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Friday, February 25, 2011

Popgun hits one out of the park

about how Democrats are taking advantage of our legislative system to hold the system hostage.

Please go to Popguns blog and read it for yourself.


Monday, February 21, 2011

This infuriates me

When a severely wounded hero/soldier who got his wounds serving us, the Citizens of The U.S., is jeered at and insulted by know nothing liberal lazy college students who have no knowledge of what Honor or Sacrifice are.

Please go over to Sean's Blog and read it for yourself.

I am seriously beginning to think we need to re-institute the draft, for males and females and make them learn what it takes to become a soldier, and team member and a part of the larger U.S. Military family. If you are a service member or a former service member, you are FAMILY. And the U.S. Military always takes care of it's own. It's the idiot civilians in the Government who screw things up.


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Global Warming and the recession

I remember seeing a program on PBS's Nova about the effect of aircraft contrails on the temperature after 9/11. If I am remembering correctly the temperature swing when there were no contrails was greater. The night time temperatures dropped lower faster, and the day time temperatures rose higher faster.

Here is the link to the PDF of the report: LINK

Extrapolating a little bit, mind you I am NOT a scientist or a meteorologist, it seems to me that it is only the increase of of contrails which are helping to maintain the earths temperature. Without the contrails and possibly other green house gasses we might actually be heading into another little ice age. The earth is large and it radiates a LOT of heat. The contrails and green house gasses which are supposed to be contributing to global warming might actually be helping earth to maintain the climate it currently has.

Think about this. If the global warming alarmists get their way and everyone is forced to use less CO2, and less air travel and everything else. We might actually push ourselves into another ice age. Another ice age means thousands if not millions of people will die. You can't grow food if their is no spring planting season. If you can no longer mine coal, how will you have the power to heat your home? If you can no longer drill for oil and natural gas, same thing...

With the Climategate leaks, can we take anything any person who cries out for man-caused climate change seriously?

Where are the real facts? What are the real dangers? With politicians pandering to special interest groups and organizations what is in store for our planet if we cannot get the truth?

The current recession has caused among many things a reduction in contrails from less flights, less CO2 from less cars being driven on the road as people cannot afford the gas, I know about that one as I'm one of the people who is driving less and less. Here in Southern Texas where I live, the last week has set record low temperatures several times. Last night the temperature got down to 29 degrees, the normal temperature is 42 degrees. Tonight the temperature is expected to get down to 23 degrees, the normal temperature is supposed to be 40 degree. I'm dreading what my electric bill will be. As I am on disability from my various surgeries, I am on a very limited budget. And according to the government, there is no inflation, so no cost of living adjustment. However food costs have gone up over 20%, gas for my vehicles is still inching higher and higher. It's over $3.00 a gallon in many places by me. Hmmmm, is there a correlation here?

You tell me..