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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Proofs and beliefs

I like proof I can check and verify. While browsing the various blogs I found proof that Bush DID win the election in Florida. I sent this to my brother and my mother. I found proof that Bush is NOT the worst President in the U.S.'s history, I sent this to them also. Thier response? It doesn't matter, Bush got us in a war, he is the worst President, and he and big business conspired to steal the election. Now, I personally don't like our current resident of the White House, he has our troops dying because of faulty information, lack of material suuport and lack of proper intelligence. However, :HOWEVER:, other politicians are playing games hampering what he is trying to do. So I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. Others, such as my family members use nothing but emotion and will not accept or refuse to accept any proofs that do not follow thier beliefs.

Is that short sighted? Is that a myopic view? That they would refuse to acknowledge "PROOF" that what they think is wrong, and deny what should be self-evident, simply because of emotion?

Cindy Sheehan, her son served in our military and was killed in action. She has become a public laughingstock to most Americans, but to some members of the media and the political spectrum she is the new Joan of Arc a National heroine standing up to the mighty opressor of the Bush Administration. What do I think of her? I think she is a publicity seeking glory hound. When she first started I thought she was an Honorable woman who was standing up for all of our servicemen and servicewomen. But now? Well I'll let other tell it here. Her "Peace Camp" and her other "Messages" such as travelling to "Venuzeula" supporting a man who is slowly turning his country into a "Dictatorship", his recent actions with the shut down of a "Television Station" that broadcasts views opposed to him. Isn't that what democracy is about? Here in the United State, we have a "Representative Democracy" you can espouse your beliefs, and disagreement with the Political leaders of your country. Ms. Sheehan supports a man who is destroying democracy in his country. Is that what she wants? If Ms. Sheehan protested in Mr. chavez's country would she be treated as she has been here in the United States? Or like This?

Why is that when I say white, with proofs backing it up, and someone else says black without those proofs, people insist on seeing shades of gray?

Belief and Faith which are essential to religion, are also essential to people like my mother and brother. It won't matter what proof I bring, they believe and have faith that what they think is right and I am wrong. There is no argument, or proofs I could bring that they would accept. And they will not accept it from anyone else. Thier "Ego" and belief in thier own beliefs are a self perpetuating cycle that cannot be broken by mere facts.

The problem with this is that no matter what I say, disinformation from the media and politicians constantly bombard them with thier beliefs. and there is no way I can compete with that. I'm just a humble scribe who actually tries to get the truth, not the regurgitated politically motivated sputum, the media sources publish and broadcast.

The media and the politicians say we are losing the war in "Iraq" and yet i have friends who are IN Iraq and Afghanistan who say nothing of the sort. This CWO says that the media is actually responsible for our soldiers dying. Do you see this anywhere in the MSM? And yet my mother and brother refuse to even read these, becaue it interferes with thier BELIEF.

I'm tired and I'm going to bed..


Monday, May 28, 2007

15 year old Takes on Al Gore's science an soldier's open leter to the media

If you have seen Al Gore's "An Inconvienant Truth" or know of someone who is singing his praises you might want to direct the here to Anchoress's site, to read this article with it's appendices. I feel that it is admirable that this young lady a straight "A" student with a full academic and extra-curricular schedule has done this, and done it following full scientific protocols. I think I've got someone else to ask for an interview.

Here CWO Jim funk tells the media, that they are helping the subversives and insurgents.


Memorial Day,

Today we remember the Servicemen and Servicewomen who fell in the defense of our country and it's ideals. we honor them, and all other veterans of all our armed forces. Last night show was a tribute to them. Please take a moment to bow your head and send up a prayer that those men and women were who they were and put themselves and thier lives on the line for us.


Saturday, May 26, 2007

Oh my head is spinning

confirming interviews, working up interview questions, reading ALL the blogs and everything else. My head is spinning, I'm taking a nap :)


Friday, May 25, 2007


Next week I'll have Oleg Volk on the show Thursday Night/Friday Morning, and the week after Babs RN will be on. Now I just need to e-mail MattG, and get ahold of Tamera and Charity Doc somehow.


Rain Rain go Away

come back again some other day. I don't need a pond instead of a front yard. And according to NWS it's going to be this way until next tuesday. :sigh: When I win the lottery does anyone want to move to a tropical isle with me and my 7 kids?

By the By, can anyone help me get ahold of the following people?


BabsRn- found it sent e-mail

Charity Doc

Oleg Volk- I think I've sent him an e-mail I'll find out soon

I'd like to interview them if I can ever get ahold of them, and Matt G. you're on my list as well, be expecting an e-mail from me next week.


Last night I got the "Giggles" reallllll bad

but I can't help it, whenever a politician talks about "Ethic's" I start laughing. I'm sorry I just couldn't help myself, especially as it a Democrat who I don't like saying it. :)


Thursday, May 24, 2007

Gorilla Glue is Da Bomb!!

Now if I can just keep things from geting broken I wouldn't need it as much.. :)

As promised links to "OUR and Mexico's Immigrations

first the link to "OUR" Immigration bill with it's anti-gun provisions.

The Truth Laid Bear

Now for the various MEXICAN Immigration Laws/Rules/Violations

Mexican Experience



Scripps Article's article on Non-citizen Property Rights

you tell me if I'm paranoid or racist or whatever. But something is SERIOUSLY wrong here.


Show is over, I did a 30 minute show tonight

The hillary story and the ABC story were going to be my topics until I got a message from a friend about the Immigration bill and Sec 205. I'll try to get the a link to the full text of the bill and post it.

Good Night


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I feel like I've been run over by a truck

The weatherfront is slowly moving in, last night it gave me a migrain from hades today I was in so much pain I couldn't even get the youngones off to school on time, so they got a free day home with dad today. My #3 daughter bless her heart brought me tea and tylenol, and toast for my stomach, she may be only 9 but she is a very thoughtful angel, and she is definitely her father's daughter :) I'll be on tonight although I have no Idea what I'm going to talk about. Maybe I'll find soething on CNN or Fox...


Monday, May 21, 2007

Saturday Night/Sunday morning may 26th

I have confirmed that I will be speaking to Dave, the Tech Manager from Corpus Christi Spook Central, he will be at one of thier Investigations of an abandoned hospital in the Corpus Christi Area. Please get your questions ready, and call in after 20 minutes.


Well the show's over

and I'm sitting here waiting for the archive to show up in my archive list so I can download it to "MY" archive. While I"m waiting I'm re-reading the Day by Day Strip. you might want to take a gander.

Day By Day: by Chris Muir


Sunday, May 20, 2007

Well I am now the Proud Owner of

a 1994 GMC Suburban 1500 4X4, it is replacing the 1988 GMC Suburban High Sierra 4X4. It's in much better shape, and gets almost twice the fuel mileage. My former Mother In Law, has been trying to sell me her 2006 Chevy Tahoe. Sorry Norma but I can't afford the note on it, but thank you for the offer.

Most people who are divorced usually do not get along with the former in-laws. while I was married my Mother In Law and I really didn't get along that well. The reasons are varied and manifold, but I will not go into them here. I will only say that since my divorce, my In-laws have become more than friends and I'm still considered family, and next month when the kids and I go to my younger brothers wedding in our new Suburban, we will be stopping at thier place for 2 days so they can see the kids.

But back to my suburban. My mother drove me up to Gainesville Texas so we could pick up this truck from my cousin who drove it down from Kansas. We had dinner together and enjoyed ourselves. then mom got in her car and Son#1 and I got in the suburban and drove home. Getting home at 9:00 am this morning, for a grantotal of 24 hours since I left. I'm soooo tired, but I can't lay down I have to watch the kids. Oh tonight's show is going to be a SHORT one.


Friday, May 18, 2007

Why am I awake?

I'm not doing the show tonight, I have to get up early to go up to DFW to pick up my new truck. Why can I not fall asleep? Maybe a snort of Scotch will help......


Kids had a half day of school today,

I've logged over 2000 hits to my shows in the archive, and 48 live listeners since I started. Wow. Thank you. Now if I can just get my ego stroked a little bit so I know if people like what I'm doing when I don't have a guest. I'm trying to put this together so in the future I can have at least 2 interviews a week, I'm thinking Thursday night/Friday morning a 30 minute to 1 hour interview, and Saturday night/Sunday morning a 1 hour interview. That's what I'm thinking, please let me know, post a comment, send me an e-mail or an IM.

Thank you again for listening.


I tried to upload

my site stats, here but they won't come out right, sooooooo, I'll just let ya know When I interviewed LD I had 27 live listeners, and over 570 listeners to the archive as of this morning. For my interview with AD, I had 21 lve listeners and over 59 listeners to the archive as of 10 minutes ago.


Shows in the can

I want to thank Ambulance Driver and everyone who called in and IM'd and everyone who listens to my show.

I'm off to bed after I finish d/ling the show to "MY" archives.


Thursday, May 17, 2007

So here I sit,

I've read the CV that AD sent me, I've highlighted a few things to ask him. I've typed up my basic questions and printed them out. I should be lying down for a bit to get ready for the interview, but what am I doing? Switching between the History channel and the Scifi channel watching The Day After and Modern Marvels. Man I remember when The day After first was broadcast on CBS way back in the 80's. that was one thing that helped push me along the line of how I take care of things now. If you've never watched it I recommend it to you. there are a LOT of factual errors, it's Hollywood after all, but they got quite a few thing right also. Lets see if you can figure out the errors from the real stuff.


Deja vue~

Started off this morning almost the same as yesterday. Kids up on the bus, lay back down, then instead of a text message the phone rang, daughter #3 has beach day at school today, BUUUUT she forgot her tennis shoes and socks and *GASP* `underwear' to change into after the beach. doesn't she know how embarassing it is for a man, like me her dad to have to go through her drawers to find her a pair of undie's and then take those self-same item to her at school? Oh, the horror. Well got her stuff woke up son #4 got him dressed, then off to the elementary school. My face turning red I took her stuff to the office and had them page her to the office. when she got there I gave her stuff and then son #4 and I beat retreat to the truck. We got back home and had breakfast whlie he was having fun eating his lucky charms and throwing cereal pieces at the cat, I got my inflatable bed inflated. YES I can move off of the couch finally. 2 years is too long.


Shows Over, I'm going to do some cleaning,

that the kids didn't get to earlier tonight. I'm also converting all of my archived shows to MP3, man do I really sound like that? Oh boy I'm surprised that Law Dog actually decided to allow me to interview him. I sound like a yutz, Lordy I hope I sound better now. Oh well time to killl the cat which just decided to knock over one of my network hubs...


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My kids

to cut down any confusion about my kids I'm going to post this to help you.

daughter #1 child #1 13 years old, thinks she is in charge and not me

daughter #2 child #2 12 years old, thinks she's ugly even though she is quite beautiful she's also a book worm and a nerd, she is very very smart and always has her nose in a book to the setriment to her friend situation

son #1 child #3 10 years old has Aspergers syndrome, in the Autism Spectrum of Disorders, hard to understand his speech but still very very smart kid.

daughter #3 child #4 9 years old, if it's Barbie or Princess stuff she HAS to have it she has also been diagnosed ADD, NOT ADHD, but ADD which I myself have in addition to dyslexia, me not her. Math still gives her problems but we're working on it.

son #2 child #5 5 years old has an unusual type of epilepsy which is controlled through Dilantin 3 times a day. The neurologist hopes he'll grow out of it.

son #3 child #6 5 years old no physical problems just needs to get some more exercise starting to get a little chunky.

son #4 child #7 4 years old, and quite good at doing what you don't want him to. and very smart at figuring out how to take things apart.

I love them all whatever their faults are, they are my babies, and even though at times they make me want to rip out what is left of my hair, I wouldn't trade them for anything.


Pyrex Pan issue

After my Pyrex Exploded, I posted it on a board I"m a member of and a friend there posted this for my perusal.

Pyrex Complaints

Tell me what YOU think.....

Well THAT was fun..

#4 son and I he's 4 by the way and # 7 of the total brood, had our nap today. Ooohh did I need the nap, he on the other hand needed to hit me in the head with his toy car to show me it's really cool wheels :) But I digress, he and I had our naps, and got up just in time to run pell mell to the pool to pick up daughter #1 and Daughter #2, the oldest and second oldest of my brood, from swim team practice. To hurry pell mell back to the house, to get there about 90 seconds before the bus pulled up to let son #1 he's #3 in the brood, daughter #3 she's #4, and the Twins, sons #2 and #3, and they are #5 AND #6 in the brood. wheeew, makes my head spin just writing it. any way got home all the kids off the bus and in the house. Time to start dinner, #1 and #2 will be eating at church with the Youth Group, so I'll just make a cassarole for the rest of us. got out the Pyrex Pan and start browning the meat, like I've done 100's of time before, as the meat is browned add the cheese, reach for my iced tea and take a drink. well the condensation from my cup dripped into the hot hot pan and I suddenly had shattered glass and hamburger meat and cheese flying all over the stove. Felt a pain in my stomach and left hand look down and I've got some slivers of glass sticking out of my shirt and a piece about an inch long in my left hand. Oh brother........... shut off the stove, grab a paper towell and pull the glass out of my hand and wrap it. go back into the laundry room and grab the duct tape over the washer, use that to pull the slivers out of my stomach. then clean up the mess, welp, dinner tonight was 40 minutes late because I had to do all that and start over, I'm glad I have more than one cassarole pan, and my Cup of Iced Tea is now banished from the side of the stove. Kids are done eating and are now doing chores then we start homework. Oh, Lordy, I still have to find something to talk about for tonight.....

C'est la Vie


Well that was an interesting morning. got to sleep finally after 2:30 at least that is what time it was the last time I looked at my watch. Yes I sleep with my watch on. It's a Victorinox Swiss Army Watch, that was a gift from a friend, he gave it to me to match my Victorinox Swiss Tool Multi-Pliers that go with me everywhere except the Airport and the Court House. I didn't know at the time the watch was worth almost $200.00. but back to my narrative. It's hard getting to sleep after 2:30 a.m. and getting up at 6:30 a.m. to get the younger kids out of bed dressed for school and on the bus. this morning was especially trying as my youngest daughter decided she wanted to take her lunch today, so I had to get the fixings down for her while I wrote a permission slip so she could go to the beach with her class today. Finally the 4 of them were out the door to the bus, that just left me and my youngest who was still asleep. so I layed back down after resetting the alarm for 8:00 a.m. just like I always do. Not even all the way laying down my cell phone chirps at me. A text message from my oldest daughter, could I bring her choir shirt to her at school? Uhhhhmmm Ok, I guess..... Where is it? I text back. Her reply? somewhere in my room on my bed or in my closet. Uhhhhhhhhh, OoooooKay. Finally at 7:50 a.m. I found it. Buried under a bunch of clothes in her closet was the shirt. Got it, woke up my 4 year old, got him dressed, sandals on, got myself together and started for the door. "What's that?" Right next to the door was my yougest daughter's lunch box and her permission slip, UGH! something else to do. So my 4 year old and I headed to the truck, as I opened the door my 6 year old shepherd/husky mix jumped right into the cab, "No girl not today." Her whines as we pull out of the driveway reverberating in my ears i head to the middle school to drop off my daughters shirt. 10 minutes later pulling into the school parking lot I found I was not the only parent dropping off a choir shirt, finding a place to park was fun. Got the shirt dropped off, now to head to the elementary schhol to drop off my youngest daughters lunch box and permission slip. Pulled out of the parking lot, and almost got hit by a high school student who was running late. It might have been interesting 90's model Honda CRX vs 93 Dodge Dakota, I DO need a new truck but not THAT bad. Plus I have my 4 year old in his car seat in the truck, so no I think I'll pass. Ggot to the elementary school right at the bell, so I dropped off her stuff and youngest and I went to the store to pickup a newspaper. I paid for an ad to sell my Suburban and I wanted to make sure it's printed right. Bought the paper and headed for home. Got home unbuckled my youngest, and we headed for the house, just to come to a stop as my dog was VERY upset with me. She let my 4 year old walk right on by, but ME she head butted off the front walk out into the yard. After palyng with her for a few minutes she finaly let me inside the house. Got breakfast for 4 year old, and checked my ad in the paper. They got it right, maybe I can get this thing sold by the weekend. Well, He's done eating, so I guess it's time to watch his shows. I can't wait until nap time...


I just finished my show for the night.

And toward then end I was actually getting a little bit upset about what the politicians are doing. So as I got ready to sign off I was a little more abrubt than I intended to be. I apologize for that. However as I said when I have a guest on if you call in are are rude or argumentative I will hang up on you. If however you are polite and reasoned in your speech I will allow you all the time you need to make your case. Not the time you "WANT" the time you need. Once I feel you have made your point, if you have nothing else constructive to add I will thank you and hang up. I'm not doing it to be rude, far from it I'm doing it to be polite to anyone else waiting on the line to speak with my guest. If I don't have a guest and you call in, you can take the entire show as long as there are no other callers waiting. If there are I will inform you of that before I hang up. You called in Long Distance and so are they it's very rude to keep them on hold while you ramble on trying to make your point. Once I feel your point is made I will thank you and hang up, if you cannot make your point or are becoming rude I will hang up also. Now, I'm still not very familiar with the software BlogTalkRadio uses, but I am improving, according to them I can have upto 5 callers on the air at the same time. In the future if my show progresses I would like to have a "Round-Robin" discussion with various people. I think it will be nice and informative. But as of yet I am not that comfortable with the software so it will be awhile.

Thank you to everyone who listens to the show Live and to the Archives.

And if you ever wish to send me an IM during the show feel free to do so.


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Well that's a nice guy.

I got off the phone a few minutes ago with Ambulance Driver. He will be my next interview, this Thursday Night/Friday Morning. Whoaaaa, I'm going to talk with AD. Cool. :) Back to watching the after debate talks on Fox News.....


Welp, after interviewing Law Dog and working on other interviews

I've decided to throw in here and start a little blog here to joint the 5 other blogs I try to maintain on a semi regular basis. Please forgive me if it doesn't get updated as often as some. My first real post after this one will be a little descriptor of me and how I came to be doing what I do.