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Thursday, February 28, 2008

I just made a tongue in cheek comment over at VPC's Blog

Let's see if they keep it up. I'm not going to link to it, but if you'll notice I endorse the idea of registering "Crank" operated guns. I'll say no more on the subject.


Cat Valium anyone?

5th class beverage alert in progress with spew warnings.......


H/T Matt G.


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Mostly Cajun has an E-mail he recieved posted

Well he puts into terms anyone can undrstand better than I could. Please link on over and read it for yourself.


Monday, February 25, 2008

Some Pics for you.....

Everyone needs one of these........

Two Pics of my foot warmer. This is Emmet, my Ex-wife's dog who spends more time at my house than he does at hers. He's only a2 months old, but he just loves sitting on my feet as I work on the computer.

Now for some pics of my twin sons Pine Wood Derby.....

Here is Miles, named for Lois McMasters Bujold's hero Miles Naismith Vorkosigan

Here is his Twin, Fraternal twin that is, Mitchell

Watching the races

Their cars I had to Re-Build after their younger brother decided to mud test the first ones I built.

This tanker passed in front of the ferry as we went to Port Aransas Sunday.

these guys were waiting for us when we got to the beach. Someone spent a LOT of time doing these. so of course my kids had to try their hands at it themselves.

My youngest daughter trying her hand at it.

Here she is...

and here is the baby seal she made

Melissa working on something I don't know what, she still hasn't told me.

The twins and Megan having fun.....

Here is the youngest who like to mud test pine wood derby cars :)

Hope you enjoyed these pics....


Sunday, February 24, 2008

Congratulations are in order...

PDB and his Missus have a new Sprog to introduce us to, here is Jackson. Please stop by and offer your congrats and advice..


Friday, February 22, 2008

3 things.......

#1: I've had to cancel several shows as the flu bug seems to have moved in and just WON'T leave. first it was oldest daughter, then second oldest daughter then youngest son, then youngest daughter, and I caught it somewhere between 2nd daughter and youngest son. I'm still sick, and I won't go into the details.

#2: I'm trying to keep up with all the people I'd like to interview, Peter I apologize I've taken so long to get in touch with you I really am.

#3: To the ignorant jerks, you know who you are, who have sent me the rather vitriolic e-mails about my scheduled show to interview RiftGirl, please keep your hatred and bigotry to yourself. If you do not like the subject matter you don't have to listen to the show. At the same time, it is attitudes like yours which are the REASON I will do the show. I do appreciate the fact that you sent me the comments privately in E-mail rather than posting your vile garbage in my comment section, so thank you for not exposing my readership to that. As of now your E-mail Addresses have been added to my blocked list so I will no longer be recieving any mails from you from those addresses. and because of you I will be turning Comment moderation back on.


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Please Keep Sim

in your Prayers. He has been diagnosed with Bells Palsy, and has some paralysis. you can read more about it here.


Saturday, February 16, 2008

I got home from the store thursday night

and my soon to be 5 year old son had decided that he wanted to play with the 2 brandnew pinewood derby cars that I had finished earlier in the evening. Well he wanted to play with them in the mud, outside. Hence the cars were destroyed, so I drove to corpus friday and got 2 new kits. Here are the results of 7 hours of work. They will be run later tonight at the derby.....

I'm tired. I'm going to get cleaned up, eat a can of chili. And do some laundry.


Friday, February 15, 2008

Laura Hayes

I just finished an Interview with Laura Hayes who starred in the 2007 movie, "The Artifact". IMDB has removed the actual listing to the movie, but it shows up in the google cache I just don't know how to pull it out and post it. The interview will play on sunday nights show for those who are interested. I have been exchanging E-mail messages with Laura for about a year now on myspace, and I wanted to giver her a bit of a wider audience. "The Artifact" won 2nd place in last years Ava Gardner Filmfest, and she hopes to have a film in this years filmfest as well. So please login Sunday to hear her interview.


ps, I will apologize now for the audio quality, my digital recorder gave up the ghost and I had to use my micro-cassette recorder with a telephone pickup, so the sound quality isn't what I would like.


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thursday March 6th

I will be interviewing RiftGirl. There is a very important reason I will be interviwing her. THIS is one of those reasons. Hatred, Discrimination, Violence against transgender persons, as well as Gay, Lesbian and Bi-Sexual people is repugnant. There are many who claim that they are an Abomination against God. However all of us are God's Children. We all seek God in our own way. It is not my place to declare that someone is an abomination, that is God's duty, not mine. At the same time others would have you believe that TS/TG, Gays, Lesbian and Bi-Sexual people deserve to treated as less than human. That is fallacy, and completely against what Jesus and the Bible taught us. It is also taught in other Religions So why do we have violence and discrimination against TS/TG's?

Please come by the 6th of March, but please leave hatred or intolerance behind.


Sunday, February 10, 2008

If you have a Sweetie you'd like

to give a special Valentines Day gift, Call my show this Valentines Day, and give your sweetie an on air Valentines Day card. Call the show this thursday at (646) 478-4628. give me a call or send me an IM with your message and I"ll read it on the air. Yahoo IM: txfellowship


Hmmmm, should I be worried about this?

Is there any reason someone in Iran is looking at my blog? Hmmm, this bears thinking upon.


This post Reminds me........

Please Go here and read this first it will explain a little bit of what I'm about to relate to you.

I'm an old Farm Boy, 6'3" 285 lbs, Ex-Army Reserve Medic, former Security Officer, former EMT-D and other things. While it's not PC, I'm what the MSM would call a "Survivalist". I call myself a Prudent Parent, who prepares for the unexpected. I don't believe in the overthrow of the government or expect the breakdown in social order and civilization. I DO know however, that natural disaters happen, terrorist attacks happen, financial collapses happen, the power goes out at odd times, people get injured when you least expect it and criminals have no respect for the law or the law-abiding. I have kids, therefore I have the means to protect them and the means to provide for them. I also prepare, extra food stored here there and everywhere. My family owns property about 140 miles away where we can go if another evacuation is called for a hurricane. We have food water and other supplies there, and multiple routes to get to it and multiple ways of gettting there. However one thing I have always tried to teach my kids, which is getting harder since my 2 oldest daughter are now teenagers is, that if I say "DO SOMETHING NOW" I mean right that second, not after you get off the phone, or shut off your computer, or after you change your clothes. I mean "RIGHT THEN, THAT VERY SECOND" The reason is, after 10 years of working security I have somewhat good "gut" instincts, I don't always have the time to explain why I want them to do something I want instant compliance. That compliance could mean the difference between life and death, or the difference between getting scared or gettting hurt. But they being female teenagers and very much like thier mother at least in this regard will always question why I want them to do something. My Ex finally learned the hard way about if I say something DO IT, after I told her NOT to drop by my work when I was working security in a grocery store in North St. Louis, and she saw me go from merely talking to an individual and saw me and that individual go through a plate glass window while I was trying to control his hand that suddenly reached under his shirt. I told her to get back, she being concerned tried to help me, well she got hit in the face by the subject, while I was still trying to control his hand. My point here, if there EVER comes a time when you absolutely MUST have instant compliance, you need to work with your family, you will need to work out a way to let them know that there are no times for questions, only action. I have just recently started in on the idea of using a code word with my family, so they know that I give orders prefaced with that word, they will KNOW this is a No S!!T deal and to follow instructions immediately. I am also working so that if there is a time I am not available, a friend or family member will have a code word that will let the kids know to follow instructions. Crystal is starting to work this out with her daughter. And you really should take the time to work it out with your family. Assign a code word so they KNOW that compliance must be immediate. It just might save the life of your loved ones, or protect them from injury.


Saturday, February 9, 2008

Old NFO has a list of extremely Classsy insults

I strongly suggest to you that it's worth a read, HERE



Scary night last night....

Last night my oldest daughter came into my room crying and told m to look in her toilet. Why? She had been throwing up bright red looked like arterial blood. Oooooookay..... The local Ambulance service would take 15 minutes to get here minimum, they would then take 10-30 minutes to get her vitals prepare to transport yadda yadda yadda. They would take her to the small hospital about 18 miles away as they take EVERYONE there unless it's life threatenting. If it was a bleeding ulcer the local hospital doesn't have a way to GI Tube her to check it, meaning they would have to transfer her to the children hospital in Corpus 40 miles further away, after waiting for another ambulance to come from the local ambulance district, not the district we would have started out in. So to shortcut all that I loaded her up in the suburban, and drove her the 45 miles to Children's Hospital myself. It's normally about 50 minutes to an hour drive, I made it in about 30 minutes, remember I used to drive ambulances so I know how to drive fast safely, even though I normally drive slow. When we arrived at the Children's Hospital it being a typical friday night the ED was packed. I signed in at triage and since my daughter was coughing rather badly I asked the triage nurse for a mask for her as I didn't know if she might be infectious. When they called us up I gave the explanation of what was going on, while we were doing that 3 ambulances pulled in, only one patient was brought in though. I thought we would have had a long wait to be called back. Nope. I called to the admit window right away and got her paperwork taken care of and within 10 minutes she was in a room. Now I thought we'd be taken care of rather quickly, well the vagaries of the ED meant no. there were 2 children who needed a little bit more help than we did evidently. And it was an hour before a nurse came in to even take her temp again, which had risen another degree since we had arrived. Finally we had some attention. Blood FINALLY drawn, a warmed blanket as she was shivering rather badly, temp taken again up another tenth of a degree, another 30 minutes until the Dr came in and examined her. He palpated her abdomen, then ordered X-Rays and an IV. Took her upstairs for the X-Rays, then brought her down for the IV to be put in. Another hour had passed. We sat and watched the Hannah Montana DVD for the 3rd time while she took in 1/2 a liter of saline. Nurse came in, and we went back up for another X-ray. Another 45 minutes, the DR came in and said the she had the flu, and could go home. The blood she had thrown up was from a bloody nose she had. 5:00 am, we had spent 4 and half hours most of it waiting for a nurse or a Dr. then we were sent home with a scrip for Zantac, told to keep her hydrated and in bed.

When we arrived at the hospital I did a head count of the Nurses, Dr's and Physician Assitants in the ED. 7 nurses, 2 Dr's and 2 PA's. why with all that staff did it take so long to get help for my daughter? I used to drive an ambulance and was an EMT-D in Missouri, working with the VFD and a local Ambulance Company. I know that an ED can be backed up, but over an hour to just check on a patient? and I had to hunt down the Nurse, who stood there talking to another nurse about her date the previous night while I stood there for 3 minutes waiting for her to "Notice" me. Or the Dr, who was charting a patient while he talked about what he had for dinner for over 20 minutes while I stood there shifting from foot to foot. there really needs to be something done, but I know I'm not qualified to do it.


Monday, February 4, 2008

This is hard

trying to come up with something cool and interesting and timely to write about and talk about on my show. All the time, and at the moment I think I have writers block. Any sugestions?