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Friday, December 31, 2010

Check this out a new version of Planet P's song "Why Me?"

The Embedding is disabled for it so you will have to click on the link.

This is the original version. Embedding is also disabled on it.

But please check them out.


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Monday, August 30, 2010

A Black Tea Partiers reaction to Liberals

I find this very heartwarming that black teapartiers are stepping up and telling the liberals the truth.


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Which party is the party of Racists?

I submit to you a collection of the top quotes from the Democrats and their Liberal friends.

Hip Hop Republican

Make your own determination.


Friday, August 13, 2010

Obama backs mosque near ground zero

WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama on Friday forcefully endorsed allowing a mosque near ground zero, saying the country's founding principles demanded no less.

Excuse me? What? He says that the Muslim Islamic Center and Mosque can be built next to what for Americans has become Holy Ground. Ground Zero. Where 3000 people died. Killed by the Actions of "Muslim" Terrorists.

Has he lost his mind? Or is he really a Muslim masquerading as a Christian? Hmmmm, well he did sit in the front row of Rev. Jeremiah Wright's church, listening for years to his extremist anti-white, anti-american diatribes. I have yet to see a picture of him actually bowing his head in prayer or going to something like, ohhhh The National Prayer Breakfast. I have seen photos of him removing his shoes to pray with Muslims. I have seen him snub christian organizations to go be a TV show which for the most part features a group of liberal rabidly left females.

It seems to me, that the Democrat party doesn't have it's Democrat President like it thought. It has a radical who wants to destroy the very system of values which has made this one of the greatest free countries in the world.


Now we have to worry about Cyber Terrorism,

In our infrastructure.

New Threat: Hackers look to take over power plants

From AP:

WASHINGTON – Computer hackers have begun targeting power plants and other critical operations around the world in bold new efforts to seize control of them, setting off a scramble to shore up aging, vulnerable systems.

Click the link above for the whole story.


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Working around the house

and creating youtube video's at the same time. I've been working on getting my AltE setup done. Originally I was going to hook it up on the 28' Travel trailer I've been converting to an office. But with everything going on in this country politically and financially. I'm going to set it up for the house instead. Sooooo, there are a few change I need to make. The trailer was going to be mostly a 12v setup. The house is 120v AC, so I need to get a whole house inverter to convert the DC power in my batteries to AC power for the house. I know what I want to get but the almost $2000.00 price tag is currently out of my reach. Then I'll need more batteries and solar panels,and I need to get off my butt and get my homebrew wind generator finished, so I can add it's generation capabilities to my power system. But I have re-mounted my 6, 15 watt Harbor Freight panels, and purchased 2 new GC2 6 v batteries, plus I've been digging out all the various components I've been buying over the last 4 years, so I will get my system up and running.. But the videos I've done today, are embedded below.


Saturday, July 31, 2010

I'm back,

but I'm not sure for how long. As many of my readers know I live north of Corpus Christi, Texas. Well hurricane Alex, didn't hit where I live but the storms it did unleash in my area, almost destroyed a good friends house. It badly damaged the roof, and did rip the siding of of it. Well my friend and I have been slowly replacing his roof, we still have more to do, before we can finish it and then replace all of his siding.

Me, I've had my little S-10 in the shop for over a month to repair the brake lights, and after I get them fixed the wiring in my suburban screws up and now it has to go into the shop. So I've been trying to deal with all this, help my friend on his house, and get my kids to all of their summer programs.

To say I've been stretched a little thin is an understatement.

Starting August 1st, I will restart my talkshow on Blog Talk Radio. It will be Saturday through Thursday once again, and I will do my best to keep up to date on all of the shows.

Thank you for reading here and listening to my show.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

News from Tim at Operation Rooster

Hello everyone,

I am proud to announce the re-launch of Operation Rooster with all kinds of additions and changes. Here is a run down of all or at least most of them.

In addition to Myspace and Twitter Operation Rooster is now on Facebook ( and YouTube ( If I get enough fans on Facebook I will start posting “notes” of my news articles and stuff like I do bulletins on Myspace. Right now YouTube is just going to be me reading the news article headlines I provide to The Texas Fellowship ( internet radio show. For both Facebook and YouTube, I might end up doing more with them in the future.

I changed some of the content on the Myspace page.

The biggest addition is of course a new website at Thanks to the site’s host WordPress this site as many more feature than any other previous Operation Rooster website. These include: the ability to leave comments on the site, access to a RSS feed of my posts, a list of my last 5 tweets from Twitter, a free email subscription of my posts (you get the post in your inbox just as it appears on the site and you can choose to get an email right after I make a post, daily, or weekly), and the ability to search the site.

I took a couple of blogs from the Myspace page and added them to the site. The “About” page gives a little info about me personally and the origins of Operation Rooster and the “My Stance On The Issues” pages gives my brief stance on some of the bigger issues of the day.

Well, I think that about covers it. I hope you enjoy the additions and changes I have made and I hope it makes it easier to get the news and info I pass along. As always I thank you for your support of me and Operation Rooster.

I plan on news articles again starting tomorrow (Wednesday).


Friday, May 14, 2010

My Apologies

For not updating this more often. I have a lot on my plate, remodeling in my house, my kids last few weeks of school plus ill health. Combined have conspired to make me rather lazy about updating this blog. I will tell you I will be posting some video's of my kids concerts on youtube soon, so you will be seeing those. I just have to finish editing them first so I can upload them. Plus I need to get a new router, my old linksys wireless router has been resetting itself about twice a week wiping out my network here at the house. I do have another newer router here. Somewhere..... Being the operative word.

Also Tim over at Operation Rooster is revamping his website, so I won't have his updates for my show until he is done. So please bear with me while I get things organized to the point I'm not trying to catch every other second.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hypocrisy in action

I was checking the news from my Yahoo account and saw this story and the comments, the vast majority bashing Sarah Palin, show just how close minded and reactionary liberals are. When the commentors are more concerned with any perks Ms. Palin as a paid speaker receives, and fling insults about her intelligence, familial relationships and cast aspersions of same and more. I think it is showing a derangement that borders on Bi-Polar/Manic Depressive disorder.

There are many people I disagree with personally and politically. However I would NEVER EVER stoop so low as to cast any kind of insults that have been leveled against Sarah Palin and her family.

Number 1, it is plain bad manners to do so.

Number 2, if I disagree with someone, all that throwing insults does is show that I cannot hold an intelligent discussion.

Number 3, lack of an open dialog means nothing can get done or discussed.

Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems to me that the left/liberals who are screaming the loudest about Ms. Palin, are in severe need of a psychological evaluation.

And that is as far as I'm willing to go towards what may be construed as an insult.


Friday, March 26, 2010

Relay For Life

My Oldest daughter is in her 5th year of volunteering for The American Cancer Society Relay for Life.

If you would like o help her meet the goal she set for herself, please click on the below link to go to her team page and click on the donate button.

The Lifesavers

Please help out as much as you can. Let your friends know, and if you blog, please post it on your blog. She has until the 24th of March o get 1500.00 dollars.


edit: You can donate to the team or any team member you wish. Thank you again.


Edited again..... Photos of the Stuffed Bears for Relay for Life.

Megan making the ribbons for the bears

Mary cutting out the bears, Tufts my cat is supervising from the box she claimed.

Melissa sewing the bears

Tufts supervising

Mary holding a sewn bear before it's stuffed

Melissa stuffing a bear

After Stuffing.

You can see we will be doing a lot of white flannel bears. We also have enough materials to do 6 or 7 more of the camo bears. If you would like to buy one of these bears, the white ones are 10.00, plus you can choose which cancer ribbon you want added. If you donate to the above link, then e-mail me with the amount and your name and address. Unfortunately the cheapest way to ship these is with flat rate shipping, the won't fit in the small box, but will fit in the medium size. Flat rate shipping according to is $10.70, that is the only additional charge which you will have to send via a postal money order to my P.O. Box. But your bear will be shipped out the same day we get your money order.

As I said, the bears are a $10.00 donation plus shipping cost. Flat Rate Priority Mail boxes are free, if you send me the postage label, you don't have to mess with a money order. If you don't want to donate online you can mail me a check or money order payable to the American Cancer Society - Relay for Life, in the memo section please put Team Lifesavers. If you want a bear please let me know, and you will have to send a separate Postal Money Order for 10.70 for domestic Flat rate Priority Mail. You can make the money order payable to USPS or to me Mark Anderson, your choice or you can purchase the postage label yourself and send it with your donation of $10.00 for a bear. Please do NOT combine the donation and the postage. And please do not make out your donation check to me. Make it out to the American Cancer Society. Don't forget to put your return address, either on a separate piece of paper or a filled out Priority Mail address label.

Any questions, please feel free to e-mail me at


Thursday, March 11, 2010

For Weber Fans Everywhere.

I've heard through a connection of mine that David Weber's Honor Harrington novels are being brought to the big screen. They have finalized some of the cast, and I think they got a few of them dead on.

Michael Janvier Baron High Ridge, the Prime Minister will be performed by:

Barack Hussein Obama

Countess New Kiev, head of the Liberal Party will be performed by:

Nancy Pelosi

Lady Elaine Descroix, will be performed by:

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Reginald Houseman will be performed by:

Harry Reid

Prescott (Scotty) Tremaine will be performed by:

Scott Brown

Earl White Haven Admiral of the Green Hamish Alexander will be performed by:

General David Petraeus

And Admiral of the Red, Lady Dame Honor Stephanie Harrington/ Steadholder Harringtonwill be performed by:

Sarah Louise Palin

Tell me what you think?


Monday, February 15, 2010

Wiki Wandering lead me from

This article about numbers stations, to This Wiki article about them, to the Lincolnshire Poacher, Cherry Ripe, One Time Pads, The Buzzer, Shannon Security, Yosemite Sam and a whole bunch of other things. It's amazing what you find when you cannot sleep.


Friday, February 12, 2010

I forgot one of my dream cars

When I first saw one of these cars, I was in High School at Normandy Senior High in Normandy Missouri. Wayyyyy back in the 80's. One of my teacher had one he had meticulously restored. I spent many days peering at the car, looking in through the windows while waiting for the bus to pull up so I could get home. Recently a neighbor of mine down at the bottom of the street had one, also restored. The thing that stood out most to me when looking at it was the fact that it only had 3 studs holding on the wheels. I'd love to get one of these.


Monday, February 8, 2010

Following on the post below

I started to put together a list of the cars I'd love to own. A few of them I have owned, a few were owned by friends, neighbors or family.

First cars I personally owned.

a 1986 Saab, of course.

Buick Skyhawk. Mine was a blue 1978 with a 4 speed and a 151 in line 4 cylinder

I had a yellow 1972 Beetle. It's license plate ended in NEZ and my father called it the Yellow Nosed Flying Omelet. Nez is french for nose.

Now for what some family members had that I wished I had.

My aunt Fay and Uncle Russ had a green one of these type 3 VW's.

My cousin Rex had one of these VW Microbuses.

Now for what some friends and neighbors had that I would love to get.

A friends dad had a Morris Minor Mini. I loved to go for a ride with them on the weekends. The car was nimble and fun, but a bit tight in the back seat. what little there was of it.

Another friend of mine, his neighbor had one of these Ford Model A pickup truck. It wasn't in as good shape as this one, but it ran, and got used every weekend.

The same neighbor also had one of these. a 1940 Packard, which was his daily driver. It's paint and upholstery were faded but it ran good.

A girl I used to date many many years ago, had one of these. Hers was a 1974 VW Thing. It's roof leaked, it needed lots of work, but it ALWAYS started.

This last one is one I've only ridden in once when my parents took my brohters and I to the UK for Christmas vacation. I"ve wanted one ever since.

A London taxicab. I can do without the for hire signage. But the "boot" is what made me want one.

What are your dream cars? Let me know in the comment section.


Ok, Now Jay's post

here made me comment about one of my old cars. A red Saab 900 2 door hatchback with a beige and black interior. Not the Turbo and not the S model. The standard 900 with the standard 8 valve inline 4, 2.0 liter H engine.

It looked a lot like this one except it didn't have a sunroof, and it had stock wheels.

I loved that car. It got premium gas even though money was tight. With premium in the tank though it gave me 32 mpg on the highway versus 25 with regular unleaded. It also ran smoother with premium. It would easily bury the needle which topped out at 120, in 4th gear. It cornered as if it had been glued to the road. The BF Goodrich Touring T/A's were worth the cost in good ride, traction and control. I drove that car over 200 miles with no brakes because the front pads were gone, but the kids and I had to get home. It handled like a dream and with down shifting I saved my rotors. The mechanic asked me several times just how far I had driven and couldn't believe how good the rotors looked.

When the starter went out between paychecks it would pop start in less than 5 feet of rolling. With the rear seat folded down I slept in the back many times. Plus I once took my then 4 kids with3 of their friends to the local pool just by folding down that seat. I hauled 8' 2X4's without having to prop up the hatch, carried 10 80 lb bags of concrete mix without bottoming out the suspension. That car did everything I asked it to and more. However my wife was pregnant with twins, and it was either sell my Saab or my truck, and I used my truck to make money with. So with sad tears, I sold my Saab for 6 times what I paid for it. I had restored the faded and oxidized paint, cleaned up the upholstery, fixed all the little problems and made it a nice looking smooth running car.

The guy I sold it too, impressed with the 120 mph speedometer tried to see just how fast it would go. Well it could and did go fast. But when you run the engine over 8k rpms racing someone in a tricked out mustang, and you're only in 3rd gear bad things happen. My beloved Saab, who I actually named Henrietta, died. She didn't deserve to die that way, after all the good service she gave. But she is gone.

And I want another one just like. Same year, same color, same body style and same engine.

I've been offered 3 Saabs since Henrietta died. But they didn't have what she did. 5 speed manual, 2 doors, hatchback, 2.0 liter 8 valve H Engine, red paint and beige and black interior with stock rims. I don't want a Turbo, I don't want an S with the 16 valve engine I don't want a sunroof or a ground effects kit. I want a plain jane red 1986 Saab 900 2 door hatchback, so I can name her Henrietta.


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Need some help....

As I posted below I recorded my two daughters Patriotic Concert last week. Well I'd like to help out the school a little more. One of the band directors and I were talking about putting fixed cameras in the catwalk and the control booth going to a good computer for recording the concerts audio and video. Does anyone know of a system which allows good recording capabilities for both audio and video, which also allows one touch recording? We were talking that we'd like it so you just press one button and all the cameras record and take audio from the existing mic's. Plus I've been using windows movie maker to do all of my editing, and while it works, it is very limited, is there any decent inexpensive software which will allow me to edit upto 4 cameras plus the take from 6 microphones into one track without me going nuts trying to get 100ths of a second to line up right like I do now?

Any suggestions? Idea?

Bueller? Bueller?


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

2 new additions to the Blog roll

I found out that the bloggers at Hill Buzz, were being threatened and harassed by the liberal mentards. Being accused of Racism, having their personal information posted and people being encouraged to seek out the blogger and actually physically assault them. I've e-mailed Hill Buzz and offered them to use my show any time they wish to refute the attacks on them, or if they just wish to speak out about what is happening to them.

Cynthia Yockey, who Blogs at A Newly Conservative Lesbian is supporting them, and I'm proud to add both of them to my blogroll as a suggested read.

Please hit the links and go over to both blogs and find out what is happening. and find out just how low the liberals will go to squelch any dissent against the "Anointed One"


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What Idiocy is this?

Through Uncle I learned of THIS where in Washington D.C. if you are a female in a so-called Prostitution free zone and you are carrying more than 2 condoms on your person, you can be charged with Prostitution. WHAT!?!?! I can see if the person was carrying a Gross of condoms, (That's 144) but 3, 4 or even 6 you can be charged with a crime? This falls under the proving a negative rule. How can the person so charged prove their innocence? How do you prove an negative? The police say you were carrying 3 condoms you are a prostitute. Uhhhh, most packages come with 3 or more in them. How does that play out to a woman who is stopping at a store to pick up some protection before a date with her boyfriend? When she walks out the door suddenly she is a criminal? What hypocrite came up with this? When they are giving out free condoms to boys and girls in high school, they are now penalizing the same for having them.

What idiocy...


I can't addmuch to this

Other than to say I agree wholeheartedly.



Mexico's illegal immigration problem

It seems I'm not the only person who has noticed the hypocrisy of the Mexican politicians. Go HERE and see what I mean.