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Sunday, July 30, 2023

Remington Green and White Box 38sp vs Green and Yellow Box 38sp Ammo - Paul Harrell

Are Dirty Suppressors More Quiet? Lets Test That out! - DEUCE AND GUNS

Well... obviously - Liberal Hivemind

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The US Mutant Missile Designed to Annihilate Any Aerial Threat - Dark Tech

US Special Operation’s Smallest Assault Rifle - Garand Thumb

The US Secret Aircraft That Made Everyone Go Crazy When It Was Released - Dark Skies

Philly Mayor crosses the line: Sues 3 gun stores, DEMANDS they pay CITY "to be determined amount"... - Langley Outdoors Academy

The Von Lenk Guncotton Cartridge for the M1854 Lorenz - Paper Cartridges

White House Sending US Military Ammo Stockpile Reserve To Europe! - God Family and Guns

L1A1 🇬🇧 SLR [British FN FAL - Iron Sights] to 600yds (Feat. Bloke on the Range) Practical Accuracy - 9-Hole Reviews

Solo Overnight Staying Dry in a Poncho Shelter During a Rainstorm and a DIY Bushcraft Oven Omelet. - Corporals Corner

BREAKING: Biden’s Gun Charge plea deal was a COVER?! INTERNATIONAL CRIMES AND FOREIGN LOBBYING?! - Langley Outdoors Academy

Friday, July 28, 2023

Why The US Has Two Types of Aircraft Carrying Ships - Not What You Think

Gun control groups masquerading as "journalists" to dupe Americans - Legally Armed America

Punk Icon MADE FUN of Singer’s Masculinity…Responded with TOUGHEST Rock Hit EVER!-Professor of Rock - Professor of Rock

Teens Face Multiple Felonies for BB Gun - Liberty Doll

Has the US been flying black triangle UFOs since DESERT STORM?! - Sandboxx

BREAKING: Supreme Court STAYS on behalf of the ATF… Sets the table for an EPIC showdown... - Langley Outdoors Academy

The Grey Ghost of WW2 - USS Enterprise - Simple History

Conservatives Bombarded With Facebook Misinformation Far More Than Liberals In 2020, Study Suggests - Forbes Breaking News

US Senate Permanently Reauthorizes the Undetectable Firearms Act - Guns & Gadgets 2nd Amendment News

Stocked Pistols: Great or Garbage? - Forgotten Weapons

Thursday, July 27, 2023

BREAKING: ATF just took Frames and Receivers to SCOTUS... DEMAND a STAY OR HEAR THE CASE... IT'S ON - Langley Outdoors Academy

Now In Effect, New California Gun Control Law Bans "Abnormal" - Copper Jacket TV

The Hunter situation just got a little weird - Liberal Hivemind

Lawyer Lays Out the Gun Control Lobby's Core Argument... Then DESTROYS It! - USCCA

EPIC: Dems meet the WRATH of voters over Gun Control votes... It's time to pay the piper... - Langley Outdoors Academy

Corporals Corner Mid-Week Video #14 The $13 DIY Bush Pot Oven for The Common Man - Corporals Corner

Why New Jersey Disgraced The USS Ling | Abandoned - It's History

Colt Double Action Revolver Frame Sizes of the 20th Century - duelist1954

How does Band-Maid make amazing acoustic songs? The same lyrics, but completely new songs!! - Venus Gaijin - Band Maid Videos

Wednesday, July 26, 2023

1944-45 Two US Field Ration K Breakfast Units MRE Review Meal Ready to Eat Tasting Test - Steve1989MREInfo

Is Your Money at RISK in a Bank? Bullion Dealer Weighs In! - Silver Seeker

PayPal SCAM ALERT!!! PayPal SCAM ALERT!! - The "Reverb Scam" Gets Scarier - Trogly's Gutar Show

No 2nd Amendment Rights For Veterans Per The VA - Copper Jacket TV

Intel Officer Suggests UFO CONSPIRACY, People MURDERED And ALIENS May Be Trying To Hurt Humans - Timcast

Feds Crack Down on Telemarketer 'Consent Farms' - Steve Lehto

SCANDAL ERUPTS IN Hunter Biden Hearing, SHADY DEAL May Have Been EXPOSED, DOJ Corruption - Timcast

Hunter Biden To PLEAD GUILTY TODAY, Democrats Plan To Charge Trump Camp As Civil War Escalates - Timcast

The Greatest Deception of WW2: Operation Fortitude - WW2 on TV

July 2023 Q&A - Annette Evans - On Her Own - InRangeTV

BREAKING WIN: Dem INFIGHTING DEFEATS worst Gun Control bill to date in GLORIOUS fashion… - Langley Outdoors Academy

A Canadian-legal AR-180: The Cru Arms Temp - TFB TV

PAY ATTENTION! Department of Justice CAUGHT Bribing States To Pass Red Flag Laws! - Guns & Gadgets 2nd Amendment News

Al Kadesih: Iraq's Exceptionally Rare Dragunov Copy - Forgotten Weapons

St. Louis and D.C. Show Gun Control Isn’t About Public Safety -

 With many prominent government officials exhibiting a flagrant indifference to violent crime, it’s getting harder for anti-gun politicians to pretend that their gun control schemes are anything other than a means to harass law-abiding gun owners. Recent incidents from anti-gun jurisdictions St. Louis and the District of Columbia further illustrate this point.

In early July, the St. Louis NBC affiliate published text messages from Mayor Tishaura Jones obtained under the state’s Sunshine Law. In a text conversation with her father, Jones expressed doubts about the efficacy of gun control laws.

According to the station, Jones texted her father, “Chicago has strict gun laws as well but that doesn’t deter gun violence.” Jones put more faith in social programs, texting, “It’s about investing in the people.”

These once-private comments are a stark contrast to Jones’ public statements and actions. Jones is a co-chair of billionaire Michael Bloomberg front-group Mayor’s Against Illegal Guns (MAIG). MAIG, along with Moms Demand Action, are part of the Bloomberg gun control conglomerate Everytown for Gun Safety.

In this capacity, Jones has advocated for a raft of gun control measures. These include criminalizing private firearm transfers, restricting commonly-owned semi-automatic firearms, and repealing the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act that prevents anti-gun jurisdictions and tort attorneys from putting the American firearms industry out of business with frivolous lawsuits.

The mayor also supported a “federal Red Flag law.” As enacted, red flag laws empower the government to confiscate a law-abiding person’s firearms without due process.

Click the link to read the whole article:  Gun Control Isn’t About Public Safety

Another Loss for ATF Over Gun Frames & Receivers in Legal Fight -

 The Second Amendment Foundation is cheering a Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling in the case of VanDerStok v. Garland, challenging the authority of the Justice Department and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to regulate items that are not firearms, as if they were firearms.

The Second Amendment Foundation had intervened in the case, opposing the ATF’s change in defining frames and receivers. The court yesterday refused to stay portions of the rule SAF successfully challenged, pending appeal. Issues which SAF did not challenge when it intervened in the case were granted a stay. Second Amendment Foundation and its partners in the intervention are represented by attorney Chad Flores.

According to the Fifth Circuit panel, “Because the ATF has not demonstrated a strong likelihood of success on the merits, nor irreparable harm in the absence of a stay, we DENY the government’s request to stay the vacatur of the two challenged portions of the Rule. “[V]acatur …reestablish[es] the status quo ante”…which is the world before the Rule became effective.

This effectively maintains, pending appeal, the status quo that existed for 54 years from 1968 to 2022.

Click the link to read the whole article:  Another Loss for ATF

Political Forces All Working to Silence Gun Rights Advocates -

 Tombstone, Arizona – -( NRA’s America’s First Freedom magazine for August 2023 featured stories on efforts to “Silence the NRA.”

They made a lot of good points, but there’s more to the story. Of course, in the NRA version, the New York Attorney General’s lawsuit against the NRA and four of its top executives is all just one facet of the wider political attacks on gun rights and gun owners. There is some truth to that position, but it is not the whole truth. Without question the NY AG Letitia James targeted the NRA for political reasons.

What the NRA article doesn’t mention though, is that when James and company started their politically-motivated investigation, they found very real, very serious problems with the way the Association had been doing business. Had the NRA been squeaky clean, as its members have every right to expect them to be, the AG’s investigation would have come up empty, with nothing but specious, unsupportable accusations to show for it. That’s not what happened. Instead of finding a well-run organization with exceptional financial controls and transparency, the NY investigators found a chaotic mess of greed, nepotism, cronyism, and subterfuge.

The fact that the NRA turned out to be a den of self-serving elitists, putting their own desires over the needs of the Association, seriously undermined the Association’s very valid First Amendment case in their suit against Governor Cuomo and NY bureaucrats. The fact that the NRA’s CEO was flying around on private jets (with friends and family – for luxury vacations) at Association expense and spending hundreds of thousands of NRA members’ dollars on his personal wardrobe, unilaterally making multi-million-dollar agreements with good-buddy vendors, while accepting expensive, personal gifts, going on NRA-paid junkets, vacations, and safaris with his wife and other friends and family in tow, all while sidestepping Association Bylaws and policies designed to act as checks on such behaviors, and while being paid millions of dollars a year, totally destroyed his credibility and the credibility of the Association.

For over 30 years, the NRA’s PR firm actively promoted a cult of personality around Wayne LaPierre, effectively making him the face and voice of the NRA. Meanwhile, the same PR company, with a lot of help from legacy media and proponents of gun control, painted the NRA as “the gun lobby,” the representative of all gun owners.

Click the link to read the whole article:  Forces Working to Silence Rights Advocates

ATF Intimidating Another Home-Based Gun Dealer to Surrender FFL -

 U.S.A. — Tom Harris has been selling guns from his Lewisville, Texas home for 30 years. He is so respected and beloved by his customers that one gave him a kidney – literally – which saved his life.

Dialysis wasn’t working well for Harris, owner of Sporting Arms Company, which he operates from a dedicated space in his home. He had only months to live until a 39-year-old retired Marine offered to help.

“I heard you might need a kidney. I’ll get tested,” Harris recalls the man saying in 2019. “I told him that he and his wife should pray about it first. He said, ‘We already have.’ He was a perfect match – a 7 out of 7. Now, even if I lose my business, it has allowed me to live.”

In what has become standard operating procedure since Joe Biden took office, the ATF is trying to intimidate Harris – and other home-based gun dealers – into surrendering his Federal Firearm License. If he refuses to comply – and he most likely will – Harris will face what ATF calls “adverse actions.”

ATF dug up procedural errors from as far back as 2007 to make their current “case” against Harris, but the ATF had already told Harris he was cleared of these 16-year-old clerical errors, as well as newer ones. He has letters attesting to this. Unfortunately, none of this mattered to the ATF inspectors who recently began persecuting the 61-year-old disabled father of five only to satisfy their supervisors’ newfound zeal for FFL revocations.

“They threw the kitchen sink at me after they cleared me because their bosses weren’t happy with it,” Harris told the Second Amendment Foundation’s Investigative Journalism Project last week. “They are trying to intimidate me into surrendering my FFL.”

Click the link to read the whole article:  ATF Intimidating Another Home-Based Dealer

The Unity Axon Sync has a fatal flaw - Hoplopfheil

How a World War Two Submarine Works - Animagraffs

He Stole $40 Million and Got Caught - Coffeezilla

Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Jimmy Savile - ROYAL PREDATOR - ZeroDark Tony

Masked Vigilante Patrolling SF with Fake Gun - Liberty Doll

When it all comes full circle lol - Liberal Hivemind

They Gon' Be MAAAAAD - TGC News! - TheGunCollective

OMG Starts Campaign to Expose Dirty Lawyers - O'Keefe Media Group

Now In Effect, You Can't Carry Anywhere, Shocking Map Details - Copper Jacket TV

Is South Korea Building the Next Battleship? - Battleship New Jersey

CAUGHT: DOJ and Biden Admin “WEAPONIZED” Senate Gun Control Law of last year… ALREADY - Langley Outdoors Academy

Armor Inferno - Hitler's Deadliest Tank Fleet - Dark Docs

Gun store rats man out for buying ammo - Legally Armed America

Gerry Anderson Primers - the complete series

ATF Loses In Court! AGAIN!!! - Guns & Gadgets 2nd Amendment News

My Robin is Hot. I Made It Worse - Aging Wheels

BREAKING: ATF Loses to FPC AGAIN Frame and Receiver APPEAL - The VSO Gun Channel

Monday, July 24, 2023

They just DESTROYED the NARRATIVE... ABC lists out "Mass Events" and lets the cat out of the bag... - Langley Outdoors Academy

State Troopers Caught Filing Thousands of Bogus Tickets - Steve Lehto

Why Did David Hogg Pull Out of Gun Debate When He Found Out It's Against Colion Noir? - Colion Noir

How Submarines Docked While Underwater - DSRV-2 Avalon - Deep Submergence Rescue Vehicle - Scott Manley

This Bill Will Stop The VA From Taking Veteran's Gun Rights Away! - Iraqveteran8888

WW2 Aircraft Weapons 50 cal. Vs The World - Greg's Airplanes and Automobiles

NFA Challenged: Made in Texas Suppressor Update - Armed Attorneys

Youtube's Most INSANE Demand Yet! This Is Absolute Disrespect & A Troubling Sign For The Future - The Quartering

Washington's Last Stand to Stop Its Assault Weapon Ban and Why It Matters to All Of You - Washington Gun Law

Texas Wants FCC Rule Limiting Amateur Radio Dialed Back - Ham Radio 2.0

BREAKING: New Court Order Just Issued, ATF "Frame & Receiver" Rule - Copper Jacket TV

A FAKE Silver Eagle was Sent to NGC for Certification: Did it Pass? - Silver Seeker

Selling AR-15 Rifles Is A Violation of Law?!? - Guns & Gadgets 2nd Amendment News

Croatian HS-91: A Mystery Hybrid of M56 and PPSh-41 - Forgotten Weapons

When 2,500 Lost to 800 Marines - Japan's First Major Defeat of WW2 - WW2 on TV

The Most Feared Submarine in the Pacific during WW2 - Dark Seas

Minnesota DNR Bans Traditional Ammunition on Public Land -

After a two-year process following a petition from October, 2021, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has instated a rule that prohibits the use of traditional lead-based ammunition in all state Scientific and Natural Areas (SNA’s) that allow regular hunting, as well as several state parks and other SNA’s that hold special hunting events. A full breakdown of the 56 affected parks and lands can be found at the DNR’s website here under the Hunting and Trapping tab.

These new guidelines negatively impact thousands of Minnesotans who have been able to hunt these lands without issue for generations. The DNR instated these rule changes through means that did not require legislative changes to Minnesota state statutes.

Minnesota-based Federal Ammunition has released an open letter condemning the actions of the DNR and outlining the impacts the ban will have on both hunters and the state economy.

Your NRA will continue to fight to promote and protect your right to keep and bear arms and hunting heritage. Please continue to check and your email inbox for NRA-ILA alerts on the latest action items. NRA-ILA will keep you updated on Second Amendment and hunting-related legislation.

Bass Pro Shop’s Background Check Policy Raises Questions -

 U.S.A. — Cecil Trimble, a 35-year-old restaurant manager, took a fishing reel to Bass Pro Shop’s Tampa store last week to be spooled with new line. As he was waiting, he wandered over to the gun department and immediately spotted the object of his recent desire.

Trimble had been searching for a Sig P365 X Macro for weeks. The problem was, so had everybody else. Bass Pro wanted around $800 for the 9mm. Trimble didn’t hesitate. He told the salesperson he wanted it, completed a Form 4473, and handed over his Florida Concealed Weapon or Firearm License, which exempts him from a waiting period. Trimble had purchased numerous firearms from Bass Pro Shop in the past, so he expected to walk out of the store with his new pistol in minutes.

“The clerk came over and told me, ‘The ATF has approved you, but we’re denying the purchase,’” Trimble told the Second Amendment Foundation’s Investigative Journalism Project earlier this week.

Astonished, Trimble demanded to know what was going on. The salesperson said Trimble’s brother-in-law had tried to buy a firearm at the store a month ago but self-denied on the 4473, most likely because he misread a question. Unfortunately, Trimble’s brother-in-law, who had lived with him several years ago, moved out but never changed the address on his driver’s license.

“I asked the clerk how this had anything to do with me, and he said it was Bass Pro’s policy not to sell any firearms to anyone living at the same address as someone who has been denied,” Trimble said. “He hasn’t lived there for three or four years. I get the straw purchase thing, but he tried to buy a $200 revolver and I was trying to buy an $800 9mm.”

“The firearms manager agreed with me but could not get the GM of compliance on the phone to talk this out,” Trimble said. “As it stands now, I or anyone living at my address are barred from buying firearms from Bass Pro ever again.”

Trimble pointed out his brother-in-law is retired military, a Florida CWFL holder, and not a prohibited person. He must have misread a question on the Form 4473, Trimble said. The staff wouldn’t relent.

Click the link to read the whole article:  Bass Pro Background Check Raises Questions

Dynamic Research Technologies .223 Ammo Review - Paul Harrell

Sunday, July 23, 2023

The Harrier Jump Jet - Johnny Johnson

Developing C-41 color film at home is actually pretty easy - Technology Connextras

Politicians vote AGAINST child trafficking bill! - Legally Armed America - YouTube demonetized this video before it was even finished uploading! Please share to your friends so this message gets out.

Let me tell you a story

I have been posting music by the 5 young Ladies of Band-Maid for over a year on my blog, and a few people enjoy those posts and the Ladies music. A couple people have been a little rude and dismissive. 

It was shortly before Thanksgiving of 2021, when I forgot to turn off auto-play when I logged in, to YouTube.  I started going through my subscriptions, when the animals started fighting in the kitchen.  I got up, and got them sorted out and kenneled.  As I came BACK into my room, I heard this music that sounded really good, and was that Japanese, I was hearing?  It was, but the music was good, I sat down at my desk and restarted the video and watched it from the beginning.  And I was very impressed with the musicianship, the talent and the energy of the young Ladies on the stage in that video.  What was that video, you ask? 

Since Nippon Crown, the Ladies OLD label is being a pain here is the link to the song:

Freedom, by the Band-Maid.  I watched the video at least 15 times in the next 3 hours.  I would watch Freedom, check out a video on my subscriptions, then come back to Freedom and watch it again.  I then noticed the next video by Band-Maid that YouTube was recommending to me was "Onset"

Since Nippon Crown, the Ladies OLD label is being a pain here is the link to the song:

After Onset, I was hooked.  I subscribed to their channel and started to watch ALL of their videos.  And I was AMAZED.  EVERY SINGLE SONG, was good.  Not just good but EXCELLENT!!  I hadn't felt like this about music or a band since the mid 70's with RUSH, Kansas and Styx.  Yes, I feel these 5 young Japanese Ladies are just as good as the Greats, of RUSH, Styx, Kanas, and many others.  Don't believe me?  Watch these next 2 videos.  They come from the same concert that "Freedom" came from but are the 21st and 22nd songs out of 23, and they had already been performing for over 2 hours at the time.  If you pay attention, the last few bars of the first video, are the first few bars of the second.

Since Nippon Crown, the Ladies OLD label is being a pain here is the link to the song:

Now listen closely, you see the Ladies go back to their pedal boards at the end of Play, you hear the notes ringing out.  They reset their pedal boards for the next song, and they're off.
Since Nippon Crown, the Ladies OLD label is being a pain here is the link to the song:

Both of these songs are extended from the studio release.  Play has an extended intro, and Domination has an extended breakdown/bridge.  And when you look at them, they don't look like they have been performing for 2 hours already, under hot lights in front of over two THOUSAND people.  And they look like they are having FUN.

That is why I fell in love with these 5 young Ladies music.  Their music is fantastic, the Ladies themselves are real, down to earth, they have very little ego and truly want to perform for their fans and to give them the best show they can possibly give.

But while I was discovering these young Ladies, the world was in the heart of what we now know were unnecessary unneeded lockdowns.  But the fear that certain groups and the media perpetrated upon all of us, made many people shut down emotionally.  Not being able to go out.  Not being able to visit our friends, or our families.  Loved ones dying alone, either through incompetence or outright malpractice, all of us were harmed.

And 5 young Ladies, seeing this in the world, and feeling it themselves, took it upon themselves to try to bring some hope and healing back to their fans.  So they wrote this next song.  They originally were going to perform it at Budokan, but due to the lockdowns the concert was canceled.  So on the day that their Budokan concert was going to be held, they held a concert, an online concert, that people could watch in their homes.  The Ladies themselves were surprised when over people from over 67 countries logged in to watch them perform for almost 3 hours, but they debuted the song they had written.  Before they performed the song, Saiki Atsumi gave a small talk, explaining about the song and the future of the band.

Translation of the speech that Saiki did before playing "About us" in their 2-11-21 Okyu-Ji (all credits goes to t-Shinji on Reddit/r/BandMaid and big thanks to him, or her, for this awesome work - You can watch the concert and enjoy the translation):

We were supposed to meet you today.
For the first time in a year, we thought we could meet you all, those of you who could come to see us, but we can’t meet you in the end. I’m sorry.
Even though it’s not my fault.
We have been having days of turmoil for about a year. In the beginning, we were very surprised because we hadn’t experienced it before, and we had no experience of not being able to meet others in person.
We were sad, but we found we shouldn’t be sad in this situation.
When I saw you masters and princesses on social media, you were more depressed than us, and we thought that’s too bad.
We Band-Maid have been thinking about how to cheer up all of you in the last one year.
We truly wanted to meet you at Nippon Budokan, but it’s impossible because of COVID, so let’s wait for the day when we can meet.
And in the last one year… or in the COVID pandemic, we have become more eager to cheer you up, and we Band-Maid realized again it’s important to give our songs to you.
That’s why we wrote this song for Budokan.
We made the album also in the pandemic, so it might have a little similar feel, but this song is planned for Nippon Budokan, and we really want to give it to you masters and princesses now.
Budokan is not our goal but just a stepping stone. We will perform at bigger venues, and we promise we will bring you there and give you even better songs, so let’s keep it up a little more.
This is our present for you masters and princesses.
Please listen to it. 

And today, is the 10th anniversary of the founding of this Band-Maid.  As part of honoring the Ladies, a group of people on a Discord server came together to make a Lyric video, so all of us could sing along with the Ladies.  They included the Romaji lyrics so we CAN correctly pronounce the words, and I just hope one day to be able to see the Ladies again and to sing this song along with them.  So please, watch the next video as well.  It is the same song, but with drawing and lyrics added, so we can share our love of the Ladies and their music to everyone.


I hope you now have a small appreciation at least for the Ladies of Band-Maid, and indulge my posting of them from time to time.

When it's so stupid you can't help but LAUGH - Liberal Hivemind

Explosive Garden Gnome Mines - Ordnance Lab

Precursor to ATF Home Raids? ATF Agents Put You on Notice, Government Tracks Search History? - Tom Grieve

Solo Overnight Building a Poachers Basecamp with a Deer Hoist in The Woods and Lasagna - Corporals Corner

Saturday, July 22, 2023

Automata: The Extraordinary "Robots" Designed Hundreds Of Years Ago | Mechanical Marvels | Timeline - World History Documentaries

If Oppenheimer Didn’t Invent the Atomic Bomb, Who Did? - Curious Droid

Two from Langley Outdoors Academy

What was Fauci hiding? - ReasonTV

Next Up: Using Qualified Immunity for Gun Confiscation - Liberty Doll

DOJ To SUE Texas Over Border Control Practices, The Federal Govt. Is IGNORING The Immigration Crisis - Timcast IRL

Fargo terrorist used binary trigger and sought out large crowds to attack - Legally Armed America

Federal Judge Orders State Police to Stop Illegally Detaining Drivers - Steve Lehto

I Hate This Channel - Metatron

A Weird Underpowered Truck That Everybody Loved - VisioRacer


The Edwardians had Cosmetic Surgery & it Wasn't Dissimilar to Today - Bernadette Banner

USPSA with a 105-Year-Old Artillery Luger Rig - Forgotten Weapons

Couple Must Pay Taxes on Money Stolen From Them - Steve Lehto

The Springfield Trapdoor Rifle - Arizona Ghostriders

Ammunition Scam Sites Are Infesting The Internet -

 U.S.A. — The old saying “buyer beware” has now been extended to the Internet age. There has been an epidemic of scams proliferating the World Wide Web, and the firearms community is not immune from criminals trying to separate people from their hard-earned dollars.

These scammers target their victims with incredible deals that are hard to pass up. When it comes to the firearms community, these deals are usually for ammunition. You might see deals that proclaim to save the buyer over 50%. These deals litter the pages of social media sites like Instagram with messages like “DM for orders.”

These scammers have also launched websites with names similar to legitimate ones, including AmmoLand News. We recently received reports of a website named selling ammunition at massive discounts. Once a user places an order, they will receive an email asking the buyer to send money through Cash App, PayPal, Venmo, or Zelle.

Click the link to read the whole article:  Ammunition Scam Sites Are Infesting The Internet

Ammo that Does What it's SupPost-ta!👈🏻 Federal Hydrashok DEEP .380 ACP VS .38 Special+P - Gun Sam _Revolver Aficionado_

Friday, July 21, 2023

The longstanding mystery of BLACK TRIANGLE UFOs - Sandboxx

IT'S OFFICIAL: Gun Control Moving onto BANNING the 1st Amendment in new bill... JUMPS THE SHARK... - Langley Outdoors Academy

These lunatics just got completely OWNED - Liberal Hivemind

The Making of the White Album with writer GLENN GREENBERG | #170 - Pop Goes The 60's

WE GOT YOU!! You son of a......... - Liberal Hivemind

An Arena Band Gave Me Their ACTUAL Merch Income Sheet, And It's Mind Blowing - TankTheTech

All "Magazines" Must Be "Registered" Under New Law...... HD 4420 - Copper Jacket TV

Anti-gun Lawyer Skips Sanctions Hearing Pissing Off The Judge - John Crump News

Otterup Model 69: From German Sword to Danish Plowshare - Forgotten Weapons

Thursday, July 20, 2023

We put DIY APOCALYPSE WEAPONS to the test! - Shadiversity

Crazy Plane Ejections Caught on Camera - Dark Footage

Corporals Corner Mid-Week Video #13 Three Ways to Move Large Objects With Ease

BREAKING: ATF raiding homes based on search history? - Legally Armed America

BREAKING NEWS: Ted Cruz Proposes Amendment To Prevent Strategic Petroleum Reserves Sales To China - Forbes Breaking News

California Law Backfires And Its Hilarious, Rhode v. Bonta - Copper Jacket TV

Disgusting NAMBLA Backed Predators Murder Neighborhood Boy - The Misery Machine

Illinois Ends Cash Bail - Steve Lehto

When Law Schools Starts Teaching How to Eviscerate Your Second Amendment Rights - Washington Gun Law

Executed For Listening To The Radio In North Korea - Ringway Manchester

Armed ATF Agents Going Door To Door To Seize Forced Reset Triggers - Mrgunsngear Channel

WOW. The IRS whistleblower just EXPOSED the whole damn thing!!!!! (17M++ DOLLARS) - Liberal Hivemind

DOJ Goes After Ammo Theft Victim - Liberty Doll

Sen. Chris Murphy Targets Military Gun Owners In Defense Bills -

 It takes a certain amount of brazenness to put the responsibility of defending the nation on a young American and then, in the next breath, demand they forfeit those freedoms they are literally willing to die to protect.

U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) is never one to disappoint, though. His latest legislative move is to put a target on the back of every service member as someone who cannot be entrusted to exercise their Second Amendment rights. Military members already sacrifice many of their freedoms to protect the United States. Sen. Murphy, who has never served a day in uniform, doesn’t think that’s enough.

Sen. Murphy thinks Second Amendment freedoms for those in uniform is, well, too much freedom.

Gun control isn’t anything new to Sen. Murphy. He’s made a career of attacking the Second Amendment and the firearm industry. That’s made him the darling of gun control groups but now he’s putting the Second Amendment rights of military gun owners in his crosshairs.

Think about that for a minute. These are the men and women our nation trusts to put a firearm in their hand and stand between our nation and those who wish to do us harm. Sen. Murphy has no problem with that but is proposing these same individuals can’t be trusted with firearms in their personal possession.

Sen. Murphy introduced an amendment to the annual National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which empowers our government to fund and support our nation’s military. As a “must-pass” bill, it naturally attracts thousands of amendments for pet projects every year. Most of those are ruled out of order, or not defense related, so they can’t be attached to the bill.

Sen. Murphy, though, is making gun control a military issue. It starts off innocuously, requiring the Secretary of Defense to set minimum training standards for anyone required to carry a firearm on duty. That would include marksmanship training standards, as well as suicide awareness and safe storage. These are already standardized requirements for each branch.

Click the link to read the whole article:  Sen. Chris Murphy Targets Military

Wednesday, July 19, 2023

BREAKING: Federal Judge DISMISSES Challenge To NFA Suppressor Laws - Guns & Gadgets 2nd Amendment News

Terrorist attack on American soil - but the media can't call it that - Legally Armed America

BREAKING: ATF "THREATENING" to go TO the Supreme Court over "ghost gun" loss... GET THE POPCORN! - Langley Outdoors Academy

Sci-Fi Short Film "Imminent Arrival" | DUST

Gun Control Hidden In Military Funding Bill!! - Guns & Gadgets 2nd Amendment News - WATCH THIS ONE!!!

No Clip, No Problem! Ethiopian Gunsmithing Solutions (Berthier) - Forgotten Weapons

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Tuesday, July 18, 2023

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Monday, July 17, 2023

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Sunday, July 16, 2023

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Saturday, July 15, 2023

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ATF SWAT Team Raids Kitchen-Table Gun Dealer’s Oklahoma Home -

 Russell Fincher is a high school history teacher, a Baptist pastor, and a part-time gun dealer. He also coaches Little League in his hometown of Tuskahoma, Oklahoma, which has a population of around 151 souls.

Fincher, 52, has had a Federal Firearm License for three years. He has no brick-and-mortar gun shop. He’s what used to be called a “kitchen table FFL.” He sells most firearms at gun shows, including Wanenmacher’s Arms Show in Tulsa.

“Living in Southeast Oklahoma, if you don’t have a gun under $400, people ain’t buying it,” he said Thursday. “Rarely do people come to my house to buy a gun.”

In April, Fincher received a call from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. They wanted to do an inspection at his home.

“I told them they were welcome anytime,” Fincher said.

Two ATF inspectors arrived a few days later. They spent three hours in his home. They took pictures of his 4473s with their cell phones, which Fincher has since learned is an illegal, although common practice.

“Honestly, they were way nicer than I expected,” he said. “They said I had some guns that had traces on them, which concerned them. It concerned me too.”

The inspectors returned two weeks later. They had some “concerns” involving Fincher’s penmanship, which they couldn’t read on several forms. They also found he had juxtaposed the model number of a firearm with the weapon’s serial number, which Fincher was attempting to rectify.

On June 16th, 2023, Fincher and his son were packing for a gun show in Tulsa when the phone rang. It was the ATF. They said they wanted to talk to him before he left for the gun show.

“We can come out to your house,” he recalls the agent saying. “I told them sure; I’d be home.”

That is when seven vehicles roared up to his home and disgorged a dozen ATF agents wearing tactical gear, armed with AR-15s.

“It was like the Trump raid. They called me out onto my deck and handcuffed me. My son was there and saw the whole thing. He’s 13 years old,” Fincher said. “They held me on the porch for about an hour. I was surrounded by agents. One by one, they yelled at me about what I was doing. In my mind I decided if they were going to beat me up over every little thing, I’m done. As soon as I said, ‘If you want my FFL, you can have it,’ one of the agents pulled out a piece of paper and said, ‘Well then sign here.’ He had made three copies in case I screwed one up. It was exactly what they wanted. I was shocked.”

As soon as Fincher relinquished his Federal Firearm License, the ATF began loading up his guns, including a Colt Commander, five Glocks, and a mint AK – a Polytech Pre-ban milled under-folder, which is worth thousands of dollars.

Click the link to read the rest of the story:  ATF SWAT Team Raids