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Friday, December 29, 2023

School "Incidents" DOWN 50% YOY... Another Gun Control Narrative NUKED FROM ORBIT in 2023... - Langley Outdoors Academy

SUPERSONIC Bean Bag Round Study - Taofledermaus

9mm VS .38 Special - Remington Golden Saber - Gun Sam _Revolver Aficionado_

ATF Seizes Guns From Man With Expunged Record...BUT WHY?!? - Guns & Gadgets 2nd Amendment News

Dealer Accused of Not Delivering Cars to 120 Victims - Steve Lehto

Replacing Beretta: the S&W XM10 Trials Pistol - Forgotten Weapons

Communist Entryism - New Discourses

The dumb people in charge are slamming us full speed into a doom loop - Better Bachelor

The M1 Abrams Scandal - Spookston

Wednesday, December 27, 2023

The Most SICKENING S** CULT In History | Children Of God - Kallmekris

Interesting Things You Didn't Know About the Apollo Program - Sideprojects

BREAKING: 22 States file AGAINST Bump Stocks at SCOTUS... They just ADMITTED what NFA is REALLY for - Langley Outdoors Academy

German U-Boats That Were Recovered - Oceanliner Designs

$500 Fines For Texting Hate Speech Are HERE! Cell Phone Providers Reading Your Texts & Will Fine You - The Quartering

This Is How You DON'T Fake Your Death - Anomaly Documentaries

This one minute clip BROKE TWITTER - Liberal Hivemind

Insane Creator Scam - Coffeezilla

Evidence of Lab Leak KEPT SECRET By US Gov't? Dr. Alina Chan DEMANDS ANSWERS On Covid-19 Origins - The Hill

Yet Another Way They Will Try to Uphold Assault Weapon Bans - Washington Gun Law

Volkswagen Type 181 "Thing" - InRangeTV Classic

Court Allows Gov't Warrantless Searches of Gun Club Property - Steve Lehto


Submarine Surgeries, 1942 - The History Guy: History Deserves To Be Remembered

New Marlin 1894 in .357 / 38 Special - Military Arms Channel

Miserable "Republican" Looks To RED FLAG Military Personnel - Guns & Gadgets 2nd Amendment News

Jeff "Skunk" Baxter Talks About The Best & Worst Guitarists In the World - Our Entire 2023 Interview - Rock History Book

Cold War Belgium: Comparing the Vigneron M1 and M2 SMGs - Forgotten Weapons

Tuesday, December 26, 2023

UK Police Given New Power To Seize Large Knives Proves Gun Control Will Never Stop - Colion Noir

SB2 Injunction In Peril, Emergency Stay Allows Carry Ban To Take Full Effect Jan 1. - Copper Jacket TV

NDs and Tries to Blame the Manufacturer - The VSO Gun Channel

ATF Cannot Regulate AR15s? Court Ruled Not a Gun US v. Rowold Ohio - Tom Grieve

Mass civil disobedience is upon us in the GREATEST BLUFF CALL EVER… They don't know what to do... - Langley Outdoors Academy

M16A1 Grenadier - The Scarface Machine Gun - Brandon Herrera

Small Arms Primer 190: Argentine Mauser Carbine 1891 & Peru - C&Rsenal

Friday, December 22, 2023

Thursday, December 21, 2023

BAND-MAID Instrumental (Entracne SE, Demo, etc. Compilation)

00:00 2017 Entrance SE (Maid-Waltz ver1 + Unnamed Track)
01:14 2018 Entrance SE (Maid-Waltz ver2 + Unnamed Track)
03:14 2020 Entrance SE (Maid-Waltz ver3 + Unnamed Track)
05:10 2021 Entrance SE (ENTREE)
07:26 2022 Entrance SE (2 Unnamed Track)
10:52 2023 Entrance SE (Unnamed Track)
12:34 Go Nuts
15:39 Hard Wash
16:26 Want More
From Kenji Onoda YouTube Channel: Kenji Onoda

Russia's Thermobaric Weapons Deployed in Battlefield - Caught on Camera - Dark Footage

Mini-Tyrant Gov. Grisham's gun ban announced elsewhere... These Mayors are lining up to get SMOKED.. - Langley Outdoors Academy

90's Special Forces Rifle [CAR15 - Colt 723 - 727 - XM4] to 500yds Practical Accuracy - 9-Hole Reviews

California Governor Is Super Mad, Lashes Out And Openly - Copper Jacket TV

Is CRT Anti-White? - New Discourses

ATF Responds In Pistol Brace Ban Case - Guns & Gadgets 2nd Amendment News

They aren't taking this very well lol - Liberal Hivemind

Hamas Claims to Make Sniper Rifles in Gaza - Are They Really? - Forgotten Weapons

Friday, December 15, 2023

9mm VS .38 Special - Fiocchi Defense Dynamics - Gun Sam _Revolver Aficionado_

BREAKING: Trump trial PAUSED until supreme court decision!!!! - Liberal Hivemind

Woman Sued for $250K by Singer's Reps to Stop Her Merchandise Sales - Steve Lehto

Operating the M1819 Hall breech loading flintlock rifle with authentic cartridges - capandball

SCOTUS DECISIONS JUST NOW: Bad News For Gun Owners... - The Four Boxes Diner

This is why men gatekeep things, because if they don't women ruin them - Better Bachelor

Weirdest of the French Trials SMGs: the EROP 1954 - Forgotten Weapons

Inside a WWII Rescue Buoy: Exploring the Last Secret "Floating Hotel" - Calum

Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Is THIS why Harvard PROTECTED President Gay from plagiarism scandal? - Glenn Beck

Obamas Facing BACKLASH Over RACIST Movie Warning About White People - Timcast IRL

Mail In Voters ADMIT TO VOTER FRAUD In 2020 Says New Poll, Trump Will WIN In 2024 As Democrats PANIC - Timcast

Look for the parallels - The TRUTH of Balalaika | Black Lagoon Character Analysis - Professor Viral

Top 10 Science Fiction Books - Banned Books - FIT 2B READ

BREAKING: VP to announce two NEW EXECUTIVE ACTIONS on GUNS… Aimed at STATE LEVEL TYRANNY... - Langley Outdoors Academy

Polaroid Cameras Part 1: The Dawn of Instant Photography - Our Own Devices

Gorilla GF-10: Lightweight Hunting Semiauto in 8.6mm Blackout (w/ Ballistics Gel) - Forgotten Weapons

Harvard COVERED UP Plagiarism By Woke University President, Scandal ERUPTS - Timcast IRL

Ruger Ready Dot - The $99 sight you can't zero - InRangeTV

How Accurate are Muskets, Really? - Brandon F

The Civil War LeMat grapeshot revolver - history, accuracy, terminal ballistics - capandball

Monday, December 11, 2023

Massive FAKE Hate Crime STOPPED By Bystanders! This Is VERY BIZZARE! - The Quartering


BREAKING: Mini Tyrant Governor is at it again... Live press conference around Gun Ban Health Order.. - Langley Outdoors Academy

"Assault Weapon" Ban, Confiscation & Registration, 7th Circuit Denies - Copper Jacket TV

Feminist 38 Year Old Woman REGRETS Not Having Kids, Says She Was BETRAYED By Feminism - Timcast

The Bren Light Machine Gun: Introduction - britishmuzzleloaders

SNL SLAMMED For DEFENDING Anti Semitic Universities, UPENN Head RESIGNS As WOKE Hypocrisy EXPOSED - Timcast

Overhaul of Civil Asset Forfeiture is Making Progress in Congress - Steve Lehto

27 States Push Back Against ATF - Guns & Gadgets 2nd Amendment News

VSS Vintorez: Russia's Silent Sniper Rifle - Forgotten Weapons

A NEW Mystery US Military Signal Appeared - Ringway Manchester

Friday, December 8, 2023

US Government BUSTED Tracking YOU On All Iphone & Android Devices Through SNEAKY Trick! - The Quartering

She didn't last long lol - Liberal Hivemind

The AK-47 I Bought When I Was 15 - Brandon Herrera

Microsoft's trojan horse - The Friday Checkout

Safe Deposit Box Case Heard by Ninth Circuit - Steve Lehto

Critical Education is Brainwashing - New Discourses

Vektor CP-1: Recalled to the Mother Ship - Forgotten Weapons

Shooting Stances in the Old West - duelist1954

Saturday, December 2, 2023

The Most Chilling Clash in Modern Military History - Dark Docs

The ATF Rule That Just Won't Die - Washington Gun Law

Shot Stop Armor Dissolved Over Chinese Armor Scam - The VSO Gun Channel

Breaking: Federal Ban On 18-20 Year Olds Buying Handguns Overturned 🇺🇸 - Mrgunsngear Channel

RIP Nighthawk Stealth Attack Aircraft....or not? - Task & Purpose

Holy… “Stalwart Liberal Judge” sides WITH Bruen and “would strike down gun law”… IN NY OF ALL PLACES - Langley Outdoors Academy

AK 12 assault rifle - Valgear

New Assault Weapons Ban Attacks ALL Semi-Autos - Liberty Doll

Glock Finally Releases the Pistol We've All Asked For: The Glock 49 Review - TFB TV

Maine Senator Angus King (D) Proposes Dangerous New Legislation: GOSAFE ACT -


Statement from the Gun Owners of Maine Board of Directors:

Senator Angus King’s GOSAFE Act proposal is not only misguided but dangerous.

Instead of focusing on curbing violence perpetrated by individuals with mental health problems, he is seeking to infringe not only on law-abiding citizens but on the future manufacture of firearms by “mandating that future gas-operated designs are approved before manufacture.” This would set a dangerous precedent for the government to further dictate how United States citizens defend themselves, and the Orwellian undertones are unsettling.

Go here to see Senator King’s summation of the bill. While you’re at his site, we’d encourage you to utilize his own “Contact” page to express your concern regarding this proposal.

Senator King’s proposal would make tens of millions of firearms that have already been deemed legal to own by the Supreme Court illegal.

By putting forth “feel good” legislation that on the surface might sound like a solution to violence, when in reality, the proposal further limits what kind of firearms are legal, makes arbitrary magazine capacity limits, requires legal gun owners to return their legally purchased firearms to the government knowing full well any criminals will not do so, leaving the law-abiding defenseless;

…Senator King is complicit in treading all over the United States Constitution.

Gun Owners of Maine oppose all legislation that removes the right to bear arms from law-abiding citizens. We maintain that evil lies in the hearts of men, not in inanimate objects, regardless of their capacity or firing mechanism.

Click the link to read the whole article:  Maine Senator Proposes Dangerous New Legislation

East Germany's Secret Walther Clone: The Pistole 1001-0 - Forgotten Weapons

ATF Violates Agreed Upon Timeline By Filing For An Appeal In Pistol Brace Case -

 The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) has filed a notice of appeal in a case challenging its rule against pistol braces (FINAL RULE 2021R-08F). Gun Owners of America (GOA) filed a motion for summary judgment a day later.

The case, Texas v. ATF, is a joint effort between GOA, Gun Owners Foundation (GOF), and the state of Texas to take down the ATF’s pistol brace rule.

Just a day before the ATF rule was due to go into effect, Federal District Court Judge Drew Tipton for the Southern District of Texas issued a preliminary injunction (PI) for all GOA members, barring the ATF from taking enforcement actions against them. This ruling came on the heels of the Mock v. Garland Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals decision that blocked enforcement of the rule on Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) members. Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) also got a preliminary injunction against the rule before the rule’s effective date.

“For these reasons, the Court GRANTS IN PART Plaintiffs’ Motion for Preliminary Injunction, (Dkt. No. 16). Defendants are ENJOINED from enforcing the Final Rule against the private Plaintiffs in this case, including its current members and their resident family members, and individuals employed directly by the State of Texas or its agencies. The preliminary injunction will remain in effect pending resolution of the expedited appeal in Mock v. Garland,” the order reads.

Since then, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has expanded the injunction to cover everyone in the nation, effectively killing the ATF’s rule. Before that happened, according to GOA, all parties agreed to the timeline in the Texas v. ATF case.

Merely one day prior to Texas and GOA submitting a motion for summary judgment, the ATF proceeded to lodge a notice of appeal with the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. Many think the ATF violated the agreed-upon timeline and is trying to stall for time since the Fifth Circuit appears to be a dead end for a Bureau legal victory.

Click the link to read the whole article:  ATF Violates Agreed Upon Timeline

Thursday, November 30, 2023

OUTRAGED Chiefs Fan And Father REFUSE To Accept Apology After Being Smeared As RACIST By WOKE Writer - Black Conservative Perspective

Sen. King just made a HUGE SLIP while rolling out NEW "Assault Weapons Ban"... THE TRUTH SNEAKS OUT - Langley Outdoors Academy

BREAKING: Assault Weapons Ban 2.0 DETAILS RELEASED... Let's dive into this tyranny together... - Langley Outdoors Academy

How Inertial Navigation Changed Air, Sea & Space Travel for Ever? - Curious Droid


Russia BANS LGBT Movement As EXTREME, Woke Activists Say THERE IS NO Movement But Woke Cult IS REAL - Timcast

A Ban On ALL "Semi Autos" Introduced And It Gets Worse - Copper Jacket TV

The Source Of The Most Terrifying Signal Ever - Ringway Manchester

Primitive Technology: Natural Draft Iron Smelt

A Brit volunteer in Ukraine: looking back on seven months' service - Lindybeige

308 Win vs 277 FURY: We Have A PROBLEM! - Banana Ballistics

Youtube COLLUDED With US Government To CENSOR Americans Speech, GOP EXPOSES The Youtube Files - Timcast

Mini Tyrant Governor has now become a MOCKERY of the Gun Control movement... Senators tear her apart - Langley Outdoors Academy

City Wants You to Pay $100 for the Right to Fight Your Ticket - Steve Lehto

BREAKING: LIVE Announcement of Major Gun Control Bill To Ban Gas Operated Rifles - Guns & Gadgets 2nd Amendment News

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Leaked FBI Doc Targets 2A and the Right to Keep and Bear Arms - Armed Attorneys

Obama-Biden Global CENSORSHIP Scheme EXPOSED By Whistleblower: Michael Shellenberger EXCLUSIVE - The Hill

BREAKING: New AFT Rule BANS Homemade Silencers!!! -

No One Told Woman Her Stolen Car Had Been Recovered and Sold - Steve Lehto


ArmaLite AR180 [The IRA's ☘️ Lucky Charm] to 500yds Practical Accuracy - 9-Hole Reviews

Fixing Failures with the Sig P365-380 - Lucky Gunner Ammo

You Can't Make This Up! 56 Firearm Related Bills!! 56!!! - Guns & Gadgets 2nd Amendment News

RT-159A/URC-4 Survival Radio: the Cold Warrior's Lifeline - Our Own Devices

BACKFIRE: Senate hearing goes south QUICK for Gun Controllers... These stats are incredible... - Langley Outdoors Academy

Dead Eye - The Future of Cowboy Action Shooting - InRangeTV

Argentine Brass Maxim: A Machine Gun of the Steampunk Age - Forgotten Weapons

Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Woke students accidently TELL THE TRUTH lol - Liberal Hivemind

Why was the Greatest B-17 Gunner Erased From History? - TJ3 History

WEF Proposes POD Living For YOU, Millennials Brag About LIVING IN PODS, Your Kids Will EAT THE BUGS - Timcast

The Three WORST Black Powder Revolvers - Guns of the West

She didn't LIKE THIS very much!!!! - Liberal Hivemind

7.62x39 vs 350 Legend: WAY Too Close On Barriers - Banana Ballistics

Media Matters INVESTIGATED For CRIMINAL FRAUD, Texas AG Declares War - Timcast IRL

BREAKING: Permit to PURCHASE STRUCK DOWN at Circuit Court… This is MASSIVE for us! "VIOLATES THE 2A" - Langley Outdoors Academy

The Tiny Detail Stopping the Almost Perfect Aircraft - Dark Skies

We Got Kicked Out of a Gun Buyback - Brandon Herrera

The Gun Science Says Can't Work: Madsen LMG Mechanics - Forgotten Weapons

Friday, November 17, 2023