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Thursday, July 24, 2008

You would think there war a hurricane coming...

Well there was, just not here. But that didn't stop the local stores from stocking up on bread eggs water so forth and some such. When I stopped at the store sunday there was pallets and pallets of water in the aisle's and in front of the shelves. I should have taken a picture then but didn't. However I did take one the next day.

Just the day before these shelves were FULL of water and there were 6 pallets in the aisle in front of this rack. There were also 8 pallets by the door next to the pharmacy and 4 by the door in produce. When I took this picture they were all gone except for this. Hmmm, I wonder why anyone would need that much water.......

These next 2 pictures are to show the higher than normal tides. The first pic is the back of my mothers neighbors house. Mom lives on a channel and her neighbors dock is a little low but I have never seen their dock completely under water, like this.......

You can't tell but it looked like the dock was about 8 inches under the water level. Now my mom, here dock normally sits about 2 and a half to 3 feet out of the water at high tide. This is what her dock looked like.....

The water looks to be a little over a foot from the dock. I fish from this dock normally with my feet hanging over the edge, and I normally have to stretch out my foot to try to touch the water at high tide. At low tide I've stood in the channel and the dock comes up to chest. Now I'm 6'3" so for the water to be this high there has to be something afoot.

What was the reason for the high water? Hurricane Dolly. Well it's declining now but the storms are around and probably will be until this weekend. Hopefully it won't be so bad as to turn my yard into a swimming pool again :)


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Obama Jugend

From The Northern Muckracker I learn about this. It seems I've heard about something like this before here. Now many of you might not know, but I am an amateur military historian, as such I've studied WWII and the U.S. Civil War quite extensively. I am quite familiar with some of the machinations of Mr. Schicklgruber as he has been known by some. Including the fanaticism of him and some of his followers. Barack Hussein Obama II, and his followers have espoused ideals and beliefs of many former despots and dictators, I say former as they are dead now. However Obama and his cronies in the Liberal wing of the Democratic Party, seem to think they can prove correct, the broken policies that brought a group of nations under the heel of totalitarianism, for the betterment of mankind. OhhhhhhKay. What is the old quote? "Those who fail to learn from the past, are doomed to repeat it"? It is the height of hubris to think that "they" know better than you or I about what we want or need. And yet he still panders himself to the blue collar and the uber rich of our society, in a vain attempt to appear as the answer to everyone's problems. Who will pay the piper for his policies? How many more of our liberities will we lose? How many more times will we allow the politicians to rape the Constitution and the Bill of Rights?

Make your own determinations. Make your own judgements. Just please do not follow the propaganda of the various political parties and their mouthpieces.


Adventures in parenting

Some may be wondering where I've been the last few weeks. Well I haven't really gone anywhere, I've just been home with the kids. All seven of them. If I ran away would they bring me back? My hairline is retreating faster than ever, and my beard which was maybe 60% gray is almost 95% gray now. Between the kids destroying the house while I'm out and the computers doing really weird things which may or may not be kid created, I'm barely treading water. Then the financial hit starts. With the kids eating here at home instead of at school, food consumption here at the house has tripled. Add in trying keep the kids occupied by going to our families property 120 miles away, the beach in town 6 miles away and the beach in Port Aransas 18 miles away, the high cost of fuel has me struggling to make all the ends meet somewhere in the middle. Yesterday was my oldest sons 12th birthday. If he doesn't stop changing the settings on my computers he might not make it to 13.

Well I promise as soon as the kids go back to school I'll be posting more. Of course when they go back to school I hope to go back myself to finish my degree, of course changing from Paramedical-Technologies to History means my pre-requisites have changed. So I might be a little busy myself for a bit.



Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mike Mette

Once again Mike Mette is getting railroaded by the PTB's in Iowa, link over to SCC and read about it.


Questions about Barrack Hussein Obama?

Old NFO has some answers HERE


Friday, July 4, 2008

Independence Day

Please be safe this 4th of July. Me and the kids are out of range until late sunday early monday