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Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Woke Twitch streamer wants Asmongold and Grummz ELIMINATED over Stellar Blade! Wants them D3AD! - Yellow Flash 2

Far Left Anti Israel Rioters SMASH Into Building, MORE Mass Arrests As Protests Grow Into TERRORISM - Timcast

Columbia University Begins SUSPENDING Students Over Anti Israel Protests - Timcast IRL

How a M1886 lever action rifle is made today. Part I. The receiver and the stock - capandball

This RARE V8 Economy Car DESTROYED Everyone - The Motion Vega - Rare Cars

History Primer 194: Chilean Mauser 1895 Documentary | C&Rsenal

BAND MAID - Mais pourquoi personne n'en parle en France ?? 😡 - SIRIUS RICK

BAND-MAID / SHAMBLES/ [just an edited old movie/🥰🤘]

The Next Way ATF Will Try to Disarm You - Washington Gun Law

The leftists keep stacking losses and just like a woman, blames everyone else - Better Bachelor

AstraZeneca Admits In Court That Its COOVID Vaccines DOES Cause Rare Blood Clot Side Effect - Timcast

Is This Really The Ultimate Carry J-Frame? - Lucky Gunner Ammo

How to Avoid the Legal Pitfalls of a Transferrable H&K Auto Sear - Forgotten Weapons

Sunday, April 28, 2024

Smith & Wesson's Cheapest Revolver - Is the M&P Bodyguard .38 Special a Lemon? J-Frame Polymer Junk? - mixup98

Deep Rust, Brazing, and other repairs: Anvil 0138 - Mark Novak

Target Identification During Soda Jug Season - Paul Harrell

The Only 3 Glock Accessories You Really Need - TFB TV

We Test The US Military's Newly Adopted .277 Fury Round - Garand Thumb

M1 Thompson: Savage Simplifies the SMG - Forgotten Weapons

Dead Eye Versus - Stage 1 - CQB Brutality 2024 - InRangeTV

Suppressor SCAM How to avoid the Can Scam - Deuce and Guns

Colt Automatic Machine Rifle Model 1919: the First Commercial BAR - Forgotten Weapons


This is the proof we needed!! (Paid operation EXPOSED) - Liberal Hivemind

The Truck That Launched 1,000 Isekai - Bonsai Pop

44 Mag vs 45 Colt vs 44 Special: Unbelievable Results - Banana Ballistics

Daly Arms "Tom Thumb" - A Tiny Ring-Trigger Revolver - Forgotten Weapons

Thursday, April 25, 2024

Our schools have failed us - Liberal Hivemind

The Most Dystopian MIND-PRISONS in Sci-Fi - DamiLee

Henry Forces Josh to Shoot Micro Pistols. Feat: Beretta 30X, Tomcat, Bobcat, Cheetah [Range Talk] - 9-Hole Reviews

Biden Announces MASSIVE TAX INCREASE, Raising Some Rates To The HIGHEST LEVELS In History - Timcast

More Guns Trafficked on Tinder Than Gun Shows | ATF Report - Liberty Doll

Breaking The Law In The Name Of The Law: The BATF Story - Gun Owners of America

Meshbook Pro - The Ultimate Off Grid Communication Device! - Rinway Manchester

Awesome Budget Friendly 9mm You Never Heard Of...🤔🤔🤔 - WHO_TEE_WHO

NY Judge Convicts Man Over Gunsmith Hobby & Says 2nd Amendment Doesn't Exist In Her Courtroom - Colion Noir

The 28th Amendment To Overturn The 2nd, The Embarrassing - Copper Jacket TV

Steve Dettlebach Says "There Was NEVER A GUN SHOW LOOPHOLE" While Talking At Gun Survivors Summit... - Langley Outdoors Academy

How “good people” facilitated horrific CIA mind control experiments - Neuro Transmissions

The world hinges on strong men. The elites finally admit we're in deep trouble - Better Bachelor

Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Daniel Defense H9 - InRangeTV

Maxims in the Skies: the German LMG 08/15 - Forgotten Weapons

Watch this, even if you don't know about VTubing - Why I left the Vtuber Community: A Warning to New Vtubers - Zyla-Gal

This is a window in what is going on today. A perfect window or mirror of our current society.

Ultra-Rare Colt AR-15 Survival Rifle, with firearms expert Jonathan Ferguson - Royal Armouries

The Disturbing World of Influencer Parents - Visual Venture

10mm and 45ACP Buffalo Bore Ammo Comparison - Paul Harrell

Australian Prime Minister threatens to JAIL Elon Musk and rages against free speech - Better Bachelor

The Story of The Terrifying Toronado: Wronged By History - Part 1 - Brian Lohnes

Saturday, April 20, 2024

Vietnam Assault Helicopters | Memories And Rare Original Combat Audio. Veteran Vance Gammons - DroneScapes

Prioritizing Radio - S2 Underground

BREAKING: ATF claim they have no video of deadly raid because they weren't wearing body armor - Legally Armed America

'Murican 2-Gun: M1918A3 BAR and M1911A1 - Forgotten Weapons

270 vs 30-06: Ending Grandpa’s Debate - Banana Ballistics

Mass Tragedy Just STOPPED! Nashville COPYCAT Just Arrested! 190 Page Manifesto Recovered - The Quartering

Joe Rogan clearly hated this guy lol - Liberal Hivemind

Are Xtreme Defense Bullets Better than Jacketed Hollow Points? JHP VS Xtreme Defense Ballistic Test - Gun Sam _Revolver Aficionado_

Friday, April 19, 2024

She didn't get the answer she was looking for lol - Liberal Hivemind

Is Hermeus the Skunk Works of a new generation? - Sandboxx

The Mysterious Buried Russian Warship with A Dark Secret - Dark Seas

Tulsi Gabbard: "Abolish The NFA"... She Has Either Gone FULL 2A Or Something Is Off Here... - Langley Outdoors Academy

America’s Missile Defense Needs to Chill Out - Task & Purpose

Oh, They Are NOT Going To Like This!!! -

Strange North Korean Underwater Weapon Spotted at American Coasts? - Dark Footage

Ghost Gun Law Bans Computers - Liberty Doll

Court Says You Are Free to Secretly Record Your Phone Call w/the Police - Steve Lehto

Trump Trial CHAOS, Jurors DISMISSED Over Bias, One Lied - Timcast IRL

PART 1/2: 11 Crappy Revolvers On The Range With Budi - Bloke on the Range

ATF: Law Enforcement or Serial Killers? - Gun Owners of America

MG11: The Magnificent Swiss Maxim Gun - Forgotten Weapons

LARGE EXPLOSIONS Reported In Iran, Iraq, & Syria, Israel BEGINS Retaliatory Strikes, WW3 - Timcast IRL

M1C [M1 Garand Sniper] MC-1952 to 800yds: Practical Accuracy not M1D - 9-Hole Reviews

Telegram Founder Pavel DurovTells Tucker Carlson The FBI Tried SPYING On Users Via The Messenger - The Hill

The Dark Side Of The Internet No One Talks About - Living a Life of Abundance

Thursday, April 18, 2024

The Pilots Who Failed to Protect Admiral Yamamoto - TJ3 History

This CONFIRMS what we've all been thinking - Liberal Hivemind

How Tyrants Force Compliance - New Discourse

Federal Court Slams Highway Patrol Over Kansas ‘Two-Step’ - Steve Lehto

Millions Left Without 911 Services, Wake Up - Copper Jacket TV

Trump NY Trials ALREADY COLLAPSING, Juror DISMISSED After Identity Revealed, Judge LOSES IT - Timcast

Space Western BANJO | chill Sci-Fi Cowboy mix - Space Banjo

Break down of one of the BEST Car chase scenes in cinema history - Bullitt 'Breakdown' (Brake Downs) - MFP Map Film Productions

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Government Weather Control BACKFIRES Sparking MASS FLOODING IN DUBAI, ITS NOT A Conspiracy - Timcast

Supreme Court Hands Rancher a WIN for Land Flooded by the State - Steve Lehto

Lying Woman Faces 16 Years In PRISON After DESTROYING MLB Pitchers Life! Trever Bauer DESTROYS Liar - The Quartering

Why did they air this? lol - Liberal Hivemind

1898 30-40 Sporterized Krag - Roaring 20's - InRangeTV

The AFT Just BANNED Private Sales?!? Can They Do That?!? -

Beretta APX - InRangeTV

UK Gangster Gun: The rare British MAC-10 with firearms expert Jonathan Ferguson - Royal Armouries

Type 100 / 44 (Late Pattern) Japanese SMG - Forgotten Weapons

Bestie - Band-Maid - Official Release - Unofficial Lyrics Video by Ohrenje

Nashville Manifesto BOMBSHELL Parents Get DESPERATE To Prevent Release In Court Today! This Is Fishy - The Quartering

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Modern Standard CCW Setup VS Oldschool Stopping Power! 9mm JHP VS .38 Special LSWC (Short Barrels) - Gun Sam _Revolver Aficionado_

Why Can No One Buy a House In America? Housing Crisis 2024 - History of Everything Podcast

Helldivers Shotgun IRL - The UTS-15 - Brandon Herrera

Biden's Kill Switch: The Growing Threat of Government Control of Your Car - John Stossel

Handcuffed Grandma Shoots Home Intruder - Liberty Doll

C&Rsenal's 2024 Q&A - All Parts

Trump Will be JAILED If He Attends His Supreme Court Case, Democrats Have Gone FULL COMMUNIST - Timcast

Democrat Lawyer HUMILIATED By Supreme Court Over J6 Obstruction Charge, Calls Out TWO TIERED Justice - Timcast

Open Carry: Roy's Favorites - Paul Harrell

Sunday, April 14, 2024

They were NOT expecting THIS!!!! - Liberal Hivemind

DIY Percussion caps update - Times Gone Tech

Texas Social Security Data Looks Like MAJOR VOTER FRAUD, Trump 2024 Panic - Timcast IRL

The Truth About Big-Game Bullet Failure - THE PEWPEW CHANNEL

Absolute... VINDICATION!!!! They now admit to "getting it WRONG" - Liberal Hivemind

How Deadly is the New 8.6 BLACKOUT Cartridge? - Garand Thumb

State Legislature Overhauls Civil Asset Forfeiture - Steve Lehto

The NEW Steyr AUG is Here! The AUG A3 M2 is in the USA - TFB TV

A Gun to Save Lives: Winchester 1886 Line Thrower - Forgotten Weapons

Friday, April 12, 2024

What Happened To The Nautilus? - Mustard

Media Pushes George Floyd 2.0, BLAMES COPS After Dude Shoots At Them And Is KILLED - Timcast IRL

ATF Hit Squad CAUGHT Intentionally Tampering With Evidence -

.44 Special VS .45 ACP - Fiocchi Defense Dynamics Gel Test - Gun Sam _Revolver Aficionado_

New ATF Rule Can Send you to PRISON for Selling “A Single Gun” - Facts Matter with Roman Balmakov

A-37 DRAGONFLY | Cessna Light Attack Aircraft | Things You Might Not Know - DroneScapes

One Tiny Gun Club Is Fighting To Protect Them All - Liberty Doll

State Court Rules than an RV is NOT a "Home" - Steve Lehto

ATF has a New “Straw Man”, the Unlicensed Gun Dealer -

 The Department of Justice has issued a press release showing that, over five years, from January 1, 2017, to December 31, 2021, the number of firearms sold by unlicensed dealers in the USA was less than 1 of 10,000 sold in the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS).

According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s adjusted calculations during the five-year period, the number of firearms sold through the NICS system was 14 million in 2017, 13.5 million in 2018, 13.6 million in 2019, 21.1 million in 2020, and 18.5 million in 2021, for a total of 80.7 million over five years.

The number of firearms sold by unlicensed dealers during the same five-year period was 68,388 firearms. They were uncovered in 3,403 cases. 68,388 may sound like a great deal, but it is less than 1 firearm for every 10,000 legally sold through the NICS system, or .084%.

The Justice Department prefers to use the term “trafficked.” It may be more correct because some of the firearms may be traded or gifted rather than sold. Of the 68,388 firearms “trafficked” by unlicensed dealers, there were 368 cases where the firearms were used in shootings. There were 265 cases where they were used in homicides. This is over the entire five-year period. The press release gives us cases, but a case might involve more than one or more firearms. It is not clear if a case would involve more than one homicide, but it is possible. The vast majority of the cases of unlicensed firearms dealing, 58%, involved a mean of 2.3 firearms, the number of firearms recovered ranging from one to five.

Click the link to red the whole article:  ATF has a New “Straw Man”

Chinese Type 50 PPSh: Founding “Gun City” in Manchuria - Forgotten Weapons

Who will ATF Murder Next? -

 The ATF went to Bryan Malinowski’s West Little Rock home last month, spoiling for a gunfight, and they got one. Now, a good man is dead – the latest victim of ATF’s overly aggressive tactics and complete disregard for the sanctity of human life.

ATF has yet to comment officially on the March 19 killing, other to claim Malinowski fired first. But Malinowski’s family recently released a statement which confirms what everyone already knew: It is extremely unlikely that the 53-year-old airport executive knew he was trading gunfire with federal agents. It is far more likely Malinowski believed he was defending himself and his wife from armed home invaders.

“Bryan Malinowski was asleep but rose to the sound of the door crashing and located a firearm. His wife believed the noise must have been intruders and she fully believes her husband thought the same. He loaded a magazine into a pistol and emerged from the master bedroom into a hallway leading indirectly to the front entryway. He reached a corner in the hall and looked around it to see several unidentifiable figures already several steps inside his home,” Malinowski’s family said in the statement. “We do not know who shot first but it appears that Bryan shot approximately three times at a decidedly low angle, probably at the feet of the intruders who were roughly 30 feet away.”

ATF agents shot Malinowski in the head with a carbine at least once. He lingered for two days and then died from his wounds. ATF did not immediately release his body, so the family was not able to donate his organs.

Click the link to read the whole article:  Who will ATF Murder Next?

Banking - gotta love it - From the Inbox

almost no one carries cash anymore...



I have a $50.00 bill in my pocket. I go to a restaurant and pay for dinner with it. The restaurant owner then uses the bill to pay for the laundry. The laundry owner then uses the bill to pay the barber. The barber will then use the bill for shopping. After an unlimited number of payments, it will still remain a $50 - which has fulfilled its purpose to everyone who used it for payment.

But if I come to a restaurant and pay with a credit card, bank fees for my payment transaction charged to the seller are 3%, so around $1.50  and so will the fee $1.50 for each further payment transaction or owner, the laundry or payments of the owner of the laundry shop, or payments of the barber and downhill from there. Therefore, after 30 transactions, the initial $50 only $5.00 will remain and the remaining $45 became the property of the bank thanks to all digital transactions and fees. 

Small businesses need your help and this is one way to help ourselves too. When this is put into perspective, imagine what each retailer is paying on a monthly basis in fees at 3% per transaction through their POS machine. 

If they have, for example, $50,000 in sales & 90% are by Card, they are paying $1350 in fees in ONE Month. Over $16,000 in a year! That comes straight out of their pocket day in and day out. You can't blame them for added a surcharge for YOUR convenience...

ATF Unveils New Change to the Definition of a Gun Dealer -

 The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) has unveiled its new rule defining what is a gun dealer. The rule will not go into effect 30 days after it is posted to the Federal Register.

The ATF decided to issue a new rule on who is required to get a federal firearm license (FFL) at the behest of the Biden Administration. The Bureau claims it was granted the power to change the rule under the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act (BSCA), passed with some Republican support. Although many gun groups warned Congress of the dangers of passing the bill, their concerns were ignored, and the significance of the bill was downplayed by Republicans like John Cornyn.

The new ATF regulation would require thousands of private sellers to get FFLs for selling as little as a single firearm.

The rule changes a dealer from someone who sells a gun with the “principal objective of livelihood and profit” to “predominantly earn a profit.” According to the new rule, the government doesn’t have to prove the gun seller intends to make a profit by selling the firearm. The rule puts the burden of proof on the accused. The seller would be “presumed” to be in business and an unlicensed dealer. Although this rule only applies to civil and administrative cases due to the presumption of innocence in criminal cases, the rule says the jury in criminal cases can be told of a person being found acting as an unlicensed dealer in a civil case, which many see as a legal loophole.

Click the link to read the whole article:  ATF Unveils New Change

Tuesday, April 9, 2024

The moment you realize everything you stand for IS A LIE!!!!!! - Liberal Hivemind

Grumman F-14 Tomcat | A Brief History Of The Iconic Aircraft - DroneScapes

The Absolutely Unexpected WW2's Most Bizarre Enemy - Dark Docs

Adam Savage Learns the Infamous "Henson Stitch!" (In Support of @PuppetNerd) - Adam Savage's TESTED

Direct Link to the video to see all of the links:

First Shots on a Sig Spear LT - Henry Mad Josh Got the "Wrong" SIG? [Range Talk] - 9-Hole Reviews

The End of Freelance? How California's Rules Become America's Rules - John Stossel

Concealed Carry (Roy's favorites) - Paul Harrell

Monday, April 8, 2024

Homemade Percussion Caps: Wet Load Method - Times Gone Tech

Ted Cruz put smug Bill Maher in HIS PLACE!! - Liberal Hivemind

S2 Book Club: Making Sense of The Troubles - S2 Underground

War Crimes, Arms Control, And the Geneva Conventions (History of Everything Podcast ep 134)

Now THAT'S What I Call a Suppressor Mount! - Hop

Head-to-Head: 40 S&W vs 357 Sig for Self Defense - Ultimate Reloader

Democrats Call Illegal Immigrants “UNDOCUMENTED CITIZENS,” A Trick To Give Them Voting Rights - Timcast IRL

Owning a Super Safety Just Got a Lot Worse - The VSO Gun Channel

Colt Viper: A Rare Snake and a Great Revolver - Forgotten Weapons

ATF Says YOU Are The Problem, So Give Up MORE Of Your 2A!! WTF?! - Guns & Gadgets 2nd Amendment News

These Ain’t Your Family Home Videos | GREYLOCK Creator Reacts to McKinney Family Home Videos - (This is NOT Me. This is Rob Gavagan)

Agains, this is a video review by Rob Gavagan, NOT me. And I spell my name GreyLocke [note the "E"] not GREYLOCK

I Don't Need No Doctor - Humble Pie and The Black Berries | The Midnight Special

Sunday, April 7, 2024

Well, well... I guess he can't deny it anymore, huh? !!! - Liberal Hivemind

Turning Cover Into Concealment: The M240B - Garand Thumb

Are 3D Printed Weapons Legal To Make? - Ordnance Lab

I Inject Water Into My Engine and Make More Power - Driving 4 Answers

Can you Use Smokeless Powder In A Cap And Ball Revolver? - Everything Black Powder

The Killer Flying Hunter of the Vietnam War - Dark Skies

California $20 Minimum Wage Law BACKFIRES, Employees FIRED & Menu Prices JUMP - Timcast IRL

This Popular Carry Gun Is Dangerous - Hegshot87

Solo Overnight Building a Classic Debris Hut in The Rain, Is It Waterproof? - Corporals Corner

Fundamentals of LPVOs: Cheap vs Expensive - Forgotten Weapons

Saturday, April 6, 2024

The comic that cost this writer his life - matttt

The Longest Craziest Most Brutal Mission of the Vietnam War - Dark Docs

WHAT?!?! Gamers are TERRORISTS now?? - Knights Watch

USS Barb - Guide 382 - Drachinifel

One Of The Biggest Cover Ups in American History - MrBallen Podcast

US To Launch APEP ROCKETS At Eclipse, Conspiracies Go NUTS Over Egyptian God Rocket - Timcast IRL

Taurus Deputy Revolver in .45 Colt - Guns of the West

Solving the Mystery of SS Nemesis - Big Old Boats

Young Woman Plans EUTHANASIA Because She Is Bored, Society Is BROKEN - Timcast IRL

Boombox / Clarion Thermal at MOGO24: Zee Goggles! Zey Do Nuthink! - Forgotten Weapons

The Space Shuttle That Didn't Reach The Runway - Why Did Atlantis Land Short on STS-37? - Scott Manley

The "secret flight" program has been EXPOSED - Liberal Hivemind