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Friday, March 26, 2021

80's Memories - Radioactive Dreams

I'll be posting some of the movies from the 80's that had a large impact on many kids and young adults.  After awhile you will start to notice a trend.  And some people may start to realize just why my generation is a little messed up.

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Sunday, March 21, 2021

Sunday, March 14, 2021

Dianne Feinstein Introduces Bill To Ban All Commonly Owned AR-15s & Magazines Over 10 Rounds - S736 - Colion Noir

ATF RAIDS AUTOKEYCARD - The Fight for Gun Rights! - The Gun Collective

St. Louis Memories - S&H Green Stamps - Life in America

I remember going to the Kroger on Natural Bridge Road in Normandy, with my mother. My favorite was always getting the stamps from the cashier. When we got home, I grabbed the book and started putting the stamps in. Licking then pasting them in while my mom and my older brother put the groceries away. The one thing I will always remember about that particular Kroger was the rollerway which took our bagged groceries outside where a bagger would put them in our white 1970 Chevrolet Impala.

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Music isn't better or worse

From Youtube comments;

Lenora S. 9 months ago (edited) To those confused by this clip, it is from a movie "Our Shining Days" on Netflix. The basic premise of it is that in this school the students who study traditional Chinese instruments are looked down at, while those who study western instruments get better treatment. The students who study traditional music form their own orchestra to match the western one, and this scene is both of the groups facing off. This clip is NOT showing that one group is better than the other. It is actually showing that both groups of instruments are good, and even can be more similar than one might think. As you can see in the clip, each instrument has a similar equivalent in the other group. However the Traditional instrument group should not be dismissed so easily, because they have the unique horn shown at the end that does not have a Western orchestral equivalent. That is why the horn player's entrance was so shocking, because the Western group did not know how to "compete" with this unique instrument. Its a really interesting scene that has a more complex story than it might appear, I would highly recommend watching the movie to get a better understanding!

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

St. Louis Memories - Sunday Brunch at The Parkmoor

As some of you might know, I was born and raised in St. Louis Missouri. Until I was about 4 years old we lived on South Kingshighway next to Tower Grove Park. When I was 4, we moved up to a small municipality across the road from UMSL aka The University Of Missouri - St. Louis. Where I went to school in the Normandy School District. One of my best memories of St. Louis comes from Sunday Brunch with my family at The Parkmoor Restaurant in Clayton, Missouri. Earlier today, I saw a video about "Burger Chef" restaurants which reminded me of "Big Bog" Restaurants which in St. Louis were known as "Shoney's Big Boy", and that reminded me of "The Parkmoor" I thought some of my readers might like to know about a St. Louis Institution which was jammed packed every Sunday morning until about 3:00 pm with church goers enjoying brunch with their families after attending services. SO please click on the following link to read about "The Parkmoor"