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Monday, August 8, 2011

He just doesn't get it...

President Obama just doesn't get it.

He blusters and demands, but he has no real plan.

No real, defined goals.

No, nothing.

He stands up in front of the TV cameras and mouths what his speechwriters and advisers have written. But he doesn't have a clue. Hope and Change. Those were his by-words as he was running for president.

I just hope his "Change" doesn't bankrupt this country. Or is that Hope you will get some Change from a passerby?

Either way, he doesn't seem to realize his petty antics and demands and spending practices have brought the country to the state it is in. To him it's everyone else's fault. The Republicans fault, the Tea-party's fault, Anybody's else's fault but his.

He doesn't see that his demand for more taxes so he can continue his spending will hurt not just our economy but our Job Creators. The people who are the backbone of our economy. And if the job creators have to pay more in taxes they are going to want to make less money to ease their tax burden. Hundreds of small companies have already down sized enormously to reduce their costs and their tax burdens. Large mega corporations have already shifted millions if not billions of dollars to their over-seas divisions to lessen their tax burdens. Jobs are leaving this country at an alarming rate.

Yet according to President "Tax the Rich" Obama these companies need to pay more. When they are already providing over 60% of the taxes that run this country to begin with. How much more can they pay before it breaks the company's? Not much more as dozens of company's near me have already started to shift their operations to the Caribbean, Asia and in one case the owner is moving to Guatemala. He has a multi-million dollar company, and when I talked to him 2 weeks ago he told me he can't afford either Obama-care or more taxes. So he's laying off his 43 employees who each make $50,000 plus a year. And moving his operation to central america. Where he will be paying less than $15,000 a year per employee, plus his material costs and taxes will be much lower. What does this man's company do? They make electronics mounts for boats. Some of his mounts are used in Navy and Coast Guard boats. And now because our President doesn't "Get It", he is losing not just the taxes, he, as a company owner paid. But the taxes his employee's paid. Who are now going to be joining the unemployment rolls to the detriment of our country's overall balance sheet.

Great Job Mr. President.

Does someone need to hit you with a "Clue" hammer to get you to understand basic economics?

Think about it.