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Friday, January 19, 2018

If you can help

Could you give a little bit to my daughter and her new husband's Go Fund Me?  They are still trying to clear themselves of the debt they incurred after Hurricane Harvey destroyed their apartment and forced them to move to San Antonio and find new employment.

Their Campaign is here:

Right now, they are trying to just get all of their banks and cards paid down so they have breathing room.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Update on my family's situation post Harvey

I've been working on trying to get my power hooked back up at my house so I can quit running a generator.  My health, and the cold weather haven't been helping.

I finally got powert back to my aerobic septic system, plugging it in to my generator.  It worked!! for about 10 minutes, then it popped the breaker on the generator.  After further investigation, I'm going to have to do a LOT of work to get it to meet code again.

I'm also trying to get the remains of the three trailers at the back of the property removed.  Many organizations which have helped others have said that the debris it too far back from the street and they cannot help.  So I need to find the money to rent a bulldozer to push all the debris to the street for the stte to pick it up.  I only have 3 to 4 weeks left before the state will no longer collect the debris.

I'm going to have to sell my 1995 Dodge Dakota, as it doesn't have the capacity my Silverado does and it's V-6 isn't strong enough to tow my RV/Trailer/Camper.

Enough about all that.  I'm going to post up some photos showing where we are now.

My ex-wife bought a used trailer, however she ran out of money to get a power pole and to get it tied down and leveled properly, so I'm trying to help her out with that.

For power she is using a generator.  I had to fabricate a "Suicide Cord" for her so she has power.  And yes before you say it, I KNOW.  The cord has that name for a reason.  And since her house isn't even hooked into ANY grid it isn't an issue at the moment.  So don't leave me the comments, I KNOW ALREADY.

As you can see it isn't tied down or even properly leveled yet. We have most of the materials to level it, but we still need to get ground anchors and tie down straps for it.

The remains of her old house which I have to get pushed to the street somehow.

More photos of same.

More photos

All this debris has to be pushed to the street so the state can come get it.  Or I'm going to have to pay to have it removed.  The county is already threatening me with tickets and jail time if I don't get it removed.

That WAS a good riding mower.  The boys have been using a DR String trimmer to try to cut the grass, but the engine is about to give out as it wasn't designed to cut acres of grass and running for 8-10 hours a day

One of my 2-Cycle generators I use at my trailer to try to keep my 2 12v Deep Cycle batteries charged.

The generator I use to run my RV/Trailer/Camper

Between my Ex's generator and mine we use about $24.00 to $35.00 a day in gasoline.  And sorry, neither she nor I have that much money.  So I run my generator as little as possible.  Since New Years day, we've used over 60 gallons of gasoline  And I'm having to change the oil in the generators every 3 days.

 Still no meter on my pole.  So far I"ve spent almost $400.00 getting all the parts and new wires to repair it.  Someone asked me why I just didn't buy a new already assembled pole and panel, currently they start at $765.00 and go up.  Since mine is a 200 AMP panel and meter junction box, Home Depot and Lowes has those for just under $900.00.  I think I'm getting off rather cheap just rebuilding it myself.

I had to replace the Propane Gas Regulator and hoses for the trailer.  The local RV Supply house wanted over $100.00 for the regulator WITHOUT the hoses.  Thank God I found this one on E-bay with the hoses for $59.00 with free shipping.

I'm still trying to get the furnace working.  Tomorrow, I'm going to have to bite the bullet and pull the main control board and take it in and see if one of the local RV Repair centers has the tester for the board.  I don't have $380.00 for a new furnace, and if the board is bad, most of the prices for a replacement controller run from $115.00 up to almost $200.00

For emptying the black water tank I had to buy one of the Camco portable tanks.  $101.56 with the tax for a small 10 gallon blue plastic tank on wheels with a 3" RV swivel fitting.  Since my trailer has the only working toilet we are having to dump the trailer's black water tank every other day.  Not fun filling the portable tank,. then having to put it in the bed of the Silverado and taking it to my mother's house to dump into her septic system.

So I'm trying to get all this stuff done.  I've been trying to do it without asking for financial help, since I've already gotten so much help from everyone.  My problem is the county is saying "GET THIS DONE OR GO TO JAIL, and possibly lose your property."

So I hate do to this, but I'm going to ask.

If you can afford it and you wish to help.  You can send me money through PayPal at
 or you can send money through Go Fund Me at the page my daughter set up at Fundraiser for Mark Anderson by Mary Louise Anderson : Help for Anderson Family

So please, if you can and if you wish to, I really would appreciate some more help.