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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Hi Power vs CZ75 Which is the Best Classic 9mm Service Pistol

Well that was fun

The the Creator and engineers for propane heaters.  I would have frozen to death the last few nights without one.

Got up this morning, just as the bulk tank ran out of propane and the heater went out.

But I had to get up anyway, Sprog #5 son #2 the elder of my twin sons is in the UIL Area and Region Band.  He is actually good enough he is First Chair in the Area Wind Ensemble and Second Chair in the Region Wind Ensemble for Coronet/Trumpet.  What that means is he is the best out of 12 schools for the area and the second best out of over 40 schools for the region.  The Director said he almost made First Chair for Region except he had a small miscue.  The competition was extremely close between First, Second, and Third Chair.

My Ex-wife wanted to go as well, but she is terrified of driving on the highway so she went with me in my minivan.  So I drove the 79 miles from my mom's house to Texas A&M Kingsville.  I'm glad we got there when we did, because the auditorium was starting to get packed and I was able to get a seat in the very back close to the doors.  They played 3 songs and they sounded very good.  I'm a little upset that I forgot to grab my camera and tripod though.

This is the second year he has made Region Band and the fifth year he made Area band.

After the concert we stopped by Harbor Freight in Corpus to get a generator cable for my ex-wife's generator and I took them to eat at Jack in the Box, then headed back to hook up the generator for my Ex.

Well, we ran into a problem and got the S-10 stuck.  I didn't do it, my son Mitchell did.  I got it unstuck, but not before finding out there is a problem with the Transfer Case on my new (to me) 96 Chevy K1500.   Just what I need another repair bill.  So I finally had to smoke the tires a bit and dig a few ruts in my driveway to get the S-10 unstuck.  You know it's bad when you can actually get your tires to smoke when it cold, soupy mud.

But the S-10 is back here at my mom's house, my minivan is here as well.  My 96 K1500 is still over at my property until I can get the time to pull the transfer case out.  I just hope it's something I can easily repair.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

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