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Saturday, May 31, 2014

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Veterans Administration Scandal grows even more disgusting and troubling

I won't excerpt the stories, but you really should check out the following links.

Texas VA Run Like a ‘Crime Syndicate,’ Whistleblower Says

VA investigators: Delayed care is everywhere

1,700 vets not on official wait list at Phoenix VA facility, preliminary report finds

Read those news stories.  If you think that the growing VA Scandal is just an aberration, realize that this has been ongoing with the Veterans Administration for at LEAST 15 years that I am aware of.  From having friends who cannot get care, to paperwork mishaps requiring the resubmission of paperwork and documentation multiple times.

I KNOW that there are VA employees who actually "CARE" about doing their jobs.  I've met quite a few of them and I have a couple from California, Oklahoma, and New Mexico that show up in my logs several times a week.  However, the upper MANAGEMENT at the VA, they seriously need to be revetted as to whether or not they are performing their jobs properly and giving proper, prompt care for our Veterans.

If you work for the VA and read my blog, please if you see something wrong, contact the IG and report it.  Our veterans gave so much for our country, for them to be treated like this is horrifying.  Please help put a stop to it and get our Veterans the proper care the deserve.

Guest Posting

It's kind of bad I had to just put this up over at the GBBL, but I get TIRED of people sending me e-mail asking if they can submit a "Guest Post" or an "Article".

For the record, neither A Day in the Life of a Talk Radio Blogger, nor The Gun Blog Black List accept Guest Posts or Submitted Articles

So if you think you want to hit my E-mail and send me a request, click the following link first.

Guest Posting - For The Record

I am an Adult not an Eloi nor a Morlock

Chuck Woolery on the Minimum Wage Increase

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The numbers,

they don't match up.

OldNFO has put together the FBI's OWN figures, ie: he looked it up on the web, which the Anti's can't seem to do.  And he has found a SHOCKING correlation.

The numbers the Anti-Gun folks constantly spout?  They're unsupported by the FBI's own Uniform Crime Statistics.

Click the link to see for yourself.

Interesting numbers…

Convair Project Centaur

I found that the San Diego Air and Space Museum had received the Archives of many old companies and was digitizing them and uploading them to youtube.  I"m very glad I subscribed to their YouTube page.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Were you ever Mad for Space?

I mean did you ever look up at the stars in the sky and think, "Some day, I'm going to go there."?  I know when I was a kid, I built models of the Gemini and Apollo Spacecraft and the Saturn and Atlas Rockets and the Lunar Lander.  When Testers came out with a model of the Space Shuttle, I bought and built several of them in differing scales.  I read hundreds of Science Fiction Novels, stories and shorts in Astounding Tales, and several other magazines.  To this day, I still read dozens of Science Fiction novels a year and I try to keep up with the various Space Programs throughout the world. 

Where am I going with this?

Well the other day I posted a link to YesterLand, about all of the old Walt Disney Land/World rides and exhibits.  And one thing leads to another and another and I was reminded about a website that deals with Space travel and all of the problems, technological, physiological and others, going from Science Fact and Science Fiction and melds them into one large database. 

So with all that out of the way, I should warn you that this site will take 6-10 HOURS to go through all the way, plus it has internal links and external links throughout that will sidetrack you even more.

So I present to you; Atomic Rockets

So if you were ever once Space Mad, or you still are like I am, click on that link and enjoy yourself.  Just be sure to set aside a large block of time to go through it all.  I STILL haven't finished it all yet and I've started over from the beginning, at 1740 hours on Sunday May 25th and it's now almost 0200 on the 26th.

So keep that in mind before you get too engrossed in it. 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Our own government treats us

as if we are the Axis Powers during World War II.

A Riddle Wrapped In a Mystery Inside an Enigma

To think that our own Nation should spy on us it's Citizens as if we were the Enemy.

For the Democrat Party, it's quite possible we are.  For as we learn more and more about the abuses by the Government under a Democrat President, the more we dislike and distrust the Government.

Funny how that is, isn't it?

The more you distrust us the Citizens, the more we distrust you the Government.

A hypothetical

I have an opportunity to possibly acquire another side by side 12 gauge.  This one is old old old, 1890's old with damascus barrels and loose headspace.  Which would require me to replace the hingepin, build up the hook or both to get it back into proper headspace without trying to sleeve the chambers which I DO NOT WANT TO DO!  As I've only done that once on a single shot 16 gauge and it was over 20 years ago when I did it..

IF, IF, IF I do manage to get this shotguna and I want it to be anything but a wall hanger and if I DO manage to correct the headspace, make a new firing pin for the right hand chamber and a new firing pin spring for said firing pin.  I will need to use ONLY low pressure black powder or black powder replacement loads in it.

I'm thinking since I don't want to mess with a chamber cast if I can get away with it, I'll have to use the 2.5" brass shotgun shells with an overpowder wad, felt wad, shot then an overshot card.  But I'm not sure of a few things.

I'll probably use Pyrodex rather than black powder as BP is almost impossible to find and I can still get Pyrodex RS for a decent price.  The brass shells use Large Pistol Primers, so I MIGHT have some ignition problems, unless I use Magnum primers.  Then there is the overshot card.  I can't use a roll crimp, so what type of crimp would I use?  or would I use the old standby of hot wax?  Also since Pyrodex is a volume for volume replacement NOT a weight for weight replacement for BP, just how much should I use?

Does anyone have load data for late 1800's 12 gauge shells?


Remember the big harum scarum about Metadata? And how the Obama Administration said it wasn't really THAT bad?

"Remember that pesky scandal where it was revealed the NSA collects metadata on U.S. citizens? Remember how many people (from both sides of the aisle) blew it off as nothing we should worry about; that it was a vital part of our national security efforts?

Now we learn from the former head of the NSA that the United States uses metadata to decide who to kill. Not in the United States (yet), but definitely overseas."

That's right...

That Metadata that has been collected is being used to KILL people.

Tell me again why it ISN'T bad for the government to collect it again?

I guess it's appropo

M249 says “Get to cover.”
M240 says “Stay behind cover.”
M2 says “F*** you and your cover.”

The rise of Mob Rule

St. Louis U. Student on the Rise of Mob Rule in America

A very good read.  and very thought provoking.

Blue has a point

Two of them actually

Stupid you are...

Afraid of Responsibility...

.22LR VS Windshield

I don't think this could be considered a valid test as the window was not supported around the full outside edge as it is when it's installed in a vehicle.  When installed, the glue holding at the edges keeps the window from over flexing which I believe allows the bullet to penetrate.  As you can see in the video when he uses the 10/22 the window is flexing and moving around.  I think if a really fat camera was used and aimed at the edge, you would see significant flexing of the window, which I believe actually lessens the ability of the window to resist the penetration of the bullets.

This is just my theory, but I would like to see the test repeated with the window properly mounted.

Magazines and Clips

Firearms History, Technology & Development is starting a new series of posts about Magazines and Clips.  And the differences between them.

From the first post;

"A magazine is a device that is used to hold cartridges for feeding into a firearm's chamber, during the operation of the firearm. It may be of a fixed type or a detachable type and comes in a variety of shapes (box, tube, drum etc.).
A clip, on the other hand, is used to conveniently hold a bunch of cartridges, before inserting them into a magazine. They are generally used for quicker reloading of magazines. Depending on the type of clip, it may or may not remain inside the magazine during operation of the firearm."

This is just in the first post, and they promise further posts on them.  So if you haven't already bookmarked or added them to your blogroll, please do so know.

Operation Northwoods - A Reading

PVC Wheelchair?

Full instructions HERE

They used 1" PVC and the weight limit for this version is only 200 lbs, I bet if the used 1.5" PVC it could take up to 350lbs.  Considering just how expensive wheelchairs are, I can think of a great number of people who could use one of these.

InsuranceCompany Bailouts?

"The Obama administration has quietly adjusted key provisions of its signature healthcare law to potentially make billions of additional taxpayer dollars available to the insurance industry if companies providing coverage through the Affordable Care Act lose money.

The move was buried in hundreds of pages of new regulations issued late last week. It comes as part of an intensive administration effort to hold down premium increases for next year, a top priority for the White House as the rates will be announced ahead of this fall's congressional elections.

Administration officials for months have denied charges by opponents that they plan a "bailout" for insurance companies providing coverage under the healthcare law."

This isn't recent.  There has been talk of this for at least 8 months that I know of.

I"ll make a prediction.  Sometime before the next Presidential Election, there will be a MASSIVE bailout.  And as a part of that the Dems and RINOs will step up with a plan to take over all the companies, paving the way for the vaunted single payer system.

What do you think?

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Check out the trigger control

American Kids are Gun Proud from a Young Age (39 pics)

However a couple of commenters show their ignorance.

And is that last pic Oleg?

What is this about?

Read this link also.

The Path to 9-11

The Culture of suspicion

"First lady Michelle Obama is encouraging students to monitor their older relatives, friends and co-workers for any racially insensitive comments they might make, and to challenge those comments whenever they’re made."

Hmmm sounds like the thought and speech police are back in vogue.

Doesn't this remind you of the USSR and the STASI Informants?

More VA Misdeeds

“This is an agency which has a track record of being uniquely intolerant to well-taken whistleblowing,” he says. “The gap between legal rights and reality is tragically broad for VA whistleblowers. … It’s almost the bureaucracy’s lowest common denominator, both in terms of quality of performance and in terms of secrecy enforced by repression.”

 That right there is one of the most damning statements in the article.

Hillary Documentary

Saturday, May 17, 2014


A brief discussion about Christianity and attacks against it by Atheists brought up this comment who self identifies an an Atheist.

I very much respect them for it.

I excised their name as I don't wish some of the Large Mouthed Atheists to bash them.

A Gift for my mother

I have a friend up in Canada who does beautiful glass jewelry.  She made up a new design and after I saw it I HAD to get one for my mother as a combination Mothers Day/Birthday Gift.

Below the fold you will see a handcrafted glass pendant that was made by my friend for my mother.

I"m going to ask her if she wouldn't mind if I posted her info here on the blog if anyone else is interested in her work.  If she doesn't object, I'll give her her own special link over on the right side of the page.  That way if you would like to see more of her work, well we can get something set up.

Have you ever had a Pain Whiteout?

Where something hurt so bad your vision whited out?  My left shoulder just did that to me.

It's not a heart attack, so don't think I'm in danger for my life.  I think it's from my using a cane.

My right shoulder is separated and torn up and I'm in constant pain because of that, but my left shoulder normally doesn't bother me.  Except that I fell a few weeks back and hurt my hip.  So I've been putting more weight on my cane to keep the weight down on my left hip.  Hence my left shoulder started to bother me and my mid back on the left side.

A few minutes ago I shifted from lying on my side and checking the innertubes back to sitting upright like I do every 15 or 20 minutes to keep from being sore, and my left shoulder decided right then to tell me "NO!" in no uncertain terms.

I actually yelled, it hurt so bad, and one of the kids came running in to check on me.  My vision went really gray and it took about 5 ot 7 seconds to return to normal.  It wasn't like when I hurt my back which was having my vision go black for 30-40 seconds, but whitish gray.

I think it's time to see the Dr and possibly get an X-ay of my left shoulder.  I might be getting a bone spur from my cane use in there.  I really don't need to mess up this shoulder like the right one.

UGH!  And I just turned 46 last saturday.  Aren't we supposed to have a 50 year warranty?

Cimate Change Hypocrisy in Action

Something that comes as a shock to a lot of our users: The average person who says they care about climate change actually has a substantially worse than average footprint.

Isn't that surprising?

Those who have and are more concerned with Climate issues are those who are the worst offenders.

Salt the Earth

H/t A Nod To The Gods


Student Suspended for BB Gn that wasn't even on school property

DEA Agent assault woman with M-16 during raid

Dept of Agriculture Orders Submachine Guns

Family Files $20 Million Lawsuit Against LAPD Officers Who Shot, Killed Son

Jon Stewart Examines How Long Serving Members of Congress Keep Getting Reelected

5 Strange Facts About the Pentagon's Anti-Zombie Plan

Only you can save the Internet: Here’s how to fight the FCC’s controversial net neutrality plan

Los Alamos container linked to nuke dump leak

Obamas list assets between $1.8M and $7M

Cost-control plan for health care could cost you

Major FCC study finds cable bills have been rising at over triple the rate of inflation

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

@donttrythis this needs to be made into a feature film

The website for the short is

I"d pay good money to see that film AND buy the DVD when it came out.

It was created by Big Lazy Robot and took over two years to make, but DANGGGG!!!  I want to see this

Why is the Airforce doing touch and go's in Corpus Christi?

Especially with a C-5

ATTENTION!!!! Jarhead, Leathernecks, DevilDogs

and all you navy infantry.  :) (I KNOW I'm gonna get a nastygram about THAT definition)

I have added a new Blog to Ye Olde Blogroll that may be of particular interest to you.

SNAFU - A Marine Corps centric blog, with a view on all things military...

You may thank me later.  

(Or try to send me nasties in the Mail, but the Postal Inspectors frown on that)

Steadfast Stanley

Steadfast Stanley from John Cody Kim on Vimeo.
My 3rd year Calarts film!

Stanley the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is left behind in the break of an apocalypse.
All he wants to do is get back to his owner…

I think this year I really learned a lot!
Music is by Devotchka
Special thanks to my faculty, friends and family!

Also, you gatta check out other CalArts films!!

How many times zones are there?

Net Neutrality

Thursday, May 1, 2014

A couple updates about the Tech issues in a previous post.

Remember this post?

Tech and Knowledge Issues

Well check out this two posts over at Ben Swann's site.  One is from January the other is from 2013.  But both should be required reading.

"Just moments before Applebaum’s CCC speech, Germany’s newspaper Der Spiegel dropped new revelations – probably the most revealing yet – showing the NSA’s vast backdoor access into systems worldwide. Applebaum, member of the Tor project, which is an Internet web browser dedicated to increasing anonymity, decided to gear his speech around the latest revelations. What came during Applebaum’s hour-long speech turned wake-up call, shook the room and YouTube views."


"If you think your privacy is safe with Google- think again. According to Rep. Ed Markey, D-Mass., who is co-chairman of the Congressional Privacy Caucus, “The new Google privacy policy is: You have no privacy.” Combine this with Google recently handing over more than 11,000 individuals’ personal information to the government, and you can probably see how this new standard feature could become a go to tool for those seeking to see and hear you without you knowing"

So you need to be even MORE careful.  As I doubt the NSA has backed off or rested on their laurels.  They probably have new tools and pieces of software to invade our privacy with.