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Thursday, March 31, 2016

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I hate going to Corpus Christi

I had a Doctors Appointment this morning, so I had to drive to Corpus.

The drive down wasn't bad.  The drive home was a nightmare.

Just north of the harbor bridge Highway 35 was shut down to one lane.

After spending 45 minutes minutes just to go less than half a mile, I used my 4 wheel drive to get off on the last on ramp and turned around.

I then drove BACK through Corpus, across to North Padre Island, north through Mustang Island, Port Aransas, ride the ferry to Aransas Pass and head north to just out of Rockport/Fulton.

A 90 mile round trip just took 143 miles.  And since I don't use the A/C in my Suburban unless the kids are riding with me, I sweated through all of my clothes.

I left at 8 am and SHOULD have been home around 11.  I Just got home at 3:40 pm

I'm taking ANOTHER shower and after I go through my messages and scheduling the various posts I'm going to bed.

Scott Ott Thought - Humorist Scott Ott Gets Serious: What if Trump Really Gets Elected?

The Rundown - Trump & Cruz Both Have Problems... With The Ladies

Hickok45 - Maverick 88

I have bought 3 of the Maverick 88 shotguns, One I bought for me, one for my oldest daughter and one for my mom.  Mom didn't like hers so she sold it to my brother.  My daughter and I still have ours.

Like Hickok says it has the cross bolt safety, the fore end CANNOT be easily removed without a drill press, it would be easier to just use a Moss 500 fore end and action bar that to try to replace the fore end.

The Maverick like ALL Mossbergs do need to have a slight tuneup to the extractor/ejector and shell elevator which is easy to do with a few needle files, a sharpie marker and a little bit of time.  I used to tune up a Mossberg in about 5-10 minutes, most of that was reassembling and feed testing.

But once those are smoothed out, the Mossberg and the Maverick feed so smoothly they feel like a completely different firearm.

On my personal Maverick, I have an ATI  folding stock and a 20" ribbed barrel with a Carlson Rifled Choke.  I basically made my own Paradox Gun.  I am trying to find a set of clamp on sights that clamp to the barrel rib to give me some better sighting options than the 2 beads on the rib.

But the Maverick is a pretty good firearm, IF you do a few small modifications to it.  You don't need a folding stock, I need one to fit it behind the seat of my truck.  And I"m probably going to switch mine back to the standard stock as I'll probably be using my suburban more often instead of my S-10. - AMMO SPECIALS - In-Stock Savings Now at

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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

In Range TV - 2gACM - AK74M & 1P63/PK1 Obzor Optic

Forgotten Weapons - T3E2 Trials .276-Caliber Garand

TriFecta - Ethics of Muslim Immigration, Pt. 2 - US Under Siege?

The Royal Institution - The Search for the Theory of Everything - with John Gribbin and Q&A

Midway USA - Now Available - CCI Standard Velocity 22 LR Ammo

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Dark 5 - 5 Most Secret Military Accidents

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