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Thursday, November 30, 2023

OUTRAGED Chiefs Fan And Father REFUSE To Accept Apology After Being Smeared As RACIST By WOKE Writer - Black Conservative Perspective

Sen. King just made a HUGE SLIP while rolling out NEW "Assault Weapons Ban"... THE TRUTH SNEAKS OUT - Langley Outdoors Academy

BREAKING: Assault Weapons Ban 2.0 DETAILS RELEASED... Let's dive into this tyranny together... - Langley Outdoors Academy

How Inertial Navigation Changed Air, Sea & Space Travel for Ever? - Curious Droid


Russia BANS LGBT Movement As EXTREME, Woke Activists Say THERE IS NO Movement But Woke Cult IS REAL - Timcast

A Ban On ALL "Semi Autos" Introduced And It Gets Worse - Copper Jacket TV

The Source Of The Most Terrifying Signal Ever - Ringway Manchester

Primitive Technology: Natural Draft Iron Smelt

A Brit volunteer in Ukraine: looking back on seven months' service - Lindybeige

308 Win vs 277 FURY: We Have A PROBLEM! - Banana Ballistics

Youtube COLLUDED With US Government To CENSOR Americans Speech, GOP EXPOSES The Youtube Files - Timcast

Mini Tyrant Governor has now become a MOCKERY of the Gun Control movement... Senators tear her apart - Langley Outdoors Academy

City Wants You to Pay $100 for the Right to Fight Your Ticket - Steve Lehto

BREAKING: LIVE Announcement of Major Gun Control Bill To Ban Gas Operated Rifles - Guns & Gadgets 2nd Amendment News

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Leaked FBI Doc Targets 2A and the Right to Keep and Bear Arms - Armed Attorneys

Obama-Biden Global CENSORSHIP Scheme EXPOSED By Whistleblower: Michael Shellenberger EXCLUSIVE - The Hill

BREAKING: New AFT Rule BANS Homemade Silencers!!! -

No One Told Woman Her Stolen Car Had Been Recovered and Sold - Steve Lehto


ArmaLite AR180 [The IRA's ☘️ Lucky Charm] to 500yds Practical Accuracy - 9-Hole Reviews

Fixing Failures with the Sig P365-380 - Lucky Gunner Ammo

You Can't Make This Up! 56 Firearm Related Bills!! 56!!! - Guns & Gadgets 2nd Amendment News

RT-159A/URC-4 Survival Radio: the Cold Warrior's Lifeline - Our Own Devices

BACKFIRE: Senate hearing goes south QUICK for Gun Controllers... These stats are incredible... - Langley Outdoors Academy

Dead Eye - The Future of Cowboy Action Shooting - InRangeTV

Argentine Brass Maxim: A Machine Gun of the Steampunk Age - Forgotten Weapons

Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Woke students accidently TELL THE TRUTH lol - Liberal Hivemind

Why was the Greatest B-17 Gunner Erased From History? - TJ3 History

WEF Proposes POD Living For YOU, Millennials Brag About LIVING IN PODS, Your Kids Will EAT THE BUGS - Timcast

The Three WORST Black Powder Revolvers - Guns of the West

She didn't LIKE THIS very much!!!! - Liberal Hivemind

7.62x39 vs 350 Legend: WAY Too Close On Barriers - Banana Ballistics

Media Matters INVESTIGATED For CRIMINAL FRAUD, Texas AG Declares War - Timcast IRL

BREAKING: Permit to PURCHASE STRUCK DOWN at Circuit Court… This is MASSIVE for us! "VIOLATES THE 2A" - Langley Outdoors Academy

The Tiny Detail Stopping the Almost Perfect Aircraft - Dark Skies

We Got Kicked Out of a Gun Buyback - Brandon Herrera

The Gun Science Says Can't Work: Madsen LMG Mechanics - Forgotten Weapons

Friday, November 17, 2023

Oldschool .44 Magnum Self Defense Load? Federal Hydrashok .44 Mag 240 gr JHP VS .45 ACP 230 gr JHP - Gun Sam _Revolver Aficionado_

5.56 NATO vs 7.62x39: Not What I Expected - Banana Ballistics

2021 Danish 24 Hour Freeze Dried Ration Review Cold Weather MRE Taste Test - SteverMREInfo

2021 British Single Meal Ration Pork Sausage Casserole MRE Review Meal Ready to Eat SMR Tasting Test - Steve1989MREInfo

Operating the Confederate LeMat grapeshot percussion revolver - capandball

Speaker Johnson DELIVERS a BACKHAND to Gun Controllers in the House... Funny how no one told you... - Langley Outdoors Academy

How The FCC Hunted The Mystery 'Hitler' Station - Ringway Manchester

BLM Activist CONVICTED For Inciting January 6th, Media COVERING IT UP - Timcast IRL

Police Pursuit Ends When They Shut Down Car by App - Steve Lehto

This is AMAZING NEWS for Trump!!!!!!! He's OFF THE HOOK in GA - Liberal Hivemind

Czech vz. 52/57: The SKS We Have At Home - Forgotten Weapons

Thursday, November 16, 2023


How Hollow Point Ammo Can Send You to Prison - James Reeves

Judge Rules For Plaintiff in Lawsuit that Challenged Lifetime Gun Ban for Non-Violent Misdemeanor Conviction -

 Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) announced that Judge John Milton Younge of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania has granted summary judgment for the plaintiff in Williams v. Garland, which challenged the federal Gun Control Act’s lifetime ban on the exercise of Second Amendment rights due to a single misdemeanor conviction for a crime that did not involve violence, physical harm, or a firearm. The opinion can be viewed below.

Following a 2005 trial, Edward Williams was convicted of driving under the influence, in violation of Pennsylvania law. Because he had a previous DUI non-conviction in 2001 that was later expunged, the 2005 conviction qualified as a first-degree misdemeanor, which carries a maximum sentence of up to five years’ imprisonment. However, he was never imprisoned, and was instead placed under house arrest for 90 days, ordered to pay costs, a fine of $1,500, and to complete any recommended drug and alcohol treatment under the mandatory minimum sentence.

“The Government points to several regulations permitting the disarmament of drunk or intoxicated persons,” wrote Judge Younge in his opinion. “None of these regulations allude to disarmament lasting beyond the individual’s state of intoxication, and none provided for permanent disarmament, as Section 922(g)(1) does. Certainly, this Court agrees that using a firearm while intoxicated is dangerous, but historical regulations which momentarily disarmed certain individuals for temporary mental incapacity cannot be considered similar to the sanction of permanent disarmament for past DUI convictions.”

“We are very pleased with the district court’s decision,” said FPC Law’s Director of Constitutional Studies, Joseph Greenlee. “Mr. Williams is a peaceable person who should have never been disarmed. The court correctly ruled that his Second Amendment rights should be restored.”

FPC is especially grateful for the excellent work of attorney Joshua Prince on this case.

Click the link to read the whole article:  Judge Rules For Plaintiff 

MITE Tactical Teleprinter - military digital communications from 1958 - Curious Marc

80 Percent Arms Statement on ATF’s Frame or Receiver Rule – UPDATE -

 The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals issued a landmark decision in VanDerStok v. Garland, overturning the ATF’s “frame or receiver” rule and marking another significant victory for 80 Percent Arms.

The court criticized the ATF for overstepping its regulatory authority, effectively accusing it of rewriting the law without proper legal basis. The court creatively used the “cakes that look like food” internet trend as an analogy to illustrate its point on gun regulation by drawing a parallel between a cake that looks like a hamburger, or like a gun, is not a hamburger or a gun. This comparison highlighted the ATF’s flawed approach, where regulations were applied not just to genuine frames and receivers, but also to items that merely resembled them.

Judge Oldham wrote an opinion supplementing the majority’s findings in order to explore additional problems with the Final Rule, where he says “The Final Rule is limitless… The GCA allows none of this.” Judge Kurt Engelhardt, also supporting the majority opinion stated, “The agency rule at issue here flouts clear statutory text and exceeds the legislatively imposed limits on agency authority in the name of public policy.” He further clarified that the expansion of firearm regulation and the criminalization of actions that were previously legal are not sanctioned by Congress, rendering the proposed rule an unlawful agency action that goes against legislative intent.

The court firmly concludes that until Congress modifies the Gun Control Act, the ATF must adhere to the existing statutory limits. The Final Rule, according to the court, crosses those boundaries, resulting in the ATF essentially rewriting the law, a move that is not permissible, particularly when it leads to the broad imposition of criminal liability without legislative input.

Click the link to read the whole article:  Statement on ATF’s Frame or Receiver Rule

Domes Of Mars - Issac Arthur

ATF Bans Commercial Pyro

With the ATF being handed some losses, they went after pyro used for airsoft and paintball. 

This not only affects those two sports but it also effects a lot of CQB training courses available for civilians.

Click on pics to embiggenate.

Newsguard SUED, Government Caught AGAIN Conspiring To Silence Dissent On War, Vaccines, And Trump - Timcast

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Top 3 Black Powder Revolvers - Guns of the West

Windows S-mode - good or bad, and how to remove it easily - Ask Your Computer Guy

PSL54 Wars! In response to 9 Hole Reviews! - AK OPerators Union - Local 47-74

Bill Gates ENRICHING Himself At Average Americans' Expense, Claims It's FOR THE CLIMATE: Book - The Hill

The Incredible Survival Story Scientists Can't Explain - Thoughty2

30 Super Carry Federal Punch 103gr Clear Ballistics Gel Test | Not Great Performance | Shield Plus -The Gun Dungeon

Progressive Depth Rifling: the most misunderstood feature of Civil War-era rifles - Paper Cartridges

Congressman RIPS ATF shares Plan STOP Interview Andrew Clyde Pistol Braces, 2nd Amendment - Tom Grieve

Winchester Silvertip - .38 Special VS .22 Mag VS .22 LR - Gun Sam _Revolver Aficionado_

Arrested For Carrying On His Own Property?!? -

Bombshell Congressional Report Outlines Structure of ‘Censorship Industrial Complex’ - O'Keefe Media Group

Factory Ammunition Can Ruin Your Gun Or Worse - TUCOtheratt

Ukrainian Forces Fill Military Vehicle with 3-ton Explosives - Caught on Camera - Dark Footage

THE REAL SCOOP ABOUT THE ATF "GHOST GUN" CASE: GREAT NEWS but We Need More--A Lot More - The Four Boxes Diner

This Isn't A Joke.. She's Being Serious! - Liberal Hivemind

The Two Very Terrible Senate Gun Control Bills - Washington Gun Law

“Aliens” Themed 3-Gun at CQB Brutality - Booligan Shooting Sports

Worst Judge Interpretation Ever? 2A Does NOT Cover Obtaining Firearms?!? - Guns & Gadgets 2nd Amendement News

Beltfed Madsen LMG: When the Weird Gets Weirder - Forgotten Weapons

EXPOSED: This ATF SCANDAL may the biggest to date… and Biden Admin has fingerprints ALL OVER IT… - Langley Outdoors Academy

Small Arms Primer 188: British Lancaster Pistols - C&Rsenal

DesertTech Quattro-15 - InRangeTV

Monday, November 13, 2023

The Real Inglorious Basterds Punch Pistol - Brandon Herrera

INSANE Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be TRUE... - Top5s

BREAKING: 150,000 ballots GO MISSING in Fulton County Georgia, state defense RESIGN from case.. - Liberal Hivemind

FBI Big Tech Collusion DESTROYED By The GOP, Media Cries That Their Election Interference Ended - Timcast IRL

Two Unique Guns We Bet You've Never Seen Before! - Legacy Collectibles

Concealed Carry: 45 Colt Ammo Selection - Paul Harrell

Colt 1903 in US Military Service (and for the OSS) - Forgotten Weapons

The weather the last few days has messed me up rather badly. So my posts will probably be less than normal as I can't sit in my chair like I normally do.

Friday, November 10, 2023

Joe Satriani plays Satch Boogie on a Les Paul! No whammy bar! | Les Paul Tribute

BREAKING: The B-21 RAIDER just made its FIRST FLIGHT - Sandboxx

Gun Controllers COPE and SEETHE over Frames and Receivers LOSS... I hope you're ready to smile... - Langley Outdoors Academy

Your Car is Spying on You - LEGALLY - Steve Lehto

NYC ARRESTS VIGILANTE Who Stopped Robbery On Subway - Timcast IRL

Two BIG 2A Wins! - Liberty Doll

FN Five-Seven: The 90s Pistol of the Future - Lucky Gunner Ammo


Living in the great outdoors | No woman, No food ! I have a dog! - Athos Outdoor Prospector

Down Goes ATF's Frame and Receiver Rule - Washington Gun Law

ATF Director Calls For Assault Weapons Ban - Guns & Gadgets 2nd Amendment News

He couldn't believe what he was hearing... - Liberal Hivemind

BODYCAM: ActBlue Security Officials Lobby Boston Police To Have Journalists Arrested - O'Keefe Media Group


CNN, AP, Reuters, NYTimes Journalists KNEW OF ISRAEL ATTACK, Embedded With Hamas In MAJOR SCANDAL - Timcast

Glen Campbell *Guitarist Who Could Play and Do It All* (Mini Doc) - River Docs

The FBI Is Harassing My Employee (Yes Seriously) - The Quartering

The White Death Sniper of WW2 - WW2 on TV

Thursday, November 9, 2023

Nationwide Injunction: ATF Brace Rule Stopped by Court - Armed Attorneys

Woke Mayor ATTACKS & ROBS Citizens - Actual Justice Warrior

ABJECT FAILURE: Defunding FAILS and REVEALS MASSIVE hole in the Repubs... THEY DIDN'T EVEN SHOW UP - Langley Outdoors Academy

Lawyer Reacts to Panama Protest Incident - James Reeves

BREAKING: Frames & Receivers Rule VACATED!!! - Guns & Gadgets 2nd Amendment News

The 1872 Open Top Colt's First Companion Revolver - duelist1954

How ATF's Pistol Brace Rule Just Died - Washington Gun Law

Ok... So THIS is why they hate him.... - Liberal Hivemind

DOJ MAKES HUGE favor of the Second Amendment rights! - The Four Boxes Diner

Romanian PSL (Trash Dragunov at home) 🏁 Speedway [ Long Range On the Clock ] - Practical Accuracy - 9-Hole Reviews

Saturday, November 4, 2023

The FBI didn't believe the audio proof... IRL "Gone Girl” - Mr Ballen

STOP Repeating these Military LIES - Simple History

Judge SIDES with Trump against Jack Smith on Jan 6 case!!! - Liberal Hivemind

Paul's Top 10 Things You Need to Know as a Firearms Owner (Short Version) - Paul's Top 10 Things You Need to Know as a Firearms Owner (Short Version) - Paul Harrel

Bill Maher FLIPS OUT When Confronted On Double Standard About Trump! - Anthony Brian Logan

Adam Schiff JUST LOST his chance at a 2024 Senate seat!!!!!!! - Liberal Hivemind

Automakers SCREWED Customers, Now They're PAYING THE PRICE - CarEdge

The CZ75 Automatic Isn't On YouTube. Here's Why... - Forgotten Weapons

Friday, November 3, 2023

Luger Carbine: Anvil 0131 - Mark Novak

The US Navy Weapon That Cannot Be Reloaded - Not What You Think

How F-14 and F-15 pilots trained to take down the SR-71 - Sandboxx

Cheap compass vs expensive compass - The Map Reading Company

Supreme Court Takes On ATF Overreach, This Is Huge - Copper Jacket TV

The Colt Walker. Not The Most Powerful Revolver Of The 19th Century? - Everything Black Powder

Judge OVERTURNS election results! Democrats charged with FRAUD!!! - Liberal Hivemind

Secret Shortwave Signals That Remain An Unsolved Mystery - Ringway Manchester

AFT Blocked From Enforcing Pistol Brace Ban!!! -

ATSC 3.0 TV Sets Won’t Decode DRM Encrypted Channels - Antenna Man

Why Russian Forces Just Threw Everything at Avdiivka - Task & Purpose

The Fraud of Diversity and Inclusion - New Discourses


The "Loose Change" Shotgun Slug Didn't Do ANYTHING We Expected - Taofledermaus

Unanimous Court Denies Immunity to Home-Search Judge - Steve Lehto

Mauser Schnellfeuer: The Official Full Auto C96 Broomhandle - Forgotten Weapons

Thursday, November 2, 2023

ELECTION FRAUD! Dems CAUGHT Ballot Stuffing!! - Stay Free #237 - Russell Brand

Primitive Technology: Volute Shaped Blower

The REAL reason Biden halted firearm exports and why he’s pissed at Israel - Legally Armed America

FN FAL / L1A1 SLR Reliability: Ian and Mike Discuss (With Reference To The HK G3) - Bloke on the Range

The F-22 just lost a dogfight to a cheap ATTACK jet? - Sandboxx

ATF Director ADMITS to Having Illegal Registry - Liberty Doll

This clip is going viral on twitter for all the wrong reasons lol - Liberal Hivemind

BREAKING: House DEFUNDS new ATF rules in newly released House Budget... the TABLES HAVE TURNED... - Langley Outdoors Academy

Making 1851 Navy Revolvers Hit Where They're Aimed - duelist1954 - duelists den

The State Throwing a Middle Finger At Their Gun Laws - Washington Gun Law

Accuracy Int'l AE Mk1 [Police Sniper] 🏁 Speedway [ Long Range On the Clock ] - Practical Accuracy - 9-Hole Reviews

BIDEN AG GARLAND PANICKING: US Supreme Court Enters Order Just Now in Major 2nd Amendment Case - The Four Boxes Diner

The Fan Jet that Almost Changed Aviation Forever - Dark Skies

BIG NEWS! Court Schedules Assault Weapons Ban Case! - Guns & Gadgets 2nd Amendment News

BREAKING: Senator announces “working on new gun bill”… different than previous but has the same fate - Langley Outdoors Academy

‘Stop Making Us Pretend’ - Bill Maher - Triggernometry

Wednesday, November 1, 2023

300 Blackout vs 7.62x39: Never Would've Guessed - Banana Ballistics

When The Soviets Hunted Down Their Own Warship - Paper Skies

ATF wants to ban "assault weapons", but still can't define them - Legally Armed America

The rare HK GR3 with a scope whether you want it or not, with firearms expert Jonathan Ferguson - Royal Armouries

LAPD Suspended From YouTube for "Violent Content" - Liberty Doll

Absolute Mad Lads - Ruby Ridge - Count Dankula

Important Self-Defense Case Ends in Tragedy - Armed Attorneys

AR15 Barrel Length and Velocity - WWSD - InRangeTV

Police Going Door To Door Shaking People Down For Home Built Pews!!! -

Corporals Corner Tips and Tricks Video #3 Three Tool Tricks You Should Know

SPECIAL REPORT: ATF Director just SLIPPED and CONFIRMED ATF has a REGISTRY... wait till you see this - Langley Outdoors Academy

When your zoom call gets leaked. (crazy) - Liberal Hivemind

ATF Director Calls For "Assault Weapon" Ban - Copper Jacket TV

HK P11: NATO's Secret Underwater Pistol - Forgotten Weapons

Lake City NOT Canceling Commercial Contract - John Crump News

Are recent door-to-door police visits a set up and who's giving the people's info out? - Legally Armed America

Small Arms Primer 187: Spanish Jo.Lo.Ar. - C&Rsenal