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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Some changes have been made

I've added some blogs to the Blog Roll, and I have removed some as well. Also the other contributor to the Blog, Greylocke, That is my other account. I have gotten very tired of signing out of one account and signing into the other to post or comment. So I just added it in here.

To quote the Great JayMeister.....

That is all.........

Mark/Grey Locke

Sabra Nails Obama's policies perfectly

Go on over there and read this

and be prepared to get upset.


In re: Ed McMahon

Old NFO has posted about Brig. Gen Edward Leon McMahon. Retired U.S.M.C Res Colonel, California Air National Guard Brig Gen. Better known as Ed McMahon, sidekick to Johnny Carson, and Dick Clark, host and co-host of many shows. Businessman, pitchman and entrepreneur.

Please Link on over....


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I somehow ripped the toenail

of my left big toe completely off. I'm not sure how I did it, but I need to quit wearing sandals all the time, and go back to wearing my boots. I would show you a picture of what it looks like but my 15 year old daughter Mary said it's "Nasty" so I won't.

Now normally when someone does something like that, they would be in a LOT of pain. I am not. There is a lot of discomfort, but very little pain. WOW!! you might say. It doesn't deserve a wow though. Because of all my various injuries and accidents through my life I suffer from neuropathy, which means I can severely injure myself in certain parts of my body and I won't even know it or feel it. My feet, my right thigh and forearm, the center of my my back right below the shoulder blades. I have dead spots. I have little or no feeling in those areas. This has come in handy when I've had confrontations in the past when I was working security. People freak out when they stab you in the arm and you don't even flinch, just look at the knife in your arm, then look at them. But when you are trying to get things done around the house, and now you can't because you just hurt yourself and can't risk doing more damage, things like this are a major annoyance.

So tomorrow morning I will be calling the DR, and see if I need to go to a podiatrist for my other toes. I can't risk letting this get out of hand, because I can't FEEL it. This injury untreated or treated improperly could actually cause me to lose my foot.

So if you ever have a small injury, think twice about not seeing your DR. You might be risking more than some discomfort.


Monday, June 22, 2009

AD Has a special Fathers Day rememberance

If you don't start having a sudden problem with your sinuses and eyes after reading, Well I don't know.

Please click HERE


Sunday, June 21, 2009

The wall is mostly done

I just need to install and shim the door and frame.

Here I am using my 100k btu propane weed burner to darken the wood. If you want to so something like this PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!! have a Fire Extinguisher handy. I did.

Here I am almost done with the wall.

Here it is. Just need to get the door and it's lock installed. You can see we've started putting canned goods on the shelves I built in.

Whaddya think?


Hmmm, this makes you think

When has there ever been a requirement that you get permission from the government to leave this country? What business is it of the government if I want to take a few friends with me on vacation?

Link HERE for one private pilots perspective.

H/T Insty


The True Wild West

For those politicians and media types who seem to think they Old West was violent. I bring you Brigid's post to the truth of that.

Please link on over and give it a read.


Friday, June 19, 2009

Hmmm am I Psychic?

Read one of my old posts, and tell me what you think.


Housework today

Well a few months back a friend of mine framed a wall in my house to give my 3 youngest sons their own room. They have been sleeping on couches in the family room for the last 4 years. Well they are getting older and boys being boys, they need to have some privacy, so as to not scandalize any guests I might have over.

My friend Troy framed it for me, last week I put in some shelves, today I started putting up the paneling to back the shelves and close off the boys room.

Even with the air conditioning set to 78 degrees in the house I was burning up. If it weren't for my daughter Melissa's help, I could not have done this. She and her younger brother my oldest son Matthew lugged the panels in for Melissa and I to cut to fit and nail up.

Here you can see into the boys room and see their twin over full bunk beds and one of ther dressers. I put the fan up because I was burning up.

Second panel in place.

A closer look at the shelves which will be filled either with some canned goods or nick-nacks, I haven't decided yet. To bring out the grain in the wood I used my large propane weed burner to burn the wood. When I m done with the wall, I will use the burner on it again, with the fire extinguisher handy to bring out the grain in the panels.

Here you can see the wall is mostly done. I already have a door and frame to install, I just need to go to the hardware store and pick up some wood shims tomorrow, and both of my daughters will have to bring the door and frame in and help me shim it. My large pieces of left over wood paneling will be used on my daughter Melissa's club house and my 2 junked travel trailers for doors.

Tomorrow after I get to he hardware store, I'm taking my ex-wife over to the other piece of property to shoot her new pistol.

Might have a range report if I can remember to bring my camera.


Thursday, June 18, 2009

The brown truck of happiness strikes again!!!

The brown truck of happiness delivered these yesterday to my FFL

Today it delivered 1 big box with 2 of these in it.

here it's getting hungry, it wants to feed.

Open now and ready to feed. Unfortunately I have to wait until saturday to let it eat. :o(


Monday, June 15, 2009

Brown Truck of Happiness

Brought me some joy today

my 2 80 watt Sharp Solar panels

to go with my 6 15 watt Harbor Freight Panels

And my new Xantrex C-40 charge controller

and my 2 new 6 volt golf cart batteries.

I can now start putting together my solar system for my office. I'm hoping by this time next year to have my entire house off the grid. That will save me quite a bit of fundage every month :o)


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ammo 101 for every new shooter

This lady has put together a guide to explain ammunition and it's various components.

Please click HERE to read the article.

h/t Uncle


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

From my friend Kathy in St. Louis, about political correctness

"Political correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end."


Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I've been watching the news, and listening to the radio. And more and more each day, I wonder just how long we actually have. How long until the United States becomes not a third world nation but a 4th world nation. A 4th world nation where people become nomadic and living in a hunter gatherer lifestyle. How long until we decay to the point that tribal and religious laws take precedence over our established laws and Constitution. Wahabism and Sharia law do not allow for the freedoms we currently are guaranteed under our Constitution and Bill of Rights. How much time do we have? How much more can we afford to erode our rights, and responsibilities in exchange for the so called safety and security of a Democrat controlled country. Where our debt load becomes so high, that my great great grandchildren will be born into a crushing debt that is not theirs. And the government wants to add more to that. By the time my great greats are born, they may as well be Serfs or Slaves. This is the direction our country is running headlong into. The Global warming alarmists, the spread the wealth liberal politicians, and special interest groups and their supporters. It scares me to see this happening. To see our educational system being systematically destroyed by the very government that is supposed to ensure a proper education for our children.

Read my little links, and realize these are my thoughts, and opinions. And I'm allowed to them under our Constitution, at least until the government or others decide I can't say this anymore.

I love my Country, but I am starting to really fear my Government and it's actions and employees.

So until they come knock on my door or kick it down. I will keep posting what wandering thoughts I may have.