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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Cat Bloggin

Well I was trying to make some rings for some chain maille jewelry I'm making but my cat Tufts, is sitting on my wire :o)


Monday, December 22, 2008

How it's supposed to be.

Sunday, I took my friend Troy and his 2 sons over to my families property, (2.5 Acres) to shoot off a few rounds. Well in this part of Texas it's F-L-A-T. So if I'm going to do some shooting, I need to make sure my bullets don't go where they are not supposed to. Well along one side of the family property there is a drainage ditch, which last month the county cleaned out and took down an additional 2 feet. Which gave me a very good berm to shoot into. So instead of a 2 and half foot to 3 foot berm, I had almost 5 feet of berm to shoot into. Well we took my G-3 Clone, my SKS, my Mav 88 12 gauge, in addition to Troy's 20 ga/.22 LR Rossi combo gun. We were having a ball, shooting at tin cans, and a board I set up in the ditch. Then suddenly, I saw a Sheriffs car driving down the road. So Troy and I took all the weapons unloaded them and set them on the hood of the Suburban, and waited for the sheriff to come on over, as I saw him doing the slow drive by, so I knew he was looking for the entry to the property. Finally he came on over, I made sure we all were standing away from the 'Burb, our hands out of our pockets. He stopped about 15 feet away, and I approaced him with my hands at my sides, a little away from my body so he could see they were empty. I stopped about 5 feet in front of his car, making sure I wasn't blocking his view of Troy and his boys, ( a 15 year old and a 10 year old). I waited for him to get out of his car, as he did I could see he relaxed as he chacked all of our hands which were all in plain sight. He asked me if we were shooting I said "Yes sir." He asked if I owned the property, I said, "My family owns it sir, it's in the family trust" He asked if I had some I.D. I siad "Yes sir, left front pocket." He asked to see it, I got it out and handed it to him. He asked what were shooting. I told him "My SKS, C-91, 12 Gauge Pump, and a 20 gauge/22 combo gun" He asked what were shooting into. I told him "The berm of the ditch, as it's the only sure backstop we have until mom and I can rent a dozer to put up a good one for a backstop" He simply nodded then called in my license number to dispatch, and told them we were shooting a few semi auto's into the ditch, and he didn't find anything wrong. He then handed me back my license and thanked us for our cooperation, and then got in his car and left. That is how it should be handled. He verified we were shooting in a responsible manner made sure who we were and then left. I, when I saw him coming, I stopped and unloaded all weapons and put them where if he wanted to could examine for himself to ensure they were unloaded and no threat to him, then we all stood away from the vehicle where the weapons were, with our hands in plain sight so he could see we weren't offering any threat. After he left we went back to shooting for another 30 minutes, as the 10 year old was getting really good with the .22. Finally we cleaned up all of our shot up cans, picked up all the brass and shell casings, came home and started cleaning guns.

That is how you are to do it. If a L.E.O. comes over while you are shooting, unload and secure your weapon where he can see it isn't loaded. Stand away from your weapons with your hands in plain sight, so he can see you don't have a weapon to possibly harm him. If he asks for Identification, tell him which pocket it is in before you reach for it, and don't get too close to the officer until he has determined the situation. Answer any questions the officer asks you immediately, and don't try to be evasive, Most officers have a built in BS detector and can tell. Just tell him the truth. Remember, he has to ensure 3 things. His safety, the public's safety, and then your safety in that order. His safety comes first. So don't offer anything to him which might make him think you're a threat to him, especially since he doesn't know you from Adam.

Enjoy yourself, and be safe.


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Some more gratuitous Gun Pron

I figured what they hey lets see if maybe I can get some linkage by posting some Gun Pron.

Here we go......

First up, my Taurus Revolver. I have carried this revolver for 10 years doing security in the Hell-Holes Known as Public Housing Authority buildings in North St. Louis City and County. Shown with my 4 speed-loaders and 2 knives which I carry almost everywhere I go, if I"m more than 20 minutes form the house.

This is my High Standard Model k1200 Riot Gun. I purchased this from a former sheriff in Missouri. Very very smooooooth.

This is my Romanian SKS with a folding stock from ATI and a 30rnd detachale magazine that took 6 hours of hand fitting to get it to feed right. Remember if you want to use detachable mags on a SKS they will need to be fitted to YOUR weapon. My mags will only works in my weapon, and that is only after filing, and bending the sheet metal to get to function right. And I'm not trying to be "Takti-Kool" I put a folding stock on this so it would fit behind the seat of my truck. The High Cap Mag is so the kids and I can plink without having to reload as much.

This is my newest acquisition. A Maverick 88 12 gauge pump with 5 round magazine. It now has an ATI folding stock and 18.5 inch barrel. I have a new green Hi-Viz front sight which I installed on the 28 inch barrel, and I have an extra to install on the 185 inch barrel.

Here it is with the 18.5 inch barrel and the folding stock. Once again I"m not trying to be takti-kool, it's just a LOT easier to store it this way.

This pic shows the SKS and the Mav 88 with their stocks folded and tucked under the table.

Here is my 1911A1, it's a Norinco but shoots very well the only mods are the pachmyer grips and some white out on the sights.

Well maybe I can has some linkage :o) We will see....


I'm looking for some help

I have a CAI (Century Arms International) C91/G-3 Clone. It isn't accurate enough. what I would like is a new barrel, and new sights. Does anyone know where I can get a barrel for my rifle made to my specifications? My specs are 22-24 inch barrel, threaded with standard HK Threads for a comp/flash hider, No Grenade Launcher ring fluted heavy barrel, with a 1 in 10.5 RH twist, 4 lands, Chromed chamber and bore still with the fluted chamber. I'd also like to get the sights replaced as these, especially the rear sight aren't in line according to the last target I fired. If anyone knows where I can get this, and preferably someone in Texas to do the work, but anyone who can do the barrel for a decent price. Please let me know. I'd like to start competing again and as I no longer have my MK4 #1 SMLE, I need a rifle which WILL allow me to make the 600 and 800 meter shots reliably with open sights. The last time I competed, out of a field of 27 I placed 19th. I'd like to get myself where I can at least place top 10. I'm not looking to compete for money, I just enjoy the challenge of shooting at target far enough away I can barely see them. It forces me to take my time in a hurry, and it's really satifyingto see that I can still hit the target.

This is my rifle, yes it's an EBR, and yes that is my 1911A1 under the movies on the seat, and yes those are extra mags for the 1911A1. I want to make this rifle a tack driver, because actually to me it's more enjoyable than my old MK4 #1, with less recoil, and the ammo is a heck of a lot cheaper.


Monday, December 8, 2008

Trying to get things done

and Blog talk won't let me schedule my shows. 2nd day in a row I couldn't schedule my show. I'm starting to get a little miffed. With everything I have going on between driving the kids, the Ex-Wife, the neighbor, the other neighbor plus health problems, driving on average 150 miles a day, and never going more than 40 miles from the house. It's getting real old real quick. Huuummmmmmmmmmm huuummmmmmmmm de-escalate your frustrations, feel the force, Oh, wait wrong movie. Well I've gotten some things done. I've made 4 more pieces of jewelry to sell, I've finally gotten the stupid pinned on compensator off the end of my C91/G-3 clone, just need to put some rounds through it to see if that helps the accuracy, if not it's time for a rebarrel. If it won't do 4 M.O.A. or less at 150 meters with Iron sights, the barrel is G.O.N.E. My SKS gets 6 M.O.A. at 150 so my german clone rifle should get 4. I'm really hoping to get the rifle to do 3-5 at 300 meters however my eyes are NOT that good, so I might have to bite the bullet and look for a decent scope and mount for it.

I'm off to run again, Ex-Wife just called, asking me to pick her up at work. I will be sooooo glad when she gets another car.