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Sunday, February 25, 2024

"Embarassing" Fani Willis submits the WRONG DATES as counter evidence LOL - Liberal Hivemind

Holy SH*T! U.S. Air Marshals are being PULLED off airplanes for THIS? | Redacted w Clayton Morris

Cheap vs Expensive Red Dots: What's the Difference? - Forgotten Weapons

Company That Sweeps Up License Plate Data Faces Class Action Trial in May - Steve Lehto

Are Medieval Tents Good for Adventuring? | A Hard Truth - Living Anachronism

Holy CRAP... He literally just admitted it - Liberal Hivemind

What Happened to Electromagnetic Tank Armor? - Task & Purpose

5 Reasons Why You DON'T Need A 45 ACP - Banana Ballistics

Solo Overnight Building a Convection Oven Shelter in the Snow and Bacon Pancakes - Corporals Corner

Does Size Matter? | Explosive Shaped Charge Comparison - Ordnance Lab

The Ultimate KelTec P17 With Red Dot - DEUCE and GUNS

Friday, February 23, 2024

WW2 Soviet Sniper Aces - Story Time [Range Talk] - 9-Hole Reviews

Microsoft ADMITS They Are Paying White People LESS, This Is ILLEGAL - Timcast IRL

Rome's GENIUS border defense strategy | 3D modeling the Rhine frontier - Historia Militum

How Finland Survived a 1,000,000+ Soviet Invasion (1939-1940) FULL DOCUMENTARY - Invicta

Google Is RIGGING 2024 Election, Data PROVES They Are Pushing Far Left Through Search - Timcast IRL

Google BUSTED by AI Refusing to Show White People & Distorting History | Shuts it DOWN in PANIC! - Overlord DVD

ALERT: 100,000’s More Safes Added to RECALL… Safes from MAJOR RETAILERS AFFECTED… - Langley Outdoors Academy

Silencers are NOT Silent - Simple History

She was right all along....... - Liberal Hivemind

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Man gets communist activists to PACK UP & LEAVE with 1 question lol - Liberal Hivemind

Trans Athlete INJURES 3 girls during rough high school basketball game - Liberal Hivemind

This Billion Dollar Space Gamble Is About to Change Earth Forever - Thoughty2

FRAUDULENT Scientific Study EPIDEMIC Destroying Credibility of Medical Research: Report - The Hill

The Badass Story of the Dad's Army - Today I Found Out

Congress & Elites Selling Off Stock Signals MAJOR MARKET CRASH Is Coming, Get Ready 2024 - Timcast IRL

New York Fraud Verdict Against Trump BACKFIRES, Democrats BEG Investors Not To Leave - Timcast IRL

My Phone: A Privacy Expert Doesn’t Like What She Finds - John Stossel

Woman Spent Six Days in Jail for 'Stolen' Rental Car She Returned Six Years Ago - Steve Lehto

Top 5 Big Bores That Failed Epically - Madmen Review

State Using Insurance to Force Gun Registry - Liberty Doll

Small Arms Primer 191: Nepalese Gehendra - C&Rsenal

Monday, February 19, 2024

The Infamous Countess Of Castiglione - Factinate

She accidently admitted the TRUTH about - Liberal Hivemind

The Mona Lisa Mystery - DW History and Culture

NBC News Attacks Youtubers; YouTube Defends - The VSO Gun Channel

AS Shooting Details BACKFIRE They Blame Guns, Then Crime, Then Racism, Now It Is Abject Fear... - Langley Outdoors Academy

Craziest Gun Safety Device I've seen - GOSAFE - Military Arms Channel

Fake Silver? How to Identify Counterfeits! - SpegTacular

America's Most Horrifying Submarine Disaster of WW2 - Dark Seas

Trump ORDERED To Pay $365 MILLION In NY Fraud Case, They Are LYING About Trump - Timcast IRL

Annual Registration Of Firearms?! - Guns & Gadgets 2nd Amendment News

L41: Arado's WW2 Experimental MP40 Silencer - Forgotten Weapons

Saturday, February 17, 2024

The Hall flintlock breech loading rifle - History of development - Part 1 - capandball

The first Rifle Muskets: Chambers and Sabots and Pillars (oh my!) - Paper Cartridges

H&R 686 | 22lr and 22 Magnum Double Action SAA Clone - The Gun Dungeon

The Only Revolver I Regret Buying - Guns of the West

YouTubers Who Destroyed Their Career With 1 Video - Internet Archivist

SHOCK: Democrat CAUGHT Rigging Elections Was Being PAID By FEDS | Gov. PAYING For Election Fraud!? - Benny Johnson

NYT Inadvertently Throws Gun Control Under The Bus… KC Details are putting Gun Controllers In A BIND - Langley Outdoors Academy

[Enemy At the Gates] WW2 Snipers - Mosin vs Kar98k - "Pick One" Scenario Brief (Ep.7) - 9-Hole Reviews

Kid Faces Charges For Toy Gun on Zoom - Liberty Doll

M91/30 PU Sniper at the Range - Forgotten Weapons

Thursday, February 15, 2024

CIA PANICS Over Missing Binder, RAIDS Trump Over It According To New Theory - Timcast IRL

The Real DEI Program - New Discourses

Green Berets Framed In Vietnam By The CIA | John Stevens Berry was their Attorney | PTSD Lawyers - Veterans Disability Lawyers - Berry Lawyers

CONSPIRACY Underway To STOP Trump 2024, New Report Says CIA HIDING Evidence Of Democrat COUP Attempt - Timcast


National Security Threat: Russia's Orbital Nuke Announcement - Sandboxx

WHIPLASH: Super Bowl Shooting Causes Media To Let Quiet Part Slip Around Gun Control… "Pessimism"... - Langley Outdoors Academy

The Brutal US Colonel Who Refused to Surrender - Dark Docs

California To Require ANNUAL Firearm "Registration" Just Like Your Vehicle - Copper Jacket TV

He's been trying to WARN YOU for years.... - Liberal Hivemind

Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Gun Shop Fined $3 Million for Selling Mags - Liberty Doll

Wait, .22s Are "aSaLt WePuNz" Now?!? New Bill Bans Transfer Of Even Tube Fed Rimfires!!! -

Man Charged With FELONY For Doing BURNOUT On Rainbow Pride Intersection in Florida - Timcast

BREAKING: SENSITIVE Places Was Just NUKED From Orbit... NO CHARGES For Tourist SHOOTING MIGRANT... - Langley Outdoors Academy

Disney CEO CAUGHT ON TAPE Admitting Woke Plans & DERRANGED Reasoning Why! Time To Cancel Disney Plus - The Quartering

They Are Lying to you About the Undetectable Firearm Act - The VSO Gun Channel

A Green Beret Shows You How to Shoot a 8 Minutes - TFB TV

FOR SALE: Gun Owners' Information! - Guns & Gadgets 2nd AMendment News

Mud Test: Sig M17 / P320 - InRangeTV

NEW: Gun Controllers Use AI to RECREATE Voices Of The DEAD & Harass Pro 2A Politicians... CRINGE - Langley Outdoors Academy

Patchett Machine Carbine Mk I: Sten Becomes Sterling - Forgotten Weapons

The Depths That Government Will Go to Keep You Disarmed - Washington Gun Law

Galil PDW (tiny 7.62x39)... better than a 300blk? - 9-Hole Reviews

White Libs Turn Illegals Into In-Home SERVANTS: 'My Own Personal Chef!' | Internet OUTRAGED - Benny Johnson

"Differences Between Jan. 6 & BLM Protests" #SOC119

Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Ethan Klein BOMBSHELL On Degenerate Youtubers Who Love "Basically CP" ! Vaush Blasted H3 Podcast - The Quartering

A Look at Alex Van Halen's Gear (Part 2) with Kurt Ekstrom - EP 232 - Drum History Podcast

Are Roku TVs Hiding Local Channels from an Antenna? - Antenna Man

Police ROASTED For Launching Investigation To Determine Trans Shooters Pronouns - Timcast

BREAKING: You've just been betrayed - Liberal Hivemind

Media Bias: Subtle (and Not So Subtle) Ways Journalists Slant the News - John Stossel

Federal Gov't Is Buying Gun Ownership Data Without A Warrant! - Gun Owners of America

Ukrainian Bradley Battles Russian T90M Tank near Avdiivka - Task & Purpose

Dems Vote To Protect Domestic Abusers - Liberty Doll

Picking the wrong defensive rifle - Military Arms Channel

Details emerge about trans-shooter at Texas mega-church - Legally Armed America

Democrats PANIC As Youth Vote ALL IN FOR TRUMP, Neo-Cons QUIT GOP Because Trump Opposes WAR - Timcast

Left Is Now SPECIFICALLY TARGETING WOMEN IN DANGER… Mini-Tyrant Is Going To DESTROY Gun Control… - Langley Outdoors Academy

The Secret Missile that Started an Entire War - Dark Docs

Senate BACKSTABS America, Votes On Ukraine Funding During Super Bowl While People Are Distracted - Timcast IRL

SOLD OUT! Republicans CAVE On Border, Yet Agree To Send BILLIONS Overseas! - Guns & Gadgets 2nd Amendment News

We Got Kicked Out of Shaq’s Gun Buyback - Brandon Herrera

Friday, February 9, 2024

A Shotgun Slug Designed by a Psychopath (the good kind) - Taofledermaus

This is How You Force Assault Weapon Bans Before the Supreme Court - Washington Gun Law

There's no excuse for this - Liberal Hivemind

Feds Give Woman Her Money Back After Court of Appeals Win - Steve Lehto

Nostalgia for Deep Space | ASMR Banjo Meditation - Space Banjo

BREAKING: GOA DEMANDS Senate GRILL Treasury Secretary Yellen for TRACKING GUN OWNERS PURCHASES... - Langley Outdoors Academy

Turn Any AR into a Gatling Gun: Freedom Ordnance FG-15 - The VSO Gun Channel

Maine Cancels Gun Safety Classes - Liberty Doll

Ultra-Premium S&W Performance Center Model 3566 - Forgotten Weapons

Thursday, February 8, 2024

Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Owner Of Largest Adult Content Website Was DEFENSE ATTORNEY For Child Abusers - Tim Pool

Steven Crowder BLOWS THE LID Off ANOTHER School "Mass Event" Massive Coverup! Parents NEVER TOLD! - The Quartering

EXCLUSIVE: Wisconsin School Covers Up “Columbine” Style Manifesto! - Louder With Crowder

Leftist Media Turns On Gun Controllers… They Are OPENLY USING RACISM… - Langley Outdoors Academy

The Guns of 1873 - With Annette Evans - InRangeTV

Everything Wrong with the Sniper Rifles in "Enemy at the Gates” - Forgotten Weapons

Language Learning Motivation - BAND-MAID: DICE/Hate? - Centurys Transformation

Special: The Best and the Worst Great War Revolvers - C&Rsenal

Ian McCollum | Forgotten Weapons & Reviewing Niche Historical Firearms