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Friday, May 30, 2008

I have been staying out of the FLDS story

up until now for a reason. I didn't have enough information to make an informed decision. That changed about 30 minutes ago while going through the news and finding out the Judge in charge of the case nixed a deal which would return children to their mothers, by requiring additional conditions which Texas Children Protective Services had NOT asked for. So I dug further. THIS is the most detailed in my opinion, please be sure to check the internal links as well, they give additional information which may help you make an informed decision relating to the matter. I won't tell you how I think or feel on this. This is something each person has to come to terms with on their own, and make their own decision.


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

About the teacher in Florida

LawDog and Sue Doe Nim have posts up about a Teacher in the Florida school system who took a small 5 year old student who might suffer from Aspergers Syndrome, and belittled him in class, by having him stand up in front of his class and having his classmates tell him what they don't like about him. I won't write much about this but I am going to post the letter I wrote to the teacher involved.

Ms. Portillo,

As a parent of 7 children, including an 11 year old boy with Aspergers Syndrome and a 10 year old girl with ADHD, I have to ask you what part of the training you received, informed you that to belittle a child in front of his/her peers is a good thing?

As a Minister I have counseled many people who have received treatment such as you have "bestowed" upon a small 5 year old child. At 5 the psyche of a child is very fragile and fluid. We are supposed to cradle the psyche and nurture it, not tear it down with a wrecking ball of scorn. That you would do so shows a lack of understanding of a child's psyche, and no understanding at all of a special needs child.

This child deserves a complete and honest apology from you, your administrators and guidance counselors from your school, for you and they have failed this child, and his parents trust.

You are there to educate children, teach them how to think. Give them the foundation for the rest of their academic lives. You have failed, not just this child, but every child in your class. You taught those children it is all right to ridicule someone who is different, or may have problems.

By your actions, you have shown those children that intolerance of being different is ok. I won't say that you have opened the way for intolerance such as Racism or Bigotry, but children learn many things which we don't wish them to. It is up to us as adults, Teachers and Ministers to teach them right from wrong. And through your actions, you have muddied the waters so to speak, and befouled these children's moral compass.

Please take whatever actions necessary to correct this and clear up the "compass" so all of these children may have a proper bearing.

Reverend Mark L. Anderson
Texas Fellowship Files
Fulton, TX

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I'm looking for survivors and witnesses to

the Holocaust. If you know of any survivor of the Holocaust, or a witness to it. Please contact me through my E-mail txfellowship (at) yahoo (dot) com I would like to do a telephone interview which will be run on my show later. They do not have to call in to my show unless they would like to. I have my various recorders setup to record off the phone. Also any veterans of World War II, I would like to interview you as well.


Saturday, May 24, 2008

We can just be friends.....

Lord, how I HATE those words. I didn't even hear them, they were IMed to me earlier today. Just friends. Granted there are issues between us, that would make a real relationship hard, such as our ages, I'm 40, she's 26, my kids, all 7 of them, and she doesn't want any. Distance, I'm down by Corpus, she's up in San Antoinio, and I can only see her 1 or 2 weekends a month, and that's only up at her place, as she didn't want to come down here. There are other issues, which I won't detail here as they are personal to her, and it is not my place or my right to discuss her behind her back so to speak. But she evidently feels that she has good reasons to not want a relationship with me, and I'm just going to have to deal with it. That doesn't make it any easier to deal with to say that. It doesn't make it hurt any less. What I would like to do and what I am going to do are so diametrically opposed right now to practically be on different planets. It's things like this which make me look at my life and wonder if I had met her under different circumstances, would the end result be the same or different? What if I hadn't had my kids? What if instead of 7 I only had 2 or 3? Or none? What if I didn't have any responsibilities and could take off at the drop of a hat, and didn't have to worry about kids or doing my show, or making sure the house isn't disintegrating. What then? Could she and I have had a chance at a real relationship? I've been thinking about this all day since I got the IM from her. And all I can really say right now is, that I put myself out, exposed more of my inner self to her than I have to anyone else. And I'm still alone. I suppose I could make a joke about this, and after I post this I might change my mind and delete it But the truth is it hurts. And whoever said that men don't cry, is full of animal manure. If we are hurt, we cry, we just don't show it as much as women. Part of it I guess is the whole macho garbage, but I feel that a large part of it is the insecurity of losing control. If we let that control slip enough to cry for whatever reason, we won't be able to regain it. And men like having themselves in control. That's why we are turned to, to offer comfort and security. Because we are in control, we don't flinch, we don't cry, we do. But it costs us to be IN CONTROL. For many years, I have had an inner detachment. I've seen death up close and personal, in many ways and shapes and forms. From working on an ambulance to working security in the housing projects. And I've had to be detached and do my job. But deep deep inside, some of the things I've seen, from victims of an accident, to gunshot wounds and seeing some of the worse things people do to other people, have given me nightmares to this day. But I've had to stay in control, and functioning. That's all I've been doing is functioning. I'm tired of functioning. I want to live. I want to share my life with someone, and have them share their life with me. But, evidently it's not time for that yet.

I could make a joke or something about this probably and put up my personal ad on the blog. But I won't. I don't think I could joke about this for awhile.


Ok, now THIS has to be a conspiracy....

I have had to reboot, all 6 of the computers in the house after trying to read my e-mail, and Yahoo mail keeps locking up. The main things causing the lock ups that I have been able to identify? A Flash ad for the Obama campaign. According to the logs on all 6 computers says that both Firefox and Internet Explorer are locking up while calling for a shockwave module inside of the flash animation of the ad in question. Now before you ask I have 6 computers, from Pentium I's, Pentium II's and a Pentium III. Running from Windows 95, Windows 98 ,Windows 98 SE, Windows 2000 Professional and Windows XP Professional. Being run on HP, Dell, Compaq, IBM and Gateway Computers. 3 of them are on the home network wirelessly, the other 3 are wired direct through a KVM switch. All of the computers are fully up to date, the A/V, Firewall, Anti-Spyware etc are all up to date as of last night. Time to disable Flash on my systems again......


UPDATE: I've found out what the problem is..... Since I use a bunch of older systems and operating systems, Flash 9.0 is having problems when it looks for a certain command set that is processor dependant. It's looking for a PIII operating at at least 400 mhz, and none of my systems, except my newest frankenstien monster which is running linux have. So, I've had to downgrade to an updated version of Flash 7 which is available here for anyone who is having problems with flash animations on their systems. You will have to un-install flash and then install this updated version of Flash 7.0


Update on Mike Mette

Here is the ink to SCC and Mike's Address?


Fuel Prices and Democrats

I think this shows what the Democratic Party has in mind, and is using the pretext of "helping" the poor people as their reasons for the institution of Socialism in this country. Remember Hillary's National Health Care? What about her comments about TAKING Profits from the oil companies through increased taxes, in addition to increasing the taxes on everyone else and rolling back the Bush Tax Cuts.

The former Soviet Union, owned everything. They controlled the prices, they controlled the production. They controlled EVERYTHING. And look where it got them. Why can't certain politicians look in the history books and see what they are doing or not doing is wrong? Could it be the height of hubris to them to think that THEY could be any better at controlling everything, than the former masters of it?

Please look at this, and post in the comments what you think?

h/t to AOS


Looking for a translation

I am hoping to get the following translated. If anyone can help It would be appreciated....

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If anyone can help please let me know.


Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hmmmm, this makes sense to me

Why doesn't it make sense to others?

Here take a read and tell me what you think...


From second city cop a Mike Mette Update

Prison Medico's screw up and Mike is sick.

HERE is the link.

I'm still trying to get an update on Mike's Case.

Please Pray for him and his family.


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I hate having kids sometimes.

My phone line goes through the wall of my house in front, right by my desk. It is the only phone line into my house. Well the kids seeing this little wire sticking out of the house just HAVE to grab it and yank on it. Well they actually broke the wires inside the insulation, making my phone and DSL service very screwy. Yesterday I went and replaced the phone line from the junction box back to inside the house. HOT HOT HOT!!! I sweated through my clothes in about 5 minutes, but it took almost 45 minutes to get it all done. So now I should be able to update my blog here more often, I also have finally gotten a small laptop an old IBM Thinkpad 600E running Windows 98 SE and 128 mb of RAM and a 10 gig drive. If anyone has any old parts for IBM Thinkpads please let me know. :)


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Thursday night and Sunday night.....

Thursday I will have Shane from Listening to Katrina, please drop in and listen. Also you can send a message in the host page chat room, or send me an im through Yahoo Messenger: txfellowship.

Also sunday night I will do my mothers day show again. If you want to say hi to your mom or wish her a Happy Mothers Day send me an e-mail at and i'll read it on the show. You can also send it to me thourgh the chat rom or Yahoo Messenger.


Monday, May 5, 2008

Sunday, May 4, 2008

I am having some major phone line issues

I have been losing the phone then the DSL then I get the DSL back but not phone, then I have both back then I lose them. AT&T is coming out monday to hopefully fix the issue, so no show until I get it fixed.