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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Something has been niggling at me

Have you seen the commercial for the newest Ford product? The S.H.O. however the voice over guy is calling it SHO. I don't know where he came from, but I'm an old gear head, and it used to be called the S.H.O. for Super High Output. For years the Big Three had special divisions which took the flagship standard and made a High Performance/High Output vehicle or vehicles.

Ford Motor Group had the Taurus S.H.O., Mustang S.H.O., Mercury Marauder, Crown Victoria Police Interceptor, Torino and I'm sure there are others I can't remember.

Chrysler had Mopar, with Vehicles like the Charger T/A, Super Bee, Challenger R/T, Roadrunner, Barracuda, Viper, Prowler and once again I'm sure I'm forgetting some.

GM had the Camaro, Chevelle, The 442, The GTO, Firebird and again I'm sure I'm missing some.

What has happened that even the idea of a high performance has been, pardon my language, bastardized? When did the S.H.O become the SHO? What happened to the Ford Performance Group, FPG? GM? I haven't heard of a real GM Performance vehicle since they gave up the rear wheel drive option. At least Chrysler had the Viper and the Prowler. Our auto manufacturers have been neutered. And at least Ford is starting to regrow it's street cred, but what about Government Motors? What about Chrysler?

I'm going to ask you to post in my comment section or if you have your own blog to write up your stories. If you have a particular vehicle or vehicles that you think exemplifies the Performance Vehicle, write it up if you are writing it on your own blog please post a link over her to me, and I'll edit it in to this post, so readers can link over to read your post.


Yuppie 911

This HERE burns my butt and chaps my heinie. With the advent of more affordable personal locator beacons, people who are endangering the lives of themselves and their rescuers, through irresponsible behavior and extremely poor judgment. In addition to the mind-set of these individuals, there is "the boy who called wolf" syndrome added on top of that.

I enjoy hiking and camping. However there is no piece of technology that will let me attempt a trail that I am not competent to to take. Only time and experience can allow me to do that. Yes there are some trails that require a certain level of technology to take, such as ropes, climbing harnesses, pitons, nuts and blocks. A PLB can be a good thing to have for just in case. However it doesn't take the place of simple commonsense or experience.


Monday, October 26, 2009

I'm on page 3 for the google

listing for the High Standard Riot Gun. How about we make me #1 HELP!!!

Here is the link HERE Click on it and then click on my link. Please help me get up to the first page at least. :o)


Sunday, October 18, 2009

I am the face of the Second Amendment

Many media types seek to paint firearms owners with a broad brush. Painting them as either a hunter who only owns a hunting rifle or shotgun, or as an individual who is a barely restrained homicidal lunatic waiting to snap their leash and explode upon the innocent populace. They have an agenda, a narrative, which reality doesn't fit.

I am the face of the Second Amendment. I am a father, a minister, a former soldier, former Volunteer Auxiliary Police Officer, a former Security Officer, a former Emergency Medical Technician, a former Volunteer Firefighter, a former Real Estate Agent, a former gas station assistant manager, a former auto maintenance shop assistant manager. I am many things. The roles I take most seriously are Father and Minister.

I own firearms. Not for hunting although I have used them for such. Not for self defense, although I have used them for such. Not for target shooting, although I have used them for such. Not for offensive, although I have used them for such when I worked in Law Enforcement. A firearm is many things, and few things. It is an inanimate object which requires my will to function. It has no free will, it has no muscles. It can not intimidate or threaten without my action upon it. It is a hunk of machined parts, of metal, plastic, rubber and other things. Brought together in a form which allows me to do many things with it. I can shoot targets with it. I can hunt with it. I can defend myself and my family with it. I can defend others with it. I can use it to project force if necessary, or to project imminent threat if necessary.

But it is still just a hunk of parts. It requires my will, my actions, my intent to do anything other than sit on the shelf in the safe. I have to make a conscious decision to take it out, to load it, chamber a round and fire it. Until that time it is just a gathering of parts, with no will of it's own.

I own firearms because I enjoy shooting. I enjoy taking my kids out shooting. The same way I enjoy taking my kids out fishing, or camping. I also own firearms because they someday might be needed to project that inherent force to protect my children, others or even myself. In 10 years of working in the law enforcement field, I am quite proud of the fact that I have never had to discharge my weapon at another human being. I did have to draw that weapon many times over that 10 years. Several times at a subject, other times in preparation for an entry into an unknown situation. But I never had to fire it at another human being. I did have to use it to put down a dog which had been almost cut in half by a train. I've had to put down one of my own dogs, miles from the truck and several dozens of miles from the vet. I'm not proud of that fact, and wish there had been another way, but I could not and cannot allow one of God's creatures to suffer that way. Some would say that if it had been a human I wouldn't have done it. And they are right. I wouldn't have done that to a human being. A human being is many orders away from from an dog or a wild animal, but some would equate that dog or wild animal with a human. They are not the same. Because I think that way, I am labeled as a monster a thing. And yet these same people labeling me, throw platitudes about a convicted cop killer, they think that the terrorists would just leave us alone if our country was more understanding, if we would see things from their point of view. I do see things from their point of view, they want to subjugate me and my family and I will not not roll over and play dead for them. I will stand up to them and spit in their eye, and do anything in my power to destroy them if they ever try to hurt my family or my country.

Because I will not sit idly by while the socialists and liberals attempt to take our Constitution and trash it and the freedoms it affirms, I am a racist, a neanderthal, a war-monger.

No I am a Man, a Father, A Minster, and many years ago I took an oath to defend our Constitution no matter the cost to myself. This I shall do and to paraphrase Gandalf the Grey, They Shall Not Pass.


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Saturday 10-17-09 Author Patrick H. T. Doyle

The author of the Edgar Font novels and the host of Haunted Hoax will be my guest on the show. I will be talking to him about Haunted Hox and will talk about his novels.

Please check out his 2 pages linked above and tune if Saturday night at 11:00 pm CDT to hear our discussion. Plus you can always call in to the show to ask any questions you might have.

Here is the Direct link to that episode.


Monday, October 5, 2009

Did you ever wonder

about those ghost videos you see on Youtube. What about what you see on certain television shows? Well I have approached an Investigator/Author of the Paranormal, who tries to debunk various videos and other evidence.

Below are a few of his Videos and the link to his Youtube page.

Haunted Hoax Youtube page

Thursday, October 1, 2009

For those who want to blame Bush for everything

I suggest you go look at this article. Which shows just how much of the United States Deficit is actually Former President Bush's responsibility. And how much is the Repsonsibility of Current President Obama'a.

h/t Insty