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Saturday, December 31, 2022

00 Buckshot vs #1 Buckshot: Which is Better for Deer Hunting? - Paul Harrell

Illegal red flag confiscation laws dealt a HUGE blow! - Legally Armed America



federal lawsuit supported by the Second Amendment Foundation and Firearms Policy Coalition has been filed in New York, challenging that state's ban on so-called "assault weapons." Plaintiffs are represented by SAF and FPC attorneys.

The complaint was filed in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, on behalf of New York residents J. Mark Lane of Larchmont and James Sears of Irving. They are represented by attorneys Cody Wisniewski, Adam Kraut, who is also SAF executive director, and Nicolas J. Rotsko.

Named as defendants are New York State Attorney General Letitia James, State Police Supt. Steven A. Nigrelli and Westchester County District Attorney Miriam E. Rocah, in their official capacities.

"The issue in this lawsuit is very plain," said SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb. "Both Sears and Lane are law-abiding New York residents who wish to own modern semiautomatic sport-utility rifles such as the AR-15, for lawful purposes including target shooting and home defense. Such rifles are in common use across the country, yet in the Empire State, citizens face the threat of arrest, confiscation, prosecution, fined and imprisonment for lawfully using such rifles."

The lawsuit alleges that when the Second Circuit previously upheld New York's semi-auto ban in 2015, the court relied on a two-step test that has since been rejected by the U.S. Supreme Court in its June Bruen decision as "one step too many." Because the Second Circuit concluded that so-called "assault weapons" at issue are in common use, it should have held the New York ban violates the Second Amendment. This new action will allow the Second Circuit to correct the situation.

The complaint seeks a declaratory judgment that Lane and Sears have a fundamental right to keep and bear arms, and that the ban on common semiautomatic firearms by New York law is a violation of rights guaranteed by the Second and Fourteenth Amendments. Plaintiffs are also asking for a permanent injunction on the enforcement of the New York ban.

"We're simply asking the court to uphold the Constitution," Gottlieb stated.

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Thursday, December 29, 2022

Why is there hate for the Mi-8 / Mi-17 Helicopter? - Matsimus

ATF Makes Huge Mistake & Admits Frames/Receivers Rule Is Unconstitutional!!! - Armed Scholar

Douglas A 26 / B 26 Light Bomber And Ground Attack Aircraft | WW2, Korea, Vietnam Wars (1942 - 1980) - Dronescapes

Ammunition Background Checks Incoming - Copper Jacket TV

The Problem with Archery Hunters - Iraqveteran8888

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Small dick energy - Paul Joseph Watson

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Why the Merlin engine was essential to the war - Imperial War Museums

The Insane Super Fighter That Was Too Weird for the Air Force - Dark Skies

WOW! 18 States Side With ATF Frame/Receiver Rule - Guns & Gadgets

Ask Ian: Civil War Tech - Why Didn't It Improve? - Forgotten Weapons

Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Canada Bans the Butt Master - Liberty Doll

Elon Musk BLASTS Google For Censorship & Laughs In Response To Twitter Employee Layoffs! - The Quartering

Tsingtao Ironworks C96 Carbine - A Fancy Carbine for a Wealthy Client - Forgotten Weapons

A Biscuit To Save Your Mortal Soul - 18th Century Cooking - Townsends

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Elon Musk Just DESTROYED Anthony Fauci With BOMBSHELL Twitter Thread! - The Quartering

BREAKING NEWS: ATF Changes Definition on Frames & Receivers AGAIN!!! - Guns & Gadgets

ATF Open letter to FFL's:
ATF Press release:

Podesta Calls Twitter "Unsafe" for Trust Council, Company Sued for Refusing To Remove Child Porn - Ben Swann

Podesta Calls Twitter "Unsafe" for Trust Council, Company Sued for Refusing To Remove Child Porn - powered by

Monday, December 26, 2022

Woke Hollywood Actors Bail Out Terrible Human & IMMEDIATELY Regret It - The Quartering

Wow, Self Defense Shootings In Texas Are Skyrocketing As People Are Getting Fed Up - Colion Noir

Supreme Court Decision Backs Magazine Ban & Purchase Permit Into A Corner!!! - Armed Scholar

SHOCKING Revelations Show Intel Agencies Infiltrated Facebook, Google, & Twitter - Timcast IRL

RWGŁ-3: Poland's Riot Squad AK-Based Tear Gas Launcher - Forgotten Weapons

Shocking Video Shows Millionaire Fatally Shot By Cops While Trying To Defend His Home From Intruder - Timcast IRL

Elon Musk Exposes US Government PsyOps On American Citizens In Shocking Release - Timcast IRL

PRISON CELLS - Christmas 2022 | Don Caron / David Cohen

Saturday, December 24, 2022

2022 Christmas Special - Paul Harrell

OTYKEN - LEGEND (Official Music Video)

The music video was filmed in the Krasnoyarsk Territory (Siberia). The Otyken is a Siberian aborigine’s music group. The marvelous combination of traditional musical instruments and modern arrangement will definitely entertain you! Our mystical throat singing, special elemental vocals, enchanting sounds of vargan (jaw harp), khomys, morinhur, leather drums will take you to the wild thickets of the Siberian taiga.

Members of the OTYKEN band from the small indigenous people of Siberia - Chulyms. The music video "Legend" was attended by residents of the countryside of the Tyukhtet district, Krasnoyarsk Territory. According to one version, the Chulyms are the ancestors of the Japanese Ainu and the indigenous peoples of North America. According to another version, the Chulyms are an ancient Turkic tribe.

The new song "Legend" is based on ancient Khakass legends. This is a song about a dutiful girl who cares about the welfare of her parents and her heart. Previously, we used these Khakass legends in the old album of 2018 (in the song "Aidym"). Aidym is the name of the guy with whom the main character of the song is in love. We didn't call the song "Legend" a «remake. We corrected the lyrics, rethought, modernized the music and created something new. Thanks everyone for your support!

In this song, we have collected modern musical genres: Pop-Rock, R&B, HipHop, Club and combined them with the traditional «world music» of the indigenous peoples of Siberia. We really hope you enjoy our work!

Members of the music video OTYKEN – LEGEND:
Producer - Andrey Medonos
Sound - Dmitry Kruzhkovsky
Vocal – Azyan
Drums – Hakaida
Vargan (Jaw harp) – Tsveta
Throat Singing – Ach
Ikili (Morinhur) - Kunсhari
Khomys (string instrument) – Otamay
Bas guitar - Aiko
Dance – Sandro

Official Video Unlucky Morpheus - Welcome to Valhalla

Hostile Takeover: How a Private Company Colonised India - Megaprojects

FPC Request Judge To VACATE ATF's New Frame & Receiver Rule! - Guns & Gadgets

ARROWS vs ARMOUR 2 - Is this Crossbow the same as Joe? - Tod's Workshop

Friday, December 23, 2022

Brazil LOOSENS Gun Control, homicide PLUMMETS 27%... You'll never believe what the media's excuse is - Langley Outdoors Academy

Supreme Court Decision Eliminates Concealed Carry Restrictions & State Defiance!!! - Armed Scholar

FN FAL/STG58 Clean, Oil, Inspect: Anvil 118

Błyskawica: The Polish Home Army's Clandestine SMG - Forgotten Weapons

Fox News LYING About Kari Lake Trial, Misrepresents What The Trial Is About - Timcast IRL

Why Haven't DROIDS Taken Over the Star Wars Galaxy? - Generation Tech

Unmasking the Killer: How the Police Caught Robert Napper - The Casual Criminalist

World’s Most Wanted Scammer That Nobody Can Find - Be Amazed

Evolution of the Interceptor - MFP Map Film Productions

Thursday, December 22, 2022

The History of Rankin Bass: Rudolph, Frosty, Thundercats HO! - Secret Galaxy

Senate passes repulsive Omnibus - screw your family - Legally Armed America

FBI Paid Millions to Twitter, Hired ex-FBI Agents: What Did Your Taxpayer Money Buy from Twitter? - Right Angle

The Snapmaker 2.0 is an All-In-One CNC Robot Maker Thing - Under Dunn

Making a Portable Inverter - VEVOR 3500 Watt Power Inverter - This Week With Cars

Buffalo Sues The Entire Gun Industry (Almost) - John Crump News

Top 3 WORST gun control schemes snuck into the Omnibus Budget Bill… This is ALL on McConnell... - Langley Outdoors Academy

What it is like to be shelled by the Russians - Lindybeige

Child Regrets Transitioning Soon after Mastectomy & Hormones - PragerU

BLOATED & INSANE $1.7T Omnibus Passes Senate As GOP FOLDS, $45B To Ukraine As US Border COLLAPSES - Tim Pool

Congress to Spend BILLIONS on Gun Control - Gun Owners of America

Emergency Standby Generator Install, DIY Start to Finish. Generac 24kW Backup Generator. - Farmcraft101

Ask Ian: .223 vs 5.56 and "Military Grade Ammo" - Forgotten Weapons

Zelensky Comes to U.S. After Banning Orthodox Church - Ben Swann

Zelensky Comes to U.S. After Banning Orthodox Church - powered by

Wednesday, December 21, 2022

The 17th century paddle stock wheel lock cavalry carbine - capandball - The very first "Braced Pistol"

Does anyone else think that this was the very first "Braced Pistol/Pistol Brace"?

A 1911A1 Government 45ACP for under $400 - InRange TV

From Aircraft to Improvised Infantry: the Vickers MkI No2 - Forgotten Weapons

Build a Designated Marksman Rifle AR-15 on a Budget! - TFB TV

Hunter Biden Laptop Is Confirmed FBI PsyOp In Explosive Revelation - Timcast IRL


Elon Musk Warns TWITTER ABOUT TO DIE, Says Its A Plane Crashing, Corporate Press COVERS UP FBI PsyOp - Tim Pool

We tested the US Military’s secret space weapon - Veritasium

When The US Coast Guard Broke an Entire Foreign Country - Dark Seas

EU Passes Carbon Tax For Citizens, You Will Own Nothing & You Will Be Happy - Timcast IRL

Democrat's Trans Child Takes Own Life, Senator Blames EVERYONE ELSE Instead Of 'Affirming Care' - Timcast

Press Release: Statement on Oregon Measure 114 - Operation Blazing Sword - Pink Pistols




Daytona Beach, FL, 17 December 2022: It is the position of Operation Blazing Sword – Pink Pistols that the recently-passed Oregon Ballot Measure 114 imposes a burdensome "permit to purchase" scheme upon all citizens, including marginalized and at-risk groups such as queer people. Much like North Carolina's Pistol Purchase Permit, a Jim Crow-era law which uses subjective criteria to deny black people the ability to own a handgun for protection, Measure 114 fails to clearly define what does and does not disqualify applicants. Moreover, Measure 114 applies to all firearms, not just handguns, and so in this manner it drinks deeper from the tainted well of discrimination and gives local police the unprecedented ability to deny the Right to Keep and Bear Arms to anyone they choose for any reason.

For example, a queer person seeking to purchase a firearm for the first time could be denied a permit by citing an "increased risk of suicide" for gender and sexual minorities. Similarly, someone who exercises their First Amendment rights to assemble and protest could be deemed "a threat to the community" and denied their Second Amendment rights. Meanwhile, members of highly polarized groups whose politics are seen as favorable by local governments could receive a pass for their behavior, ultimately creating more unrest rather than the intended assurance.

Operation Blazing Sword – Pink Pistols believes that gun rights are queer rights because lawfully owned and lawfully carried firearms defend queer lives, and that self-defense is a human right. Therefore, any measure which inhibits, delays, or prevents the ability of queer people to defend themselves is inherently homophobic and transphobic, and violates both civil and human rights.

In summation, Measure 114 is a profoundly discriminatory law that ultimately will not pass muster with the courts, especially in light of the recent NYSRPA v. Bruen ruling. To that end, Operation Blazing Sword – Pink Pistols is pleased to announce that it will be filing an Amicus Curiae brief on behalf of the plaintiffs suing to overturn this law in the Eyre v. Rosenblum suit.

Operation Blazing Sword, Inc. is a grass-roots 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to helping queer people become responsible firearm owners through volunteer education by maintaining a database of over 1500 queer-friendly firearm volunteer educators residing in every state of the USA. It also submits legal briefs (Amicus Curiae) to protect the rights of not just queer people, but all peaceable citizens, to have access to the most effective tools for self-defense.

Pink Pistols, a division of Operation Blazing Sword, is dedicated to the legal, safe, and responsible use of firearms for self-defense of the gender and sexual minority community.

Media Contact: Erin Palette

Copyright (C) 2022 Operation Blazing Sword. All rights reserved.

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Operation Blazing Sword
800 Belle Terre Pkwy Ste 200-302
Palm Coast, FL 32164-2314

Breaking: Huge 2A Victory! - Second Amendment Foundation


A federal judge has declared California's controversial "fee-shifting" tenet of the state's new gun control law to be unconstitutional, and permanently enjoined the state from enforcing this provision, known as Section 1021.11...
Click here to read more


 A federal court in Texas has granted a request by the Second Amendment Foundation and Defense Distributed to intervene in a case known as VanDerStok v. Garland, which challenges the authority of the Justice Department and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives...
Click here to read more
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Apollo 11 Landing Animation - C-bass Productions

Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Facbook Is INFESTED With CIA, FBI & DHS Employees! This Is INSANE! - The Quartering

Teenage Migrant Details Horrifying Escape From ‘Stash House’ After Being Held Hostage by Cartels - Project Veritas

Kaiten - Japanese Suicide Torpedoes of WW2 - Johnny Johnson

How Nazis Infiltrated America's Intelligence Agencies | Nazis In The CIA | Timeline World History Documentaries

Washington State Shows How To Get Sued! - John Crump News

Will Hearing Aids Help You Avoid Dementia? - Scishow

Explaining Missile Weapons in Space Combat - Spacedock

Elon Musk Reveals The US Military Used Twitter For Covert State-Run Propaganda Networks - The Quartering

Explaining Kinetic Weapons in Space Combat - Spacedock

TSA Goes Woke for $19 Million - Liberty Doll

Explaining Laser Weapons in Space Combat - Spacedock

FBI Paid Twitter MILLIONS To Censor Conservatives & Interfere In 2020 Election To Help Democrats Win - Tim Pool

Explaining Particle Beams in Space Combat - Spacedock

Populist Uprising Is Exploding, James Lindsay Says Stop Taking Black-Pills, We Are Winning - Timcast IRL

Rifled slugs are misunderstood - again - Taofledermaus

FBI EXPOSED Paying Twitter For Censorship, Elon Seeks Saudi Money Says Bannon - Timcast IRL

FBI funding needs to be halted until they come to Congress: Rep. Comer - Fox Business

Dec 20 Intel Update: More Substation Attacks - S2 Underground

The AH-1Z Viper: US Marines Most Feared Helicopter Ever Built - Fluctus

GOA FOIA Shows NICS-Index-Self-Submission Form Was Used Beyond the FBI -

 WASHINGTON, D.C. -( A Gun Owner of America (GOA) Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request has turned up documents that show the use of the NICS-Index-Self-Submission Form goes beyond just the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

In 2019, AmmoLand News published a secret FBI document that allowed American citizens to sign away their Constitutionally protected gun rights. At the time, it was believed that only mental health professionals and the FBI were using the form.

The GOA FOIA request proved that the document was used throughout the government.

Recently there has been a battle in Congress over the forms. A recent hearing over the forms shows that Congress is split on party lines. Republicans have been horrified over the use of the documents, while Democrats have been trying to get the use of the form codified into law. Dueling bills over the forms are expected to be filed over the use of the documents.

The documents, first revealed by the Washington Examiner, show that other government agencies, such as the Secret Service (USSS), Social Security Administration (SSA), and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), all worked hand and hand with the FBI to strip Americans of their gun rights by using the legally dubious form. One form found in 2017 shows that the USSS submitted a document to the FBI to add someone to the NICS indices for being adjudicated as mentally defective, which is legal under the law. Still, the government agency would go beyond what was allowed by Congress.

In 2018, the USSS would start utilizing the FBI’s NICS-Index-Self-Submission Form with subjects of multiple investigations. The Secret Service would continue to use the form to have targets of their investigations sign away their gun rights. The USSS doesn’t tell the FBI how they got the people to sign the documents leading some to believe that the people could have been coerced and pressured to give up their rights.

Click on the link to read the whole article:  FOIA Shows NICS-Index-Self-Submission