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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Liar Bill Maher gets a REALITY CHECK from Megyn Kelly lol - Liberal Hivemind

Biden NOT ON OHIO BALLOT, Democrats FAILED Sparking CONFUSION & Outrage, Trump WILL WIN - Timcast

The PPSh-41: The Mass-Produced Soviet Submachine Gun of WWII... - WarsOfTheWorld

Support Of Hamas & Antifa Is DESTROYING Democrats, Americans Are REJECTING Extremism - Timcast IRL

Webley Mk IV Revolver from Titanic's White Star Line, with firearms expert Jonathan Ferguson - Royal Armouries

Are we ready to Live in a SILO? - DamiLee

Arkansas Town Bans Gun Shops - Liberty Doll

15 of the Worst Planes Ever | History in the Dark

Republican HQ LOCKED DOWN! Hazmat & Bomb Squad Deployed! What Was Recovered & DEADLY Force On Trump? - The Quartering

Corrupt Judge PANICS, Snaps At Defense Witness As Trump Trial IMPLODES Hilariously - Timcast IRL

Trapshooting with a Muzzleloading Coachgun - InRangeTV

Biden Planned To ASSASSINATE TRUMP Says MTG, FBI Authorized LETHAL FORCE In Trump Mar-A-Lago Raid - Timcast

Sten MkI & MkI*: The Original Plumber's Nightmare - Forgotten Weapons

Alliant Powders Suspended Shipments Of Smokeless Powders For Reloading -

 It has come to my attention that Alliant Powders has recently suspended shipments of its smokeless powders for reloading. Alliant is the source of such old standards as Bullseye, Unique, and 2400, as well as the more modern Reloader series of powders.

Let me tell you what I have learned about this.

First, there is worldwide pressure on ammunition production capacity because of all the ammunition being consumed in ongoing conflicts, especially in Ukraine. The materials used to make propellants for artillery rounds are the same as those used to make small arms propellants. Many countries have ramped up production of ammunition and its precursors, including most of Europe and the U.S.

The primary production bottleneck seems to be nitrocellulose. Nitrocellulose for propellants can be obtained from various plant fibers, including forest products. However, the preferred source is cotton. The bottleneck is in the plant’s capacity to convert cotton into what is called “defense-grade” nitrocellulose.

Alliant is owned by Vista Outdoor, which also owns several other companies that produce loaded ammunition, including CCI, Federal, and Remington. Alliant sources its propellants from Sweden, Switzerland, Canada, and the Radford Army Arsenal in Virginia.

Because the ammunition manufacturers under the Vista umbrella are stressed in obtaining the propellants they need for their production, Vista appears to have made the business decision to commit all of the Alliant propellant capacity to Vista ammunition manufacturers. Thus, Alliant withdrew from shipment and sold propellants for reloading.

Click the link to read the whole article:  Alliant Powders Suspended Shipments 

Women Only Have An ILLUSION Of Authority, The Patriarchy Is REAL - Tim Pool

The Ernie Gonzales Adpocalypse - TacticalTurtleneck

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

👉Old School VS New School👈 .38 Special Super Police VS 9mm Xtreme Defender - Gun Sam _Revolver Aficionado_

Windows Will Now Record EVERYTHING You Do On Your Computer (Yes Everything) - The Quartering

This, ladies and gentlemen... IS HOW IT'S DONE!!!! - Liberal Hivemind

Crowd Stunned by Bill Maher’s Unexpected Reaction to Harrison Butker Speech - The Rubin Report

How These European Countries Are Preparing for WW3 - The Infographics Show

TRUMP DEFENSE RESTS, Corrupt Judge STALLS Case For Week, Democrats Think JURY WILL CONVICT Trump - Timcast

The New Scam You Need to Warn Your Friends About - Steve Lehto

CNN SIDES WITH TRUMP, Says Michael Cohen Stealing Money Is The REAL CRIME - Timcast IRL

Chicago Mom Told "We Don't Have Police to Send" - Liberty Doll

The German Battle Rifle for Civilians: HK91 - Administrative Results

Bill Looks To Ban .50 Cal Firearms and Force Those Already Owned Into The NFA...And More! - Guns & Gadgets 2nd Amendment News

$30,000,000 AI Is Hiding a Scam - Coffeezilla

Windows CEO on How They're Gonna Spy On You - Asmongold TV

Newly Discovered PRIMITIVE WATER FILTER! 100% Effective - Clay Hayes

The Bee-pocalypse: Another Scare Story the Media Got Wrong - John Stossel

Monday, May 20, 2024

EXPOSED! United Nations has a secret plan to invade America | Redacted w Natali and Clayton Morris

Michael Cohen ADMITS HE STOLE $30k From Trump, BOMBSHELL Testimony PROVES Trump Is INNOCENT - Timcast

Mother & Child In Home Invasion Told "We Have No One To Send" By Police... "Call Your Politician" - Langley Outdoors Academy

Woman ABUSED On Train, NO ONE HELPED, Men Refuse To Help Women - Timcast IRL

Can You Outshoot an FBI Agent? [Part 1: 1940s] - Lucky Gunner Ammo

The crowd TURNED ON HER when Tulsi Gabbard called her out on her CRAP! - Liberal Hivemind

P-51 Mustang Explained by Triple Ace Brigadier General C.E. "Bud" Anderson (1922-2024) - DroneScapes

How Long Until Russia Runs Out of Equipment - The Infographics Show

The Hidden Deadly Sea Threat China Never Saw Coming - Dark Tech

SCOTUS Rejects Major 2nd Amendment Case and Punts - Copper Jacket TV

The P-51 Mustang: The Fighter that Won World War II

This Computer Shipped With Malware Already Installed!! - CyberCPU Tech

Casino Says Woman Didn’t Win $1.28M the Slot Machine Showed - Steve Lehto

Iran's President Raisi DIES In Helicopter Crash, World War 3 Fear Grows As Israel DENIES Involvement - Timcast

Brave kid HORRIFIES his teachers by reading their own woke garbage, then his dad shows up... - Valuetainment

Gun Controllers Rush To Prevent Asian Americans From "Enticement" of the 2A... SERIOUSLY - Second Legacy

10 Year Old Boy ENDS Self Over School Abuse, Homeschool Your Kids - Timcast IRL

ATF Seizing Muzzle Devices?!? - Guns & Gadgets 2nd Amendment News

McCann Industries MAS 49/56 in the Elbonian Royal Air Service - Forgotten Weapons

DHS Admits to Monitoring 3D Printer Purchases with the Help of Amazon, eBay, and PayPal -

 The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) made a shocking admission while speaking about a Staten Island man who was arrested for making homemade firearms. The DHS, with the help of Amazon, eBay, PayPal, and others, is monitoring Americans buying 3D printers and 3D printing materials that could be used for making firearms.

The Homeland Security Investigations New York’s El Dorado Task Force (EDTF), which consists of various units for DHS, including the Homeland Security Investigations Financial Crimes Task Force, helped the New York Police Department (NYPD) raid the home of John Raia. The 57-year-old man was accused of manufacturing firearms without serial numbers and having several standard compacity magazines, which are against New York State law to own. New York law enforcement authorities arrested the man. After this raid, the task force showed off the guns and ammo it had seized during the raid.

Sgt. Rashawn Vaughn, commanding officer of the Homeland Security Investigations Financial Crimes Task Force (HSIFCTF), spoke with the press after the raid and made some startling admissions. According to the investigator, DHS is tracking the sale of anything that can be used to create a firearm, including metal rails used in 3D-printed guns. Not only is the government monitoring the sale of perfectly legal gun parts, but they are also tracking things such as the purchase of 3D printers. The vast majority of people who buy 3D printers do not use them to print guns, but buying too many printing supplies or printers could get you investigated by Homeland Security.

There is no federal law against making homemade firearms, even though the Biden Administration demonizes the practice by calling privately manufactured firearms (PMFs) “ghost guns.” The lack of federal statute banning the PMFs means that DHS is investigating people for carrying out perfectly lawful commerce. If someone passes a certain threshold for purchasing 3D printing supplies, which DHS hasn’t announced, the federal government admitted that it would investigate the buyer and monitor their social media.

Click the link to read the whole article: DHS Admits to Monitoring 3D Printer PurchasesDHS Admits to Monitoring 3D Printer Purchases

Unbelievable MACV SOG Weapon Discoveries ! - SOF Battles

An Injunction at the Last Minute to Stop ATF's Rule on Private Gun Sales - Washington Gun Law

Sunday, May 19, 2024

Bill Maher finally admits the TRUTH about Joe Biden - Liberal Hivemind

I Accidentally Photographed Something Unknown During the Eclipse - Smarter Every Day 298

How Brazil Lost Its Freedom of Speech | Paulo Figueiredo Filho - The Rubin Report

The Biggest Misconceptions About The Universe - Sideprojects

All it takes is one question lol - Liberal Hivemind

The Twingle Split Single Engine used for 70 years - Repairman22

Court STRIKES DOWN Arizona Law Requiring Voters To Be US Citizens - Timcast IRL

How This Buoy Just Unlocked Unlimited Wave Energy - Ziroth

I'm still getting hammered

 I have posted before about how my page views have dropped.  I haven't shown you just HOW badly they have dropped, because I didn't want you to think I'm trying to troll for more views.  I would "LIKE" more page views, but I'd rather get them because I deliver content my viewers would like to see.

My concern is if they are hammering my blog this badly, WHO ELSE are they doing it to?

So to show just how badly the views have actually dropped, there is the following pic.

Can you see that?  If you click on it, it will open up and get bigger.  But last month I had OVER 143 THOUSAND pageviews.  So far this month I have less than 26 thousand.  And I doubt I will suddenly gain over 100 thousand in the next 12 days.  

Now for the next pic showing just how steeply the decline in my views have been.

I did have a brief spike, then my views went downhill.  That spike was from when I posted a video by Russell Brand discussing how the TRUTH about Anthony Fauci was coming out.  IMMEDIATELY after that, my views started tanking.

Here you go folks, Censorship and Retaliation without the .GOV having to step in and trample our Rights.  Just have a "Private Company" do it for them to keep their hands clean.

The AC-47 that Turned into a Massive Time Bomb - Dark Skies

Why the Air Force is Screaming to Upgrade the F-22 - Task & Purpose

Russia's Anti-Drone Grenade Launcher Shotgun - The Armourer's Bench

The Truth Behind the One Chinese Red Dot Factory - Forgotten Weapons

Solo Overnight Game Over Campfire Pizza New Platform and Channel Updates - Corporals Corner

103 Pointless Details In Video Games That Will Blow Your Mind - What Culture Gaming

The Soviet Obsession With Venus Revealed - The Space Race

Woke Hollywood RUINED superheroes now PANIC BUYING rights to VIDEO GAMES! - Adam Post

Holy MOLY... It's freakin' ON!!! - Liberal Hivemind

Saturday, May 18, 2024

5 Mysterious UFO Crashes Before Roswell - Dark5

They were NOT READY for this guy!! - Liberal Hivemind

American bomber that ended up in Australia’s landfill - Not What You Think

China REALLY Needs this Child to Die Quietly - Serpentza - This Video MAY be age restricted

Federal Judge REJECTS 'lawfare' LAWSUIT challenging absentee VOTING RULES! - Adam Post

This viewer question had AOC in straight PANIC MODE lol - Liberal Hivemind

MORE COCAINE FOUND In Capitol, This MUST Be From Biden Family - Timcast IRL

WW3 Has Already Begun and Iran is Ready!" | Scott Ritter - Stealth

Big Pharma PROTECTED For Vax Injuries, While Gov't IGNORES Vaccine Victims - The Hill

This Soviet Nuclear Megatruck Was A Complete Joke. Or Was It? - VisioRacer

New "Mass Casualty" Gun Ban - Liberty Doll

Manage Your Tactical Stash | Gear Organization at Home - Dirty Civilian

Why Was the ATF Seizing These Muzzle Brakes Last Week? - James Reeves

Heritage Badlander 12-Gauge Side-By-Side Shotgun - Guns of the West

Dead Eye Versus - Stage 4 - CQB Brutality 2024 - "Enough Dynamite, Butch?" - InRangeTV

Even CNN Now DEFENDS TRUMP, Says NY Trial Is Politically Motivated - Timcast IRL

Enjoying Black Powder Episode 1: The Trapdoor Springfield - Forgotten Weapons


Russian forces are STUNNED by what they just found in Ukraine!!? | Redacted with Clayton Morris

The Man That Terrified Even the FBI - The Infographics Show

He went into PANIC MODE when confronted with the truth lol - Liberal Hivemind

Happy Accident! The Schneider & Glassick: A classic Revolver of the Confederacy - Cap & Ball Fanatic

Election Official Convicted for Ballot Tampering - Facts Matter with Roman Balmakov

Low Recoil Battle - .38 Short Colt LRN VS .380 ACP FMJ - Gun Sam _Revolver Afficionado_

V-22 Can't Fly More Than 30 Minutes Away - Ward Carroll

SHTF Preparedness Pyramid - Brass Facts

Friday, May 17, 2024

Spontaneous Human Combustion | Debunking Historic Mysteries - Lady of the Library

Secret castle shelter deep in the woods of Ireland☘️☘️ - Paddys Bushcraft

Solo Overnight Bushcraft - Back in my old camp discover things have changed ! - Athos Outdoor Prospector

The machines are causing a lot of controversy - Liberal Hivemind

What happens if the Air Force's AI fighter jets GO ROGUE? - Sandboxx

Is The Tide Turning Against Russia's Turtle Tanks? - The Armourer's Bench

Why Poland is Preparing for War - Task & Purpose

The Worst Internet Gun Fails #14 - The Darwin Awards - Brandon Herrera

ATF Got The Wrong Guy! At Least He Survived -

357 Mag vs 10mm: Huge Difference? - Banana Ballistics


Direct link to PDF:

Download the original PDF then use Google Document Translation: Document Translation Tool

Upload the downloaded file, choose your language you want it translated to, then click translate. After it is translated you can then download the translated file to your phone or computer.

OTYKEN – ONENESS (Official Music Video) & The Ethereal Daydreamer «SENSEKI» OST

Colt LE901, LE901-16SE, and CM762 .308 WIN Rifles...What Is The Difference? - The Colt AR-15 Resource

Halestorm - Live From Wembley (Official Video)

Red pilled men actually want better for women, than women do - Better Bachelor

Modern 75th Ranger Rifle Squad Loadout - Battle Order

Something to wake you up - Big John Is My Name - Rare Earth | The Midnight Special

DIY Bike Trailer Build Video - Steve Wallis Step 2

Youtube PURGE Begins! 35,000 Removed & New 2024 Censorship Annoucned! - The Quartering

25 Common Myths That Are Shockingly True - List 25

Thursday, May 16, 2024

Wow! Did We Just Live Through an Actual Carrington Event? Maybe... - Anton Petrov

Iran LIED About Being Attacked By Israel, Countries Will LIE To Avoid Costly Wars - Tim Pool

Biden & Trump Debate Is ON! Biden Demands Debate Happen With No Audience & Cut Trump’s Mic - Timcast IRL

ESP32 - Minimalistic Messenger - Volos Projects

Michael Cohen CAUGHT LYING In Trump Trial, HIS OWN LAWYER Says He LIED UNDER OATH In House Testimony - Timcast

Anti-gun group falsely claims Glock is responsible for "Glock switches" - Legally Armed America

The SCAM Outdoor Brands Don't Want You To Know - MyLifeOutdoors

Psych Tests at Every Gun Sale - Liberty Doll

12 Unexpected Signs You're on FEMA’s Watch List! - Motherland

From the Video Description -
Did you know that out of all the government agencies, FEMA stands alone as the only agency with the legal muscle to swipe your stash of emergency goodies?

They'll hit you up nicely the first go-around, but after that, no matter what you say, they’re coming in to snatch your snacks, your H2O, your power generator, and even your popguns.

Don't expect them to just show up without a plan. These folks usually have their homework done long before things hit the fan. They know exactly whose door to knock on and what to grab. Trust me, they’re not making it up as they go.

And you can bet your last can of beans that FEMA is eyeing your supplies to help out those who didn’t bother to prepare. Wondering how they know what’s in your basement or backyard? What might they already know about you?

America's Unexpected WW2 Panzer Annihilator - Dark Docs

Canada Just SHOCKED The World With Terrifying New Law - Russell Brand

FAIL: Anti Red Flag Law Sheriff… Uses Red Flag Laws In Second Amendment Sanctuary County… - Langley Outdoors Academy

Woke Mob DEMANDS Harrison Butker BE FIRED From KC Chiefs For ROASTING WOKE LEFTISTS At Benedictine - Timcast


First Shots on a HK UMP - Does it Beat the MP5? [Range Talk] - 9-Hole Reviews

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Something is wrong with Joe Biden - Liberal Hivemind

Google STILL shadow banning and deboosting my blog.

Let's look at the last 30 days.

Well looky there. They are strangling my blog by either hiding me from the search engines, or actively suppressing due to my content. Which is in no way illegal or controversial.  So which is it Google?

Monitoring The Watchkeepers - Their RADAR Can See You From 24 Miles Away! - Ringway Manchester

I'm confused, again. - TGC News! - TheGunCollective

Ukraine STOLE Millions Of Dollars, Now Russia Is WINNING Because Forts Not There - Timcast IRL

Get Started In Meshtastic FAST! - Ham Radio Crash Course

How the Full 9th Circuit Will Turn This Miracle Into a Mirage - Washington Gun Law

The Internet's Darkest & Strangest Websites [Vol.1] - Lazy Masquerade

Catch More Fish with a DIY Fishing Pole from the Landscape - Corporals Corner

"Political Hit Job" - Convicted Felon Michael Cohen's Secret Trump Tape Played At Hush Money Trial - Valuetainment

Judge says "Second Amendment doesn't exist here" and gives man 10 years for "ghost gun" offense- Legally Armed America

Falling Down Tried To Warn You - Moon

The History of Half-tracks, by the Chieftain - WW2 Documentary Special - World War 2

Invention Secrecy Act of 1951 EXPOSED - Why Are They Hiding 6,000 Patents From YOU? - Valuetainment

Armed Woman Shoots 13-Year-Old Girl Stealing Her Car - Colion Noir

This story is about a crime so notorious it has been dubbed.... - MrBallen Podcast

Biden & Trump DEBATE ON, Biden DEMANDS Insane Protections, RFK ICED OUT, AI Predicts TRUMP WINS 2024 - Timcast

Why Did Dali Lose Power in Baltimore? | NTSB Releases Preliminary Report - What is Going on With Shipping

Defending Yourself Against the Violent Protest Mob - Armed Attorneys

De-Googled Phones Have Superpowers! Why They're a Necessary Tool for Privacy - Rob Braxman Tech

How Water Proof is Live Ammo?? (Submerged For a MONTH) - 1ShotTV

The Mk III Snider and Ballard Carbine: The Battle of Eccles Hill - bristishmuzzleloaders

WTF Is A "High Ammo" And Why Do We Need to BAN It? -

Panzerschreck Tactics: Not for everyone - Military History Visualized

AR15A2's are back! A buyers guide to the latest A2's - Military Arms Channel


Obama Judge: "White, Landowners Should Only Have Guns & Why Can't 5 Year Old's Buy Guns"... WTF - Langley Outdoors Academy

Google Just Destroyed MSM & Independent Media & Youtubers Are Next With HUGE New Announcement! - The Quartering

SA-85S: FEG Adapts the Hungarian AK for American Import - Forgotten Weapons


WATCH: MSNBC panel GOBSMACKED to learn independents see BIDEN as bigger threat to democracy vs Trump - ReasonTV

The foldable British Barrett: Steel Core Cyclone HSR with firearms expert Jonathan Ferguson - Royal Armouries

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Before the Box: American APCs before the M113 - Cold Warmaster

WEF just admittied CASH will soon be Illegal, here's how their plan works | Redacted News

Kharkiv Battle Update, Sumy Invasion Next? - Task & Purpose

Old School "Pelvis Breakers" .38 Special "Super Police" 213 gr LRN - Gun Sam _Revolver Aficionado_

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

History Primer 195: Chilean Mauser Carbines Documentary | C&Rsenal

Russia WINNING After Ukraine STOLE Military Aid, GOP & Dems EXTACT US Economy Pushing WW3 For Profit - Timcast

Climate Scientists Says HUMANS MUST BE CULLED To Stop Global Warming, PANICS Then DELETES TWEET - Timcast

10 YEAR PRISON SENTENCE For “Ghost Guns” & Ammo… This Could Be The Next BIG SCOTUS CASE… - Langley Outdoors Academy

How Russia Opened a New Front in Ukraine - Task & Purpose

Executive Hires Gun Owners As A "Private Militia" - Guns & Gadgets 2nd Amendment News

The 9th Circuit Actually Overturns a Federal Gun Law? - Washington Gun Law

POV: You've Been Drafted to the Pacific Theater in WW3 - Administrative Results

Los Angeles Times has Lefties Eating Themselves Over "Progressive" Gun Classes… & It Is Hilarious - Langley Outdoors Academy

The Beretta 80X, The Rebirth of the 84FS! - SmallArmsSolutions

Dem Sponsoring Gun Insurance Mandate Runs for Insurance Commissioner - Liberty Doll

Secretly recorded audio just got Trump OFF THE HOOK! - Liberal Hivemind

RODS from GOD - Possibly the best 12ga slug we've tested - Taofledermaus

Can I Shoot 1 MOA All Day? (Bloke/Polenar Challenge Accepted!) - Forgotten Weapons

Monday, May 13, 2024

Congress is trying to criminalize anti-Israel speech? - Reason TV

These people just hit the Democrats with a big time REALITY CHECK! - Liberal Hivemind

WARNING, Congress To Ban "Ammo Stocks" - Copper Jacket TV

Spiders On Drugs - AI Spiders on DRUGS: Recreating a Classic Experiment


This Is First Step To BAN Lead Ammo Nationwide - Gun Owners of America

The ultimate battle rifle (H.C.A.R.) - PewView

Court STRIKES DOWN BIG GUN LAW! Who are "the people" in 2a? 9th Circuit Court in USA v Duarte? - Tom Grieve

The US Battleship with the Most Jaw-Dropping Guns Ever Seen - Dark Seas

HUGE NEWS! Judge Fast-Tracks Challenge To New ATF Rule! - Guns & Gadgets 2nd Amendment News

Bill Maher PROVES Stormy Daniels LIED In Court In Unearthed Video, Even HE Sees Trump Case IS FRAUD - Timcast

Appeals Court Says Wildlife Agents Need Warrants to Put Cameras on Prvt Property - Steve Lehto

Biologist WARNS Of H5N1 Bird Flu Spreading To Mammals, 60% LETHAL In Humans - Tim Pool

Left Targets Justice Alito Hit Pieces On Eve Of AWB Discussions... I'm Sure It Is All A Coincidence - Langley Outdoors Academy

Finland's Prototype Belt-Fed GPMG: L41 Sampo - Forgotten Weapons

Solo Overnight Camping on the Waters Edge and Campfire Catfish - Corporals Corner

Turtle Tanks, "Cope Cages" & Modified Vehicles in Ukraine - Purpose, Evolution & Effectiveness - Perun

What Happened When I Took My Beatles Sgt Pepper Master Tape To Abbey Road Studios - Parlogram