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Thursday, December 11, 2008

I'm looking for some help

I have a CAI (Century Arms International) C91/G-3 Clone. It isn't accurate enough. what I would like is a new barrel, and new sights. Does anyone know where I can get a barrel for my rifle made to my specifications? My specs are 22-24 inch barrel, threaded with standard HK Threads for a comp/flash hider, No Grenade Launcher ring fluted heavy barrel, with a 1 in 10.5 RH twist, 4 lands, Chromed chamber and bore still with the fluted chamber. I'd also like to get the sights replaced as these, especially the rear sight aren't in line according to the last target I fired. If anyone knows where I can get this, and preferably someone in Texas to do the work, but anyone who can do the barrel for a decent price. Please let me know. I'd like to start competing again and as I no longer have my MK4 #1 SMLE, I need a rifle which WILL allow me to make the 600 and 800 meter shots reliably with open sights. The last time I competed, out of a field of 27 I placed 19th. I'd like to get myself where I can at least place top 10. I'm not looking to compete for money, I just enjoy the challenge of shooting at target far enough away I can barely see them. It forces me to take my time in a hurry, and it's really satifyingto see that I can still hit the target.

This is my rifle, yes it's an EBR, and yes that is my 1911A1 under the movies on the seat, and yes those are extra mags for the 1911A1. I want to make this rifle a tack driver, because actually to me it's more enjoyable than my old MK4 #1, with less recoil, and the ammo is a heck of a lot cheaper.


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