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Monday, October 30, 2023

Shenanigans in the 9th Circuit ... Again - Washington Gun Law

Testing the RPG-7 On a Human Body - Brandon Herrera

Insurance Co Retroactively Cancels Coverage After Accident - Steve Lehto

Man who entered amusement park with guns, explosives found dead near words on a wall: 'I am not a killer - 9News

Guycot: A Rocket Ball Chain Rifle From 1879 - Forgotten Weapons

(NEW) Mass Shooting Study What YOU Need to Know - Tom Grieve

Personal Protection: Defense Against Vampires (2023 Halloween Special) - Paul Harrell

Sunday, October 29, 2023

The Mk III* SMLE: Shooting with Great War Anti-Gas Equipment - Part TWO- - britishmuzzleloaders

How did Highlanders Survive In The Barren Moors & Mountains? Historical Survival Tips & Tricks - Fandabi Dozi

BAND-MAIKO / Gion-Cho (Community Cover) - BMCD

Milsurp World Podcast #51: German Infantry Rifles 1871 to 1945

The Most Terrifying Shortwave Signal Ever - Ringway Manchester

Solo Overnight Using Two Military Ponchos To Make a Tarp Tent in the Rain and Kielbasa Pasta - Corporals Corner

The Future of the Aircraft Carrier - New Threats, Power Projection & Growing Fleets - Perun

Sinistral Sunday - Red Oktober 2023 Free World Irons - InRangeTV

Saturday, October 28, 2023

BORN TO M60, FORCED TO PIG - Administrative Results

Billionaires DESPERATELY DUMP MONEY To Save San Francisco, Woke Dem Policies Have DESTROYED SF - Timcast IRL

BACKFIRE: Biden Admin HALTS GUN AND AMMO EXPORTS... and LOWERS the price of ammo for AMERICANS... - Langley Outdoors Academy

It all comes to an end - Liberal Hivemind

BREAKING: Ninth circuit strikes down Benitez order ruling AR bans unconstitutional - Langley Outdoors Academy

223/5.56 vs 6.5 Grendel vs 7.62x39 | 100 Yard Energy/Velocity Test - The Gun Dungeon

How 70% of Britain’s Cash Went Missing - Half as Interesting

Italian reproduction rifle-muskets: the good, the bad, and the ugly truth about the rifling - Paper Cartridges

Band-Maid - Live @ Lollapalooza 2023

Shotgun vs Rifle For Self Defense, Which One's More LETHAL??? - 1ShotTV

6mm arc barrel length compare- 14.5” vs 18” - Mountains, Mullets, Merica!

BAND-MAID full concert American Dream NJ 10/30/2022

The Sexy Retro Shorty: Original AR-180 Police Carbine - Forgotten Weapons

United States "PAUSES" Export of Guns & Ammo...BUT WHY!? - Guns & Gadgets 2nd Amendment News

Band-Maid at Emo's. Austin, Texas on 5-15-2023

Negligent Navigation: The Tragedy of USCGC Blackthorn - Brick Immortar

BAND-MAID Live at Ace of Spades, Sacramento - 8-14-2023. (Front row)

Band-Maid | Misa v Wick - The Daily Blab

Apollo Core Rope Memory (Apollo Guidance Computer Part 30) - Curious Marc

The Farmer Pain Scale - Dr Glaucomflecken

BAND-MAID👩‍🏭 🇯🇵 '10 Year Anniversary Tour"(4K 100%) 2023 @ Bayou Music Center Houston Texas 🇨🇱 Live

I was at this show, and you can see the top and back of my head a few times. I was all the way over on the left side of the stage in the Handicapped seating area in my roller chair. And this was without a doubt the most enjoyable concert I had EVER been to in my life. I hope I get to see the Ladies again, as they put on one hell of a good show.

Friday, October 27, 2023

California Concealed Carry Ban Update - Copper Jacket TV

Sleepwalking into Tyranny: How the FBI Got Weaponized Against ‘Political Enemies’ - Facts Matter with Roman Balmakov


The Most Hardcore Round Deployed by an Anti-Aircraft System - Dark Tech

Corporals Corner Mid-Week Video #24 How To Make a Forged Frontier Fork

New Video PROVES Democrat Bowman SABOTAGED Vote By Pulling Fire Alarm, He REMOVED Warning Signs - Timcast IRL

Robo Taxi In California STRIKES Pedestrian, State Panics & SHUTS DOWN Automatic Taxis - Timcast IRL

White House goes FULL gun control Propaganda... There is only ONE MASSIVE problem for them... - Langley Outdoors Academy

The Only Plane that Could Carry the Most Destructive Weapon - Dark Skies

US TROOPS DEPLOYED, Pentagon Announces Troop Deployment To Middle East Over Rising Tensions - Timcast IRL

ODD COINCIDENCE: DOJ Warns SCOTUS of Dangerous "Mentally Ill" Gun Owners Hours Before Maine Shooting - The Four Boxes Diner

T-34: The Tank that won WWII - The Tank Museum

New York City Gun Control Ruled UNCONSTITUTIONAL! - Guns & Gadgets 2nd Amendment News

BAND MAID - 8/8/23 - [Full Show] - [Multicam] - The Summit - Colorado - HD

Duelist's Den Update Oct 2023 -duelist1954

Gas Delayed Blowback Pistols: A Tour of the System - Forgotten Weapons

Ammo Employee Comes Forward: Companies Withholding Stockpiles Purposely?!? - Guns & Gadgets 2nd Amendment News

Wednesday, October 25, 2023

RUSH - the favorite band of introverts / the psychology behind Rush fans - Psychology of Rock

Croatian Improvised Weapons: From Obrez to Single-Shot Yugo M70 Hybrid - Forgotten Weapons

Cattle Rancher Exposes Agenda 21 in US Heartland - Facts Matter with Roman Balmakov

At least 22 killed, dozens wounded in Lewiston, Maine shootings - NBC

 Oct 25 (Reuters) - At least 22 people were killed and 50 to 60 wounded on Wednesday in mass shootings at multiple locations including a bowling alley and a bar in Lewiston, Maine, NBC News reported, citing a Lewiston police source.

State and local police previously reported there had been an active shooter on Wednesday night and that they were searching for a suspect at large, but did not provide casualty figures.

The Lewiston Police Department posted three photographs of the suspect pointing what appeared to be a semi-automatic rifle, in addition to a picture of a white SUV, asking the public for help in identifying either.

The Androscoggin County Sheriff's Office also posted pictures of the suspect, a bearded man in a brown hoodie jacket and jeans holding a rifle in the firing position.

"There is an active shooter in Lewiston," Maine state police said on the social media platform X. "We ask people to shelter in place. Please stay inside your home with the doors locked. Law enforcement is currently investigating at multiple locations."

Click link for full story:  Lewiston, Maine shootings

Why China Built an Antenna Bigger Than NYC - Half as Interesting

Josh Hawley EXPLODES at Biden Official Putting Children at Risk - Blaze News

Self-Defense When Your Way is Blocked - Armed Attorneys

2020 Russian Prisoner 24 Hour Ration Review Tushonka Vegetable Caviar Convict MRE Meal Taste Testing - Steve1989MREInfo

BREAKING: We just got a SLEEPER 2A ADVOCATE for Speaker of the House... Gun Controllers SCARED... - Langley Outdoors Academy

Well... This backfired spectacularly! lol - Liberal Hivemind

The Biggest Act of Civil Defiance In America & It's Awesome - Copper Jacket TV

2023 US MRE Mexican Rice Bean Bowl Review Meal Ready to Eat Vegetarian Ration Tasting Test - Steve18989MREInfo

Leftists FURIOUS I Offered $100k To Fund Queers For Palestine Pride March In Gaza - Timcast

She turned into a stuttering FOOL when asked this question!! - Liberal Hivemind

Tuesday, October 24, 2023

He didn't like this very much... - Liberal Hivemind

Elon Musk WARNS WWIII Is Coming, US Declares Iran Responsible For Attack On US Forces, Vows Reaction - Timcast

Triple Se7en Paper Cartridges - Guns of the West

HUGE 2A LICENSING WIN: US Judge Declares NYC's "Good Moral Character" Requirement to Violate Bruen - The Four Boxes Diner

The American Soldier Who Turned a Plane into a Flying Tank in WW2 - Dark Docs

Chinese Authorities Arrest US Politician For Gun In Carry-On Bag - Guns & Gadgets 2nd Amendment News

California Panics And Asks 9th Circuit For Emergency - Copper Jacket TV

Democrat Candidate ATTACKS Car Of Elderly Man During Palestine March - Timcast IRL

Will Sale Of Federal, CCI, Speer, & Remington ADD To The Ammunition Shortage?!? - Guns & Gadgets 2nd Amendment News

And the rest are VERY salty their resources are leaving for better options - Better Bachelor

BOMBSHELL: ATF Director just did the UNTHINKABLE... He just ADMITTED Gun Control is a FAILURE on TV - Langley Outdoors Academy

Rand Paul: What They Didn’t Want You To Know About Covid, the Lab Leak, and Fauci - John Stossel

SCOTUS 2A ARGUMENT UPCOMING: How Pro-2A Attorneys Prepare to Fight for YOUR RIGHTS - The Four Boxes Diner

Plainclothes Federal Agents Seize Cash at Airports - Steve Lehto

ATF Raids ANOTHER Gun Shop & Seizes Records - Liberty Doll

EXPOSED: Gun Control study is worse than we thought for Gun Control... Constitutional Carry all day - Langley Outdoors Academy

Monday, October 23, 2023

Gevarm D4: An Economical MAT-49 Alternative - Forgotten Weapons

Gun Companies Get Sued Over MEMES - Brandon Herrera

The Game-Changing US Aircraft that No One Saw Coming - Dark Tech

BREAKING: ATF has itself ANOTHER Gun Running SCANDAL into Mexico... Reports indicate ATF cover up... - Langley Outdoors Academy

Mysterious Mach 3 Chinese Drones Spotted - Dark Footage

Armed Homeowner Shoots At 3 Armed Burglars Pretending To Be The Police In Washington State - Colion Noir

Tucker Carlson reveals the TRUTH everyone is AFRAID OF!!! - Liberal Hivemind

Larry Vickers GUILTY ATF Raids? Violating Import Laws Sanctions Law Enforcement Demonstration Letter - Tom Grieve

A Strange Military Antenna Up Close - Ringway Manchester

ATF Gun Running To Mexico Again...... - John Crump News

Fani Willis just suffered another CRUSHING DEFEAT!! - Liberal Hivemind

Sunday, October 22, 2023

Well, well... Look what we have over here!! - Liberal Hivemind

Dr. Robert Epstein EXPOSES Big Tech Election Interference, Says The Data PROVES IT - Tim Pool

Gun Owner ALERT! 60,000 Pistol Safe’s RECALLED… If you have this, you need to follow these steps! - Langley Outdoors Academy

Far Left Democrats Hold Event SUPPORTING HAMAS, Let Them EXPOSE THEMSELVES - Timcast IRL

This is just weird - Liberal Hivemind

Destructive Devices: Why Pipe Bombs To Molotov Cocktails Are Legal - Ordnance Lab

Billionaires CANCEL Major Donations To Ivy League Schools For Supporting Hamas, GET WOKE GO BROKE - Timcast IRL

Concealed Carry: Defensive Handgun Techniques - Paul Harrell

Life Or Death For The Longhunter - Townsends

"We found a direct payment to Joe Biden" - Liberal Hivemind

I Wasted Money on Bad Batteries for a Bad Car - Aging Wheels

2A SUPREME COURT: Is Justice Amy Coney Barrett a TRAITOR to the 2nd Amendment? - The Four Boxes Diner

Solo Overnight Winterizing the DIY Cabin in the Swamp and Poor Mans Chili - Corporals Corner

How Pierre Poilievre Demolished A Journalist - Romanian TVee

On the road to 20 million - More Band Maid

Please watch at LEAST the first MV, Thrill, so we can get it to 20 million views before the Ladies November 20th 10 Year Anniversary Finale Concert at the Yokohama Arena.

Plus some more good music from the Ladies of Band-Maid to inspire you, and to show you JUST how good they actually are.

Listen carefully to the intro to this song. It is NOT on the album, but it is one of 4 different intros the Ladies of Band Maid have used for this song. Now LISTEN to the very end of this song, and then hit play on the next video. You hear the final notes ringing out, then in just a few seconds, just long enough for the Ladies to go to their pedal boards and set them for the next song, then they LAUNCH into it.

The breakdown before the guitar solo is simply one of the best things I've ever seen.

The amount of smiles, shows just how much fun they are having on stage, performing for their "Masters and Princesses". And the drum solo is also VERY GOOD. This is the very first song I heard from Band Maid, and I was dumbstruck when I heard it. Next is the song that has made me their fan for LIFE.

The other live videos I posted above are from their "World Domination Tour" concert finale at Line Cube Shibuya in February of 2020, just before the virus shut down the planet. This one is from their March 2018 concert at Zepp Tokyo. And THIS is the song that made me their fan for life.

This is from one of their "Online" concerts, they performed during the lockdowns. And it shows just how diverse their sound actually is.

Another from their "Online" concerts. They performed 5 of these concerts for their fans. And they had viewers from 63 countries during the live stream, and I think every country in the world watched the saved streams later.

For Christmas 2021, the Ladies recorded a small acoustic concert for their fans, where they totally rearranged their songs for acoustic. they didn't just swap electric guitars for acoustic guitars, they rewrote and rearranged the songs to BE acoustic songs. This and the next one are from that concert.

There are live full electric versions of this song taken from one of their "Online" concerts and also from their February 2023 concert at the Tokyo Gardens Theater. And both are excellent. And show just how much care went into rearranging the song for acoustic.

Again, this song is from an "online" concert. But it was written and recorded during the lockdowns, as a way for the Ladies of Band Maid to tell their fans, that they know how hard everything was, and how they too felt that way. Yet they were still there for us, and they loved us their fans, and they loved performing for us. This is one of 5 songs by the Ladies that always make my eyes water.

The opening track of the Ladies first release since the lockdowns ended and they could tour again, to meet and perform for their "Masters and Princesses". It wasn't the first MV release from the EP they released, but it is the first track on the EP.

THIS is the first MV released for their EP "Unleash!". Did you notice the song title has 5 exclamation points? that is one exclamation point for each band member. And this is the Ladies declararation of being let off the track, to tour and continue their quest for World Domination.

The second MV from their EP, and it was written sort of like a Diss Track, to all those social media influencers and how fake they actually are.

2022, the Ladies of Band Maid, toured Japan and the US. Attending Music Festivals and performing concerts across the US. However, we found out later, that they Ladies were very trepedatious about what kind of recpetion they would recieve in the Us. As it had been almost 3 years since they had been able to tour. they were being told that their shows were selling out, but they didn't quite believe it. It was after their performance at the Aftershock Festival, they went up to Seattle for the open show of their US tour. The Ladies were nervous about how the audience would be. I've spoken to several people who were at that show, and they said the same thing, the Ladies looked shocked as they came out on stage at the start of the show, but Saiki, the Lead singer as she came out, it looked like someone had hit her with a club. Her eyes were open very wide. One person said it looked like she was trying not to cry. They then went to the next show, and the response the recieved was the same, PLUS the bass player, MISA, her birthday was approaching. And us Fans got involved.

This was for her Japan birthday. And the next night, well.

We had her American birthday. And we weren't done yet. But that comes later.

All of this made the Ladies realize, just how much they as a band, as artists, and as people, just how much THEY meant to us. And they felt the same way about us. Like their song I posted above. But Kanami, the lead guitarist and primary composer for the Ladies, had a melody and an idea. It took root after that show in L.A. and she started writing a song. A song that would be written throughout their tour and be finished once they got back to Japan, but first we had MORE to show them how much they mean to us.

Miku, the founder of Band Maid, the Co-Lead singer and rhythm guitarist, had HER birthday in Dallas, and we fans couldn't let her birthday be forgotten.

All of this showed to the Ladies JUST how important they are to us. And that song I mentioned above? The one Kanami had started writing? They finished it and debuted it at their February 2023 Tour Finale. And it is something that makes my eyes water everytime.

The LAdies have released several Live videos from that concert, I am only going to post one of them though. one of my favorite songs by the Ladies, although ALL of their songs are my fovorite, some are more favored than others.

And I will finish tis with their latest MV to be released, but NOT their latest song. The Ladies have debuted 3 new songs on the Japanese leg of their 2023 tour, so I hope for a new album to be released by them before Christmas, although it may be after the new year.

Shambles was written by the Ladies for the closing title of the 2nd season the Netflix Anime "Kengan Ashura". And as you can see in the MV, the song itself is on fire.
Please listen to/watch the Ladies videos. I hope that you will enjoy their music as much as I do. And please help get "Thrill" to 20 million views before November 20th.

Biden Requests $100 BILLION For Ukraine & Israel War, Inflation Will Get WORSE - Timcast IRL

Unbelievable: NYT Wants MORE GAIN OF FUNCTION Experiments After COVID Disaster | Robby Soave - The Hill

Yet Another Reason Why We Need to Rethink Red Flag Laws - Washington Gun Law

How to Evade A Professional Military (Tracking, Countertracking) - Garand Thumb

Leonard Cure Shooting Is JUSTIFIED...But TikTok Journalist Chose To Lie About It - RuinedLeon

Fox News Files COPYRIGHT STRIKE Against Timcast, Fox Wants MONOPOLY On Presidential Commentary - Timcast IRL

SHORT: 1947 Kodak ABC Photo Lab Outfit - Our Own Devices

Saturday, October 21, 2023

EPIC FAIL: Newest Gun Control report BOUGHT by leftist is LAUGHABLE... You HAVE to see this one... - Langley Outdoors Academy

When your argument doesn't go as planned lol - Liberal Hivemind

Judge Rules Alex Jones CANNOT Get Bankruptcy Protection, They Want InfoWars SHUT DOWN - Timcast IRL

College Builds the Wall to Keep Out Crime - Liberty Doll

Whistleblower Was THREATENED After Exposing Big Tech, Suspects FOUL PLAY In Family Tragedy - Tim Pool

The entire room was laughing at her... - Liberal Hivemind

Military Ammo VS Body Armor - Administrative Results

How One Line in the Oldest Math Text Hinted at Hidden Universes - Veritasium

HEADS UP! Gun Rights fight ERUPTING in Senate... Dem Leader AGREES to Gun RIGHTS... and it's ON... - Langley Outdoors Academy

Congress Member Shocked After Learning The Second Amendment Is About Tyranny & Not Hunting - Colion Noir

Mortgage Co Accidentally Tries Taking $2.3B from Its Customers - Steve Lehto

All the Ways They're Going to Try to Disarm You Next Year. - Washington Gun Law

The Weapon that Made Nazis Totally Panic - Dark Docs

GUN CONFISCATION DANGER: Can Biden use Hurricane Katrina Precedent to Take Our Guns in War/Emergency - The Four Boxes Diner

Bullpups are Unpopular for a Reason - Hop

The Road to 20 Million - Band-Maid Thrill

The Ladies of Band-Maid need about 70k more views to their Thrill MV to hit 20 million. Can you watch it a time or two to help push it over the finish line?

Is the CZ-75 Actually Reliable? Let's Torture Test It - TFBTV

Congress Drafts Bill To AUTHORIZE MILITARY STRIKE On Iranian Proxies, Sparking WW3 FEAR - Timcast IRL

Sony Neck Speaker SRS-NS7 - a weight on my shoulders - Techmoan

New Laugo Creator 500 Alien at the Range - Forgotten Weapons

Friday, October 20, 2023

Newsom Overreacts, Calls Out Benitez Over Miller Decision - Copper Jacket TV

GOP Wives Received THREATENING Phone Calls Over Jim Jordan Vote? - Anthony Brian Logan

BREAKING: SCOTUS DENIED SAPA… SCOTUS has kicked us in the mags TWICE this week… - Langley Outdoors Academy

Jack Smith Gets Very Bad News - Facts Matter with Roman Balmakov

Can you help me get this to 20 millions views?

The Ladies have their 10 year anniversary tour finale on November 20th. I would love it if we can get this video to 20 million views before their concert.

The Most Haunted Place In Every State - Part 1 and Part 2

Indicted & Pleaded GUILTY: Larry Vickers Faces 25 Years in Federal Prison - Guns & Gadgets 2nd Amendment News

Why Sci-Fi Space Combat is WRONG - Kyle Hill

Ok, now this is amazing - Liberal Hivemind

How the '60s Changed the Guitar - Polyphonic

US Military Bases ATTACKED In Drone Strike, FEAR Of WW3 Escalates - Timcast IRL

FN Model 1910 : The Gun That Started WWI - sootch00

Inflation OVER 23% According To TrueFlation, Video Goes VIRAL Showing Food Costs SKYROCKETING - Timcast

State Sup Ct Approves of 'Dragnet' Warrant for Google Searches - Steve Lehto

Fraudulent Covid Claims Fueled Black Market Gun Trade -

 America can add one more lingering effect of the COVID-19 pandemic. Easy access to government funds fueled fraudulent claims that heated up the illicit black market of firearms, especially by criminal gangs and illegal drug networks.

In other words, it wasn’t the lawful sale of a record number of firearms in 2020 and 2021 that was responsible for crime. It was government tax dollar giveaways without guardrails that criminals co-opted.

The low threshold to claim COVID-19 relief money from the federal government made it all too easy for criminal gangs like the Traveling Vice Lords and the Wild 100s to tap into free money. That money was used for crimes of illegal firearm straw purchases and even a murder-for-hire plot. Gun control groups blamed the firearm industry for the rising rates of violent crime during and following the COVID-19 pandemic. The truth is clearer now. Lack of oversight to ensure COVID relief funds weren’t fraudulently obtained is a contributing factor, along with soft-on-crime policies and elected officials who refuse to jail criminals.

Criminal Connection

Chicago Sun Times published the exposé of how the federal government’s plan to rescue the economy from collapse was a catalyst for skyrocketing black market gun profits. An Inspector General’s report from the Small Business Administration that oversaw the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and Economic Injury Disaster loan estimated that at least 17 percent of the $1.2 trillion handed out was obtained by fraud. That’s $204 billion.


Click the link to read the whole article:  Fraudulent Covid Claims Fueled Black Market Gun Trade

White House DOXXES Special Forces In Israel, Biden White House Is DESTROYING America - Timcast IRL

Marxist Ideology and the Push to Ban Militia Weapons in the USA -

 Under the ideology of cultural Marxism and the framework of Marxist “Woke” ideologies, power must be taken from a majority population. Firearms, as noted by the Marxist and Chinese mass murderer Mao, are a form of political power. Mao wrote:

Every Communist must grasp the truth: Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.

What Mao meant was only the Communist Party should be allowed to have guns. For a Marxist revolution to succeed, the people must be disarmed.  The left in the United States has long pushed for the disarmament of the population. Recently, the left has primarily pushed for the banning of those arms that are commonly available and most suitable for militia use. These are modern semi-automatic rifles with standard capacity magazines of 30 rounds. These types of rifles are admirably suited to the defense of homes and neighborhoods, in part because they are understood to be extremely effective and, as such, have great deterrent value.

The American founding fathers understood the political power of firearms as well. They had just won a war with the superpower of the age, England. The English king had repeatedly attempted to disarm first the colonists and then the revolutionaries. The founders wished to make sure no future American government would be able to disarm the American people. Thus, they included the guarantee of the right to keep and bear arms in the Bill of Rights. The founders understood the right to keep and bear arms included defense against all threats from animals, criminals, other nations, and domestic tyrants.

Click the link to read the whole article:  Marxist Ideology and the Push to Ban Militia Weapons in the USA

AFN-49: The Forgotten Full-Auto Brother of the FN-49 - Forgotten Weapons

Dem. County Executive in WA Launches ‘Office of Gun Violence Prevention’ -

 With the support of a Seattle-based, billionaire-backed gun prohibition lobbying group, Washington’s Democrat King County Executive Dow Constantine has announced the launch of a “Regional Office of Gun Violence Prevention,” and has earmarked $13.5 million to set it up.

Constantine, who has been endorsed by a gun control group in the past for election, made the announcement during a press event Oct. 17. According to KCPQ, the local Fox News affiliate, Sheriff Patti Cole-Tindall—a Constantine appointee—“highlighted alarming gun violence statistics throughout the region.”

“Data collected by King County shows the numbers are up across the board. Shot fired incidents increased 17%. The number of shooting victims jumped 55%. Most shockingly, the number of fatal shooting victims has skyrocketed, up 76%,” KCPQ reported.

Ammoland News has covered the steady increase of gun-related violence in Washington State, especially in King County and Seattle, in past reports. While the numbers are not staggering compared to the homicide statistics from places such as Chicago or Baltimore, for the Pacific Northwest they are pretty grim.

Click the link to read the whole article:  Dem. County Executive in WA

Colorado’s 3-Day Gun Purchase Delay: A Threat to Safety & Constitution -

 Colorado’s law is not just a waiting period on the right to possess peaceably purchased property. It is a delay on safety itself.

On October 1st, 2023, Colorado’s new 3-day waiting period law went into effect as passed by the state’s legislature and Governor Jared Polis, requiring those who purchase a firearm to wait three days before acquiring the gun. That is, once a citizen has passed a federal background check a state background check, and paid for a firearm upfront, the government then mandates an additional 72-hour delay before possessing a firearm.

With this new law, Colorado is delaying and therefore denying its citizens their Second Amendment rights and their right to self-defense. Mountain States’ client Alicia Garcia says, “Asking someone to wait 3 days for self-defense is to put them at risk for harm.” Alicia personally has friends who are trying to stay away from abusers, and in many cases, a firearm is the only chance they have of defending themselves. When Colorado forces them to wait an additional three days to have access to the protection and security a firearm gives, it leaves these women vulnerable and puts their lives in danger.

Alicia said, “This law puts people like my friends and so many other women at risk for death, harm, and rape. The politicians say this is about people’s safety—this law is a danger to the most vulnerable.”

Anyone who paid attention to the Supreme Court’s historic decision in NYSPRA v. Bruen decision would realize that this new Colorado gun law is unconstitutional.

The fact that anti-gun politicians would even attempt this law speaks to their desperation to undermine the Supreme Court and our supreme law. It is part and parcel of a hostility toward the rights of Coloradans and Americans to defend themselves.

Brian Abbas, director of MSLF’s Center to Keep & Bear Arms, says, “They have an agenda to outlaw guns as much as possible and they are going about it meticulously and keep trying to chip away at gun rights.”

If the courts strike down the law, it will send a clear signal that any delay in a person’s right to keep and bear arms is a denial of that right. If the courts uphold the law, however, it will stand contrary not only to the text of the Second Amendment and the Supreme Court, but against the most basic right of protecting oneself and family.

Mountain States Legal Foundation is representing Alicia Garcia in her fight to educate and protect others, as well as Rocky Mountain Gun Owners. We seek nothing short of a complete invalidation of the law by the federal courts and a return to constitutional sensibility.

Mountain States Legal Foundation

Mountain States Legal Foundation is a nonprofit, public-interest legal foundation established in 1977. MSLF is dedicated to individual liberty, limited and ethical government, and Second Amendment rights. MSLF defends its clients through pro bono litigation, primarily against the federal government, in defense of constitutional liberties and the rule of law. With its litigation MSLF seeks victory for its clients at the highest level possible, establishment of binding legal precedents to benefit millions of Americans, and education of the American public on the threat to their liberties that unrestrained government presents.

U.S. District Court Judge Skewers “Expert” Ryan Busse in Landmark Assault Weapons Ruling -

 In a groundbreaking verdict that has sent shockwaves through gun control circles, a U.S. District Court judge in California made a bold stand for Second Amendment rights. What’s more, in the process, he served a scorching rebuke to “Firearms Expert” Ryan Busse, a senior advisor for the Giffords gun control organization and candidate for Montana’s next Governor.

The case in question, Miller v. Bonta, saw the court examining California’s longstanding ban on what the state labels as “assault weapons.” In his detailed 79-page decision, Federal Judge Roger T. Benitez made it abundantly clear that the ban was not just an infringement on constitutional rights but also steeped in flawed arguments and poorly conceived testimonies.

At the heart of the matter, however, is Judge Benitez’s surgical dismantling of Ryan Busse’s testimony. Busse, with his history as a former firearm industry executive, might have hoped that his previous professional affiliation would lend weight to his anti-assault weapons stance. But the reality proved to be the opposite.

As the judge noted, Busse’s expertise seems dubious at best when it comes to the subject at hand: AR-15 platform rifles. The majority of firearms that Busse’s former employer sold were pistols, revolvers, and traditional bolt-action rifles, far from the semi-automatic territory that the case revolved around. As such, Judge Benitez rightly questioned Busse’s credentials in offering an “expert” opinion on a class of firearms he had little professional experience with.

Click the link to read the whole article:  Judge Skewers “Expert” 

THIS is why men check out of society/ Change the laws or charge the women - Better Bachelor

Charger Loading Lee-Enfield Mk.1* (CLLE, An Upgraded Long Lee For The Yeomanry / Territorials) - Bloke on the Range

The Flying Beast That Caused More Devastation Than Anyone Thought - Dark Skies

The Real Hero of The Bridge On The River Kwai - The History Chap

Thursday, October 19, 2023

LGBT Elementary School Teachers BUSTED By Police Doing THIS! - Anthony Brian Logan

The Hidden Signal Inside A Platinum Selling Album - Ringway Manchester

Councilwoman Arrested After Criticizing City Mgr - Steve Lehto

Grumman "Cats" - F7F Tigercat, F4F Wildcat, F8F Bearcat, And F6F Hellcat - DroneScapes

BREAKING: AR BANS RULED UNCONSTITUTIONAL! The PERFECT set up for SCOTUS just dropped… is this it?! - Langley Outdoors Academy

We can't ignore this anymore - Liberal Hivemind

The most intense Gun Control Nationally just got worse... but, They just revealed their weak point.. - Langley Outdoors Academy

M1 Carbine to 500yds Practical Accuracy - 9-Hole Reviews

Did Gator's Guns Just Trap the Attorney General's Office? - Washington Gun Law

Show the Silent Majority Some Love. If you are ready to give to a local organization that has been fighting for your Constitutional Rights, not only to keep and bear arms, but all of your rights, then consider joining the Silent Majority Foundation today. For more information and to show them some love, visit them at:

They should never recover from this - Liberal Hivemind

California "Assault Weapon" Ban OVERTURNED Miller v. Bonta Decision - Copper Jacket TV

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 Last week, a Florida judge forced Lisa Marok to renounce her Second Amendment rights, give up her Florida Concealed Weapon or Firearm License (CWFL) and remove all firearms and every single round of ammunition from her home, even though she had not been accused of a single crime.

If she failed to comply with the judge’s unconstitutional order, her husband could have served 19 months in a state prison. If she complied, her husband would be sentenced to probation and walk out of the courtroom a free man.

“You have a choice,” the judge told her. “Your husband or your guns.”

“Can I have a minute?” she jokingly asked.

The events that led to Marok’s strange dilemma began years ago when her husband Ralph Marok was working for the Florida Department of Transportation.

Click the link to read the whole article:  your husband or your guns

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Wednesday, October 18, 2023

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