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Friday, June 30, 2017

Polenar Tactical - Vz61 GunPorn

Military History Visualized - T-34/85 Moving Inside/Outside View Snyced - Full Experience - Soviet Tank

Steven Crowder - Louder With Crowder - #192 - CNN #FAKENEWS APOCALYPSE!! - Sargon of Akkad - James O'Keefe - Sally Kohn

bosnianbill - (1104) - Duivel (Devil) Yale by VeldMaat

19 Most Evil People Currently In Hiding

China gives Philippines over 3,000 rifles with 5 Million Ammunition and 90 units Sniper Rifles

TFB TV - Bergara B14 HMR In 6.5 Creedmoor

8 Incredible Stories of Real Life Castaways

Blunt Force Truth Minute - Global Warm Trip Cancel

Paul Harrell - .22 Long Rifle Ammo Selection

veritasvisuals - CNN Producer - Voters "Stupid as Sh*t"– American Pravda - CNN Part 3

Forgotten Weapons - Soviet PSM Pistol History - Really a KGB Assassination Gun?

DCS Aviator - Dogfights - The Night Masters - [The Bravest & Best Pilots The Allies Had Against Luftwaffe]

Bloke on the Range - Feldschiessen 25m Pistol 2017

With power and authority comes responsibility

I wish more politicians would realize that.

From Freefall 6-30-2017

S&W .38 Special Snubnose Revolver - Should You Bet Your Life On It?

10 STRANGE Abandoned Airplanes

25 Most Daring Prison Escapes Of All Time

Rob Dyke - JEFFREY DAHMER - THE MILWAUKEE CANNIBAL - Serial Killer Files - #35

Paul Harrell - The Winchester Model 1897 Shotgun

DEUCE AND GUNS - YouTuber Shot During Video Stunt - Bullet Proof Floors!

Dark5 - 5 Strangest Photos from Mars

6 Cursed Villages And Towns That’ll Send Shivers Down Your Spine

Curious Droid - Salyut 7 - The forgotten rescue of a dead space station

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Blood Guts and Social Commentary - Ep 65 - Satanic Panic - Part 2 - Dungeons and Dragons

SciShow - Wallace - Darwin's Forgotten Frenemy

Thoughty2 - Is The World More Dangerous Than Ever?

RIGHT ANGLE - Chinese Take-Away

NRA National Firearms Museum - Curator's Corner - RPG-7 Grenade Launcher

RIGHT ANGLE - Russia/Trump Connection - "Mostly Bulls**t"

Sounds of the Nightmare Machine

ReignBot - Childhood Trauma - Cartoons - TV Shows & Movies

10 CREEPY Nickelodeon Conspiracy Theories That Could Be TRUE!

TFB TV - Ruger LCRx .38SPL +P Review - NEW CCW Pistol Rating System

Isaac Arthur - Orbital Rings

Iraqveteran8888 - Portuguese m1904/39

Military Arms Channel - IWI Galil ACE in 5.56 vs. Classic Galil ARM

Blunt Force Truth Minute - DC shooting

InRange TV - Hard as Hell 2 Gun - Stage 5 - We Endanger Species

PragerU - What is Fake News?

Forgotten Weapons - 500,000 Subscribers? - Time for a Pattern Room Teaser!

TAOFLEDERMAUS - Shotgun Wax Slugs - Maximum Killing Range

Alfonzo Rachel - Zo Loft - Michael Reed is a Bad Diver

Sootch00 - Boyds AT One Adjustable Stock - Review

Scam School - Reading the Future THE WRONG WAY

bosnianbill - (1104) - Ludell Padlock - (JUNK!)

When Aliens Attack

15 People Who Kept Secrets From The World

MCARBO - KEL-TEC SUB-2000 - Multi Mag Extended Mag Release

5 Misconception and Myths About The Medieval Era That You Probably Thought Were True

veritasvisuals - Washington Post's Paul Farhi is "Very Fake News"

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

RIGHT ANGLE - Please Don't Go

Computing Forever - Get Your Free Speech Off This Highway!

SciShow - 7 Animals with Super Weird (and Sometimes Horrifying) Teeth

Paul Joseph Watson - The Truth About CNN

Lucky Gunner Ammo - Walther PPS M2 - Shootable Everyday Carry

Top 10 Most Dangerous Surgeries

SkinnyMedic - Halo Chest Seals

Vet Ranch - Dr Lee - Disgusting Case of Pure Neglect

Thanks for all the love and support! Without it, Dr. Lee wouldn't have been able to work his magic on ol' Blue. :)

Vet Ranch Shirts!!!

If you are interested in helping with animals in the future, please visit our partners at to learn more and to donate if you would like. Abandoned Pet Project is a 501(c)(3), tax exempt non-profit organization. There is no shortage of pets in need, so every donation means more lives we can positively change.

Hickok45 - Remington RP9

veritasvisuals - Van Jones - Russia is “Nothing burger”– American Pravda - CNN Part 2

Blunt Force Truth Minute -Terror Label

Highjak86 - ACR vs SCAR... and why the ACR is better!

Forgotten Weapons - Lewis Short Recoil .45ACP Prototype Pistol

TFB TV - Origins of the Multi-lug Rotating Bolt

scholagladiatoria - Why smallsword is a great type of sword fighting to practice

The Royal Institution - Why Doesn't the Earth Fall into the Sun? - Monthly Mailbag - #7

5 Mysterious Conspiracies Explained

American Enterprise Institute - Korea - United States relations - What does the future hold? - IN 60 SECONDS

Computing Forever - Polygon Hit Piece - Anita Responds to Me

40 Most Famous Serial Killers Who Exclusively Murdered Women

5 Paranormal Events Police Witnessed Them Self's But Could Not Do Anything About it

SciShow - Is Premium Gasoline Really Better for Your Car?

22plinkster - Kel Tec PMR 30 22WMR - Review

Dark5 - 5 New Secret Stealth Weapons

SciShow Space - What We Learned from the Apollo 1 Fire

Beyond Science - 5 POWERFUL Ancient Civilizations that Mysteriously Disappeared

Alltime10s - 10 Disturbing Crimes Only Just Made Illegal

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Brittany Pettibone - Vladimir Putin Versus The U.S. Mainstream Media - With Inessa S

How the Mississippi shantyboats helped build a culture

NRA Statement on Peruta v. California

National Rifle Association of America | 11250 Waples Mill Road | Fairfax, VA 22030

June 26, 2017
NRA Public Affairs
(703) 267-3820

NRA Statement on Peruta v. California

Fairfax, Va. — The executive director of the National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action, Chris W. Cox, released the following statement Monday regarding the United States Supreme Court's denial of petition in the case of Peruta v. California:
"We are disappointed in the Court's rejection of the appeal in Peruta v. California, which now leaves millions of law-abiding Californians with no ability to bear arms outside the home.  As Justices Thomas and Gorsuch correctly stated, too many courts have been treating the Second Amendment as a second-class right.  That should not be allowed to stand.  As the Supreme Court stated in its landmark decision in Heller v. District of Columbia, the Second Amendment guarantees an individual right to keep and bear arms for self-defense.  The framers of our Constitution did not intend to limit that right to the home.  We look forward to a future Court affirming that the right to keep and bear arms is as much a part of our Constitution as the other enumerated rights that it protects. We will not stop fighting until a future Court affirms this fundamental right."

Established in 1871, the National Rifle Association is America's oldest civil rights and sportsmen's group. More than five million members strong, NRA continues to uphold the Second Amendment and advocates enforcement of existing laws against violent offenders to reduce crime. The Association remains the nation's leader in firearm education and training for law-abiding gun owners, law enforcement and the armed services. Follow the NRA on social at and Twitter @NRA.

Alltime Conspiracies - Is This The End Of Money?

SECRET Hidden Places People Found In Their Homes

Computing Forever - #RegressiveNews - 27th June 2017

Steven Crowder - Louder With Crowder - FLASHBACK - Democrat Healthcare Bill Hypocrisy Exposed!

Blood Guts and Social Commentary - Ep 64 - Why is This a Thing? - Gross Out Horror - Surgery

20 Serial Killer Cars You Wouldn't Want to Cut Off

The Wound Channel - Sig Sauer Tango4 Scope - Review

Lisa Haven - Wikileaks Just Smacked Democrats Lying Heads and Proved Trump Did Something Right

Iraqveteran8888 - S&W Performance Center M&P 45 Shield

TFB TV - Is A Sawed Off Shotgun Better?

Brainscratch - Case Cracked - Hailey Burns

Forgotten Weapons - Q&A - #11 - Rockin' Like It's 1950!

Blunt Force Truth Minute - Iran Appeasement

InRange TV - Hard as Hell - 2 Gun - Stage 4 - Suicide Squad

Thunderf00t - 'living without eating for NINE YEARS' BUSTED

veritasvisuals - American Pravda - CNN Producer Says Russia Narrative “bullsh*t"

bosnianbill - (1103) - Whipped by MonkeyLockPicks

Rated Red - Leupold LTO-Tracker - A Budget-Friendly Thermal Scope

Top 5 Myths About OCD

15 Places In Google Maps That Are Mysteriously Hidden

Rated Red - How to Make a PVC Kayak

Beyond Science 2 - KEY Differences Between DELTA FORCE & SEAL TEAM SIX

SciShow - Why Can't My Cat Roar?

Jas. Townsend and Son - Don't Be Confused About This Simple Quick Bread

ClassicFirearms - Russian VEPRs BANNED?!!?

KSHE Classic - Really Cool Stuff Shop - Peace of Mind by Rare Bird

Vintage Space - I Asked Apollo 11's Mike Collins About his Undies

Polenar Tactical - How to shoot Full-Auto?

This Russian Submarine Had One Super Special Trick: It Could Outrun Torpedoes

Brittany Pettibone - Why People Aren't Getting Married Anymore

Today I Found Out - The Curious Case of Captain Robert Campbell

Military History Visualized - Armored Trains in World War 1 - Germany & Austro-Hungary

The Great War - Armoured Trains of World War 1 - Special feat. Military History Visualized

3D Printing Lawsuits - Just3DPrint(It) vs Stratasys TechCrunch and others

TFB TV - HSM 9mm 124 gr XTP - gel test and review

Scam School - Pricking the Garter

Lawsuits in the 3D Printing Community

Dirtpatcheaven - OFF GRID LIGHT SOURCES!

The Wound Channel - Accuracy Test - Hornady 300 Win Mag & 223

Military Arms Channel - New Canik TP9 DA 9mm Pistol

Computing Forever - The Recent Influx of Women into The Community

Iraqveteran8888 - One Minute Gun Review - The Kriss Vector

Redacted Tonight - Shocking New Reports Reveal Botched DEA Ops

Blunt Force Truth Minute - Scalise Shooting

Between the weather and taking

my son to the Summer Music Academy, I HURT.

Major migraine, my body feels like someone is using sledgehammers on all of my joints including my spine.

See that red spot near the center?  I'm basically UNDER that right now.

The dogs and cats are going nuts trying to climb under my shirt, I feel like pounded owl snot, and if I take enough meds to make the pain go away I'll be asleep for 10-15 hours.

C'est la Vie.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Cody'sLab - How Does An Old Blasting Machine/Generator Work?

Larry Corriea's father has died

He hasn't posted it on his blog Monster Hunter Nation, but he posted it on Facebook, and stated that he will be unavailable for a while.

Please keep him and his family in your prayers.

Dark5 - 5 Real Life Human Cyborg Implants

5 Creepy & Most Mysterious Unsolved Mysteries

Iraqveteran8888 - Swiss Condor A350 Motorbike

9 Of The Coolest Car Nicknames Ever

And I REALLY, REALLY, R-E-A-L-L-Y want a Trabant 601, and a Citroen 2CV.

Just got back from dropping my son off

at Summer Music Academy.  313 miles round trip.  My right hip, right knee, lower back, neck and right shoulder are KILLING ME.

I'm going to do a quick run through my e-mails and schedule some stuff for posting.  then I"m taking my meds and GOING TO B-E-D!

Alltime10s - 10 Lies You Still Believe About Space

Forgotten Weapons -Book Review - Deadly Beauties - Rare German Handguns

Sporadic posting for a bit

Sprog #5 is on his way to Summer Music Academy.

So I may not be around much this week.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

SciShow - Why Do Glue Labels Warn Not to Sniff It?

scholagladiatoria - Dagger and Knife Fighting Grips and Context

bosnianbill - (1102) - Review - Mad Bobs ZOMBIE Pick Kit

DemolitionRanch - How Tough is a Hi-Point? - (CHEAPEST PISTOL)

Alltime10s - 10 Puzzles That Cant Be Solved

The Great War - Spain and the Spanish Arms Industry in WW1 - Special - feat. C&Rsenal

InRange TV - June 2017 - Q&A - Part 3 of 3

Forgotten Weapons - Special Presentation - What is Gold Damascene?

Monster Hunter Siege - I HATE Larry Corriea

I just finished Monster Hunter Siege E-ARC. And all I have to say is I HATE Larry Corriea.  He tells us of a great battle against an Extinction Level Event Monster/Creature/Deity, and while we get so invested in the main character, Owen Zastava Pitt, Larry drop kicks you in the gut right at the end.

I WANT to know what happens next.  NOW, Not months from now when he releases the next novel in the series.

I've become like a junkie, jonesing for a fix.  I want, no I NEED the next novel.

Larry has written a very compelling story that drags you in, twists your guts and then kicks you in the head and gut at the end.

I want to read more about Jason Lococo, Auhangamea Pitt, Owen's dad aka "The Destroyer".  I want to know about Owen's and Julie's child.

But Larry, decided to cut us off and leave us hanging.



If you haven't read any of Larry's books, I suggest you start with Monster Hunter International, If you click that you will be taken to it's page where the Kindle version is currently free.

Also check out his OTHER series of books, The Grimnoir Chronicles.  I just recently finished THAT series of 3 novels and I want to drive to Utah to Larry's house and force him to sit down and write more.  Only I don't want the ILOH to get annoyed with me, so I'll just ask him nicely of his Facebook page.

Look at his photo.  Would YOU want that man pissed at you?

And NO, I will NOT link to his Facebook page.  Larry doesn't need hundreds of people trying to add him as a friend on Facebook.  He has OTHER things to do. 

Like painting Miniatures, shooting, building a house on Yard-Moose Mountain, and writing more stuff for me to buy and read.

I WILL however link to the TWO Monster Hunter International pages on Facebook, which Larry DOES frequent and leave messages from time to time.

First: Monster Hunter Nation

And: Monster Hunter International - Hunters Unite!

Those two groups we talk about the novels, guns, what implements of destruction are necessary to kill what type of monster and what the PUFF would be.

So, I suggest you start by downloading Larry's first book and GET TO READING!!!!!

1911 vs P35 Hi Power - Which is the BEST Military Service Pistol

Bigshooterist - 971D Reveal

1911 vs M9 Did the Military Get It Right in 1985?

Thoughty2 - The Way We Catch Criminals is About to Change...

7 Biggest Casino Cheaters In History

Kit Badger - Sparrows Lock Picks Night School

SciShow - French Fries Aren't Really Going To Kill You

Friday, June 23, 2017


Dark5 - 5 Secret Military Bases Hidden Underground

SciShow Space - The Truth About the Sun's 'Twin' and the Dinosaurs

10 Secrets RUSSIA Doesn't Want You To Know

The Wound Channel - Ballistic Gel is NOT Jello

Military History Visualized - Operation Barbarossa & Loot Force One

Steven Crowder - Louder With Crowder - #189 - EVERYONE'S WRONG ON HEALTHCARE! - Mark Levin

Computing Forever - Anita Attacks Sargon at Vidcon

The Modern Rogue - Myths and Secrets of US Currency

The Northrop F-5 - The MiG-28

The Explanations Behind Mysterious Sightings

American Enterprise Institute - War on Poverty - Did we win or lose? - IN 60 SECONDS

Blunt Force Truth Minute - LebronJames

Iraqveteran8888 - Firearms Facts - Why Are Some Magazines Curved?

TFB TV - Remington 870 vs. Mossberg 500 Series

RIGHT ANGLE - Freedom Fighters

Military Arms Channel - Gemtech Integra 5.56 integrally silenced AR15 upper

PragerU - Why Is Healthcare So Expensive?

InRangeTV - InRange liberates Varusteleka!

Forgotten Weapons - The Model SS41 - A Czech Bullpup Anti-Tank Rifle for the SS

Bloke on the Range - Swiss Straight-Pulls #5 - 1897 Kadettengewehr

Computing Forever - UK School Kids are Taught How Sexist They Are!

Paul Harrell - .410 Shotgun for Home Defense

15 Serial Killers Have Been Set Free

Top 5 CREEPY Facts About Starbucks

Blood Guts and Social Commentary - Satanic Panic - Part 1 - 1922-1970

Thursday, June 22, 2017

18 Amazing Products Made by Prisoners

Kirsten Joy Weiss - Trick Shots & NRA Interview


Jas. Townsend and Son - 18th Century Bacon - Q&A

Beyond Science - Malta's Cart Ruts - PROOF of an ANCIENT Advanced Civilization?

bosnianbill - (1101) - EVIL Keyways & How to Pick Them

Alltime10s - 10 People Who Survived The Impossible

scholagladiatoria - How to wear a sword (without a belt or on the back)

ReasonTV - Blockstack - A New Internet That Brings Privacy & Property Rights to Cyberspace

Isaac Arthur - Fermi Paradox Great Filters - Space and Time

TFB TV - 8 Reasons Why the Ruger Mini-14 is Better Than the AR15

Blunt Force Truth Minute - Unnamed Sources

Forgotten Weapons - The Ching Sling - A Simpler Shooting Sling Compromise

InRange TV - June 2017 - Q&A - Part 2 of 3

STRANGEST Places in Russia

RIGHT ANGLE - Men Like These