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Monday, October 2, 2023

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WIN: Federal Judge Issues Preliminary Injunction Against Maryland Public Carry Bans -

 Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) announced today that United States District Court Judge George L. Russell, III has issued a preliminary injunction against Maryland’s ban on firearm carry in locations selling alcohol, private buildings or property without the owner’s consent, and within 1,000 feet of a public demonstration. The opinion in Novotny v. Moore can be viewed at

“As for the other statutes cited by State Defendants, they are not similar to SB 1’s restriction on locations selling alcohol because they do not impose a ‘comparable burden on the right of armed self-defense,’” explained Judge Russell in his order. “Those historical statutes prevented only intoxicated individuals from carrying firearms, while SB 1 bans all people present at locations selling alcohol from carrying.”

“We’re elated that the Court has seen the error of Maryland’s ways and has prevented the state from enforcing certain provisions of its law prohibiting peaceable carry permit holders from carrying their arms in a vast number of locations around the state,”

…said Cody J. Wisniewski, FPC Action Foundation’s General Counsel and Vice President of Legal, and FPC’s counsel. “Of course, the Court did not grant our motion in full, and is allowing the state to enforce restrictions on some locations that still do not fall within our Nation’s historical tradition of firearm regulation. On that front, FPC is evaluating its next steps.”

FPC is joined in the litigation by Maryland Shall Issue and the Second Amendment Foundation.

Individuals who would like to join the FPC Grassroots Army and support important pro-rights lawsuits and programs like these can sign up at Individuals and organizations wanting to support charitable efforts to restore the Second Amendment and other natural rights can also make a tax-deductible donation to the FPC Action Foundation.

Firearms Policy Coalition (, a 501(c)4 nonprofit organization, exists to create a world of maximal human liberty, defend constitutional rights, advance individual liberty, and restore freedom. FPC’s efforts are focused on the Right to Keep and Bear Arms and adjacent issues, including freedom of speech, due process, unlawful searches and seizures, separation of powers, asset forfeitures, privacy, encryption, and limited government. The FPC team are next-generation advocates working to achieve the Organization’s strategic objectives through litigation, research, scholarly publications, amicus briefing, legislative and regulatory action, grassroots activism, education, outreach, and other programs.

FPC Law ( is the nation’s first and largest public interest legal team focused on the Right to Keep and Bear Arms and the Second Amendment litigation and research space leader.

Firearms Policy Coalition

Sunday, October 1, 2023

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