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Thursday, April 30, 2009

A piece of History.

I live north of Corpus Christi but I travel there several times a month of Doctors appointments. On my way to the doctor I drive past this.

This ia a replica of the Nina, one of the ships Columbus brought to the New World. In Corpus Christi also resides the Pinta, and the Santa Maria. However only the Nina is in the water at this time and barely seaworthy. These ships were given to the city of Corpus Christi by the government of Spain to commerate the 500th aniversary of the Columbus' voyage.

At this time, the other two ships are out of the water at the Corpus Christi Science and History Museum. Now if you have ever sailed a wooden ship you know they cannot be out of the water unless they are treated to withstand the loss of water from it's timbers. The Pinta and the Santa Maria have not been treated. And they are rapidly deteriorating from it. The Curator of the Museum, has not taken care of the ships properly. And according to individuals I've spoken with, has stated that he wants to scrap the Nina, and the Santa Maria, and just refurbish the Pinta. These ships are gifts from the Spanish Government. As such they should be properly maintained and made available for everyone.

The Nina, which is still in the water at the T-head in the Corpus Christi Harbor. The hull needs to be repitched, and all the wood refinished. Until a few years ago, the ship was taken out and sailed on a regular basis. Sadly the ship is no longer in such condition to do so.

If you are interested in helping to get the ships properly retored and back on the water where they belong so they can be sailed, please link on over to this new blog. Columbus Sailors Association It waqs just started but the goal is to raise awareness and to try to get all three ships restored and back on the water here they belong.


Friday, April 24, 2009

It's been awhile

since I've posted here. Just a bit to let you know what's up. Well on the 27th of last month my 15 year old daughter Mary was in an accident in our Suburban with my ex wife her mother. Mary had to get some stitches on her leg and her mother broke her right tibia and fibula and both big toes. Mary came home the same day, her mother was in the hospital until last thursday. My ex wife is staying here at my house until she can get around herself. Hence, she has my bedroom and I'm on the couch. Compared to the alternative, I'm not complaining. I already got another vehicle, another 1994 GMC Suburban 4 wheel drive, almost the same except the exterior color.

Some pics....

From when I first got there.

See where the front bumper is in comparison to the curb.

The Suburban was pushed almost 17 feet.

The whole front quarter of this 1/2 ton 4 wheel drive has been crushed.

This is at the tow yard. You can see the roof is buckled.

The engine mounts are destroyed, and the frame is crushed at the corner.

To give you more of an idea of just how violent the collision was.

Mary and her mother both say that my daughter had the green arrow when they were hit. The guy who hit them and the local PD say she didn't. We'll see after I get the attorney and an independent investigator involved.

I've already gotten a replacement Suburban. My cousin who lives about 100 yards away helped me buy another 1994 GMC Suburban. This one however has some added Oooompphh!!

Look at that heavy duty grill guard and bumper.

Clean body lines.

I really really like this one.

Unfortunately, on the way to pick up this Suburban, I had a booboo.

This is what happens when a small truck meets a large deer.

Actually I hit two deer. 1 with the S-10 and 1 with the tow dolly I was pulling behind it. Thank God for electrical tape, or I wouldn't have been able to continue drving until it got light.

So that is part of what I've been doing. If I feel better tomorrow I will post about my trip to St. Louis.