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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Maybe if the IRS made Fed Employees and contractors pay

their taxes, we might not have a problem with our deficit. Who knows how much more in back taxes they could find.

"More than 8,000 federal workers and contractors with security clearances owe $85 million in unpaid taxes to the IRS, according to the Government Accountability Office (GAO).

The GAO warned that individuals who have significant debt and access to classified documents pose potential security risks"

Can we please get Lois Lerner in front of a Grand Jury now?

"The public watchdog group Judicial Watch told Secrets Thursday that it was former scandal boss Lois Lerner who shared the information on groups including the American Future Fund and the American Issues Project.

The emails obtained by Judicial Watch show that the IRS, which was considering the tax status of the groups, gave the FEC the tax returns of the groups, including income, expenditures and staff pay. The emails also revealed the exact working of the prying political questions the IRS wanted the groups to reveal, such as their goals and the requests for brochures and ads."

Those e-mails are proof that Lois Lerner violated federal law.  Not once but multiple times.  As such she needs to brought up in front of a Grand Jury  to answer for the crimes there is now PROOF she committed.

And no deals, she needs to serve time, and not in Club Fed.

The Moss Pawn guys now have thier own web page

They also have a new video out which you may find interesting.

Now they have put up their "5 Walkout guns List" and I agree with some of what they say, but not all.

My walkout gun list is only firearms I currently own and are firearms that are affordable for almost everyone.

#1: A 6" .357 Magnum - It can take everything from squirrel upto a bear with proper shot placement and ammunition.  It also has manageable recoil and can be fired weakhand easily.

#2: A 12 Gauge Pump Action shotgun - Mine has a pistol grip and a folding stock.  With the various loads available for the 12 gauge you can cover almost any animal in North America

#3: A break down .22 Pump action rifle -  Mine will shoot everything from CB Shorts upto .22 LR HV rounds.  Loaded with shorts it holds 18 rounds, with LR it holds 14 and breaks down into a package just a little longer than 17 inches.  With a semi-auto .22 you are limited to ONLY LR rounds unless you want to cycle the action by hand after each shot and some magazines in semi autos will not feed the shorter rounds properly.  And some .22LR semi autos also will not function properly with lower velocity ammunition, limiting you to HV ammo only.  And while I wouldn't want to try it, there have been cases of poachers taking Black Bear with .22 LR.

#4: A SKS - With the standard 10 round non-removable magazine and stripper clips.  The 7.62X39 has approximately the same oomph as the .30-30 round which still takes hundreds if not thousands of deer a year over 100 years after it's introduction.  So a SKS and a bandolier of stripper clips and you should be good to go.

#5: a 1911A1 in .45 ACP -  I have used mine to put down several animals from a dog upto a 900 pound steer.  Once again, shot placement and ammunition are the biggest factors in it's use.

Now my list isn't the be all end all and neither is the Eric and Barry's.  They are just guidelines.  And Eric and Barry work in a Pawn Shop/Gun Store.  I don't.  I listed just firearms I currently own and use.

So the only person who can decide if your walk out gun is the right one is "You".

Very cool 1911A! Cut away pic

Saw this and just had to share.

Do you remember when?

Fast food restaurants closed at 9 pm?

All of the employees wore a tie and a paper hat?

The lunch menu had at most 5 items?

All Gas Stations were full service and the Pump Jockey wore an Ike jacket or uniform shirt that was almost a dress shirt?

Grocery Stores baggers also wore a tie, and part of their job was to take your purchases out everytime.

There was no "Paper or Plastic" but Paper or Box?  And Do you want it delivered?

Green Stamps.

You signed a check for your groceries and the store sent you an invoice at the end of the month.

The corner newsboy.

Newsboys on bike or pulling wagons.

There were only 3 main TV Stations plus the local PBS station.

AM Radio played mostly music.

The local Ben Franklin or 5 and Dime where a dollar got you a huge bag of toys or candy.

The manager of almost very establishment wore a suit or sport coat at all times.

A nickle bought you 5 pieces of Bazooka Joe gum.

Ten cents would buy you almost a pound of horehound candy or 10 sticks of peppermint candy.

Soda came in 12 ounce bottles with a deposit on them.

Collecting soda and beer bottles and returning them for the deposit.

The milk man actually delivered to multiple houses on your street and he always had some gum or candy to give the little kids.

Mail was delivered twice a day.

In large cities buses, trams and trolleys ran until midnight.  In some places they ran 24 hours a day.

The main library was open until midnight.

TV Stations went off the air after playing the National Anthem and came back on the air playing America The Beautiful.

Mechanical adding machines with a crank handle and a journal tape were in almost every office.

Almost every business was closed on Sundays and everyone went to church.

Your local police or sheriffs office knew the name and address of almost every child in their jurisdiction.  Many also knew the parents full names and where they worked too.

Almost everyone in your neighborhood knew you, your family and what you had for dinner last night.

The old folks down the street were your blocks designated stand in grandparents.  If the school couldn't get in touch with your parents they were the ones who got called if you were sick or hurt.

If you got in trouble at school every neighbor on your way home knew about it.  And quite a few would swat your butt for pulling such a bone headed stunt.  Then when you got home your parents did the same thing.

At dinner time, everyone in your family was there and you were all expected to join the conversation.

You always looked forward to reading the funny pages in the sunday paper after your parent finished with the paper.

Comic books were a quarter.

Fifty cents a week for an allowance was a lot of money and could buy you a lot of candy.

Over summer break you could make over ten dollars a week cutting grass.  And that was enough to buy yourself a new bike after just a month.

In winter time you could make almost twenty dollars in a day by shoveling walks.  But you didn't charge the old folks for that or your father would beat your butt.  You did their walks for the cookies, brownies and hot chocolate.

How many more can you remember?

Religion of Peace Pedophiles and Rapists

Take your blood pressure meds, and make sure you don't have anything throwable or breakable nearby when you read the following link.

Saudi Men Accused of Gang Raping a 3-Year-Old (Yes, a 3-Year-Old)


And they evidently don't think anything is wrong with that.

Listen up people, this is also happening in the UK, Europe and here in the US.  Not any 3 year olds that I could find but several 8 to 15 year olds.

Don't believe me?

Saudi airman found guilty in Vegas child rape case

Muslims Gang Rape 12-Year-Old Norwegian Girl, Get Community Service


This is the Religion of Peace

100 Mile CB AGAIN!

All right, I'm starting to get tired of this.

Almost EVERY DAY I get 2 to 7 people coming to my blog trying to find out how they can get their CB radio to transmit 100 miles.


YES, you can get it to transmit 100 miles if you are willing to spend the money for the amp and antenna you are going to need to do so.  Just be aware that your neighbors will probably call the FCC and the cops on your butt for doing so.

However there are several caveats to doing so. 

#1: you will need a linear amplifier which is both expensive and illegal to use on the CB radio band frequencies.

#2: you will need a properly tuned antenna that is designed to take that much power without "MELTING"  (Yes I said Melting)

#3: you will need a proper power supply to supply that linear amplifier.  And a cheapo chinese or radio shack one isn't going to do it.

You are looking at $90.00 to $300.00 for a good amp.  $150 to $400 for a good antenna.  If you are going to run this rig at your house you are looking at $200+ for the regulated power supply.  If you are using it in your car you will need to rebuild or replace your alternator and upgrade your battery or batteries.  And don't even think about keying up with the engine off unless you have 3 or 4 batteries wired in.  Your vehicle will also require other modifications.  Key it up with the amp on and say good bye to your car stereo without a bypass filter installed.  and depending on where you have your antenna installed you might say goodbye to your fuel pump, ECM, chassis computer and I have seen 2 airbags deploy because people didn't know what they were doing.

Still want to try to get a CB to transmit 100 miles?

All the luck in the world to you.  I feel sorry for your pocketbook.

I have written two other posts on this and done a Preparedness tip and tricks video on it as well.

The links to those post are

100 mile CB

100 mile CB Tips and Tricks
This second one has the video embedded.

If you want a way to communicate 100+ miles with a radio in your vehicle or your home you need to get into HAM Radio.  I am a HAM Radio operator.  The test for the Technician license is very easy and when I took it, the cost was only $20.00 plus a photocopy of your drivers license.

If you are worried about having your name on a list somewhere, get real.  Your name is on hundreds of lists.  Also if you do buy a HAM Radio and use it without a license you can get your equipment seized some major fines and there have been a few cases of people going to jail.

With my HTX-212 Radio Shack 2M mobile radio in my truck with a properly tuned Wilson Lil Wil 2m Antenna and my power setting set on high, I have talked to people OVER 150 miles away.  I'm down by Corpus Christi, they were up by San Antonio.  They were on a higher elevation than me so they hit me pretty good on the power while I was a little weak but readable.  That was on Simplex.  Where they and I are both transmitting and receiving on the same frequency just like a CB Radio.

One thing HAM Radio has that CB doesn't is the ability to operate Duplex.  Where I transmit on 1 frequency, but listen on another.  That is how a HAM Radio Repeater works.  I transmit on 147.680 the Repeater picks that up and retransmits it on 147.080 which is what everyone is listening to.  However it does it at anywhere from 50 to 250 watts of power.  Covering several hundred miles.  And that is not including linked repeaters which can cover several thousand miles.  And you can do that from a little hand held walkie talkie like HT Radio that costs less than $50.00 and only puts out 5 watts on it's high setting.  And there are repeaters ALL OVER the place on differing frequency pairs.  Just in my area there are 4 repeaters each on it's own frequency, that I can hit with my little HT on it's high power setting.  The furthest one is almost 50 miles away.  And I'm putting out the same power as a CB radio, but I'm already going 8 to 10 times the average distance a CB can transmit legally.

And that is just on on 2 Meter band.  On my license, I'm allowed to operate on 10 meter, 6 Meter, 70 Centimeter, 33 Centimeter and 23 Centimeter bands.  I can transmit using Phone (Voice communication), CW (Morse Code), RTTY (Radio Telephone Teletype, basically sending text back and forth) and Data (I can use my computer to send data, small files and such).  I can actually operate on other bands which can reach farther with less power but on my license I'm restricted to CW (Morse Code) only, which I could do through my computer with a free program and an adapter to hook my computer up to my radio.

There are people right now this very instant, who are talking around the world on less power than your typical CB uses to transmit.

And they are doing it LEGALLY.

Plus many HAM Radio's allow you to listen to the entire band of frequencies not just the frequencies you are licensed on.  MY little HT Radio?  I have the Police, Fire, Ambulance and Coast Guard frequencies programmed in, so I can listen to them if something is going on.  And this too is legal. 

So for under $50.00 you can get a radio that on it's own will let you talk 40-50 miles easily.  Plus you can use it as a scanner to listen in on the local emergency services to keep yourself appraised of what is going on.  How much does that Scanner from Radio Shack cost?  The one that keeps eating AA batteries all the time?  My radio with it's rechargeable battery pack can scan for 2 or 3 days before it needs recharging.  Then I just pull the battery and put it in the charger while I install the extra battery I got for less then $15.00  in the radio and can go for another 2 to 3 days.

So tell me.

Which is cheaper in the long run?

Which one will keep you OUT of trouble with the law?

Also there is no law that says you cannot own a HAM Radio without a license.  You just can't transmit with it, without a license.  But you can still use it as an inexpensive scanner and have it in case of emergencies.

And if everything goes somewhere in a handbasket, wouldn't you rather have some backup comms?  Just in Case?

The puzzle piece AR-15's

That I referred to originally in THIS post,are coming loser to fruition.

I have the two Lower receiver puzzle parts kits  (From Jack Squat's Flat Spot)

Two A3 upper receivers (From Palmetto State Armory)

Two BCG's (From Palmetto State Armory)

1 17" 1:8 Barrel which will be chambered in .223 Wylde  (From Green Mountain Rifle Barrels)

1 25" 1:7 Barrel also to be chambered in .223 Wylde  (From Green Mountain Rifle Barrels)

2 LPK's  (From Palmetto State Armory)

2 Charging Handles  (From Centerfire Systems)

NOTE: Each of those links go to the part ordered.

But that doesn't equal all the parts necessary to build the two rifles.  One will be a Carbine, the other will be a DMR (Designated Marksman's Rifle aka HBAR)  So I need to locate some parts at a price that will fit my budget but still be good parts.

What do I need?

Two Chamber Extensions.

1 Carbine length gas system with a .750 low profile gas block

1 Rifle Length gas system with a .875 low profile gas block

1 Carbine length railed free float hand guard with barrel nut

1 Rifle Length railed free float hand guard with barrel nut

1 Carbine Length buffer tube with buffer, buffer spring an 6 position buttstock

1 Rifle Length buffer tube with buffer spring and an 1" Extended A2 Hooked buttstock  (I have a 17" L.O.P)

2 A2 Style Flash Suppressors with lock nut

1 decent red dot optic for out to 150 yards

1 very good scope for out to 600 yards

2 sets of Sling Mounts

And I'm probably forgetting a part or two.  So if you see that I'm missing something please e-mail me or leave a comment.

I am building these two rifles for two reasons, the carbine for my kids to shoot, the HBAR for me to try to get back into shooting competitions.

The Redneck Engineer, has been kind enough to help me out with a lot of what I already have and has offered to teach me how to put these rifles together from scratch, so I know how to do it and can be confident in my weapons.  (Boy, isn't THAT a run-on sentence if there ever was one?)

If you have stuff in your parts bin you would be willing to trade or sell please hit my greylocke e-mail over there on the right under where it says "Send a Missive" or click on my name at the bottom of this post, it will take you to my profile and you can click on my e-mail there.  Or leave a comment here with a way to contact you.

If you are a parts manufacturer or a distributor and want to donate or discount parts in exchange for a mention here on the blog I can do that.  Be aware however I will review any and all parts for these rifles and I will NOT pull any punches.

I'm not looking for "Top O'de Line" whiz bang, gee williker parts.  I'm looking for durable, serviceable and affordable.  NOT Cheap parts, affordable parts.  When you try to raise 7 kids and pay the bills on less than 1,300 a month you squeeze every penny until it screams rape and yells for a cop.  I would like to get these rifles built, hopefully before thanksgiving, but it all depends on my finances and the time I have available to drive up to the Redneck Engineers place to get it done.

"Hacker's Dream"-from the inbox

I don't think it's a mistake, the website. 
I believe it's Obamas way of further destruction of the America we grew
"Hacker's Dream"

Caution is warranted:

On Fox Business Network's "Cavuto" on Wednesday, computer programmer and founder of McAfee, Inc. John McAfee said the online component of Obamacare "is a hacker's dream" that will cause "the loss of income for the millions of Americans who are going to lose their identities."

For starters, McAfee said the way it is set up makes it possible for fake websites be set up to fool people to think they're signing up for Obamacare.

"It's seriously bad," McAfee said. "Somebody made a grave error, not in designing the program but in simply implementing the web aspect of it. I mean, for example, anybody can put up a web page and claim to be a broker for this system. There is no central place where I can go and say, 'OK, here are all the legitimate brokers, the examiners for all of the states and pick and choose one.'"

"Instead, any hacker can put a website up, make it look extremely competitive, and because of the nature of the system — and this is health care, after all — they can ask you the most intimate questions, and you're freely going to answer them," he continued. "What's my Social Security number? My birth date? What are my health issues?"

According to McAfee, there's not a quick fix — and as long as it set up this way, it could be a playground for computer hackers.

"Here's the problem: It's not something software can solve," McAfee continued. "I mean, what idiot put this system out there and did not create a central depository? There should be one website, run by the government, you go to that website and then you can click on all of the agencies. This is insane. So, I will predict that the loss of income for the millions of Americans who are going to lose their identities — I mean, you can imagine some retired lady in Utah, who has $75,000 dollars in the bank, saving her whole life, having it wiped out in one day because she signed up for Obamacare. And believe me, this is going to happen millions of times. This is a hacker's dream. I mean I cannot believe that they did this."

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

So the public who pays their salaries has become the enemy

"Increasingly, the US government’s many police forces (often state and local ones as well) operate militarily and are trained to treat ordinary citizens as enemies. At the same time, the people from whom the government personnel take their cues routinely describe those who differ from them socially and politically as illegitimate, criminal, even terrorists." 

This needs to be stopped.   I would much rather run the risk of a terrorist attack than to submit to this big brother, gestapo, soviet society that is slowly taking over our country under the guise of Security.

How it is security when I fear those who are supposed to protect me more than I fear a terrorist?

Jeff puts it together

The vengeful greed – and stupidity – of today’s liberals 

Yes they are that vain and stupid.

Not you Jeff the Leftists you are discussing.

Remember the report of Christians being classified as extremists?

ultimaratioregis over at Bring the Heat, Bring the Stupid has an update.

Errata Sheet for SecArmy Guidance on Extremist Organizations

What I want to know is under whose direction was that determination made?

Food Stamp riots coming?

Halloween may be more scary than usual this year . . .

All according to President Petulant's plan. 

With "His" people rioting in the streets all it takes is one simple mark of a pen to suspend our rights for the duration.

WHAT?!?!  Mark you're crazy Obama wouldn't do that!!

Are you sure?

Look at his history.  Look at just how supposedly ignorant he is of what's happening in his own administration on his own watch.

Do you really think he wouldn't do it?

Ann Barnhardt pulls no punches

“Why can’t I keep my insurance?” Because you’re stupid, sweetie.

I suggest you read that.

How does it feel to be 1.1 millions in debt

and it's not even your debt.  It is the debt the government has run up, and somehow it expects us taxpayers to pay it.

Each U.S. taxpayer now has a federal-debt liability of $1.1 million, and rising.

Remember that when President Obama boasts that the federal deficit—the shortfall between annual revenues and spending—is declining. Of course, the primary reason for the decline is the sequester, which was his idea but now adamantly opposes.

The public tends to focus on the total national debt, which just passed the $17 trillion mark—up from $10.6 trillion when President Obama took office. But that figure pales in comparison to the federal government’s long term unfunded liabilities—money the government is obligated to pay over and above the revenues it is estimated to receive.

According to the U.S. Debt Clock, total long term unfunded liabilities are at $126 trillion, a $1.1 million liability for each U.S. taxpayer.

Point this out to any Leftists you might run into.

Navy Cuts

This should worry you.

Sequestration just gets better and better…

We aren't building news or maintaining our current ships, meanwhile Russia and other countries are going full steam ahead with their building programs.

If this doesn't worry you, you have you head in the sand.

Does back to the land, homesteading and DIY interest you?

Then I have a new site for you to bookmark.

GardenFork.TV Cooking & DIY Videos

Give them a look.  I was looking at their plywood boat as something my boys and I could do together that wouldn't cost a lot.

CDNN Month End Gun Sale - FREE Shipping on New Glocks-from the inbox

FTC NOTICE:  I don't get anything for posting this.

On Tuesday, October 29, 2013 10:02 AM, CDNN Sports <> wrote:
CDNN Month End Gun Sale - FREE Shipping on New Glocks
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CDNN Sports, Inc.
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You are receiving this email because you requested to be on our mailing list, placed an order with us in the past, or placed your FFL on file with us.

Our mailing address is:
CDNN Sports, Inc.
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Add us to your address book

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FEMA Firearms confiscation over at Jeff's

FEMA Preparing For Gun Confiscations?

Look at the third comment on that post.

President Petulant KNEW ObamaCare/Affordable Care Act would kill

the Health Insurance Industry here in the US.  "If you like your plan you can keep it"?  Naahhhh not so much.

"Four sources deeply involved in the Affordable Care Act tell NBC NEWS that 50 to 75 percent of the 14 million consumers who buy their insurance individually can expect to receive a “cancellation” letter or the equivalent over the next year because their existing policies don’t meet the standards mandated by the new health care law. One expert predicts that number could reach as high as 80 percent. And all say that many of those forced to buy pricier new policies will experience “sticker shock.”

Add in the website that requires ALL of your personal information, which is just ripe for Identity Thieves and the IRS to take your information who knows where.

Video found : Obama Knew Millions Would Lose Coverage: Media Did Nothing

And we also have :   Insurers Tell Congress: Beware Of Rate Shock If Enrollment Is Extended

Fire Lapping a Gun Barrel

Since I got my Chinese T-53 from J&G Sales, the bore is very dark.  At my Ex Father in Law's gunstore we lapped barrels of the custom black powder rifles built there is the shop.  We would use a Minie ball of the appropriate caliber, instead of grease we would use lapping compound in the grease grooves, and run 4 Minie Balls of each grit.  We wouldn't fire them though.  We would use the power feed on the lathe to force the Minie balls through the bore.  This was before we cut threads for the breech plug.  It also allowed us to exactly control the feed and the amount of force used to lap the bore.

Now I'm considering lapping the bore of my T-53, but I don't have a latch and I'm also a little impatient.  So I'm going to look for someone who reloads 7.62X54R to load me up  some cartridges based on the following article.

Fire Lapping a Barrel by Roy Seifert

The part down at the bottom, where you just run a bore mop soaked in the lapping compound and a lower power round.  I don't want to ruin the throat of this rifle which I hope to use for Deer hunting next year.

So if you know of anyone who reloads 7.62X54R please ask them to e-mail me.  I'd like to get 20 rounds of lower velocity FMJ's loaded up.

Something is wrong with Blogger

my posts which I JUST posted not even 10 minutes ago show that they were posted over an HOUR ago.  Blogger's time is either off or something changed my timezone setting.

Time to find out which.

ETA:  Somehow my Timezone setting was changed.  From Central Time Zone to Cancun timezone.  I didn't even know Cancun had it's own timezone.

Kurt also has some

I'm going to swipe the one because it DOES explain the Marines I know to a "T"

From THIS post

Where were you when Matthew Shepard was murdered?

Me?  I was working 70+ hours a week for two different security companies plus another 8 to 16 hours aweek at the jail for the police department where I was an Auxiliary.

Why Liberals hate the military

Especially from a Marine.

I'd like to remind people

Just waiting to be plucked by Identity thieves.  Who may or may not work for the .GOV

Maybe it's a feature, not a bug

Again, just waiting to be plucked.

Five at a Nod to the Gods

Obama Admin Shows It’s Chicago Colors Again

What Would You Do?

The Bigger They Get, The Harder They Fall

Obama Math

Obama And DHS Want To Lift Restrictions On Libya



Codevilla: The War On Us

16 Cents

Read all of those links.  You really need to.

Dr's refusing to participate in ObamaCare

New York doctors are treating ObamaCare like the plague, a new survey reveals.

A poll conducted by the New York State Medical Society finds that 44 percent of MDs said they are not participating in the nation’s new health-care plan.

Another 33 percent say they’re still not sure whether to become ObamaCare providers.

When the Dr's refuse to accept ObamaCare patients due to the increase in regulations and decrease in payments, it means there will be less Dr's available to provide care.

Less Dr's available for care means de facto healthcare rationing

Think about it.

Let your High School age kids know this

CORPUS CHRISTI - Social media has become a huge factor in today's society, everybody has a Twitter or Facebook account. Lebron James has 10 million followers on Twitter - 10 MILLION!!

Local high school athletes may not have as many followers as King James, but they are being monitored just as closely.

"It's not easy - it's a daily process," Flour Bluff Athletic Director Darrell Andrus said. "Our kids aren't perfect but we try to police that in a manner and they understand that we want them to represent this program in the right fashion."

This can keep them from even getting a visit from a college recruiter.  And you also need to reinforce with them that many companies, looking to hire also look at your social media presence.  Your Twitter, Facebook or even your old Myspace account.  Prospective colleges and employers look to be sure you or your offspring don't represent an improper image for them.

SO be sure your accounts, or your kids accounts don't show a wrong image.

Blue wrote something very important

and evidently I missed it while I was recovering from the drive to pick up my daughter.

If you haven't read his post on the current state of America.  I cannot strongly enough urge you to do so.

"The one thing that you have to remember is that the force that they will ultimately have to use against us is made up of our sons and daughters, nieces and nephews, our grandchildren...  It is made up of our neighbors and friends, their sons and daughters, nieces and nephews, their grandchildren...  These are the people who played games in our yards when they were themselves children.  The kids who had milk and cookies in the kitchen with our kids after school.  The kids who participated in Friday night sleepovers and watched Saturday morning cartoons in our living rooms."

Very seriously, you need to read that.  You need to link to it if you have a blog.  You need to e-mail the link to that to all of you friends and family.

After you read it you will understand why you need to share this far and wide.

Monday, October 28, 2013

And the US's prestige is obliterated

Cheney faulted the Obama White House’s handling of Middle East politics, saying the U.S. presence in the region had been “significantly diminished” in recent years. “I think our friends no longer count on us, no longer trust us and our adversaries don’t fear us,” he said.

Say goodbye to simple infections

'We've reached the end of antibiotics': Top CDC expert declares that 'miracle drugs' that have saved millions are no match against 'superbugs' because people have overmedicated themselves

We have now reached the end of what anti-biotics can do.   Look out for a resurgence in many simple infections that we thought had been vanquished, in addition to new tougher versions of them as well.

Our tech base may be in more trouble now

How the NSA has screwed Silicon Valley

Seriously you need to read that and start thinking about the repercussions that could be coming from the NSA's spying and hidden backdoors, not just to our privacy, but our economy.

Where did it go?

67 Million dollars missing.  Read that again Sixty-Seven MILLION dollars is missing.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The IRS is unable to account for $67 million spent from a slush fund established for Obamacare implementation, according to a Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) report released today. 

Why isn't this the leading story on all the networks?  Oh that's right, it doesn't bleed and it actually makes President Petulant's Administration look even more corrupt.

More on the story:

Hoo boy…this isn’t going to go over well.

The IRS has seen its summer from hell extended into autumn, as a report issued today by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) revealed that the Service cannot account for $67 million that was set aside in a slush fund to help pay for Obamacare.

So the IRS who is supposed to ensure that the implementation of ObamaCare goes off without a catch can't even keep track of which accounts are charged for what.

Which just makes me feel so good about their ability to actually do their job.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Kurt Saxon of Fantasy and Weaponry

By Kurt Saxon
A pistol for the bedroom,
A shotgun over the door,
A 30-06 for reaching out;
You don't need any more.

If an intruder makes it to your bedroom, shoot him with the pistol. If he's trying to break in, use
the shotgun. If he is fifty yards or more away and shooting at you, pick him off with the 30-06.
This is the real Survivalist's arsenal; basic, inexpensive, effective. So why all the promotion of
rapid-fire weapons? If you aim at a man and don't hit him, he' going to move, and probably shoot
you. Banging away in the same general direction is just a senseless waste of ammo. You need
practice, not rapid-fire. You also need a realistic attitude, not a fantasy.

But fantasy sells. There is big money in Macho. The more awesome your weapon looks and
sounds, the tougher and sexier you look. Girls get off on rapid-fire. It's the Freudian part of the

The Rambo Survivalist image being sold to neurotics is making weapons dealers rich. It is also
showing the profound ignorance of weapons among the general public.

To know guns, you must understand the three basic methods of shooting; sweeping, pointing and

Sweeping is with rapid-fire. Its main purpose is to dispatch several enemies before one can shoot
you. Such confrontations are unlikely in any actual civil conflict. Raiders don't bunch up. There
would be no point to it. Of course, if you are the raider you would have a better chance wiping out
a couple and two or three children if you have a rapid fire weapon.

Sweeping is also anticipated in cases of moving targets. Proficiency with the shotgun will do more
damage to the moving target than expert use of rapid-fire.

There is a psychological disadvantage to dependency on a rapid-fire weapon. One tends to sweep
or just bang away ineffectually. It is the nature of the weapon and a case of the weapon controlling
the man.

An example is a commercial for a TV crime story. One of the heroes bursts into the room and
says, "I just had an Uzi emptied on me outside". Obviously, the character with the Uzi swept, did
not aim or even point. At least 20 shots and nothing. Of course, it was fiction. But that kind of
shooting is becoming acceptable.

If an automatic weapon is shifted one and a half feet, in 20 or more yards, the bullets are spaced
several feet apart. You could empty a clip on several people and not hit one. The nut who
unloaded several clips of an AK-47 at a crowd of 35 children in Stockton only killed five. What if
he had had a rifle and had to aim? What if he had had a shotgun and had to point? Couldn't he see
his sweeps were ineffective?

He was crazy but he wasn't blind! He knew how to operate the weapon. But he was psyched up
with the glamor image of that weapon. He was not controlling that weapon; it was controlling

Another TV segment was on the Gulf. Here were all these troops practicing, banging away at a
dune, fully automatic, as usual. I only hope the Iraqis are on full-auto. I wouldn't want anyone to
get hurt.

Yet another segment was at a California shooting range. It told how the state had 300,000 assault
weapons owners but only 15,000 had registered as ordered.

There were about ten men banging away on semi-auto, as fast as they could shoot. They were all
pointing, as they were shooting too fast to correct aim.

I suppose they were all wealthy, as ammo costs a lot. Whatever practicality there might be in such
weapons, only the wealthy can afford them.

Watching those men, I could see that their practice was ineffective. The targets were only 10 to 15
yards away. No proficiency can be gained by simply banging away at a stationary target from a
distance at which one only has to point.

Watching them reminded me of the reason for the arming of all the American forces with rapidfire
weapons. During the Korean War it was found that only one in nineteen soldiers would fire
his rifle. They were mostly uniformed civilians in a no-win war and didn't want to get killed. So
they would just hunker down and try to ignore the Chinese. Having Garands, which demanded
aiming, put them at risk of getting a bullet in the face.

So by the time the Vietnam fiasco rolled around the boys all had the confidence-giving, noisemaking
M-16s. They were effective enough for jungle fighting where one could not aim anyway,
even if he knew how to shoot. It didn't matter, however, since the other side had AK-47s; just as
worthless. Of course, there were plenty enough bombs and napalm to keep the VC's numbers
manageable and most U.S. losses were due to booby-traps. So a rifleman was about as useful as
nipples on a boar.

I know it is hard to believe that glamor weapons with all their sound and fury, are more hype than
effect. However, if one of their proud owners has it out with any practiced hunter with any rifle,
the hunter will win.

Now we come to pointing. Apart from shooting at flying ducks, the shotgun is mainly for
pointing. Man-killing shot is from #4 to 00 buckshot. (Single 0 buckshot has 12 .30 caliber pellets
per round). The best killing range is up to 50 yards.

The 12 gauge shotgun is the most devastating hand-held weapon. Few people realize how really
terrible the shotgun is. The Geneva Convention bans its use in war but police use it. It was also
preferred in Vietnam over regulation arms, even though a soldier's family had to send it to him.
A buckshot pellet does not have the penetrative force of any bullet of equal diameter because it is
round and not as heavy as the longer bullet. Buckshot is also fired at lower velocities than bullets.
But they still inflict wounds of maximum size, induce considerable shock and hemorrhage. Also,
when two or more pellets hit, their total effect on the victim is as the square of the number of hits,
not just an additive progression; that is, two hits equal four times the effect of one hit, three hits
equal nine times that effect, and so on. If the victim is hit by three Single 0 buckshot pellets it is
the same as if he had been hit by nine .30 caliber Carbine rounds.

For the combat shotgun, it is best to take a hacksaw and cut the barrel down to the legal 18 inches.
This gives it a slightly wider shot pattern and makes it a little more maneuverable.

Rapid-fire, semi-auto from an assault weapon has no greater killing range than does the shotgun.
And since the shotgun must be pointed, and the shot pattern is wider, multiple hits per target are
surer than with any assault weapon.

Next in pointing, is the pistol. Beyond a few feet you want a shotgun or a rifle. Aiming a pistol is
possible, but only with practice. Practice, however, has made some pistol shooters as deadly at
long range as shot gunners or riflemen.

The American Rifleman article, "Debunking The Debunkers", reprinted in US MILITIA Issue 1,
tells what can be done with a pistol. Read it. For the most part, the pistol is for close quarters.
You ought to own a pistol and it should be a .38 Police Special with a six inch barrel. I
recommend a revolver over an automatic, since the revolver has fewer parts to malfunction. And
if you don't think the .38 has stopping power, you just don't realize what you can do when you
practice. You may have been fantasizing over glory guns, the most popular of which is the .45
automatic. Read the aforementioned article.

Several years ago I was in a Los Angeles gun shop. A plain-clothes officer was at the counter
talking to the dealer. The dealer stepped back into an alcove and reached up to a shelf. A shot rang
out. The gun the dealer had reached for had fallen butt-first and discharged. Before the sound
registered with me the officer had his pistol drawn. Naturally, there was no threat. His action was
pure reflex. That cop was fast!

In the same time period, there was a funeral for a police officer fallen in the line of duty. The
media covered the funeral and some dummy exploded a bomb outside the funeral home as the
attending officers were assembling. The newspaper featured the frame of the newsreel of the
explosion. In it was an officer with his revolver half-way drawn out of his holster! Both the
accidental discharge and the explosion caught on film showed the reflexes of these men to be a
tiny fraction of a second each. So you can believe the examples of speed in the article.

Also, if you practice and so become as proficient as those two officers, both in speed and instinct
aiming, you can be sure of a fatal hit before your opponent can even touch his own weapon.
For the .38 revolver, I recommend the six inch barrel over the two or four inch. This is because of
the barrel's rifling. The rifling gives the bullet its spin, which keeps it on course. The longer the
barrel, the more the rifling and hence the more spin. The more spin, the greater the accuracy. A
six inch barrel gives enough spin to guarantee about as much accuracy as you will need when
using your pistol.

The glamor weapon among pistols is the automatic, especially the .45. It is heavier, bulkier and
more than twice as expensive as the .38. Its main claim to fame is its stopping power. But a wellplaced
bullet is a greater guarantee of stopping power than a bullet's size. And as the article
shows, speed comes with practice. Reliance in mechanics over skill leads to overconfidence.
Many glamor gun fantasizers are going to die when they confr
ont a foe who has mastered his
You may know of whole police departments adopting .357 Magnums or automatics. Maybe their
chief watched too much TV. Again, skill with a basic weapon is better than reliance on mechanics
or power. The punk spraying lead is no match for a cop skilled with his .38.

Now for aiming. The reason for aiming is to hit the target at a greater distance than is practical for
pointing. A rifleman hits everything he aims at. A macho fool just bangs away with a lot of sound
and fury signifying nothing; except the deserved death of the ignorant.

Unfortunately, few people aim today. They have mistaken multiple loud reports for damage. One
has but to watch newsreels of Arab-Christian conflicts in Lebanon, closeup coverage of the fire
fights in Vietnam, the results of drive-by shootings in Los Angeles, etc., to see that moderns
simply are not learning to shoot accurately. The discrepancy between shots fired and clean kills is
appalling. Our honored WW II dead are spinning in their graves!

Aside from a shotgun or pistol, one should not own a gun not designed for aimed hits. Anyone
who advertises such a gun should be boycotted as a traitor to his country. Those who decry the
deaths of little children should shame the incompetents but not spare the sellers of weapons which
flatter such ineptitude.

I got a laugh from a news report some time ago. A character named T. J. Johnston in California,
an anti-gun-registration-protester, was burning his order to register his assault weapon. His
cronies were banging away at some targets ten yards away with more assault weapons. No
rifleman would waste ammo shooting at a target that close.

If he goes to jail he might have time to reflect that one rifleman with an M1 30-06 Garand could
wipe out his whole flock. He might also reflect that a well-regulated militia made up of private
citizens proficient in the use of real weapons would have no fear of gun confiscation.
Have you ever heard of Sergeant Alvin York? You have probably seen the movie, starring Gary
Cooper. York was a conscientious objector. But when his friends were dropping like flies he
reacted. A hillbilly, he was a trained hunter from childhood.

He first worked his way around the enemy's flank. He was armed with a 1903 30-06 bolt-action
Springfield and a pistol. He killed 20 Germans and captured l32. Of course, few of those captured
knew it was a one-man job. The point is, he could shoot! He killed 20 men with one well-placed
bullet each. He had no need for rapid-fire. He knew that every time he aimed and fired a man was

Most American and German soldiers at that time, with their bolt-action Springfields and Mausers
could also shoot. They had to work those bolts and correct every time they fired. And there were
men actually trying to kill them all the while! There was no getting around their having to know
how to aim and shoot. No room for fantasy.

Among the best combat rifles ever made is the WW II U.S. M1 30-06 Garand. It is a semi-auto
with a 1,000 yard effective killing range. It holds only eight rounds so there is no tendency to
bang away at a single target.

However, don't discount the bolt-action rifle. After aiming and firing, the bolt is worked as the
gun is reaimed, so no time is lost. Most good military and hunting rifles are bolt-action anyway.
You might be tempted to buy the most expensive rifle. But it is best to buy the most common, the
tried and true, the least flashy.

Pause a minute to reflect; if you were driving cross-country on a very important trip, would you
choose a common car or a sports model? Of course, you would look grand in the sportster. But if
getting there were the only important consideration, you would want the reliability, and
serviceability of your dependable standard model over the object of your fantasies.

The same goes for civilian combat. You may fantasize owning an expensive rapid-fire gun,
mowing down raiders with ten slugs in each. It looks great in the movies, but why use 10 bullets
where one would do? Besides, raiders won't bunch up and charge. They will fan out, using what
cover is available, and you will have to pick them off one by one.

Now, if in your fantasies, you used a 30-06, preferably an M1 Garand, and could shoot, you could
make your fantasies pay off. Then, with practice in making every bullet count, you could defend
your territory against any number of predators.

So if you must fantasize about weapons, fantasize being a better shot than any thieving parasite.
Fantasize putting one well-placed bullet into every looter with the stupidity to set foot in your

Thursday, October 24, 2013

A documentary you really should see.

Terrorists Among Us: Jihad in America (Complete Video Documentary)

Seriously, go watch it.

A thought on the ObamaCare website issues

"He also blamed in part a "late decision" to require customers to register before browsing for insurance, which could have helped overwhelm the registration system. 

"This may have driven higher simultaneous usage of the registration system that wouldn't have otherwise occurred if consumers could window-shop anonymously," he said."

This thought just came to me.

The "Late" implementation for the requirement that people must create an account was done so the government can have a list of people to go after if they DON'T get insurance.

Why else, other than they don't want people to get sticker shock, would they require you to enter ALL of your personal information.  That way they have all the information they need to go after your tax returns and if you don't get a return they know where you work, they know who your spouse or your adult kids for your not having "approved" insurance.

Seattle is turning into it's own little Workers Paradise

"Seattle’s City Council voted unanimously Monday to use eminent domain to take private property. They say they must seize the private property, which is currently being used as a parking lot, in order to turn it into … a parking lot.
The desire of the Central Planners for control is once again permitted to outweigh the people’s need for government to make rational decisions that benefit taxpayers and citizens (Of course, the City of Seattle just banned using the term "Citizen"). In this case, a 103-year old lady’s property is slated to be taken “for the greater good.” Yet that “good” is really just the personal aspirations of city planners and officials"

So they have also turned into a Monkee's episode also.  You're going to seize a person property, which is already a parking lot, and turn into a "Parking Lot"  What is the justification?

And then the City of Seattle is going after someone for parking tickets that aren't even theirs.

"Dave’s dreams came to a screeching halt earlier this year, when he found out that the City of Seattle was attempting to collect over $8,000 in parking tickets from him.

“The City of Seattle is coming after me for $8,000 in parking ticket debt that I don’t owe,” he said."

Soo let's see.  Forcing a viable resource to shut down because someone who posted about it on Facebook has parking tickets.  Not the business itself, not even an employee of the business just someone who posted about it on a social media site.

And they wonder why they are losing businesses and thier taxes.

Reid says no deal unless taxes are raised

"Reid said Republicans would have to agree to more tax revenue to get anywhere near a bigger deal.

“They have their mind set on doing nothing, nothing more on revenue, and until they get off that kick, there’s not going to be a grand bargain on — there’s not going to be a small bargain,” Reid said. “We’re just going to have to do something to work our way through sequestration.”

Hmm, no negotiations in other words.  And just WHO is holding the country hostage?

I've actually had days like this

Strip from Jeph Jaques' Questionable Content

Which updates monday through friday and can be found at:

Touch and Go

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

If you read nothing else today, read this...

Dear Liberal…Here’s Why I’m So Hostile

Some Links

Veteran Wants Flag Vandals To Take Responsibility For Crime   If these boys or their families don't step up, the police need to step in and the Vet needs to file charges.

Will Insurance Companies Use Smart Appliances to Monitor “Unhealthy” Habits? Oh Heck No. No more intrusions into our lives.  What's next?  The .GOV is going to require you to buy these RFID and WiFi capable appliances?  And if you don't they are going to fine you just like the are with ObamaCare/Affordable Care Act?

Security Check Now Starts Long Before You Fly What's next? You have to file an Itinerary before you drive to the store or work?  Get approval before you drive off with your kids on vacation to the theme park in the next state?

Immigration activist groups have declared they will launch a "week of escalation" this week to pressure lawmakers in Congress with acts of civil disobedience to pass comprehensive immigration reform this year.
How about this. You law breakers go home and file the paperwork to enter this country legally and get in line behind the thousands of people who are doing it legally.  Also notice who is involved in this.  George Soros...

Exclusive: White House Official Fired for Tweeting Under Fake Name He was critical of his bosses and it took the NSA How long to find him? Or was he a plant or throwaway?

90,609,000: Americans Not in Labor Force Climbs to Another Record How does Obama plan to pay for his programs? Oh, I forgot, he'll just borrow it from China. Oops China isn't having anymore of that. So where is he going to get the $$ to pay for his programs? I know. He'll just have the Fed print him some more money.

The Big Takeaway From the September Jobs Report: The Economy Is Stalling
Notice that they delay the report because of the shutdown? They needed the time to figure out how to spin the numbers.

Thousands Of Consumers Get Insurance Cancellation Notices Due To Health Law Changes If you like your health insurance and your Dr you can keep them.

Congress to close down, fly Air Force planes to Florida for funeral of Rep. C.W. Bill Young I'm sorry but they can fly commercial just like everyone else. In Coach Class, not business or first class.

Krokodil use reportedly spreading: What makes dangerous drug so addictive? This is just my personal opinion, but if you are caught with this stuff in your possession you should just be shot. A rumor I've heard from Russia says that this is exactly what the Russian FSB is doing to people making or selling this stuff. Just stand them up and put a bullet in their brain.

Boehner calls for briefing on ObamaCare after HHS 'snub' Declined? Sebelius "Declined" to speak to congress? Who the H**l does she think she is? Oh that's right, since Lois Lerner refused to answer questions and took the Fifth, the Administration officials think they are immune from the repercussions of their actions.

IRS pays illegal immigrants $4.2 billion while stalling Tea Parties This is just ONE of the reason the IRS needs to be abolished.

Army chief: Just 2 brigades combat-ready Isn't the Army supposed to have 4 Brigades ready for Combat Operation at ALL times? One on each coast, one in Europe and one in the Korea/Japan area? Or is that my 1985 Basic Training class memory?

“If it’s supposedly free and cheaper and it’s going to be the best thing since sliced bread, why do we have to convince people to go buy it?” Rand Paul on why Liberals have no idea how Capitalism works.

"A federal judge on Tuesday refused to dismiss a case that could fatally cripple the Obamacare health insurance law.

The Affordable Care Act forbids the federal government from enforcing the law in any state that opted out of setting up its own health care exchange, according to a group of small businesses whose lawsuit got a key hearing Monday in federal court"
In other words, if the states didn't set up the exchanges the Feds aren't allowed to set up their own and offer the subsidies.  If this case goes forward and the Court finds for the plaintiffs, ObamaCare could be over as it cannot get enough people enrolled to actually offer insurance.

A television host on Etejah TV in Iraq grew so frustrated by the technical difficulties plaguing his interview that he seemingly lost faith in prospect for democracy in the Arab world. At least he is being honest. I pray that he doesn't suffer any flashback for his words and I hope to see him on the air again.

Taliban extremists have kidnapped more than 100 children from Afghanistan and Pakistan in the last year to use for suicide missions against government officials and U.S. troops still fighting in the region
And yet Islam is the Religion of Peace.

Violent Canadian pedophile who police were powerless to arrest after he fled to Seattle is finally taken into custody after 'raping American boy in alleyway'
Why isn't this front page news all across the US? Could it be because this doesn't help the Gay Rights Community? I have no problem with Gays getting hitched, what I do have a problem with is them trying to force their lifestyle and opinions down my throat. A large portion of America feels the same way. We don't CARE what you do in your own home, just don't do it in front of us and our kids.

Youth baseball coach 'repeatedly filmed himself raping two boys and had 450 sexual photos of his Little League players' Another you probably haven't heard or seen on the news. Once again, WHY isn't this all over the news? Ask yourself that?

Double dip for furloughed workers: Thousands will get to keep back-pay AND unemployment checks after being sent home for shutdown
Uhhh No. This is why our country is in the financial trouble it is in. Also why do I have to go to a news agency OUTSIDE of the US to find these stories?

Website programmers KNEW there were problems with the Obamacare site but government testers gave it the green light All the more reason to shut it down and make the company pay back every DIME plus pay for it's replacement.

IRS paid more than $110B in improper tax credits Once again, the IRS needs to be abolished

Ahoy, mateys! US to stop printing nautical charts More false cookie cutter savings. I know many fisherman who DON'T use GPS. Simply because they can't afford them. they are living hand to mouth and trying to get a good price for their catch. So they rely on paper charts usually old ones given to them by other fisherman. If this goes through I expect there will be an increase in fishing boat accidents.
Here’s Why Eating Bambi May Be the Best Thing for Deer Habitats If the population could be monitored properly, commercial hunting could be good for both nature and the economy.

Democrats Exaggerate Shutdown Costs Once again Democrats Lie through their teeth to sway opinions.
Analysis: No answers for Chicago's pension ills as mayor prepares budget Maybe get rid of the Unions Sweetheart deals. Maybe then you can balance your budget.

The Supersessionists of the Liberal ConfederacyVery interesting reading which puts some questions free in my head.

Welcome To USSA! Look at BOTH of the links. Seriously. You really need to read them.

The International Monetary Fund Lays The Groundwork For Global Wealth Confiscation In other words there isn't enough privately held wealth to pay for the various Governments spending. So they will take it all and maybe they'll give you dribs or drabs.

An NHS free at the point of use could soon be a thing of the past, officials warn So they rammed their free health care down everyone's throats, and then the reality took hold. and now they can't pay for it. Sounds Prophetic.

Revealed: How GPs are paid £50 bonus to put elderly on 'death lists' Coming soon to America via ObamaCare/Affordable Care Act. Is your mother or father on the list?

University: Racist IDF Soldiers Won't Rape Palestinian Women
Or maybe it's because they actually have scruples and respect the laws of war?

CNBC: The Place For Terrible Stock Advice And Not So Subtle Bigotry—BenK
And yet the Right, Conservatives, TeaParty and Republicans are Racist. Huh..

ACA, Unintended Consequences, and You - [tsrblke] The more I read about ObamaCare and the Affordable Care Act (Yes, I know they are one and the same, some people don't) the less I like it and liken it to the UK's worst parts of their National Healthcare System.

Another Journalist Joins the Obama Administration Is it any wonder the media gives President Petulant's Administration a pass? They all want a job and guaranteed pension.

Bloomberg To Buy Election For Anti-Gunner
You would think after Colorado he would have learned his lesson. But that man has more money than sense.

Special Needs Puppy: Make Me A Match I know money is very tight but a very special puppy needs some help and a family with the finances to help it. If I had the funds I take her in a heartbeat. But with 7 of my own kids then 7 canine kids and 3 feline kids I can't afford it. If your pocketbook is deep enough, will your heart be deep enough for her?

Remember that gutsy “Islam is filth” French woman who stood up to a Muslim bully the other day in Paris? Well, three Muslim associations have filed criminal complaints against her for insulting their faith. (Her ‘insults’ were in reference to barbaric halal slaughter) Since when is it illegal to say your opinion? Oh yeah right. This is in France. Never mind.

Geneva Conference moves toward criminalizing ‘Islamophobia’ in America Excuse me sirs. But only American Law applies to America. Even if you DO have President Petulant's and Hillary Clinton's blessing.

I didn't know that many of my friends may be terrorists! You need to read Peter's take on the "Arsenal" idea of being a domestic threat if you own too many firearms.

He who has ears to hear, let him hear . . . Peter also discusses the coming financial meltdown.

15% of young people, age 16 to 24, are not going to school or working Oooohhh, this is rather disturbing. Especially with what I know about young people with no direction in their lives. Then there is John Stewart's take AGAIN.

Wise... Very Wise. Thank you to Blue for posting it.

Obama administration working to fix ACA website issues Oh Good a new Czar, this one to fix another of President Petulant's screwups.

The futility of the NSA's data monitoring program But Of Course!!! and to be followed by;

Do your part to help the NSA! Borepatch can really write.

Hmm… Can we have Obama give Kathleen Sebelius a commission as a general officer? Because maybe then he’d fire her.
That's all, but the link does go to XBRADTC's page.

Where did Carteach go? Reminder, Carteach might be taking his blog down, if you want any of his excellent articles ranging from firearms tech to self defense and personal training get it while you can.

U. Arizona Prof. Tells Students Fox News Viewers are Ignorant LESS INFORMED! Less? Hmm let's see, I watch Fox News, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, listen to NPR, Fox Radio, and a whole slew of other media sources to try to find out what the actual FACTS are. Meanwhile Associate Professor Pat Willerton probably only watches MSNBC or CNN. And yet "I" am ignorant. Here's an idea Professor Willerton. Let's compare my personal library with yours. I have in my personal library 3 sets of Brittanica going back to a 1947 edition up to a 2007 set, a set of Grolier World Books, a New World Set, I have just in my own house 7 set of Encyclopedias, and they are all used often. I have an original set of the Lincoln Library books. I have texts going back to the 1904 Worlds Fair that have been in my family since they were printed. My personal library is so large most of it is actually at my mothers house because it won't fit in mine. And I use it. On several of my computers I have a digital library that includes a 1936 set of Britannica, the collected works of Plato, Homer, Sophocles and many others. And yet "I" am ignorant. When the students you teach cannot even pass a General Equivalency Degree Exam. And you are allowed to teach?

Indiana HS Posts Banner Warning Students Not to Have More than Two Children Once again Population Control rears it's head. I've harped on it often enough but if you do your own research and I do mean research, you will find this all goes back to Margaret Sanger and her supporters.

Titanium Beretta 93R – None Before It None To Come
SWEEEEET!! I'd love to be able to shoot that just one or two mag fulls.

Recovery update Everything President Petulant does, just makes it worse. But the media will never print the truth.

And I cried…. I swear I cried. Teh Stoopid, it Burnz

And they think we are paranoid and extremists Which Colorado? Or Texas?

Thoughts: Very Good Points.

Oregon launching new program to tax drivers per mile So now they can track everywhere you go, and pay you a bonus for not driving, when they could be spending the money to repair the infrastructure they were supposed to be spending on in the first place. Did that make sense?

Better To Not Protest the NSA Than To Hold Hands With Libertarians, Says Progressive Scribbler OH The Humanity!! Because they don't believe in the same things you do they must be abolished and belittled!! Do the Leftists and Progressives realize just how childish and petty they sound like? Just like President Petulant.

Fracking for Geothermal Heat Instead of Gas Count down until the Leftists start screaming... 10, 9, 8

Obamacare Site for Spanish Speakers Has Never Worked That's Racist!!!

The Eight Biggest Falsehoods in Obama’s Rose Garden Speech He has to lie and spin it. If the actual cluster fornication becomes known his own supported may actually go after him.

Hey, remember the fierce moral urgency of invading Syria? What happened to that? Hey! It got the IRS and NSA Scandals off the front page. It served it's purpose.

Bills would let more officials carry concealed guns in restricted places Some people are more equal the others.

Obama’s fingerprints all over IRS Tea Party scandal Is anyone surprised? I mean even a little?

Trabantcare Actually I want a Trabant. No, seriously. I really would like to get a Trabant.


A little gift to a good friend And the Obama Administration says? chirp chirp chirp.

Well Isn't This Special... Yup Jay has it right. If the Dems and the leftist can paint with a broad brush, so can we. Let's turn it back on the Dems.

Stories That Make You Go WHAAAA???? You're kidding me, right? The FedGov gone amok. Why bureaucrats aren't being tarred and feathered I have no idea.

Heh: Jay Carney says White House cooperates with ‘legitimate’ congressional oversight Who decides what is legitimate? The White House? Or Congress?

The Trick Well said Sir. And you're welcome down here anytime you wish.

They’re bacckkk!!! At least until President Petulant has his next conniption fit.

I’d call this persistence… Ooh ooh ooh!! I wanna ride!!!!!

I Had No Idea Opposing The Tea Party Meant Celebrating Ignorance About Free Speech Read the comments on this one. Very thought provoking.

All Across The Country, Prenda Law's Rubble Is Getting Bounced Oh the hilarity of Copyright Trolls. As the kid of an attorney I find this absolutely hilarious just how Prenda has dug itself into a hole.

Update On Lawfare And The Popehat Signal: Brett Kimberlin's New RICO Case Brett Kimberlin's Jailhouse Lawyer routine is about to hurt him royally.

Interesting How many Federal laws are being broken there?

Wayne LaPierre: Junk science drives administration’s gun policies Kinda Like Climate Change

"Counting On" Fines, Fees In Chicago, Speed Cameras and Redlight Cameras are Revenue Enhancers.

A Woodpecker Control Bleg A water gun filled with water and capsaicin?

You may think TIA is a failure… Actually I thought he meant a Transient Ischemic Attack.

Obama Admin Pitifully Tries To Spin Obamacare Failures On Twitter And how much are they spending for the twitter campaign?

The Name Is Bondish -- Iver Bondish Hey, I'm Jealous!! I want one.

What do you think?

Some Gloomy Thoughts About Our Current Fix Does President Petulant have a SAG card?

The AK-47 & The Man In The Bowler Hat Some pictures from the first war, where the AK was used on both sides.

O’REILLY GOES THERE: Accuses Democrats of Pushing Communism in America (Video) FINALLY! It only took HOW long?

Democrat Bob Beckel: “I Got a Call from Somebody at the White House…” After Criticizing O-Care (Video)
Do you think maybe he'll rethink his political persuasion?

Unreal!… Obamacare Website Crashed in Testing With Only ‘Few Hundred People’ Trying to Log On
So they knew in advance the website wasn't ready for Primetime and they went with it anyway. How typical.

UK Taxpayers Foot £350,000 Bill For Muslim Parents To Remove Daughter's Pubic Hair No wonder the NHS is going broke and will soon start charging for services.

Sandcrawler PSA: If They Who Wrote the Software Don't Trust It If they don't trust it, why are they forcing it on us?

If this doesn't make you sick... Eeewww, just.... NO!

Obama Claims Ignorance of Failure Despite IG’s Clear Warnings in August Believe of it as you may.

Pro-Pedophile Author: ‘How Dare You Call Me a Pro-Pedophile Author?!’ If the shoe fits... Also this guy used to educate our children. If THAT is not scary, then you aren't a parent.

Techy Tuesday - Aluminum Armor Interesting. I wonder how it would do for up armoring civilian vehicles.

CAPITOL UPDATE: W.H. Staff Pushing Back Against Jarrett Over Sebelius Resignation? The wheels are coming off the bus. GOOD!

Third Circuit Requires Warrant for GPS Monitoring and Limits Good-Faith Exception in United States v. Katzin
More on the need for a warrant to use a GPS tracker by the authorities.

‘Two countries’ Alamo speech validated by ‘progressive’ rhetoric (Video) Progressives are the ones making the death threats, not Rightists.

30th anniversary of the attack on Beirut Marine barracks Under their disastrous ROE's they were not allowed to load live ammunition in their weapons. They were not allowed to defend themselves. And our troops today are operating under the same ROE's. I pray we don't see another attack like this one.

I'd love one in .357 Magnum.

Sobering Statistics How many morewill have to go on the government rolls?

Cheap theater Will this be a staple at all of his "Performances"?

Before She Can Lead, She MUST Be Held Accountable YES! She must be held accountable for her actions or lack thereof.

Wait, wait... Did he just call me "vituperative"? I believe he did.

Setting the record straight I think Mr. Yon needs to get competent psychiatric help.

what laws do Yup, There are hundreds of thousands of laws on the books. and yet people violate them every day.

New Obamacare Glitch: Website Giving Users Wrong Prices, Displays Dramatically Underestimated Premium…
Oh Look. They have to misdirect people more before they get the sticker shock.

14 Planned Parenthood Organizations Are Obamacare Navigators Uhhmm isn't there like a law against that?

See What Prices On Are BEFORE Subsidies Ooohhh, that's gotta hurt.

Unreal: Top HHS Officials To Brief Only Congressional Democrats On Obamacare Rollout Mess…
Why, you would think someone is having a tantrum.

And it's been happening all over the nation. Shutting out the Libertarian, Constitution, Green and other parties.

Quote of the Day: Joan Peterson Hasn't this woman realized just how stupid she sounds when she spouts her vile uninformed invective?

Our latest mountain lion Not even after some people have been killed or severely mauled.

Oh Hey Look!! I went through my entire news and blogroll. It only took me errr I don't want to say. But alot of time.