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Friday, November 30, 2012

Another Fast & Furious? I think Jay is on to something

"Forgive me for being just a little bit paranoid here, but we're seeing two different incidents where over a hundred firearms were stolen off of common carriers. The first one was handguns. The second was rifles. The tinfoil hat side of me can't help but look at "Fast & Furious" and wonder if this isn't another "under the radar" deal to drum up support for more gun control."

Click the above go RTWT

What I would like Republicans in Congress to do

Is to stand up on national TV and tell Obama and his cronies and minions to shove it.  No tax increases now without non-defense spending cuts NOW.  Not cuts 3 or 4 years from now, but cuts NOW.  And they HAVE to be Non-Defense cuts. 

No Debt limit Increase without a budget being passed.  No budget no debt limit increase.

I want the Republicans in Congress to grow a backbone, and tell Obama and his minions that if they want something they have to return to actual diplomacy and the Constitution.

Obama wants to raise the debt ceiling on his own authority - Ain't gonna happen.  NO DEBT LIMIT INCREASES until a budget is passed.  And NEVER will Obama have authority NOT granted to him under the Constitution.

I'm tired of the Republicans making all the compromises and still getting the blame for Obama and his minions screwups.

So here you go Repubs, GET YOUR HOUSE IN ORDER!

NO Debt Limit Increase without a budget.

NO New Taxes Without Non-Defense Spending Cuts NOW - Not years from now.  NOW!

You Repubs were elected to office to stand up for your constituents, and you are doing a very poor job of it.  So grow a backbone and stand up to the bully Obama and his Czars and Special Interests and tell him to go Urinate up a rope.

Just Keep saying NO to him and his minions and referring them to the Constitution.

It's not that hard unless you actually care more about your perks and pension than you do your country.

Its the door - From the Inbox

Ever walk into a room with some purpose in mind, only to completely forget what that purpose was?  Turns out, doors themselves are to blame for these strange memory lapses.
Psychologists at the University of Notre Dame have discovered that passing through a doorway triggers what's known as an event boundary in the mind, separating one set of thoughts and memories from the next. Your brain files away the thoughts you had in the previous room and prepares a blank slate for the new locale.
   It's not aging, it's the door!
    Whew! Thank goodness !!!

two Italians Overheard.... From the inbox

A bus stops and 2 Italian men get on. They sit down and engage in an animated conversation. The lady sitting next to them ignores them at first, but her attention is galvanized when she hears one of them say the following:

Emma come first.
Den I come.
Den two asses come together.
I come once-a-more!
Two asses, they come togedda again.
I come again and pee twice.
Then I come one lasta time.'

The lady can't take this anymore, "You foul- mouthed sex obsessed pig!" she retorted indignantly. 'In this country, we don't speak aloud in public places about our sex lives!"

'Hey, coola down lady,' said the man.    'Whooza talkin' about sex?
I'm a justa tellin' my frienda how to spell 'Mississippi....'
$5.00  says you're gonna read this again!

I have strange pets

I'm sitting here reading a book and my dog Skeeter decides he wants some attention.  So he comes up to me to get some petting.  Sir Bryan our gray Maine Coon cat decides he wants some attention as well. So I'm petting them both while trying to hold my tablet and read.  Skeeter then decides he is going to dominate Sir Bryan.  You know, where he gets on top and humps him.  I just think it's hilarious that my pets are so mellow the cat allows the dog to hump him.  What is even more funny is when one of the cats decides to hump one of the dogs.  And the dog usually Skeeter is ok with it. 

Here is a video I took a few years ago showing my daughters dog QT Pi  playing with my other daughter's cat Jacob.

The pets in my house are weird.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bogus Browser updates puts your phone and computer at risk

"Hackers are using malicious ads to dupe victims into downloading bogus Web-browser updates, just a few days after real security updates from Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

The scam begins with a typical scareware tactic. Victims land on a malicious Web page and are (wrongly) informed that their browsers are outdated, researchers at StopMalvertising reported. The victims are then offered a link to download a patch for the browser being used."

Please only update your phones, PC's and tablets deirect from the software's own update page.  Not from any link or e-mail.

With all the information we have on our phones, computers and other hardware we cannot afford to allow our security to be breached.




When I was growing up in the Inwood section of upper Manhattan, I remember when I was about 12 or 13 years old I had my first contact with discovering what a "front" was for another business. It was called Tack's Tackle Shop. When it first opened, it looked like just another business. The guy in the store, Tack, was selling fishing rods, live bait and an array of fishing equipment. It didn't take long before the kids in the neighborhood figured out that perhaps there was something else going on. The live bait in the window wasn't alive anymore and local hoods and gangster type people seemed to be going in and out, particularly in the evenings and none of them looked like fishermen. It wasn't long before the place was raided by the NYCPD and my friends and I all watched from across the street on Sherman Avenue as "Tack" came out in handcuffs along with a bunch of other men. We were later told that Tack's Tackle Shop had actually been a front for an illegal gambling operation.

A "front group" can be any entity that is set up to appear to be a legitimate independent organization, like Tack's Tackle Shop, when it is actually controlled from behind the scenes by another organization or group of individuals. These front groups are often legitimate businesses, social or political organizations, professional groups, advocacy groups, research organizations, etc. Organized crime has used legitimate front organizations for many decades to launder their income from various illegal activities. Pharmaceutical companies have used front organizations to advocate for the drugs they manufacture. International terrorist organizations have their front groups here in the United States and as the evidence clearly shows, so do the international bankers.

After researching the formation and activities of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) it appears that it may be a very sophisticated version of "Tack's Tackle Shop." The CFR was specifically set up to carry out the goals and objectives of international bankers so that the public positions taken by the CFR would appear to be independent positions that could not be directly connected to the international bankers who personally control and fund the CFR.

The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) was founded in 1921 by a very select group of international bankers, Wall Street lawyers and wealthy "old money" families sometimes called the Establishment or the Elites. Among the CFR's founders were JP Morgan, John D. Rockefeller, "Colonel" Edward House (Marxist. globalist and close advisor to President Wilson), Paul Warburg (international banker), Otto Kahn and Jacob Schiff (both international investment bankers). The CFR's stated purpose at that time was to improve the understanding of US foreign policy and international affairs through the exchange of ideas. The select membership has been gradually expanded over the years, now totaling around 3,800 and includes various professionals, corporate CEO's, college presidents, media owners and reporters, high-ranking government officials and even high ranking US military officers.

(The building that houses the CFR in NYC is the former Pratt family mansion, Pratt House, donated to provide the newly formed group a headquarters. Today, former Secretary of State George Pratt Schultz, of the Pratt family, is a 'behind the scenes' string-puller in American politics; he engineered the George W. Bush presidency.)

These same international bankers that started the CFR were instrumental in getting President Woodrow Wilson to sign the Federal Reserve Act into existence in 1913 that basically gave these international bankers the power to print money and control our entire economy. (The Federal Reserve Act gave away control of American power to this small handful of people. They call the shots, not our elected officials.) To show you the mind set of this core group, one of the founding CFR members, Edward House, authored a book in 1912 entitled "Philip Dru: Administrator" in which he laid out a fictionalized plan for the conquest of America. In the book, he told of a conspiracy by which a group of wealthy businessmen would gain control of both the Democratic and Republican parties and use them as instruments for the creation of a socialist world government.

After signing the Federal Reserve Act into law, President Woodrow Wilson later admitted,

"I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country… (America is) no longer a government by free opinion, no longer a government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men."

He was, of course, talking about the international bankers and the creation of the first great nationwide "front organization" called the Federal Reserve that was designed to directly benefit the international bankers at the expense of the American taxpayers.

The late Carroll Quigley (mentor and advisor to President Clinton) who was a long term member of the CFR, wrote in his book "Tragedy & Hope":

"The CFR is the American Branch of a society (the Royal Institute for International Affairs [RIIA], the Tavistock Institute, London, England)… which believes that national boundaries should be obliterated, and a one-world rule established."

Rear Admiral Chester Ward, a former member of the CFR for 16 years, sounded the alarm about the real intent of the CFR and pointed out that there was two separate cliques within the CFR:

1. The first and most powerful clique wants to bring about the surrender of the sovereignty and national independence of the United States.

2. The second clique of international members is comprised of Wall Street international bankers and their key agents who want to receive a world banking monopoly from whatever power ends up in control of global government.

Congressman John Rarick, a recipient of the Bronze Star and Purple Heart in World War II and a Democrat from Louisiana who once argued with his party over its increasing liberalism, said,

"The CFR, dedicated to one-world government, financed by a number of the largest tax-exempt foundations, and wielding such power and influence over our lives in the areas of finance, business, labor, military, education, and mass communication media, should be familiar to every American concerned with good government, and with preserving and defending the U.S. Constitution and our free-enterprise system. Yet, the nation's right-to-know machinery, the news media, usually so aggressive in exposures to inform our people, remain conspicuously silent when it comes to the CFR, its members and their activities."

By using the CFR as a front organization to push their globalist agenda for America and the world, the "Establishment Elites and International Bankers" have managed to gain significant influence and power in key decision-making positions at the highest levels of our government. They can not only advocate their new world order ideas from within the government by using their CFR members in high government positions, but they can also use individual CFR members and research groups financed by their non-profit foundations to bring pressure from another direction. The international bankers use this process to implement the step by step decisions that will gradually convert the US from a sovereign nation to a subservient position in the new world order run by appointed bureaucrats selected by the international bankers. The CFR is being used much in the same manner as "Tack's Tackle Shop" was used by an organized criminal group. The international bankers behind the CFR want to give the public the outward appearance of legitimacy in order that they can slowly accomplish their illegal objectives to usurp the US Constitution and the sovereignty of this country.

Many of the most influential international bankers, Wall Street CEOs, politicians, academics and media owners and TV personalities are members of the CFR. They join the CFR for the same reasons that other people join similar business organizations: to make political or business contacts, to enjoy the prestige of being in the organization or to simply use their connections to make more money. The CFR in turn, uses the broad influence of these people and their organizations to slowly infiltrate their globalist 'New World Order' plans into American life. CFR members and their ghost writers author scholarly articles that are designed to specifically affect public opinion and future government decision making. These authors and researchers are oftentimes funded directly by one or more of the international bankers' non-profit foundations. The CFR's well paid academics expound on the wisdom of a united world and the CFR media members disseminate the message.

In the 1940's, President Roosevelt began bringing CFR members into the State Department and they have dominated it ever since. CFR members were instrumental in the creation of the United Nations. The American delegation to the San Francisco meeting that drafted the charter of the United Nations in 1949 included CFR members Nelson Rockefeller, John Foster Dulles, John Mc Cloy and the Secretary-General of the conference, Alger Hiss, who was later arrested as a spy for Russia. In all, the CFR sent at least forty-seven of its members in the United States delegation, effectively controlling the outcome.

These same CFR members were also instrumental in using our country's new membership in the United Nations to create the concepts of "limited wars" and "police actions" that were designed to circumvent the US Constitution and permit an administration to send our troops to war without a formal Declaration of War. It should also be pointed out that these two concepts benefit the international bankers and large corporations most because they allow these entities to make huge profits by providing financing and/or equipment and products to the enemies of our country during the conflict. It definitely did not benefit the US military men and women who were wounded or died in these conflicts. If a Declaration of War was declared, these same bankers and corporation CEO's would be charged with treason for aiding the enemy during a time of war.
(During the Vietnam conflict, David Rockefeller led many trade delegations to the then USSR, the materials Rockefeller sold the Russians (scrap metals, lubricants, etc.) later surfaced in Vietnam as weapons used to kill American soldiers. THIS IS TREASON! )
James Warburg, a CFR member and son of CFR founder Paul Warburg testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on February 17, 1950, defiantly telling the Senators that:

"We shall have world government, whether or not you like it – by conquest or consent."

On November 25, 1959, the Council on Foreign Relations published "Study No. 7", which openly declared its true purpose to bring about a New World Order through the manipulation of U.S. foreign policy and through international economic interdependence:
"...building a New International Order [which] must be responsive to world aspirations for peace, [and] for social and economic change international order [code for world government] ...including states labeling themselves as 'Socialist.' "
The plan for the New World Order and the ultimate control of America by the international bankers, was clearly outlined once again in the April 1974 issue of "Foreign Affairs" the Council of Foreign Relations' own publication, when CFR member and former Secretary of State Richard N. Gardner, wrote an article entitled "The Hard Road to World Order" in which he stated:

"In short, the house of world order will have to be built from the bottom up rather than from the top down. An end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece, will accomplish much more than the old fashioned assault…" one way to garner public support for new international treaties would be to propagandize world wide predicaments. If people are scared of terrorism, financial chaos or global warming, they will be willing to cede their national sovereignty, freedom and liberties for global authority."

The 3 items Gardner mentions in 1974 are the dominant "issues" today. Seemingly prophetic, it's just media manipulation. The CFR has the resources and connections to make synthetic issues real in the minds of the sheep. If you want to know what is going to happen next, read "Foreign Affairs", the CFR's publication, available at any bookstore. It's a good source of 'advance intel'.

Gardner married into the fabulously wealthy Luzzato family, who trace their wealth all the way back to Imperial Rome. These types are the unelected oligarchs that actually run governments and are working for the restoration of feudal systems.

Since the FDR administration, all transition teams and administrations have been full of CFR members. It didn't matter whether they were liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican.

The Nixon administration had over 115 CFR members all in key Executive branch positions, most of who continued into the Ford years.

Ronald Reagan wasn't a CFR member, but his Vice President George HW Bush was a CFR member, and so were 28 members of his transition team alone.

The Clinton administration had over 150 CFR members in key executive positions.

George W. Bush is not a CFR member either, but his father and uncle are, his Vice President Dick Cheney is, and his administration is swarming with CFR members.

The incoming Obama administration's transition team is packed with CFR members and he is already looking to staff many of its administration's key executive branch positions with CFR members. Did you vote for change in the 2008 Election? If you did, here's a partial list of Mr. Obama's transition team:

Susan E. Rice – (CFR) former State Department Asst Secretary for African Affairs;

Anthony Lake (CFR) – Bill Clinton's first national Security advisor;

Zbigniew Brzezinski – (CFR) and Trilateral Commission - Brzezinski is widely seen as the man who created Al Qaeda, and was involved in the Carter Administration plan to give arms, funding and training to the Mujahideen in Afghanistan; (his daughter, Mika, is a media shill on MSNBC's "Morning Joe")

Richard Clarke (CFR) - Former chief counter-terrorism adviser on the U.S. National Security Council under Bush;

Robert W. Kagan (CFR) argues that interventionism is a bipartisan affair that should be undertaken with the approval of our democratic allies;

Dennis B. Ross (CFR) and Trilateral Commission - Served as the director for policy planning in the State Department under President George H. W. Bush and special Middle East coordinator under President Bill Clinton;

Lawrence J. Korb (CFR) - Director of National Security Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations. Has criticized manner of the invasion of Iraq but has detailed plans to increase the manpower of the United States Army to fight the war on terror and to "spread liberal democratic values throughout the Middle East";

Bruce Reidel (CFR) - Former CIA analyst who wishes to expand the war on terror to fight Al Qaeda across the globe. Considered to be the reason behind Barack Obama's Hawkish views on Pakistan and his Pro India leanings on Kashmir;

Stephen E. Flynn (CFR) - Has been attributed with the idea for Obama's much vaunted "Civilian Security Force". Flynn has written: "The United States should roughly replicate the Federal Reserve model by creating a Federal Security Reserve System (FSRS) with a national board of governors, 10 regional Homeland Security Districts, and 92 local branches called Metropolitan Anti-Terrorism Committees";


Madeline Albright (CFR) and Brookings - Currently serves on the Council on Foreign Relations Board of directors and was Former Secretary of State and US Ambassador to the United Nations under Clinton.

Here's the list of possible cabinet positions in the new administration:

James B. Steinberg – CFR and the Trilateral Commission;

Chuck Hagel (R) – (CFR);

Robert M Gates – (CFR),

Hillary Clinton – (CFR), also Bill Clinton

Bill Richardson (CFR);

Sen John Kerry (D) (CFR);

Susan Rice (CFR);

Robert Rubin (CFR);

Lawrence Summers (CFR);

Timothy Geithner (CFR);

David L. Boren (CFR);

Thomas H. Kean (CFR);

Gary Hart (CFR),

Colin Powell (CFR)  who did this "Republican" endorse for 2012? obama! (also a cfr member) is there a pattern here?


Jane Harman (CFR) – Defense Department Special Counsel (1979).

At time of writing of this article, President-elect Barack Obama's has apparently selected:

Arizona Democratic Gov. Janet Napolitano as secretary of Homeland Security;

Timothy Geithner, the current New York Federal Reserve head, as the Secretary of the Treasury;


Texas Democratic Gov. William Richardson as the Secretary of Commerce.

Guess what? They are all members of the Council on Foreign Relations.

So much for change!

This is why we get the same results, election after election, no matter who is voted in.  Every candidate promises honesty, transparency and 'hope' and 'change', and every one of them is lying.  

You didn't really 'hope' there would be 'change', did you? 
What's that?
You did? Really? 


What do

Dan Rather,

Barbara Walters,

Jim Lehrer,

Marvin Kalb,

Diane Sawyer,

Andrea Mitchell, (wife of former Fed Chairman, Alan Greenspan)

Tom Brokaw,


the the late Walter Cronkhite have in common?

Answer: They are all members of the CFR.

What does the

NY Times,

Washington Post,

Wall Street journal,

LA Times,

Boston Globe,

Baltimore Sun,

Chicage Sun-Times,

Houston Post,

Minneapolis Star-Tribune,

Arkansas Gazette,

Des Moine Register and Tribune,

Louisville Courier,

the AP,



the Gannett Co,

Walt Disney,




Fox Networks,


Clear Channel have in common?

Answer: They are all members of the CFR.

Freedom of the press has always been vital to the preservation of our American Republic. Ever since the early years of our country, it was the American "free press" that stood tall between us and the crooked international bankers, industrialists and corrupt government officials. While some of the major newspapers in the big cities were controlled by establishment types like William Randolph Hearst, who definitely influenced the content, most of the newspaper owners and reporters were independent and honorable people who chose to keep their integrity by pursuing the truth. Most local newspapers, radio stations, and later on TV stations, were owned locally.

As they grow larger and eliminate their competition, major media corporations and international bankers are choosing what you will see on the nightly news while trying to trick you into believing it is unbiased reporting. The very news stories that you are fed by the mainstream media are manipulated to mirror the public relations campaigns of corporations, international bankers and even their favorite presidential candidates. If this is not the case then why, during the course of the 2008 election, was there no mention of the issues that were important to Americans: the threat by big government to our freedoms, liberties and sovereignty; the actions of the Federal Reserve and the issuance of fiat money; the drugging of 6 million of our nation's youth; or amnesty for illegal aliens. Popular candidates like Ron Paul were either ignored by the media, excluded from most of the TV debates, or asked fewer questions than their CFR candidate counterparts. Of the top twenty media corporations in the U.S, 18 are members of the CFR.

The CFR's strategy is to use their members in the media to promote the need for world government in order to fight international threats like global warming. Both Obama and McCain made the environment a major issue in the campaign, but avoided mentioning the immigration issue. The CFR has long identified the worldwide environmental movement as a means to advance its agenda and has even suggested a global tax on all developed nations, payable to the United Nations of course. Most of the major media companies are now controlled by individuals or organizations that are members of the CFR, including the international bankers. One of the techniques used by the CFR and its membership has been to manipulate the news in such as way as to push their internationalist views on the rest of us.

As the big media corporations keep merging into larger and more powerful companies, they will be able to control public opinion as never before. With their friends in congress and in key government agencies, all the international bankers and their CFR members need to do is advocate bringing back the "Fairness Doctrine" and regulating the internet and their control of the media will be complete.

The average American might find the CFR's powerful influence over America's government very difficult to understand or believe, but never forget that the CFR was founded by international bankers for the express purpose of bringing about socialism and world government. It is the deliberate plan of these international bankers, who hide in the shadows and pull the strings of their marionettes (Presidents and Congressmen), to gradually increase their influence and domination over America's domestic and foreign affairs. CFR members have been in control of our government since the 1940's. If CFR members, educated at America's "best" universities,  are the nation's best and brightest in government and foreign affairs, why is the country in such a mess under their eighty year watch?

The answer is: 



The CFR calls it "controlled disintegration."

Doesn't this euphemism perfectly describe the slow motion collapse of the past 50 years? 

The international bankers behind the Federal Reserve and the CFR are deliberately usurping the US Constitution and gradually destroy our freedoms, liberties and sovereignty in the process.  They are using the Federal Reserve System to bankrupt the country to bring us to our knees. The deeper in debt our country goes, the richer and more powerful these international bankers become. If action is not taken to take back control of our nation's currency from the criminals in the private international banking cartel and if the CFR's influence over the highest levels of our federal government isn't soon broken, America will be reduced to a third world nation controlled by a socialistic world government where our freedoms and liberties will have disappeared and our national sovereignty is but a fond memory.

Many Americans believe that we may have reached a point where it no longer matters which party or candidate wins the election, because both candidates are already beholden to special interest groups and the winner will staff the high level executive positions with CFR members.

The activities of the international bankers behind the Council on Foreign Relations and the Federal Reserve should be thoroughly investigated by an independent prosecutor. If criminal activities are uncovered, then those involved should be prosecuted under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) as an ongoing criminal conspiracy. The American people must not give up their liberties for the false sense of security offered by the international bankers and their CFR puppets. The grip of these international criminals must be broken and the threats against our liberties, freedoms and our nation's sovereignty must be eliminated. It can only be accomplished by a demand for action by a determined and educated American citizenry, as well as by an honest and thorough federal criminal investigation.

I close this article with a quote from David Rockefeller, the former Chairman and the current Honorary Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relation and ask you to consider the implications of what he has said:

"We are grateful to the Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years... It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries."
- David Rockefeller, Bilderberg Meeting, June 1991 Baden, Germany



New York Campaign for Liberty

Posted: Nov 24 2008, 11:17 AM   Link


 Hillary Clinton:
'CFR Tells Government What It Should Be Doing'

Secretary of State happy she doesn't have to travel as far

Paul Joseph Watson
Thursday, July 16, 2009
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's opening remarks during her speech to the Council on Foreign Relations yesterday will have done little to dampen accusations that the elitist CFR pulls the strings of the U.S. government.

Clinton effectively said that she was happy the CFR had created an outpost in Washington DC because it meant she did not have to travel as far to get her orders.

Here's the full quote, according to the official transcript: "I am delighted to be here in these new headquarters. I have been often to, I guess, the mother ship  (Pratt House) in New York City, but it's good to have an outpost of the Council right here down the street from the State Department. We get a lot of advice from the Council, so this will mean I won't have as far to go to be told what we should be doing and how we should think about the future."

Clinton's admission that the CFR tells the government what it should be doing is somewhat more concrete an influence than the mere "talking shop" perfunctory role that apologists claim the CFR assumes.

As we previously reported, Hillary Clinton's first appointment as Secretary of State, George Mitchell, was not only a CFR member, but a former director of the globalist organization. Mitchell got his start in politics with the aid of another CFR member, former President Jimmy Carter.

Obama's first appointments were also almost universally CFR members. As we wrote at the time, "It looks like the White House is shaping up to become a branch office of the CFR and Bilderbergers, but then this is simply business as usual. For years, the CFR — with its associate memberships in such international units as the Trilateral Commission, Club of Rome, and Bilderbergers — has infested not only the White House, but the State Department, the NSC, the Pentagon, and much of the federal government."

During the speech, Clinton outlined her vision of the "global agenda" and how a "global consensus" should be formed to help shape it by means of a "global architecture".



Of course the Dems won't play fair

Speaker John A. Boehner of Ohio and Republican leaders are fuming after a late night phone call with President Barack Obama was leaked to the press, despite an agreement that it would not be, according to several GOP aides.

Republicans believe the administration leaked details of the 30-minute Wednesday night phone call to Politico, which is causing them to question whether they can trust the White House to keep details private, a sentiment that has caused progress in the negotiations over the “fiscal cliff” to stall.

Obama and his administration is doing everything he can to destroy the two party system.  So of course he won't keep details private.  He will leak anything he can to make himself look good and make Republicans look bad or sturpid. (Yes I KNOW there is an extra "R" in there)

No Tax Increases now without Spending cuts NOW!

The Fiscal Cliff

Hey Republicans!!  If you give Obama his tax increases that take effect now WITHOUT spending cuts that ALSO TAKE EFFECT NOW!  You are not only dumb but FIRED!  I will do everything I can to make sure you are replaced the next time you come up for election.

The Democrats have NEVER kept to ANY agreement when it comes to spending cuts UNLESS it was Defense Spending.

SO if you don't get Non-Defense Spending cuts that take effect IMMEDIATELY with the Tax Increases you are STUPID, DUMB and FIRED!

Your Constituents are TIRED of the Democrats promising this and that and producing nothing but more promises.  So if the cuts don't take effect at the same time of any increases then it is a NO DEAL.

New Addition to Preparedness Links

Over on the right under the Preparedness Links heading is the link to Build An Ark, I haven't gotten too much into it yet, but from what I've seen you might wish to check it out yourself.

How true

According to this

I'm either the Unix Admin or the Co-founder who left before the IPO, it all depends on what time of the month it is, and if I've trimmed my beard.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Christmas story

Be careful you'll shoot ehhhh, errrr Uhm Zombies!

Kydex Holster making - Thanks to a friend who showed it to me

What do you think?  Leave a comment.

From Blue

His post is HERE:

Single Shot shotguns and preparedness

TEOTWAWKI Blog has a post about the viability of a single shot shotgun for preparedness/survival situations.  You can click on the link to read his post on it.  He makes some very good points, so please read his entire post before reading the rest of my little post.

He is making a few assumptions which while valid aren't applicable to everyone and every situation.

Here are a few reasons and the reasoning behind them that I use single shot shotguns.

#1:  ease of use. 

Reasoning:  It is much easier for me to start instructing someone on how to safely shoot with a single shot firearm.  There are less steps for them to try to remember, there are less distractions as well.  When I have tried to instruct a new shooter with a pump or semi-automatic shotgun, they were much more leery of the various steps, plus many had a heightened expectation of just what those firearms are capable of.  Many times they just wanted to shoot off all the rounds as fast as possible, ignoring the safety rules and trying to maintain a sight picture.  With a single shot they are forced to slow down, to pay attention to what they are doing.  There is less of a chance for them to try to fire as many rounds as they can as fast as possible.

#2:  cost.

Reasoning:  If they aren't firing off as many rounds as they can, they can learn more about proper cheek weld and sight picture, even with a bead sight.  The also learn how a proper hold reduces the felt recoil.

#3:  safety.

Reasoning:  Many old single shots such as mine have no safety at all.  I do have a newer Rossi single shot with a safety, however my old NEF doesn't have any safety at all.  So drumming into their head that THEY are the first safety of any firearm can prevent future AD's and ND's.  Teach them that the should not rely on any mechanical safety, but the safety in their head of safe handling procedures, and the 4 rules.

#4:  Demystiying a firearm

Reasoning:  Many people's only knowledge of firearms is what they see on TV and in the Movies.  Showing them the actual mechanics of carrying, loading and firing one of the most simple firearms around, can do a lot about getting the reality of firearms into their forebrain versus the expectations of hollywood.

#5:  enjoyment.

Reasoning:  Many people, myself included, just enjoy the shooting of a single shot.  Getting the best accuracy as possible with such limited sights, the feel of the stock during recoil, the satisfaction of a good shot hitting the target.

Those are some of my reasons for a single shot shotgun.  In an actual situation, I do have other firearms available, but I would not feel  "under-gunned" by having only a single shot.  And for someone just getting started either in shooting or preparedness a single shot in good condition can fill many roles that they might need.

Sarah Hoyt's Blog tour

On Wed, Nov 7, 2012 at 5:27 PM, GreyLocke wrote:

#1: How long have you been writing and what brought you to the genre you write in? Expand on this as you wish.

I think I started writing fiction about the time I learned how to write --
so around four or five. Of course it would be fatuous to say that I have
wanted to write for a living that long. For most of that time, I didn't
know people could write for a living. (Some days I'm still not sure.)

As for genre -- I started out wanting to write science fiction. For
various reasons, I was told this would be impossible for the first ten
years of my career -- after I broke in. I got told among other things that
science fiction didn't sell and that women didn't in general write good
science fiction (this from women editors at some of the more liberal
houses. Never mind.)

So, for ten years I wrote fantasy, mystery and romance. I read all of
them, so I write all of them. But I was glad to come back to my original
intent four years ago, when Baen accepted the science fiction Darkship
Thieves. (The sequel Darkship Renegades comes out on Monday.) Combining
history, human drama and a certain freedom, Science Fiction will always be
the most fun to work with. Of course, my detour through other genres
probably gave me new skills.

 #2: Do you have a favorite character from your books, if so why are they your favorite?

Difficult to say. Usually I write because of the character. The character
appears and takes over, and I can't help but write him/her. Right now I'm
still attached to Lucius, the character from A Few Good Men. Of course,
Tom, the were dragon of the shifters series -- I'm now working on the third
book -- is a perennial favorite, for his down to Earth good sense in the
face of crazy and magical events.

Most of my characters follow a mold -- they're fighters or strivers. A
reviewer -- I now can't remember where -- said that my characters are the
sort to fight to the last, and if they go down they go down swinging. It's
impossible not to root for people like that.

 #3: What gives you your inspirations for your writing?

What doesn't? The hard part is not getting inspired, but keeping myself
from becoming inspired. it's very hard to be in the middle of book and
have a snatch of music, an excerpt of the news, or the opening of a
completely different book (the last one an historical romance) spark an
idea that just won't let go.

#4: Are there story lines you have written that you wish you could revisit and either expand on or change?

Most of the things I wrote more than two years ago I wish I could revisit
and change. Some of them because I wrote them specifically because I knew
that the publishing house would like it and I had to make a living. Most
of them, though, I'd like to expand and change because in the last two
years something has changed about the way I view my writing and what makes
a good book.

Some of them I might even get to expand and change, provided I can get the
rights back to those books. Most of them, I -- and the readers -- will
just have to live with the fact that most writers improve with age.

#5: Are any of your characters inspired from real life? If so who are the characters and their real life counterparts?

No. I didn't even know anyone wrote like that until an attempted
collaboration with Eric Flint, when he asked me on whom a character is
based. My characters tend to come to me fully formed, so that they are
their own person. Now I understand they're really being kicked up by my
subconscious, but there's blessedly little I can do to change them. If I
try the whole thing collapses.

This is for major characters, of course. Minor characters I can use people
I know, particularly when I'm really tired and/or not feeling well. I used
to use my younger son when I needed "Adorable tyke."... Which is why I've
now killed him in a book and three short stories.

Oh. There might be an exception to this, but it wasn't purposeful, and the
character did come to me. It's just that E, the kid in the Elise Hyatt
mysteries seems to be living a childhood that's a combination of my two
sons. I really have no excuse for this, and it does annoy my children no
end, but there it is. Perhaps I have a particular difficulty with writing

 #6: Have you found it hard to break into writing certain things?
Do you mean, selling to a publisher, or getting to write them? The
hardest genre for me to break into -- as in sell to the publishers in --
was science fiction. It took me ten years after publishing my first book
to sell my first science fiction book.

If you mean getting in the mind set to write -- I've found that each time I
write a new genre it is, in a way, like learning to write all over again.
The hardest is possibly Romance, because I keep thinking there has to be
more driving the plot than "I'm so in love."

#7: What do you use for reference material for your writing?

Depends on what I'm writing. For historical, I use mostly books about the
time period, though I've been known to watch mini-series or documentaries,
to get the "texture" the "feel" of the time. For space I use mostly
people. Oh, sure, I have books, but the books are science popularization
and usually some five to six years out of date. So I have a bunch of
scientists and space-experts that I can call up and bother. It's very

#8: Is there a story floating in your head you want to write, but find it hard to put on the paper?

All the time, pretty much. Sometimes the reason it's hard to put it on
paper is that I'm tired/sick/out of sorts. Most of the time, though, is
that I'm not quite ready -- either emotionally or skill-wise -- for the
idea. The longest time between and idea and writing it is, to date, 22

#9: Were there any roadblocks in pursuing your writing career? If so how did you avoid or break through them?

Sometimes there were nothing but road blocks. It took me thirteen years
from seriously starting to write/submit to sell my first short story. That
first short story had EIGHTY rejections before finally selling (And then
went on to sell multiple times.) Then it was another three years before I
sold my first novel. Then my first novel came out the month after nine
eleven and died on the vine.

Avoiding this sort of thing is difficult. You just do the best you can.
As for breaking through them, I've found a writer's most valuable quality
(more than talent, understanding, practice) is persistence. Persistence
will see you through almost everything.

#10: Final Question. Do you find your writing has grown as you progress?

I think so. My readers think so. It would be very sad if after all this
practice I were still stuck where I was sixteen years ago. But with all
that, there is no way of knowing. One can only continue to try.

Ms. Hoyt's sites are:

Monday, November 26, 2012

Why I harp about Emergency Preparedness

I have been involved in Emergency Preparedness since the late 1980's, back when I was still in the Army Reserve.  At the time I lived in St. Louis, when Alton Brown was saying that the New Madrid fault was going to let go and cause a massive earthquake.  You had to understand the 80's, with Reagan, the cold war and militia groups, preparedness then know as "Survivalism" was a big deal.  Back then the media only talked about how evil survivalists and militia groups were and how if they weren't actively plotting to overthrow the government they were praying for it to happen.  Preparedness, which in the old days was called plain common sense for farmers and their families, was marginalized and made scapegoat for people in larger cities and towns to abdicate their  personal responsibility for themselves and their families, to the government.

To understand why I have a problem with this, you have to understand my background.  I am the middle of 3 boys, my father was a city boy from Iowa and my mother is/was the youngest daughter of a farmer from Arkansas with many kids.  While I grew up, I spent many of my summers on my Aunt and Uncle's farm in northern Arkansas.  On a farm, you don't get up when you feel like it, you get up before the sun rises to get chores done.  Then you bathe and eat breakfast, and depending on what part of the season you are you either go around the farm repairing fence line, moving cattle between pastures, vaccinating livestock or you dress go into town 18 miles away to work a day job to help pay the bills.  One thing on the farm, you always are putting back product from the garden in your root cellar, canning vegetables, jellies and jams, slaughtering a cow, hog or chicken.  you are always working on a farm from before sun up to right before bed.  If you didn't, once winter came, you wouldn't have food in the pantry or money in the bank to pay for coal or oil to fire the furnace, gas or diesel for the tractors or trucks.  In short you wouldn't make it to spring.

Farmers are very self reliant.  Most farmers by late fall have anywhere from 6-18 months of provender stored, depending on the size of their farm and their family.  One bad year was enough to put many farmers out, losing their homes and farms, so they made as many preparations during the year to help prevent that.  When you go to buy a car or a house your payments are spread out over the whole year.  A farmer getting the same loan, his payment is once a year, after the harvest of his crops or the sale of his livestock.  and they pay a premium for that as well with higher interest rates and more point or loan origination fees than you or I do.

So a farmer knowing these things uses common sense and prepares for things he hopes doesn't happen, but could.

That is the essence of emergency preparedness.  To prepare for something you hope doesn't happen, but if it does you will have the necessary skills and materials to live through it without it becoming life threatening.  And that is what many people get wrong about it.  To the media, people trying to make preparations instead of being willing to stand idly by and wait for someone else to help them, such as the government or the Red Cross, are seen as those "Evil Survivalists" and belittled or ostracized as not being "fair" to those who didn't make preparations.

I, through my various writing projects with Alpha Rubicon and here, am trying to raise both awareness and hopefully responsibility.  I am hoping that people will take a more active role in protecting themselves and their families by getting the information they need to do so.  That is why I have been working on the KTD Project, why I have the links to Preparedness related blogs and websites over on the right.  To try to get people up off their keisters and start helping themselves.  That is why I write posts high lighting the inexcusable government and NGO response times and lack of response times as they relate to Hurricane Sandy and it's aftermath in New York and New Jersey.  I also will harp and complain about the media and their failure to do proper reporting on those failures.  Because of those failures you don't know the truth, and it might be you or your family out in the cold, with no food, water, shelter or medical care.  And I don't want that to happen.

So look at the things I have written.  Look at the KTD Project.  Really actually look.  Look at what the files are, explore them, find out which files you might conceivably need in an emergency situation.  I'm not trying to make money off of this, I don't get a dime from this.  I am only concerned with you being in the position to help yourself and your family, instead of waiting on a failed government or NGO response.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Something to think about

"Proclamation by President Franklin Roosevelt, April 5, 1933

I, as President do declare that the national emergency still exists; that the continued private hoarding of gold and silver by subjects of the United States poses a grave threat to peace, equal justice, and the well-being of the United States; and that appropriate measures must be taken immediately to protect the interest of our people. Therefore, pursuant to the above authority, I hereby proclaim that such gold and silver holdings are prohibited, and that all such coin, bullion or other possessions of gold and silver be tendered within fourteen days to agents of the Government of the United States for compensation at the official price, in the legal tender of the Government. All safe deposit boxes in banks and financial institutions have been sealed pending action in the due course of the law. All sales or purchases or movements of such gold and silver within the borders of the United States and it's territories, and all foreign exchange transactions or movements of such metals across the border are hereby prohibited. "

Blue has some further background info over at his place.  Click the above to go see.

Just because you don't think it can happen, doesn't mean it won't happen.  And if it happened once, it can happen again.

If it does happen again, who "sets" the price?  The Gov, has shown it is willing to set arbitrary limits at it's own whim in ex: GM Bankruptcy Stock shares price.

As I said.  Who says it cannot happen again.

Reply to : Finally the Real Birth Certificate - From my inbox

The person who says "I really don't care." below is really the problem!

I am glad that I know people who can check on or verify mail that I get.  Last night I sent the message below to five individuals asking them their thoughts.
Today, I received the following from a good friend in Minneapolis.  So, you see folks, it certainly looks likes a lot more research will have to be done before this issue is ever finished.  I really don't care.  He is my President for four more years.  He has the responsibility to build our great country into a strong healthy and wealthy one once again and look like the America people once envied.   He does need support and it has to come from everybody, Democrats, Republicans, Congress, the Supreme Court and of course, the media.  Enough said about who he is --- for now!!!
                                 >>>>  My friends's reply.  <<<<
I thought you might find the following article from snopes.Com interesting:
 At the end of the article:  segment where you can go and make a fake document. 

Okay, you folks that I am sending this email to can go to your computers and do some research for me.  This is going out to several that has expertise for investigating email that I pass on to them.  Let me know what kind of results you get.  I would appreciate some replies..If I knew it were really true, it would be something to see the fireworks.  But as usual it will probably be made up.  Check anyway.

Obama's authentic birth certificate from Coast Memorial Hospital, in Mombasa, KENYA. Now the task is to get the courts to authenticate it and then kick Obama out of office, something they are loathe to do.
Snopes says it's true. Here it is! The document we have been waiting for! Now if only Congress or the Supreme Court will act on this! Spread this around....if these documents are as authentic as they certainly seem to be, Obama is NOT qualified to be our President and he sits in the White House illegally! This is what Obama has spent almost $2M (so far) to hide.

Here's a close-up of the top of the document where you can plainly read his name and his parent's names, etc....

A British history buff was asked if he could find out who the colonial registrar was for Mombasa in 1961. After only a few minutes of research, he called back and said "Sir Edward F. Lavender Note the same name near the bottom of the photo above. Source(S): Kenya Dominion Record 4667 Australian library."
And here is a close-up of the bottom of the document where you can read "Coast Providence of Kenya " and the Official signature of the Deputy Registrar.....

The above document is a "Certified Copy of Registration of Birth", but below is a copy of the actual Certificate of Birth. The real-deal legal kind of certificate. The Mombasa Registrar of Births has testified that Obama's birth certificate from Coast Province General Hospital in Mombasa is genuine. This copy was obtained by Lucas Smith through the help of a Kenyan Colonel who recently got it Directly from the Coast General Hospital in Mombasa, Kenya. Here it is.....

Note the footprint!! The local Muslim Imam in Mombasa named Barack with his Muslim middle name Hussein so his official name on this certificate is Barack Hussein Obama II. The grandmother of Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. Reveals the story of his birth in Mombasa, Kenya, a seaport, after his mother suffered labor pains while swimming at ocean beach in Mombasa.
"On August 4, 1961 Obama's mother, father and grandmother were attending a Muslim festival in Mombasa, Kenya. Mother had been refused entry to airplanes due to her nine month pregnancy. It was a hot August day at the festival so the Obamas went to the beach to cool off. While swimming in the ocean his mother experienced labor pains so was rushed to the Coast Provincial General Hospital, Mombasa, Kenya where Obama was born a few hours later at 7:21 PM on August 4, 1961 (what a sad day for the USA!). Four days later his mother flew to Hawaii and registered his birth in Honolulu as a certificate of live birth which omitted the place and hospital of birth."
Letter from Kitau in Mombasa, Kenya ........ "I happen to be Kenyan. I was born 1 month before Obama at Mombasa medical center. I am a teacher here at the MM Shaw Primary School in Kenya. I compared my birth certificate to the one that has been put out by Taitz and mine is exactly the same. I even have the same registrar and format. The type is identical. I am by nature a skeptical person. I teach science here and challenge most things that cannot be proven. So I went to an official registrar today and pulled up the picture on the web. They magnified it and determined it to be authentic. There is even a plaque with Registrar Lavenders name on it as he was a Brit and was in charge of the Registrar office from 1959 until January of 1964. The reason the date on the certificate says republic of Kenya is that we were a republic when the "copy" of the original was ordered. I stress the word "copy". My copy also has republic of Kenya. So what you say is true about Kenya not being a republic at the time of Obama's birth, however it was a republic when the copy was ordered. The birth certificate is genuine. I assure you it will be authenticated by a forensic auditor. We are very proud Obama was born here. We have a shrine for him and there are many people who remember his birth here as he had a white mother. They are being interviewed now by one of your media outlets. Fortunately they even have pictures of his parents with him immediately after his birth at the Mombasa hospital with the hospital in the background. It will be a proud day for us when it is proven that he was born here and a Kenyan became the most powerful man in the world. I encourage anyone to come here and visit. I will be happy to take you and show you the pictures at the hospital myself as well as my document and many others that are identical to what Taitz posted. God Bless. Kitau"
So, how much more proof do we need? Well, Here it is...

Lolo Soetoro, Stanley Ann Dunham Soetoro, baby Maya Soetoro, and 9 year old Barry Soetoro. This registration document, made available on Jan. 24, 2007, by the Fransiskus Assisi school in Jakarta, Indonesia, shows the registration of Barack Obama under the name Barry Soetoro made by his step-father, Lolo Soetoro. Name: Barry Soetoro Religion: Islam Nationality: Indonesian

How did this little INDONESIAN Muslim child - Barry Soetoro, (A.K.A. Barack Obama) get around the issue of nationality to become President of the United States of America?
PART 2: In a move certain to fuel the debate over Obama's qualifications for the presidency, the group "Americans for Freedom of Information" has released copies of President Obama's college transcripts from Occidental College. The transcript indicates that Obama, under the name Barry Soetoro, received financial aid as a foreign student from Indonesia while an undergraduate at the school. The transcript was released by Occidental College in compliance with a court order in a suit brought by the group in the Superior Court of California. The transcript shows that Obama (Soetoro) applied for financial aid and was awarded a fellowship for foreign students from the Fulbright Foundation Scholarship program. To qualify for this scholarship, a student must claim foreign citizenship. This document provides the smoking gun that many of Obama's detractors have been seeking - that he is NOT a natural-born citizen of the United States - necessary to be President of the United States. Along with the evidence that he was first born in Kenya, here we see that there is no record of him ever applying for US citizenship. Gary Kreep of the United States Justice Foundation has released the results of their investigation of Obama's campaign spending. This study estimates that Obama has spent upwards of $950,000 in campaign funds in the past year with eleven law firms in 12 states for legal resources to block disclosure of any of his personal records. Mr. Kreep indicated that the investigation is still on-going but that the final report will be provided to the U.S. attorney general, Eric Holder. Mr. Holder has refused comment on this matter.