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The Replica Prop Forum
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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

PragerU - Who Are the Racists?

Iraqveteran8888 - Gun Gripes #188: "Poison Pill in H.R. 1585" ACT NOW!

Legally Armed America - 2019 NRA Annual Meeting drama played out in Indianapolis

LibertyPen - Paul Harvey - Bad News in America

Pat Condell - Our Battle Of Britain

No Bullshit - Biden Launches Campaign by Misquoting Trump

No Bullshit - 8 Year Old Mocks Cortez - AOC's Dumb #13

Carey Wedler - Joe Biden running for president is exactly why Trump will win in 2020

EnglishShooting - Chris Packham - The End of Section 1 Shotguns?

Lisa Haven - NASA Accidentally Confirms The Worlds Biggest Hoax Just Became a Conspiracy!

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Project Veritas - Media Caught Selectively Editing AGAIN - Record Your Interviews!

TAOFLEDERMAUS - YouTube's Newest Rules should horrify you

Right Angle - Democrats Double-Down on Impeachment as Mueller Clears Trump

Project Veritas - Chase Bank Customer Explains Why He Came Forward

Paul Joseph Watson - Latest Atrocities in Modern Architecture

SmarterEveryDay - People are Manipulating You on Facebook

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

John Stossel - Green New Deal: Fact versus Fiction

Steven Crowder - Louder With Crowder - DEBUNKED: TOP 5 Socialism Lies!

Kirsten Joy Weiss - My Body My Choice? Yeah Right! - Guns & Self Defense

TheGunCollective - Who REALLY wants an Assault Weapon Ban? - The Fight!

LibertyPen - Victor Davis Hanson - The Russia Collusion Hoax - A Retrospective

We the Internet TV - The College Thought Police

TheGunCollective - The First State Goes Anti-Gun! - The Legal Brief

Legally Armed America - Bloomberg's Indy plan to criminalize law-abiding gun owners at NRA Annual Meeting

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Project Veritas - Chase Bank RESPONDS to #debanking Story - No Denial Of "moral character" Judgement

UK Readers - EnglishShooting - "Gun Loopholes" - The Times

John Stossel - Enough Crony Capitalism!

Carey Wedler - Wikileaks and Assange aren't the probem—your government is

Liberty Doll - Chicago's "Playstation Tax"

Blunt Force Truth Minute - Liberal Distractions

Bill Whittle Now - Democrats Hardest Hit: Jobless Claims Plunge Near 50-Year Low

No Bullshit - Andrew Yang Goes Full Identity Politics

ReasonTV - This Marine Videographer Went Rogue to Show the Brutal Reality of War

Great Big Story - Fighting Avalanches With World War II Cannons

Paul Joseph Watson - The Notre Dame Fire

Project Veritas - Debanking: Chase Bank “moral character” a Reason They Don't Do Business w/ "those types of people"

John Stossel - 3D-Printed Guns