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Friday, March 26, 2010

Relay For Life

My Oldest daughter is in her 5th year of volunteering for The American Cancer Society Relay for Life.

If you would like o help her meet the goal she set for herself, please click on the below link to go to her team page and click on the donate button.

The Lifesavers

Please help out as much as you can. Let your friends know, and if you blog, please post it on your blog. She has until the 24th of March o get 1500.00 dollars.


edit: You can donate to the team or any team member you wish. Thank you again.


Edited again..... Photos of the Stuffed Bears for Relay for Life.

Megan making the ribbons for the bears

Mary cutting out the bears, Tufts my cat is supervising from the box she claimed.

Melissa sewing the bears

Tufts supervising

Mary holding a sewn bear before it's stuffed

Melissa stuffing a bear

After Stuffing.

You can see we will be doing a lot of white flannel bears. We also have enough materials to do 6 or 7 more of the camo bears. If you would like to buy one of these bears, the white ones are 10.00, plus you can choose which cancer ribbon you want added. If you donate to the above link, then e-mail me with the amount and your name and address. Unfortunately the cheapest way to ship these is with flat rate shipping, the won't fit in the small box, but will fit in the medium size. Flat rate shipping according to is $10.70, that is the only additional charge which you will have to send via a postal money order to my P.O. Box. But your bear will be shipped out the same day we get your money order.

As I said, the bears are a $10.00 donation plus shipping cost. Flat Rate Priority Mail boxes are free, if you send me the postage label, you don't have to mess with a money order. If you don't want to donate online you can mail me a check or money order payable to the American Cancer Society - Relay for Life, in the memo section please put Team Lifesavers. If you want a bear please let me know, and you will have to send a separate Postal Money Order for 10.70 for domestic Flat rate Priority Mail. You can make the money order payable to USPS or to me Mark Anderson, your choice or you can purchase the postage label yourself and send it with your donation of $10.00 for a bear. Please do NOT combine the donation and the postage. And please do not make out your donation check to me. Make it out to the American Cancer Society. Don't forget to put your return address, either on a separate piece of paper or a filled out Priority Mail address label.

Any questions, please feel free to e-mail me at


Thursday, March 11, 2010

For Weber Fans Everywhere.

I've heard through a connection of mine that David Weber's Honor Harrington novels are being brought to the big screen. They have finalized some of the cast, and I think they got a few of them dead on.

Michael Janvier Baron High Ridge, the Prime Minister will be performed by:

Barack Hussein Obama

Countess New Kiev, head of the Liberal Party will be performed by:

Nancy Pelosi

Lady Elaine Descroix, will be performed by:

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Reginald Houseman will be performed by:

Harry Reid

Prescott (Scotty) Tremaine will be performed by:

Scott Brown

Earl White Haven Admiral of the Green Hamish Alexander will be performed by:

General David Petraeus

And Admiral of the Red, Lady Dame Honor Stephanie Harrington/ Steadholder Harringtonwill be performed by:

Sarah Louise Palin

Tell me what you think?