I'll just throw in a small excerpt which you can click on to go read Peter's post.

"The United States (and virtually all other countries) require a myriad of tests and often quarantine prior to bringing in a foreign animal.

I can’t legally cross state lines in the United States with a horse or cow without a health certificate signed by a USDA accredited veterinarian stating that the animal has been inspected and found free of infectious disease. In most cases blood tests are also required.

. . .

If I am a resident of Liberia incubating Ebola, to enter the United States all I need to do is present a valid visa, and lie when asked if I have been exposed to Ebola. Within hours (no quarantine required) I can be walking the streets of any city in the United States.

I feel very fortunate to live in a country that values our animals so highly."

Seriously go RTWT

Bill Whittle - Firewall - Weaponizing the Government

Thursday, October 30, 2014

CDNN Sports Super Sale - Bushmaster MOE 308 $999.99 - Springfield 1911 $549.88 - Hk VP9 9mm $599.99 - Kel-Tec KSG Lower Price - Call 800-588-9500

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Frein Captured - Now lets find out

just how many of our Constitutional Rights were violated during the search for him.

"Eric Frein, the suspect in the deadly ambush of a Pennsylvania state trooper, has been taken into custody after a month-long manhunt, the Pennsylvania State Police announced Thursday night.

A law enforcement source told Fox News U.S. Marshals arrested Frein after obtaining information that he was hiding in an airport hangar near Buck Hill, the same general area where they had been searching for him.

They called him out and he surrendered without incident, the source said."

Obama Administration setting us up for either a Pandemic or

a total take over under a type of martial law.

"Instead of grappling with these concerns, and tightening some of the parameters around how quarantine would be used through a revised regulation, the Obama Administration abruptly pulled the rule, and replaced it with nothing. President Obama signed a patchwork of executive orders to give CDC clear quarantine authority in regards to some emerging respiratory pathogens like SARS and MERS. But the regulation interpreting the federal quarantine authority remained outdated."

No policy in place.  So when not if Ebola starts to have outbreaks in the general population, the Obama Administration will have no choice but 'benevolently' take over.

There are many people who think that I'm blowing those out of proportion and Ebola can't become an issue and a dozen or more things I'm supposed to be wrong about.

Are you willing to risk your families lives on the possibility that I am wrong?

Are you willing to risk your children's lives?

When a simply paying attention and getting involved in the legislative process could prevent this?

Call your Representative, Call your Senator.  Call your Governor.  GET INVOLVED!

Make the people who are supposed to represent and lead DO THEIR JOBS!

With the integrity of the Elections in question

With voting machines recording the cast vote incorrectly.  To Poll Workers knowingly encouraging Voter Fraud.

Do we need to have another "Battle of Athens Georgia"?

I'm afraid, it might be too late.

The US is full of Duke's

I've been rereading my Heinlein, and I've just started Farnham's Freehold again.

And I'm not even out of the first chapter, when it hits me.

Our nation is full of Duke's.  The over coddled sons of the protagonist of the story.  Who thinks he knows everything just because he is a Law school Graduate.  And he reset when Hugh his father time and time again proves that Duke is wrong.  And not just wrong, but stupid and wrong.

From Wikipedia

"Hugh Farnham, a middle-aged man, holds a bridge club party for his wife Grace (an alcoholic), son Duke (a law graduate), daughter Karen, a college student, and Karen's friend Barbara. During the bridge game, Duke berates him for frightening Grace by preparing for a possible Russian nuclear attack. When the attack actually occurs, the group, along with Joe, the family's African American servant, retreat to the fallout shelter below the house."

All through the book, Duke does everything he can to undermine Hugh in a bid to somehow prove himself "Right".  And he continually gets it wrong.

That is what our Nation has come to.

A bunch of over coddled "Duke's" who wish to wrest control away from the people who DO know what is going on, and are trying to do something about it in SPITE of the "Duke's" interference.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Sabo versus the Secret Service

The Secret Service left a little note on his door asking to talk to him about "Identity Theft" and what they really wanted to talk to him about was because they were investigating him for possible threats against the President.

Sabo will tell you straight out, he wishes Obama would die in a plane crash.  HOWEVER he isn't advocating that someone makes that happen.

Like he said.  This is a First Amendment Issue.

Me personally?

I don't want Obama to die in a plane crash, I want him to charged criminally and face a jury.

This is still a nation of laws, and as such he must face the very laws he flaunts and ignores.

The Red Cross failed response during National Disasters

"In 2012, two massive storms pounded the United States, leaving hundreds of thousands of people homeless, hungry or without power for days and weeks.

Americans did what they so often do after disasters. They sent hundreds of millions of dollars to the Red Cross, confident their money would ease the suffering left behind by Superstorm Sandy and Hurricane Isaac. They believed the charity was up to the job.

They were wrong.

The Red Cross botched key elements of its mission after Sandy and Isaac, leaving behind a trail of unmet needs and acrimony, according to an investigation by ProPublica and NPR. The charity’s shortcomings were detailed in confidential reports and internal emails, as well as accounts from current and former disaster relief specialists.

What’s more, Red Cross officials at national headquarters in Washington, D.C. compounded the charity’s inability to provide relief by “diverting assets for public relations purposes,” as one internal report puts it. Distribution of relief supplies, the report said, was “politically driven.”

The failed response of the Red Cross and other organizations is one of the reasons I put together the KTD Drive.   That way people would have SOME WAY of helping themselves.

As the Red Cross is more about Public Relations and Fund Raising instead of you know, actually doing their job of helping people after a disaster.

What do I think the problem is?  Too much reliance on large national organizations, and too little reliance on local organizations to the detriment of said local organizations.

Too many places instead of setting up their own policies instead use the Red Cross as a Hail Mary play to come in after the fact.  And put off accountability for their own policies.

In many local communities there is NO disaster relief plan other than "Call the Red Cross"  or "Call F.E.M.A.".

What happened to the local organizations and groups that would look at what was happening and start putting their own assets into motion?

This over reliance on the National Organizations or the Federal Government is a detriment to us all.

Ben Shapiro: The True Story of Ferguson and the Gentle Giant

Monday, October 27, 2014

An ER Physician talks Ebola and the Flu

"I’ve been walking the earth for a half a century, so I’m sure I’ve picked up a bit along the way. I know the Gettysburg Address by heart. I can recite all the presidents. I can taste the difference between Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi, and I’m fairly certain I can tell you the starting lineup from the 1976 Cincinnati Reds. But if you ask me if I’m worried about Ebola, if our hospital is ready or if our nurses and staff are up to the challenge, chances are you will probably hear me say this:

“Hell if I know.”

I have been practicing emergency medicine for more than 20 years and I’ve seen close to 100,000 patients. I’ve written a few books, published some papers, lectured a bunch of times, pissed off about 10,000 soccer moms when I wrote an article telling them their kids weren’t playing the pros. I once even testified in front of a congressional sub-committee on hospital disaster preparedness. I’m still beating myself for at least not stealing a pen, but it was part of my duty as the physician director of mass casualty preparedness for our emergency department."

The lowest common denominator to this is "Personnel".  Having enough people to do the jobs they are supposed to do when they are supposed to do it.

Why can't this patient get up to the floor into a room?  Because housekeeping hasn't cleaned the room.  Where is housekeeping?  They didn't come in.  Why didn't they come in?  Because they aren't getting paid enough to risk getting sick.  Or they just didn't feel like coming in.


The kicker quote:

 “Dr. Profeta, will they – the staff, you, your partners – show up? “ “That, I don’t know.”

And what about "Blue Flu"?

Patrol Torpedo Boats in World War Two

I found a site of a gentleman who is a Modler, and he has built a very accurate model of a PT Boat at the following link :

What does the NSA do with our Data?

10 gauge or 11 gauge hulls?

Does anyone have a fired hull for 10 and/or 11 gauge?

I have what I THOUGHT was a 12 ga belgian SXS however a 12 ga shell is swallowed by the chamber. A 2 ga shell will slip easily past the extractor and rattles in the chamber. I can't find my dial calipers, so if anyone has a fired hull in 10 or 11 ga, could I ask you to mail it to me?


I would loved to be able to do stuff like this.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Some videos

I have no idea what the BEEP is for. Multiply the cost by 15 to 20 times.

I remember watching this as a kid. And it prompted my interest in Preparedness.

Interesting how they used to teach this.

Hmmm this one makes me thin of current events.

There are some others but the scanner is saying a lot of interesting things are happening.

USA vs Germany - World War II Weaponry

Black Racial Identity

"The best thing that could happen here is for respectable blacks to take the side of the police. As I’ve pointed out before, the biggest obstacle to black people in America now is this stubborn racial solidarity that leads otherwise sensible people to defend savagery. Italians, Irish, Jews, Poles and other “ethnics” used WW2 as a chance to abandon their ethnic identity and become simply Americans. That often meant abandoning their old neighborhoods and their old neighbors. If you wanted to be a hood, the respectable Irish/Italians/Jews/etc wanted nothing to do with you.

Blacks have gone the other way and placed racial solidarity above all else. Defending ghetto culture may have been necessary in the 50’s, but it is self-defeating today. But, the ruling class needs the blacks to stay at the bottom of the social hierarchy so this is unlikely to change. Ben Carson is shunned by respectable white liberals, but Al Sharpton gets a prime time TV show."

I never thought of it this way, but many other ethnic identities have subsumed themselves into American Society.   However much of the African-American community has not.  Right there in that sentence, I showed just what I mean.

Me, I'm not a Scottish-French-Swedish-Irish-Native-German-Austrian-Italian American.  I'm an American.

I don't NEED any qualifiers to say who I am.  I''m an American, plain and simple.

And yet, the GOVERNMENT itself is focing ethnic and racial divisions on us.






I'm sorry...  But I'm an American.  I'm a Mutt.  There have been reports of Whites, I'm sorry Caucasians who are FROM Africa, when they are told they can't use "African-American" on their passports.  Excuse me, unlike the vast majority of "African-Americans" they are FROM AFRICA!!!  If ANYONE has the right to use African-American, THEY DO!

And yet because of their lack of Melanin in their skin they can't.

I'm sorry, but I've been saying this for years, but the only difference between me and a black person is they have a much better permanent suntan than I do.

And now more and more, the Black Community (I'm NOT going to call them the "African-American" Community unless they are from Africa) is becoming marginalized by their own community leaders and political leaders.  And they are NOT calling them on it.  They agree with being marginalize and yet they then scream about being marginalized.

They need to look into their own community though.  But they refuse to accept that.

They refuse to accept that they have had the wool pulled over their eyes by black leaders and both white AND black politicians.  Like someone who is embarrassed to admit they have been wrong, they keep doubling down on willful ignorance.

And the situation is only going to get worse as politicians and community organizers and others continue to pander to them for their vote.

Many blacks talk about the "Cycle of Poverty", well it's true there is a "Cycle of Poverty" and their own leaders are keeping them in it.  Their own neighbors are keeping them in it.  When smart, self motivated young blacks try to excel, their own neighbors and in some cases their own families, tell them to "Stop acting white" and tear them back down.  They don't want other blacks to succeed, because then it makes them look dumb or lazy.  And they don't want that.  So they drag the good ones back into the cycle of poverty.  And then no one gets to emerge and shine on their own merits.

Identity Politics have done more damage to the black community than anything I can think of since segregation.

And now a large majority of the black community is Self-Segregating themselves, instead of trying to move out of the poverty.

Their community leaders and politicians tell them that they deserve all the rewards without working for them, because they are OWED something.

I'm sorry, the only thing you are OWED is the opportunity to better yourself and your families lives.  If you don't take that opportunity, whatever happens to you is your responsibility, not the "White Man's".  You did it to yourself, you didn't reach out to grab the brass ring.  So don't get upset when someone else takes that brass ring and runs with it.  You had your chance, and you didn't take it.

Another 4th Amendment violation

"Police to begin checking bags for explosives at CTA stations

The newest Chicago Police counterterrorism effort will involve assigning officers to high-traffic CTA train stations to randomly check riders’ bags for explosives.

Starting the week of Nov. 3, officers will ask “randomly selected” individuals if they are willing to have their bags screened before they pay to enter a station, police said in a statement Friday. If someone declines the screening, they will not be allowed to ride the train."

Excuse me.  If I don't want to submit to their intrusive screening, I CANNOT ride the train?

Under what section of the Law or the Constitution are they performing these checks?

H/t .357 Magnum aka TFS

The Secret Government still exists

"The voters who put Barack Obama in office expected some big changes. From the NSA’s warrantless wiretapping to Guantanamo Bay to the Patriot Act, candidate Obama was a defender of civil liberties and privacy, promising a dramatically different approach from his predecessor.

But six years into his administration, the Obama version of national security looks almost indistinguishable from the one he inherited. Guantanamo Bay remains open. The NSA has, if anything, become more aggressive in monitoring Americans. Drone strikes have escalated. Most recently it was reported that the same president who won a Nobel Prize in part for promoting nuclear disarmament is spending up to $1 trillion modernizing and revitalizing America’s nuclear weapons."

Obama's mantra to get elected was "Hope and Change", I"m sorry but I've run out of Hope and I hate the Change his administration has brought to this nation.

With even more intrusions into our lives and more and more restrictive and interfering laws and regulations.

Food prices have made it so I can barely keep my kids and myself fed.  Clothes prices have gotten to the point that even with buying clothes from the thrift store and consignment shops, it's hard to keep my kids properly clothes according to the school dress code.

Fuel...  I don't even want to talk about the almost doubling of fuel prices and what it has done to my family budget.

I cannot afford to get my vehicles fixed to even be able to drive my kids to the beach or the parks.

And yet, President Obama and the First Lady, can go on vacation whenever they want.  They can eat whatever they want.  They can wear designer clothes that costs thousands of dollars.

And despite what has been promised to us, the Citizens of this Country, and THEIR BOSSES.  Our situation gets poorer and poorer.

The First Lady says all children must eat a certain diet in the schools.  And the children, then the schools rebel.

The President says he will have the most open and transparent Administration.  And yet his Administration hides meeting, e-mails, and everything else.

His Administration targeted groups through not just the IRS, but the DOJ, FBI and FEC.  And they HIDE the fact that they have done so.  Citing "Executive Privilege".


What do they have to hide?

And why won't they tell us?

Even it's something that IS National Security, I would understand.  But e-mails between Eric Holder and his Wife?  How are in the interest of "National Security"?

I could go on and on and on.  But I won't.

I will tell you this thuogh.



It's up to you to find the truth for yourself.

In Memoriam

Honestly, this cartoon gives me chills and it suddenly becomes very dusty in the room when I look at it.

God Bless Cpl. Nathan Cirillo and his family.

Ebola Patients being "Disappeared"?

I don't normally read Alex Jones InfoWars site, but when Drudge links him as he sometimes does I give it a look to see what claims he is making.

And when I read the following linked story I know there is some truth to it.  As there have been some possible cases of Patients with Enterovirus D68 who went to the hospital and have then "Disappeared" AMA, (Against Medical Advice).  I have a "Friend" who works in the medical field, and they have told me of a death that was from EVD68, but was reported as simple pneumonia, and of several patients, 2 of them children who checked in, then 8-10  hours later checked out AMA and have "Disappeared".  No answer at the phone numbers left, and when medical staff were going to have Law Enforcement and Children Protective Service check on the patients, they were told by "DHS" the patients are being properly cared for and to transfer all records to "DHS".

My "Friend" doesn't have a reason to lie to me, that I am aware of, but if this is true, it is very frightening.

Now on to Alex Jones post.

"A doctor has exclusively revealed to Infowars that health authorities are covering up Ebola cases in the United States and disappearing patients in an effort to avoid hysteria.

James Lawrenzi, DO, who has two clinics in Garden City and Archie, Missouri, appeared on the Alex Jones Show today to warn that the true scale of the situation was being deliberately downplayed. It is important to note that none of these potential Ebola outbreaks occurred at the clinics in which Lawrenzi works."

So if the .GOV is hiding Ebola and EVD68 cases from the public, what ELSE is being hidden?

I hate sounding like a Conspiracy Theorist, but there is too much happening that doesn't make sense legally, medically or ethically.

So make your own determination, read all of the stories, look for yourself.  Don't take my word for it.  Just do your own research.  And you will probably find that things don't quite pass the smell test when it comes to the .GOV's handling of Ebola, EVD68 and other things.

Bill Whittle - Firewall - Your Second Amendment

Alfonzo Rachel - Houston Mayor Subpoenas Pastors' Sermons to Police Political Correctness

PJ MEdia - The Run Down

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Bill Whittle - Afterburner - Make Him Own It - Why you must Vote in the midterms


It doesn't matter who you vote for, just get out and VOTE!!!.

If you don't vote you have NO Right to complain when things don't go the way you want them to.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Organic Foods Myths

Senator Corburn's Wastebook 2014

To view the whole report please follow thie following finely handcrafted, just for you url of a link.

2014 Waste Report (Note: This link is to a .PDF files)

The link to the report and both videos that Senator Coburn's Office have put together in on Senator Coburn's Senate Page

Senator Tom Coburn M.D. (OK R)

I don't know about you, but I for one want to take some of the people who APPROVED these expenditures and force them to pay them back, IN FULL with Interest.

Then fire them from government employ and make it so they would never hold any type of position of authority.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Ben Shapiro: Women Are Winning the War on Women

Graphiics Matter

Linoge has done some number crunching and has drawn up the proper graphics to explain


Swiped from The Broken Patriot

Another Strike against the CDC - Lyme Disease

If you've ever gone through my blogroll you should have come upon Squeeky.  AKA Bonnie.  She has been fighting a chronic condition that too over 11 years to properly diagnose and at least 2 years before she could get proper treatment for it.

I'll do a brief excerpt, but you really need to RTWT at her blog.

"a friend of mine with Lyme says, “You…need to ask your doctor about this.” He then proceeded to tell me that I shouldn’t get the CDC test, because even if it shows positive bands (they’re all assigned to different parts of the Lyme bacteria – it’s basically the Lyme’s trash that the test sees, since there aren’t antibodies to it), you’re not considered actually sick unless you show something like 7 bands, which almost never happens. This, incidentally, is why the CDC only had 30,000 new cases of Lyme per year until 2013.

I asked my doctor, first (I’d gotten a new one, I liked her, I trusted her to not be a dick about it), and got the CDC test to see if I needed to pursue anything further. I showed positive on the band that indicates that Lyme flagella are floating around. That’s trash that’s small enough that were it left over, my body would have gotten rid of it within a week. Basically, it meant I was still infected.

I found an LLMD in my area (lucky, honestly – there aren’t too many, and I’ll go into that in a bit), showed him the test, and he was like “…yeeeah, I’m going to do an examination, ask you some questions, and we’ll go from there.”

I was clinically diagnosed with Lyme disease in March 2011. This means that upon examination of symptoms, a thorough interview, and a physical examination, a doctor learned in Lyme and other tick-borne diseases has made the judgment that I have the disease and should be treated for it as soon as possible.

You know who hates clinical diagnoses? The CDC. They want to see the bullseye rash, they want the over-kill on the positive test, they don’t want anything but disaster-level illness, because that’s the kind that’s most likely to be curable."

So for 16 years, she has been suffering from a sickness, that COULD have been treated much earlier.  IF the CDC didn't try to hide the facts.

I don't know about you, but this makes me angry and more than a little nervous about the current Ebola threat and how the CDC is handling it.  Especially considering the CDC's past history.

There will be no future for shooting as a sport if we don’t allow our kids to learn,

In the Land Down Under, more and more young ladies are learning to shoot competitively and that has the Anti-Gun SJW's fuming.

"QUEENSLAND schoolgirls are picking up guns in record numbers.

Recreation and competition shooting associations are reporting a surge in junior members, particularly girls, a trend that is firing up Gun Control Australia which is pushing for a ban on under-18s handling firearms."

But the most pertinent quote in my opinion has to be: "There will be no future for shooting as a sport if we don’t allow our kids to learn,”

That is the Anti's entire point!

They DON'T want there to be any tradition of the use of firearms. They DON'T want ordinary people to know how to use firearms. In PARTICULARLY females. How else can they make the defenseless who will have to turn to the Big Giant Protective Brother Government, and vote the way they are told to?

H/t Firehand

PEW Survey - Web News Leans to the Left

"The survey, titled “Political Polarization & Media Habits,” found that conservatives are more unified around Fox, with 47 percent calling it their main source of news about government and policy. They express greater distrust of media, though 88 percent trust Fox. And either with friends or on Facebook, they prefer those with similar political views.

Liberals are less focused on one news source and trust the media more than distrust it. They are more likely than conservatives to “defriend” or block “someone on a social network — as well as to end a personal relationship — because of politics,” said Pew."

I don't find this surprising at all.  I have been defriended by several people because I won't toe their "Ideological"  line.

And when I've pointed out their own hypocrisy on certain issues I was attacked and defriended.

That is NOT how you have an open dialog.

Alfonzo Rachel - Is There a Cure for Stupidity? Jesse Jackson Blames Ebola on Racism?!?

Monday, October 20, 2014

Lindsey Sterling - Roundtable Rival

Where your education dollars go.

Or rather, where they ARE NOT going.

Study Finds Many Colleges Don’t Require Core Subjects Like History, Government

A majority of U.S. college graduates don’t know the length of a congressional term, what the Emancipation Proclamation was, or which Revolutionary War general led the American troops at Yorktown.

The reason for such failures, according to a recent study: Few schools mandate courses in core subjects like U.S. government, history or economics. The sixth annual analysis of core curricula at 1,098 four-year colleges and universities by the American Council of Trustees and Alumni found that just 18% of schools require American history to graduate, 13% require a foreign language and 3% economics.

Have you read your children's textbooks?  That is even if they have one or are allowed to bring it home.

I had to specifically REQUEST that one of my kids could bring home his "Social Studies" book.  Which is supposedly, History, Government and Civics all rolled into one.  Which sounds like a good idea at first, but is actually horrible.  In my child's Social Studies textbook I found a brief 2 paragraphs on the Civil War, but 6 pages about Slavery and a full page on the Emancipation Proclamation and Abraham Lincoln. The book made it sound like the entirety of the Civil War was about nothing but Slavery.  Au Contraire Mon Frere.  Slavery was a SMALL part of the reason for the Civil War.  An important one but NOT the main reason.  Add in the Rights of the States which the Federal Government was running roughshod over, add in the Northern Industrialists who were bleeding the South dry through artificially high tariffs on southern products, not allowing southern investors from buying into northern industries.

And there were a LOT more reasons.  But according to the Social Studies book, it was Slavery.

I can remember when things like this started to happen.  Back in the 70's as a kid I was very interested in military history along with my father, and he encouraged me to read all of the available books on it.  He would buy me any book I wanted to help nurture my interest.

I was in Junior High School, and I remember when I walked in on my first day in the seventh grade.  I didn't HAVE History, Civics or Government on my class schedule like I had in Elementary school.

I had Social Studies, English, Reading Comprehension, Algebra, Science, Music and French.


What happened to History?  What happened to Civics?  What happened to Government?  I had had those three course since the Third Grade.  Now I suddenly had "Social Studies" 

In the first Week of "Social Studies" I got into seven "Discussions" if you will with my teacher.  I got assigned to write SEVEN papers on top of my regular classwork and got sent to the Vice Principals Office 3 times for "Disrupting Class"

The "Social Studies" textbook was WRONG!  And I knew it and I had PROOF, thanks to the Encyclopedia Britannica..  All of which I told to the Vice Principal.  What happened?  The Encyclopedia's were removed from the classroom and I was told to sit down, shut up and obey the teacher.

I remember when President Reagan was shot.  I was in English Class and my Social Studies Teacher came in to the room and told my English Teach.  Then they both started laughing and saying it was too bad he hadn't gotten hit in the head.  I was in the Seventh Grade and this was 1981.  And my teachers the people who were supposed to teach me to be a  contributing member of society, were laughing about the President being shot and about how it's too bad he hadn't been killed.

I was appalled.

So things started to REALLY change about the time kids raised during the Vietnam started to enter the Halls of Academia.  They saw all the garbage going on.  The protests on the TV, the stories in the newspapers and on the radio.  Those children then went to Colleges and Universities and were TAUGHT by those same protesters as they saw on the TV and read about in the newspapers and listened to on the radio.

And they took those ideas and thoughts in their heads and made them their own.  And then tried to force it into young malleable minds such as mine.

However I had parents who even though I was never a really good student, knew I was smart.  I would sleep in my classes but passed almost every test except the the math ones due to my then undiagnosed Dyscalculia.  I would come home from school and I would read.  I would read History books, Military History, Ancient History, Biology books, Science books, I would read entire Volumes of the Encyclopedia.  My parents actually let me keep one set of our Encyclopedias in my bedroom.  And many times they would come home to find me nose down into a volume readin about something that interested me.

And still several of my teachers would try to force their beliefs into my young skull.

And still it didn't work.

I found myself being transferred out of Social Studies into the Advanced Reading Program.  Evidently they thought since I refused to read the textbooks they wanted me to read I could fail in the advanced class.

It didn't work.

I read the entire curriculum of 14 books in my first month and I was demanding more from Mr. Lytle the teacher.  He is who introduced me to the Classics, since I was bored to tears with the stuff the School District wanted me to read.

Kurt Vonnegut, J.D. Salinger just to start.  Then he introduced me to Science Fiction.  Asimov, Heinlein, Clarke, Harrison, and too many more to type out.

Those books introduced me to ideas that I now espouse and hold dear to my soul.

The problem now though is, the teachers have gotten too much rot into the system. They have been allowed to have free rein too long.  And now, 4 generations ware paying the price for it.

I just pray that we can stop it before anymore generations have to pay for it as well.

Billy Johnson - Demystifying Guns

Pat Condell - Boo Hoo Palestine

How can Congress do their job when Obama and the Dem's hamstring it?

"WASHINGTON — No one knows if the Obama administration will manage in the next five weeks to strike what many in the White House consider the most important foreign policy deal of his presidency: an accord with Iran that would forestall its ability to make a nuclear weapon. But the White House has made one significant decision: If agreement is reached, President Obama will do everything in his power to avoid letting Congress vote on it.

Even while negotiators argue over the number of centrifuges Iran would be allowed to spin and where inspectors could roam, the Iranians have signaled that they would accept, at least temporarily, a “suspension” of the stringent sanctions that have drastically cut their oil revenues and terminated their banking relationships with the West, according to American and Iranian officials. The Treasury Department, in a detailed study it declined to make public, has concluded Mr. Obama has the authority to suspend the vast majority of those sanctions without seeking a vote by Congress, officials say."

Remember this is the man who time and time again blames Republicans in Congress for not passing Bills he wants passed.  And yet he and the Media also ignore the over 300 Bills The House of Representatives HAVE passed and his buddy Harry Reid have not even allowed to come to the floor for a vote.  (That last link goes directly to to the GOP.GOV site which lists ALL of the bills passed.)

I'm sorry Mr. President, you don't get just the Bills YOU want passed.  You get the Bills that many of the Congressperson's Constituents want passed, because we are TIRED of you thinking this is a Theocracy, Monarchy or Dictatorship run by you and your Cronies.

Obama Administration preparing to violate Immigration law

"Despite no official action from the president ahead of the election, the Obama administration has quietly begun preparing to issue millions of work authorization permits, suggesting the implementation of a large-scale executive amnesty may have already begun.

Unnoticed until now, a draft solicitation for bids issued by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Oct. 6 says potential vendors must be capable of handling a “surge” scenario of 9 million id cards in one year “to support possible future immigration reform initiative requirements.”

If this is the case, wouldn't this be considered as "Conspiracy"? 

There has been no Legally Binding Resolution, Law, or Authorization enacted.  And yet they are ordering these cards. 

You tell me, why would they be doing that if they weren't conspiring to violate the Law of the United States?

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Spaceballs as a Sci-Fi Drama?

Violating the First Amendment under the Color of the Law

"Two Christian ministers who own an Idaho wedding chapel were told they had to either perform same-sex weddings or face jail time and up to $1,000 in daily fines, according to a lawsuit filed Friday in federal court."

And how is this NOT Religious Persecution? And how is this NOT a violation of the First Amendment Rights of the Ministers who refuse?

You cannot use your Rights to Compel me against My Rights.

That rights there is the problem. Compulsion under the color of law. It is a violation of their First Amendment Rights.

The First Amendment prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, "impeding the free exercise of religion", abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble or prohibiting the petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances

Did you get that? "Impeding the Free Exercise of Religion"

If a Minister, Priest, Preacher, Chaplain, Parson or ANY other religious official says that to do so is AGAINST their Religious Principals, you CANNOT Coerce or Compel them to do so.


Your "Rights" do NOT Supersede or Usurp theirs.

And just because the Chapel is run as a "Business" doesn't mean you can run roughshod over the beliefs of the OWNERS of the business.

Eugene Volokh has more on this.

"I think the Knapps are also entitled to an exemption under the Idaho RFRA. The Knapps allege that “sincerely held religious beliefs prohibit them from performing, officiating, or solemnizing a wedding ceremony between anyone other than one man and one woman”; I know of no reason to think they’re lying about their beliefs. Requiring them to violate their beliefs (or close their business) is a substantial burden on their religious practice."

The Pentagon Wars : From Wikipedia

"In attempting to meet the demands of his superiors, Smith has labored for eleven years without promotion or advancement; when the Bradley is finally approved, he gets his long-awaited promotion to Brigadier General. Smith is a living example of how difficult, if not impossible, it is to develop weapons in an above-board manner; now, as he acerbically explains to Colonel Burton, since completing weapons is the only path to promotion, or lucrative positions in the private sector, the majority of the Pentagon's officials prefer to fake test results, and pass defective weapons and equipment on to the troops in the field."

M2 Bradley

The M2 Bradley, or Bradley IFV, is an American infantry fighting vehicle, or light tank, manufactured by BAE Systems Land & Armaments, formerly United Defense as part of the Bradley Fighting Vehicle family.

As with other light tanks and infantry fighting vehicles, the Bradley is designed for reconnaissance and maneuverability. The Bradley is also designed to transport a squadron of infantry, providing them protection from small arms fire, while also providing firepower to both suppress and eliminate most threats to friendly infantry. The M2 can hold a crew of three: a commander, a gunner and a driver; as well as six fully equipped soldiers.

The total cost of the program is $5,664,100,000, and the average unit costs $3,166,000.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

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Alfonzo Rachel - Affleck and Maher Lock Horns

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CDNN Sports Super Sale - Walther PPX Pistols $299.89 - Para-Ordnance Expert $469.99 After Rebate - Kel-Tec KSG Brown FREE SHIPPING Call 800-588-9500
Email not displaying correctly? View it in your browser.
CDNN Sports, Inc.
CALL 800-588-9500 TO ORDER

You are receiving this email because you requested to be on our mailing list, placed an order with us in the past, or placed your FFL on file with us.

Our mailing address is:
CDNN Sports, Inc.
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Chuck Woolery - Diane Feinstein - AWB Anniversary

Bill Whittle - Firewall - Fear of Ebola

Bill makes some VERY good points and gives you information which if people HEED it can reduce the problems.

Divemedic on Ebola

Ebola thoughts

HIV is a pretty well known and understood virus. We know that it is a blood bourne virus, and the only way to get it is to share body fluids with an infected person. That means that if you do not expose your blood to the bodily fluids of a person infected with the virus, you won't get HIV or AIDS. With that being said, about 50,000 people per year are diagnosed with HIV. About 60% of the people who are infected with HIV go on to develop AIDS. Of the ones who develop AIDS, about 25% of them die.So, to summarize, HIV has a mortality rate of about 15%.

Click on that to go Read The Whole Thing

Now they just need your voice to surveil you

Just another brick in the wall, redux

You go through the drive through, a small microphone hears your voice and your location is tagged.  You talk in a grocery store and your tagged again.

A map of all of your travels can be compiled and there is nothing you can do about it.

Conspiracy theorying

That is where you look around at all of the information available to you, public or otherwise, and a germ of an idea starts to take root in your head.

Fact, Illegal Aliens are bringing diseases into this country, the gov, knows about this but refuses to do anything about it.

Fact, A HIGHLY DEADLY and INFECTIOUS Disease has already been brought into the country and possibly hundreds if not thousands of people have been exposed to it.

Fact, for the last several years, the Gov has been arming the police and encouraging a dangerous mindset in said officers and departments.

Fact, The military has been gutted of a LOT of competent officers some for legitimate reasons but many for unusual reasons.

Fact, The military is being downsized forcing many troops into a stagnant job market with little opportunity.

Fact, The Gov is arming so called moderate indigenous fighters who are just as bad in some cases as those they are intended to fight.

Fact, The Gov is NOT arming the indigenous fighters who are ACTUALLY the good guys and WILL fight.

Fact, Various Executive Orders have been singed and issued degrading the Constitutional Rights of American Citizens, but have no affect on Illegal Aliens.

There are many other Facts, but to get to my point here I will include the Theorying I've been thinking about.

Theorem:  The current mess is intentional as a preface to the possible declaration of a type of Martial Law due to exigent circumstances supposedly to stop the spread of Ebola, Marburg and Enterovirus D68.

Which is why common sense travel restrictions nor proper security of the border being undertaken.

Certain persons WANT the outbreak to happen and get worse.


One train of thought is to force the Gov to take over fully   And any resistance to the takeover which they are hoping for, would give them a reason to use the so-called "FEMA Camps".

The problem here is I have seen certain facilities way out in the hinterland that have no purpose for being there.  I'm not saying that they ARE FEMA Concentration Camps, remember I'm just "Theorying" here.

The Gov has already put into place banking (<~~ That is a PDF) and other regulations that would allow them to freeze or seize the assets of anyone it chooses to.

So if things do go in to the khazi, your savings would be taken, your home and all of your stuff would be taken and you and your family would be "Relocated" until the end off the emergency.

Now you have probably heard dozens if not HUNDREDS of Conspiracy Theorists saying similar things to what I just typed.

Unlike them I'm not trying to convince of anything other that to look around for yourself.

Read and research for yourself.

I have never demanded you believe anything I write, just that you keep an open mind and go look for yourself.

I'm just theorying here, not theorizing, no broaching hypotheticals.

Why ELSE would the Gov take the "Non-Measures" they have as it come in regard to Ebola, Marburg and ENVD68?

So maybe my thoughts are out of whack, but I personally cannot believe the Gov is THIS Incompetent.  And there has to be some reason other than stupidity on the parts of the Gov/CDC.

I KNOW for a fact that USARMIID had a plan for possible infectious outbreaks wayyyyy back in 1985.  How do I know?  I was a Medical Specialist assigned to a Army Reserve Hospital and we we TRAINED on the plan before the groups doing their two weeks training in Guatemala and El Salvador left for the airport.  For two months PRIOR to them going, our drill weekends were nothing but going OVER that plan that USARMID had sent down to ALL Medical units in the CONUS.  Regular, Reserve and National Guard.

We were instructed and TRAINED to use FULL PPE countermeasures.  Including Decontamination, Negative and Positive Pressure Rooms, Air Filtration Systems Maintenance and Operations.

This was back in 1985!!!

What happened since then?

And back then we were already concerned with Anthrax and Ebola.  Those were the two things which we drilled for preventing and treating outbreaks of.

Remember?  This was the Gulf of Sidra time, Grenada time.

Myself and many others were practically convinced our unit was going to be activated at any time.  Our units Pre-Po in Germany, had been inspected.  I came very close to being on the team that went to do that.  Nevermind that it was 8 months since the last inspection and normally it was only inspected every 18 months.

So I've seen some things in my time.

And I look around now, and there is NO WAY the people in charge are THAT Incompetent and Stupid, unless it is intentional.

So take from my little Theorying what you will.  All I ask is that you look around you, read all the news reports and make your own determination.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Germany's Intel Agencies assisting the NSA

"Just over a week ago, the regional German paper Süddeutsche Zeitung and the regional broadcasters NDR and WDR came with a story saying that between 2004 and 2008, the German foreign intelligence service BND had tapped into the Frankfurt internet exchange DE-CIX and shared the intercepted data with the NSA. As not all communications of German citizens could be filtered out, this is considered a violation of the constitution."

How many more projects are we going to learn about going on in secret?

As technology advances, various intelligence agencies are going to look at all their new little toys, and think up ways to use them. Legally or not.

My personal opinin on this, if an agent, agency or whomever violates thee laws of thier own country such as has been done here in the US and now in Germany, that in my opinion is Treason.

And they should be tried for that as such.

Ebola Links

if you have not been over to Western Rifle Shooters in awhile, I strongly suggest you do go over there and check out the link dumps they have compiled for news about not just Ebola, but Marburgs Disease and the Enterovirus.

Western Rifle Shooters Association

The Children's Story

Video from

Download link for the video for yourself:

The Children's Story - James Clavell - MPEG4 Right Click - Save As

The Children's Story - James Clavell - Ogg Video Right Click Save As

The Children's Story - James Clavell - 512kb MPEG4 Right Click Save As

From Wikipedia

"Plot summary

The story takes place in an unnamed school classroom in the United States, in the aftermath of a war between the US and an unnamed country. It is implied that America has been defeated and occupied. The story opens with the previous teacher leaving the classroom, having been removed from her position and replaced with an agent of the foreign power. The new teacher has been trained in propaganda techniques, and is responsible for re-educating the children to be supportive of their occupiers. During the course of the story, the children are persuaded to abandon their religion and national loyalty. Framing the story is the fact that, while the children have ritually recited a 'Pledge of Allegiance' every morning, none know what it actually means. The teacher is relentlessly positive about the change, offering the children candy, songs and praise. When asked if the war was won or lost, she responds only that "we won", implying that everyone would benefit from the conquest.[4]

Only one student is initially hostile to the new teacher, a child named Johnny, whose father had been arrested and placed in a re-education camp. At first, he defends his father, but when he is rewarded by the teacher with a position of authority in the class, he quickly accepts the new regime and commits himself to not accepting "wrong thoughts". The story takes place over a twenty-five minute span."

What do you see in our schools now?  Do they recite the pledge?  Do they know what it means?  Are they allowed to pray?  Or are they discouraged?  Is only OFFICIAL information allowed?  And discussion of things which aren't approved, not allowed?

Are our children taught the history of our country and it's founding fathers?  Are our children taught the reward for hard work?  Or are they rewarded for toeing the line and not making trouble?

How many of our children who question the official line are those who are medicated to ensure compliance?

Just who IS the enemy?

The First part of this story can be read on at the following link:  The Children's Story - James Clavell

WMD's WERE found in Iraq

In case the video doesn't embed properly here is the direct link.

Chemical Secrets of the Iraq War

There is also an article about the casualties that were suffered by from these weapons, the following link goes to that article.

The Secret Casualties of Iraq’s Abandoned Chemical Weapons

I have posted before about how satellite tracking showed hundreds of trucks leaving Iraq before and during the Iraq Invasion. The trucks went to Aleppo Syria, and the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon

A person known to me said some of the trucks went into the Bekaa and "just vanished", their words not mine.  This person also said that there were signs of heavy earth moving equipment being used in the area.  The hypothesis is the trucks were buried in the Bekaa so they could be recovered later.

And just how did the Syrian Rebels get  the chemical weapons they were purported to have used?  The ones that they supposedly used shortly after they got into Aleppo?

And through it all, the U.S. Government stayed silent.

I have it on good authority that Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid were both briefed on the trucks and the possibility of what they were carrying.  And they ignored it and played politics to attack the Administration in power at that time.

And our troops, have suffered for it.  Innocent civilians have continued to suffer for it.

And as you get ready to go to the Polls in a few weeks to vote, remember our troops and the innocents who have suffered because of "Politicians" and their desire for power over doing what is right and just.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Kurzgesagt - ISIS Explained - Is War Over

New Sponsor - Target Sports USA

Over on the top right of my sidebar you will notice a new banner.

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Why .36?  Why not .44?

Because .36 caliber is also known as 000 Buck and will reduce the number of things I needs to keep track of in my reloading.

Many years ago I built my first firearm from a kit.

A CVA Colt 1851 Navy Revolver in .36.

It took me a few months of trial and error and having to replace a few parts after I got overzealous with a file or over tightened a screw or two.  But in the end I had learned how to build a kit revolver, finish the steel and I had found a method of using Oxphoblue Cold Blue to make the steel parts of the revolver look as if it WAS and actual Civil War piece.  I had also found a method of using the Oxphoblue to make it look like a factory new revolver.

No one really makes the kits, but Target Sports USA DOES sell Modern Reproductions of the 1851.  And I have always regretted selling mine, which got me quite a few rabbits and squirrels in the time I owned it.  It had the power between a .38 Colt Short and a .38 Colt Long when loaded to the maximum, which isn't anything to sneeze at.

And like I said, the .360 balls used in the 1851 are the same as 000 buck which I can use when I reload my shotshells.

So please click on the link, and even if something is out of stock on the website, give them a call, they are still doing their site revamp so the site might be wrong.

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Metallurgy in Firearms

I posted several months back about Firearms History, Technology & Development, and that I had added it to my Blogroll and to the Gun Blog Black Lis.t.  There are currently on the top 2 pages ten posts about the metals used in firearms manufacture.

Such as in Part 10 about how iron ore has been turned into Iron, used in the manufacture of firearms and other things.

"In the Walloon process, the finery forge is used to melt the iron as described above and then it is hammered to remove the slag. Then the iron is heated again in a separate chafery forge, not to melting temperature, but just enough to make the iron soft, so that it can be shaped into bars of standard sizes. The bars of iron can now be sold to customers. The finery forge must use charcoal as its fuel, for the reasons explained above in the previous paragraph, but the chafery forge can use other fuels such as coal or gas as well, because it does not heat the iron enough to melt it and therefore cannot add impurities to the alloy. Typically, the Walloon process would use one chafery for every two or three finery forges."

So click on either the excerpt above to read Part 10 Orrrrrr click on the following link to get directly to the front page:Firearms History, Technology & Development

Never Quite heard of it that way

While reading back through the Archives of the Paratus Familia Blog I came across the following post

You Might be Apocalypse Barbie if....

Granted the AR-15 type rifles have been called Barbie for Boys.  I just never thought to apply the term to an actual Female.

Why that would be Sexist on my part.

But it's Enola talking about her own mom, so how can that be Sexist?

I don't know, but I think someone will try to pin this on me.

Florida Cops behaving badly

“The detention was illegally prolonged in order to wait for the K-9 to arrive which was unreasonable under the circumstances.
According to the police report, even after the PCSO refused to participate in the K-9 search, the law enforcement officers continued to harass the ladies in an illegal attempt to “get them to comply” with the request for “consent to search.”
Amazingly, the police report actually says: “Officer Nirod stated that he would not walk the dog around the truck since we already had probable cause to search the vehicle because two officers smelled marijuana. After speaking to Officer Nirod he attempted to explain the situation to the three ladies in an attempt to get them to comply with our investigation with negative results. We advised all three ladies that they were under arrest for obstructing a police officer from performing a lawful search.”

Florida Fish and Wildlife Officers stepped into it a while back and now there is an update.

And here is my question.  If your search was legal in the first place, you don't NEED my compliance.  So how is that obstruction?

My opinion, and this is ONLY my opinion.  Some cop saw a vehicle full of ladies in swimsuits and wanted to flirt with them so he came up with a BS reason to pull them over.  And when the ladies who KNEW their Rights wouldn't have any of his nonsense he had to keep going further and further to try to keep from looking like he was using his authority to try to pick up women.

I used to be in Law Enforcement and I KNOW cops who have done just that.  Pull over some attractive person, (Male or Female) to try to get information about them they couldn't get otherwise.  Look through old stories about it in St. Louis Missouri back in the 90's I know of 3 cops who actually lost their jobs and 1 who went to jail for doing that.

So now these ladies are being hit for charges basically for "Contempt of Cop"

Excuse me, I thought only a Judge could make that type of determination.