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Saturday, July 18, 2009

A violation of the public trust

From Marko I found this story about a Police Officer in California, who used his position as a Law ENFORCEMENT Officer, to force a woman under the threat of violence to perform a sexual act on him. Please read the story HERE.

H/T Marko


Adam Savage Interview with Reason Magazine

Mild Language Warning


Political Censorship

When someone disagrees with something you say, they can ignore you, and look elsewhere. Or as some people have done, click on the little "Flag" button here on Blogger. Girl in Shorts has been flagged as "Objectionable", which normally means there is adult content, ie: lots of nudity. Well I have looked at her blog, and there is one, photo of a topless woman seen from the side, and I don't find it objectionable. It was to make a point in her post, and it does. However there are many people who do not agree with her politics, and use any excuse to block people from seeing her views which do not agree with their own. Hence the "Flag" and now she has a label as an "Objectionable" blog.

You saw this same thing during the election last year when certain supporters of certain politicians used the "Flag" button in an attempt to stop the dissemination of information which could harm their candidates campaign. And here it is happening again.

Please don't let it happen. Go to Girl In Shorts and read her post. Then go to the blogger forum and express your opinion.

H/T Instapundit


Saturday, July 11, 2009

Open your eyes

For almost 2 weeks, we have been bombarded with all the details of Michael Jacksons life, death, kids, family problems, money problems etcetera ad nauseum.

The MSM has spoon fed us this pap diverting our attention from other things going on. such as, Cap and Trade, which is actually a hidden tax on every person in the country. The possibility of the CIA misleading congress. When in fact it is an attempt by the Democratic party to save Nancy Pelosi from her own lies. What else are they trying to hide from us?

Open your eyes, don't rely on the MSM for your news, seek it out yourself. Make your own determination. Use your own judgment and make your own decisions. Don't let someone else make up your mind for you.

Remember in between white and black there are shades of gray. Be sure you see the subject for what it actually is.


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

100 Mile CB

This post has been updated a couple of times. See the two following links as well.

100 Mile CB AGAIN!!

Preparedness Video Project Tips and Tricks 100 Mile CB

If you want to have a CB that will reach 100 miles, you will have to break quite a few laws to do that.

First you will have to modify your radio, which voids it type certification and makes illegal for you to use after that. It can only be used legally again if you send it to an authorized repair center and have your modifications reversed.

Then you will have to increase it's power output. By Law a CB is limited to 4 watts forward power. To get a range of 100 miles you will need to amplify that by the use of a linear amplifier which is illegal for use on the CB frequencies. If you are a Licensed Ham Operator you can use an amplifier but not on the CB bands. Only on the bands you are licensed for.

You would then need a very good antenna, not one of those 19.99 mag mount specials. Expect to pay 100 plus just for the antenna the mount and the coax will run you some bux also.

If you do get all of this together, you will need the power to run your radio and your amp. Most automobile batteries will last about 10 minutes powering such a setup. If you run your engine to keep charging the battery, with the amount of power you are putting out, you will probably fry your cars electronics, and you will destroy your battery as well.

Is it worth it?

When you can spend less than 20.00 to get a Technician license, and you can get a decent 2 meter mobile radio with a good antenna, that will only use 6-10 amps of power but will put out anywhere from 40 to 100 watts of power, for less than 250.00. And if you tie in to linked repaeters you can talk for hundredS, that is several hundred miles.

Is it worth possibly getting arrested, losing your car and your radio, and very large fines, just to be "cool"?

If you are interested please click on THIS link and see about getting a HAM license.


Hmmmmm Wonder why they came by,

Evidently they might have the same taste in firearms that I have.


Bank Of America has endangered the life of 2 people

through their callous uncaring attitude, poor customer service and in general poor business ethisc.

Part one

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Please read and I hope you have taken your blood pressure medication.

H/T JayG


Is this guy for real?

A hit job on Palin, the democratic party and I still can't figure it out. HERE



Monday, July 6, 2009

Well now,

After someone tailgated me for 15 miles today and they wouldn't take the hint to pass me when I slowed down and even pulled onto the shoulder to let them pass they still hung off my bumper I made this.

make custom gifts at Zazzle

If you like please order some.

I could always use some extra fundage :o)


Friday, July 3, 2009

More work around the house

Here is my daughter Melissa's clubhouse, I'm building, that I've been twittering about. This started off as 7, 4 inch landscaping timbers, as she tried to make her own place away from her siblings. Well I took those timbers added 3 4 X 8 sheets of OSB, and started to build her a real clubhouse.

These pics only show 2 of the walls and the roof beams

I have the back wall added now, and I"m getting ready to frame in the windows I salvaged from an old camper. I'm also going to build a door for it myself using some leftover paneling from my project of building the wall for the boys room.

I'll post some more pics as I get further along.


Governor Sarah Palin is stepping down

as Governor of Alaska. I'm watching her speech as I type this, and while I admire the woman a lot for what she has done, and much of what she stands for. I cannot understand what the heck she is saying. She is jumping around from point to point and her many breaths make it as if she is trying to get her message out before someone cuts off the microphone.

Ok, now it seems as if she is saying, the reason she is resigning because of the FedGov is trying to force the porkulous dollars on her state.

Ok, now she's talking about the ethics complaints.

Get to the point....

now she's talking about her and her husband's financial issues and false accusations.

Ahhh, it's coming to a point. She doesn't feel that she and her staff cannot do their jobs because of all the idiots making accusations they have to then defend against.

Ok, kinda rambling now..........

uhhh, now she seems kinda whiny. I think... hmmmmm...

ok, reference other governors just taking a paycheck and calling in.

Fox just cut off her off.

I'm done.

I think this is rediculous that the politics as usual has hurt the state of Alaska. I don't think Gov. Palin will be putting herself forth in the national political arena after this.