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Thursday, June 18, 2009

The brown truck of happiness strikes again!!!

The brown truck of happiness delivered these yesterday to my FFL

Today it delivered 1 big box with 2 of these in it.

here it's getting hungry, it wants to feed.

Open now and ready to feed. Unfortunately I have to wait until saturday to let it eat. :o(



Nylarthotep said...

Nice. I have a Russian Tokarev. How'd that ammo work? I bought something that looked similar, but the ammo was so bad I couldn't hit anything with it. I bought some commercial ammo to compare it with and had hugely better success.

I also tried it with my tokagypt and my cz-52 with similar results.

I'm just wondering if I got a bad batch or if others have seen issues in the same way.

Mark said...

Ammo is actually pretty accurate. It was hitting 1/2 minute of 12 oz soda can at 30 feet most of the time from both pistols. If you are wondering this is the ammo I got from the romanian 86 gr 1980's production. You can get 2 of the cans still in the original metal case with free shipping for under 300.00