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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Post #300

Well here it is. #300 with just a bit over 5500 unique visitors to this my humble little blog. I created this blog as an adjunct to my show on BlogTalkRadio. And now to celbrate this and to celebrate the finishing of an epic story I will have my first guest to my humble little show be my next guest. Yes that's right LawDog will be my guest on my show. Sunday Night September 14th at 2300 CDT, that's 11:00 p.m. for those non-military types.

The direct link to the show is

Please come on by and don't forget to call in at 646-478-4628 or oyu can e-mail questions to me to ask at txfellowship at yahoo dot com or send me an IM on yahoo messenger at txfellowship

Hope to see you in the listener logs.


Thursday, August 21, 2008

I made a LolCat

from an existing one I made another.

moar funny pictures


Apologies to listeners of my show

and readers of my blog.

I have been having some health problems that have precluded me from doing the show and updating the blog on a timely basis.

To wit. I have herniated 2 more disc's in my back/neck. The one in my neck is the worst of the two. I have very bad pain in my neck which radiates to my shoulder and halfway down my right upper arm, making my right index finger numb and tingly. It makes it very, very hard to sleep and also very hard to do almost anything. Driving is a very painful struggle and with getting ready for all 7 of the kids to go back to school I have been doing a LOT of driving. This morning it was so bad I had to go to the Emergency Department in Corpus because I was in so much pain I didn't feel I could drive the 35 miles back to the house. After talking to the DR and explaining the situation, the DR agreed with my assessment and gave me a shot of Toradol. Blessed Relief..... I was actually able to drive back home and get 3 un-interrputed hours of sleep, with minimal pain. Hopefully when I get to my Pain Management DR next tuesday, I will be able to get the nerve root injection performed. His office is already applying for approval from the insurance company. Hopefully the approval will be there so I can get the shot. In the future I might need to go ahead and get the surgery to get the disc removed and I don't know if they do a fusion on a cervical disc or if there is another option. All I know is that if the nerve rot injection doesn't help that may be my only option.

Apologies again to my listeners and readers. I'm going to try to be on schedule with the show and do more here on the blog. However pain makes it's own schedule and it doesn't always agree with mine.

God Bless you all


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sim is a Grandpa

Drop on by and say Congrats......


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Pet problems

I don't know just what is going on but my pets are getting hurt for some reason.

Emmett, my ex-wife's lab mix somehow gets his front legs run over by a car, when he's laying on the side of the road by the kids. They're not broken but he is in a lot of pain. The kids say they were crossing the street and the car just flew down the street swerving to hit Emmett at the last second. My youngest daughter came screaming in the house to get me. I found Emmett lying in the ditch about 4 feet from where my daughter says he was lying down when he was hit. I carried him inside and set him down and checked him out. He has some cuts and scrapes, and a little bit of swelling but no broken bones. He is laying on the couch right now, with triple anti-biotic on his wounds. He didn't like the crushed aspirin I gave him, but he's sleeping peacefully.

His younger brother Jazzy, started whining yesterday but I couldn't find any reason until I tried to check his ears. That was the first time Jazzy had ever tried to bite me. The reason for his whining and his trying to bite me? He has a tick in his ear. And it's far enough in I can't get it out without risking damaging his eardrum.

So tomorrow, I'll be taking Emmett and Jazzy to the vet to get Emmett's legs x-rayed just to make sure, and have the vet remove the tick in Jazzy's ear and check it for any nasties which could make him sick.

UGH!! Between the kids school clothes and supplies and now this. I am running out of money. Plus next week I have to go to a doctor in St. Louis. I'm driving as I no longer have faith in the TSA to allow my .38 Taurus to travel unmolested. I'll borrow my mother's S-10 as my Suburban uses way too much gas, and I can't afford that right now.

Oh, the Doctor in St. Louis is a Neurologist. I'm seeing him abut my nerve damage from my back surgery. Hopefully I can get some answers on this so I can get my treatment modified.

I'm sorry for ranting,but sometimes I just need to vent.


Thursday, August 7, 2008

2 of the females who share my bed

No not what you think.......

On the Left is Tufts, who you've seen before. On the right is Daisy, my 1 year old, shar pei, boxer, pitbull mix. I swear they sleep on more of my bed than I do.


Saturday, August 2, 2008

One is none two is one

A rather large group of very intelligent individuals that I am associated with, has this saying. "One is none, and two is one." What that means is if you only have one of something and it breaks you are out of luck. Hence if you have two of something and one breaks you have the other as a back-up. Now many people would say that this large group of people I gladly and willingly associate myself with are nuts for a certain belief we have. What is that belief? That there will be a breakdown in societal order at some time, and to prepare for it. What you consider a break-down and what I consider a break-down are probably 2 entirely different things. Many people look at the site and paint anyone associated with it with a broad paintbrush as crazy loonies who desire a societal breakdown. Nothing could be further from the truth. I don't desire to lose my power from a storm knocking over the powerlines. I don't desire the emergency responders to be so busy that my and my families personal safety are compromised, from something like a hurricane or an earthquake. I don't desire to have to defend myself and family and our belongings because individuals decide they want to take what is mine. But at the same time I realize that the possibility exists, that this situation has happened in the past and as our society's infrastructure grows, the possibility of it happening again grows with it. No system is ever fool proof, idiot proof, or disaster proof. As such I feel that as a repsonsible parent I need to prepare for the possibility that it will happen. As such I have back-ups, and back-ups to my back-ups.

A major hurricane hits the gulf coast region, (where I live currently) knocking out power for thousands if not millions of families. Roads are closed, flooded, covered in debris. I can't get to the store, and even if I could, the stores if they aren't closed from the lack of power might be flooded, and the goods it contains might be unusable/inedible. In all this one of my children falls and cuts themself. There is no ambulance the roads are closed, plus the emergency services are more than likely overwhelmed by others. The storm caused a tree to fall on the powerlines near my house, cutting power and phone service to my neighborhood. The lines are still live, and sparking, but they also supply the cell tower which is now under 2-3 feet of water so it's backup generator isn't operating either. That's right, no house phone, no cell phone, and no power, with a live electrical line arcing in standing water which may or may not be surrounding your house.

Or an earthquake hits, roads impassable, power out, no phone's cell phone's and you smell gas.

What are you going to do? What method do you have to protect your family? What preparations do you have to protect your family? How are you going to deal with an injury? What are you going to feed your family? If you have food how are you going to prepare it? Do you have clean drinking water? What about your sanitation needs? If the toilet won't flush?

One is none........

Two is one.........

Preparation and knowledge before an emergency saves lives.

And those lives might be you or your family