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Knoppix Thumb Drive Links and instructions

Additional Medical Files:  I have located the Manual "Primary Surgery"  you can download the individual files yourself HERE, or you can download a zip file I created of all of the individual files. at the following link:

For a limited time I will be making KTD Drives so you can get one for yourself.  See the following link for instructions:

I still have not found anyone to take over making the drives so I extended my P.O. Box for another 6 months.  Click on that link above if you want to send me a blank drive to make a KTD Drive for you.  All new drives will have the Primary Surgery files added to them.

If you are using a Torrent Client to d/l the KTD Files, lease continue  to stream the files so others may obtain them.

As you can see, I have very slow upload speeds.  I'm on very slow DSL out in the sticks.  So please continue to stream the files after you have gotten them for yourself.

An update to the Various Projects can be found here;

This page is where all of the links for the KTD Project and other necessary files will be listed.

New video file on using the KTD:

Chris Muir the writer and artist of the Day By Day Web Comic at the top of my blog has a link from his site to here.  If you haven't read Day By Day I recommend you go and read it.  The characters are realistic and the message is timely and enjoyable.

If you live near Corpus Christi and would like a drive for yourself, please send me an e-mail and we can set it up so I can burn the files for you to your own drive.  I'm not selling anything, you buy your own drive and we meet up.  It takes several hours to burn all the files to a drive, so don't expect a quick meet up.  Or you can meet me and give me the drive and we can then meet up again the next day and I'll give you the drive back.  Hit the greylocke e-mail over on the right to send me a message.

The Knoppix Thumb Drive Project is a bootable USB Thumbdrive with the Knoppix Operating System, that can be used to boot almost any PC with a USB Drive.  It contains a full reference library with the Third World Technology Files know as CD3WD and some extra files of many US Military Manuals on things ranging from Survival, Medical, Water purification and Sanitation to Construction.*

*Scott, a friend of mine and my self are still working on the html file for the Extra Files section.  We have it working under Windows, but it's giving us some issues under Knoppix.  As soon as it works properly I will upload it so it can be downloaded and written to your drive. (The whole thing is under 30kb)  When it is ready I will post the proper link to get it here and on the main page, and I will send it to Scott so he can add it to the drives he is selling.  I hope he saved the contact info of the people he has sold drives to so far so we can contact them and let them know how to get the files for themselves.

Scott has passed away from Cancer as such this is no longer offered.

The whole project currently fits on a 32GB USB Thumb Drive which can be purchased for $14.99 to $19.99 normally.

**Office Depot has the EMTECH 32 GB drive on sale for 14.99 however the drive takes almost twice as long to write the files to, and the EMTECH drives are NOT recognized by all computers.  Specifically some older Compaq, Dell and Toshiba laptops will NOT boot from the EMTECH drive at all, although those computers will boot from my Kingston, Sansdisk and PNY drives.  So be aware, you WILL get what you pay for.

So for now I would only recommend the Kingston, Sansdisk and PNY drives.**

New Addition:  Scott over at The Fat Guy, is putting these together for you to purchase already done all the file written to it and ready to go.  He is charging $30.00 $35.00* for it, that is only $10.00 $15.00**over the cost of the USB Thumbdrive.  Believe me it is worth it, you don't have to spend the hours if not days downloading the files and extracting then transferring them to the drive.  Scott has done all of that for you.  If you wish to take the easy way and save yourself some time and aggravation click the link below and order your own KTD Drive.  Once again I don't get ANYTHING, no remuneration of any type for this.  If you don't want to spend the money, Scott has the drives already made up for you.

* Price changed
** After shipping and Paypal's cut Scott was barely clearing $4.00 on each drive for what is a lot of work, so he increased the price by $5.00 to cover Paypal's fees and to help cover more of his investment of time and money.  Considering it takes at least 2 hours just to write the files to a USB Thumbdrive, I don't blame him for raising the price and fully concur with his doing so.  So please don't think he is trying to gouge you in any way.  He has done a lot of work on this and is still working on an easier way of accessing the extra files I put together.

The page explaining it:  The Knoppix Thumb Drive (KTD Project)

His Order form to order your own:  KTD Contact / Order Form

The current list of links:

The Original CD3WD website.

Knoppix Adriane ISO.

Bit Torrent to download torrent files.

Unetbootin to write the Knoppix ISO to your USB and make the USB Bootable

ISO Burner to burn the ISO's of CD3WD to DVD Discs.

ISO Buster to write the ISO files to your hard drive.

The link to the zipfile containing the torrents of the CD3WD files and the Knoppix Adrian with a PDF of the Knoppix Manual and instruction on how to create the KTD.

If you don't want to use the File Factory link I have now uploaded them to my Google Drive account and they are:

The zipfile containing the torrent of the Extra files mostly US Military manuals.

The zip files containing the entire 1.6 GB of the Extra files:

Be sure you have at least 50 GB available on your computers hard drive.

Download the necessary files and the torrent to your hard drive.  Either burn the CD3WD files to DVD's or to your hard drive then run the install program that comes with CD3WD.  It will take anywhere from 20 minutes to over an hour to finish depending on your computers speed.

Use Unetbootin to write the Knoppix ISO to your thumb drive.

Copy the CD3WD directory from your hard drive to the thumb drive.  Add the extra files to the drive if you downloaded them.  On my computer at least this takes several hours to write the files to the Thumb Drive.  So be aware of that.

Your done creating the KTD.

To use you can either just insert the drive into the USB port of almost any computer and search the drive for the files you need.  Or if you need it to boot a computer you will need to change a setting in the BIOS of the computer you want to boot.

On many computers you get into setup by hitting the F1, F2 or F10 key as it boots.  When the bios setup opens go to the boot section.  change the setting so it will boot from USB.  On some you will need to have the KTD already inserted or the BIOS won't see it.  Once you change the boot order so the computer will look to the USB first, hit F10 to save the setting then reboot the computer.

The computer should now load Knoppix.  You will see the Penguin, and at the bottom of the screen it will say login:  type: knoppix and hit enter to load the system without the audible text for blind users or let it load without entering anything and the audible text Adraiane will load.

Once it has loaded you will see a desktop just like Windows.  Click once on the knoppix folder on the desktop to open the file manager then click on either the CD3WD folder or Extras folder.  In CD3WD the folder, right click on start.bat the open with, then click on internet, then iceweasel.  You can now start using the CD3WD files with it's own specially formatted menu.  In the extras folder just click on the files or folder you wish to view.

That's it.

Some people using the Sandisk drives have the U3 system.  To remove it click on the below link, download the file to your hard drive.  Insert the USB drive into a USB Port then run the program.  It will remove the U# system from the drive for you.

U3 Launchpad Removal Tool

Here is a video I made in my kitchen using a damaged laptop.  I pull the battery and the hard drive and then use the KTD to boot the computer.  Youtube did something so the color is a bit messed up.

This is the video I created about using the KTD out in a parking lot of a McDonalds in town.

As you can see Knoppix loads much faster than Windows 7 on my HP Mini.  So if you have an older slower computer, it should operate much faster.

Please help spread this around.  After you download the torrents, please continue to seed the files so more people can get them.

If you have any problems please leave a comment here so it can be resolved.  Others might have the same issue and I would like all of this information to be on the same page so there is less confusion.

Also if you know of or have any files that could be added to the project please let me know.

Over on Claire's blog one of the comment I posted was about the need to get more seeds for the torrents.  Please if you download these files set up the torrents to seed.  If you can download the Extra Files from my Google Drive account also grab the torrent for the file and seed it from your computer if you can.

The more people who seed these files, the more people can get them.  And that is what we want.

ETA: 11-14-2012 I've now noticed we have 19 Seeds, up from 2 just a few days ago.  WAY TO GO!!!  Please keep seeding the files.  The more people who seed the more and faster others can get them.


SiGraybeard said...

Thanks for the work on this.

I have a small (4Gig?) thumb drive with the Tails distro. Debian Linux. This looks like a very good alternative. Think I'll hit Staples on the way home tomorrow and grab a 32 or 64.

Mark said...

If anyone has problems with this, leave a comment here and I will be glad to help you get it set up. Either through e-mail or through comments here. If you have problems please leave a comment. If it's not me being clear enough on the instructions I need to know so I can modify them so anyone can understand them. From the middle school kids helping their parents to the grandparent who isn't too computer knowledgeable. If the instructions aren't clear enough for you please leave a comment here so I can help you and you can help me make the instruction easier to understand.

The Happy Bastard said...

What do I do if my BIOS will only booting from the HDD or CD/DVD drive?

Mark/GreyLocke said...

First make sure the USB Thumb drive is plugged in. If it still doesn't allow you to change the boot order to allow you to boot from USB, you may need to upgrade the BIOS on your computer. Go to your computer manufacturers website and click on the support button. You should see an option labeled Drivers and Downloads. You should be able to find out if your computer has a BIOS update which needs to be installed.

Unknown said...

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