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Saturday, August 20, 2022

Winchester Wildcat 22lr Rifle Review - Paul Harrell

🔫 ALERT: IRS trains bean counters in use of deadly force 🔫 - Firearms Policy Coalition


Have you seen the "training" video of IRS bean counters being schooled in the use of deadly force that's blowing up the Internet?

These worthless tax collectors are now being shown how to commit armed robbery using the very weapons that Biden wants to ban.

Just days ago, FPC was hit with a so-called "fact check" by Instagram over a post where we called out the IRS for training an army.

And now we have video proof that this agency of greedy accountants is literally spending your money to train their employees to shoot you.


In the video, we see a group of poorly-coordinated, out-of-shape workers laughing and joking before stacking up at the door.

We then see these government thieves march into a room with guns drawn and arrest two men over what could be an unpaid $2 tax bill.

It's worth noting that the IRS employees are seen carrying dummy guns that look an awful lot like those dreaded 9mms that President Biden said can easily "blow the lung right out of the body."

Friend, we all know the IRS shouldn't even exist. But their accountants sure as hell shouldn't be carrying guns.


And now the federal government stands poised to hire 87,000 more of these trigger-happy tax collectors. It's sickening!

That's why we're calling on you to help FPC disarm the IRS. Take action to support HR 8268 today.

This legislation would prohibit the IRS from acquiring ammunition and reign in this unaccountable bureaucratic agency.

However, if you can afford to do so, please go just one step further and make a quick contribution to help fight the government.


A donation of just $25 would help not only disarm the IRS but also fuel new pro-2A litigation designed to protect YOUR guns.

We've seen how far the government is willing to go to steal your hard-earned money: the commission of state-sanctioned murder.

It's high time we disarmed the IRS and told the government in no uncertain terms: FUCK YOU, NO! 

Take action and donate NOW to let the IRS know exactly how you feel about them being trained to kill your family! 

Stay Free,

Firearms Policy Coalition

Paid for by the Firearms Policy Coalition. Not Authorized By Any Candidate Or Candidate's Committee.

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Militarized Federal Agencies: The Other Standing Army? - 10th Amendment Center

Militarized Federal Agencies: The Other Standing Army? - powered by

⚠️ WARNING: National firearm registry bill ⚠️ - Firearm Policy Coalition


The Despots in Washington D.C. have introduced H.R. 8460, their latest attempt at creating a national gun registry.

They've introduced the "ATF Improvement and Modernization Act of 2022" under the guise of streamlining and updating the agency, but we know the real truth.


Don't get it twisted, the "AIM Act" has nothing to do with "Modernization" and would actually:

  • Allow the ATF to create a searchable database of firearm transactions, AKA a national gun registry
  • Eliminate funding caps on expenses and salaries at the ATF, giving these unelected bureaucrats even more of your tax money to carry out raids and other anti-gun activities
  • Allow the ATF to farm out their duties to other government agencies
  • Would repeal the prohibition on the government keeping your background check information longer than 24 hours, potentially letting them maintain it indefinitely
  • Lower the standard for the revocation of FFLs

This is an obvious power grab, and we need your help to stop it!


Click our TAKE ACTION button to help us kill this bill!

The Tyrants are riding the success they have had with weaponizing the IRS and installing Steve Dettelbach as the ATF Director, but that is not enough for them.

It is never enough.

If you think the ATF is bad now, it's nothing compared to what it would be if we let this legislation pass. With almost unlimited resources, a trackable and searchable database of all firearm transactions, and access to the workforce of the other bureaucracies, the Neo-ATF would flex these new powers to the detriment of those opposed to state tyranny.

This MUST be stopped in its tracks!


It should be obvious why we cannot let this legislation advance; A government that seeks a total monopoly on force and maintains a running list of all those with the means to oppose them is a recipe for abuse and subjugation. This legislation opens up the floodgate and could be the precursor to inevitable gun confiscations and exploitation by petty tyrants.

We need your help to strike down this latest attempt to expand the ATF's power, so please TAKE ACTION to make sure your representative knows that they must vote "NO!" on H.R. 8640.

Stay Free,

Firearms Policy Coalition

Paid for by the Firearms Policy Coalition. Not Authorized By Any Candidate Or Candidate's Committee.

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Leaked Documents Show FBI’s Definition of a Militia Violent Extremist is YOU! -

 WASHINGTON, D.C. -( Leaked Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) documents provided to AmmoLand News and posted on lawyer Steven Stamboulieh’s Twitter account show that the FBI considers most of the Second Amendment community to be possible Militia Violent Extremist (MVE).

The documents were sent to all ATF field offices to guide agents in identifying signs of what could be signs of MVE. These signs include the “Boogaloo” flag or terms like “Big Igloo.” The Boogaloo movement started as a meme referencing the 1980s movie, Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo, as the second American Civil war. The term has proliferated gun culture and taken on a life of its own.

Another symbol that might suggest an MVE to the FBI is the anarcho-capitalist (ancap) flag. The flag mixes yellow as a symbol of capitalism with the black flag of the anarchist. Anarcho-capitalist believes in replacing the state with minimized public service supplied by companies competing through the free market. Ancaps thinks the services will be cheaper and of higher quality due to competition instead of government monopolies.

The FBI also views the Punisher Skull as a sign of extremism. The skull comes from the Punisher comic book which anti-hero Frank Castle takes his murderous revenge on the criminal underworld. The skull has been used in several movies and a successful Marvel series. It has also been used by SEAL Team 3 and multiple law enforcement organizations, including the Punishers Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club. The Punishers LEMC has numerous FBI Agents as members.

Click the link to read the whole article and see the photos:  Leaked FBI Documents