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Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Blessed Easter for you and your family

Remember that Jesus died for our sins and our Salvation.  Those that believe in him and trust in him will be saved.

Even if you don't believe in Jesus or the Christian Deity like I do, hold your own beliefs, and wrap them around you.  You also have my prayers and wishes of love, and happiness.

God Bless all of you.


Saturday, March 30, 2013

Stolen Valor ISN'T a Victimless crime

JERKWEED Paul Tillson
THIS Paul Tillson is a jerkweed, who claimed military honors he did not earn.

NOT Jerkweed Paul Tillson

This Paul Tillson is an Honorably Discharged Disabled Vet, whose business is being harmed because he shares a name with a jerkweed.

To read more about this please go to following two links:

Two Tillsons & stolen valor; the victimless crime

The Two Tillsons

Where is the warrant? Privacy Rights routinely violated by the FBI

"FBI investigators for at least five years have routinely used a sophisticated cellphone tracking tool that can pinpoint callers’ locations and listen to their conversations — all without getting a warrant for it, a federal court was told this week.

The use of the “Stingray,” as the tool is called, “is a very common practice” by federal investigators, Justice Department attorneys told the U.S. District Court for Arizona Thursday, according to the American Civil Liberties Union."

As to earlier posts I have written, the war on drugs, poverty, terror, crime etc, have eroded our Constitutional Freedoms and Guarantees.

And just now people are learning just how egregious some of those violations are.

Arab Apartheid

"It began with the first Arab-Israeli war in 1948. The popular misconception is that the Arab states invaded to help the Palestinians. Actually, they intended to carve up Palestine for themselves, NOT to create a Palestinian state."

Click that and RTWT


Swiped from Blue

The Sequester - Make it hurt MORE

"For the administration to announce three months after the disbursement of these payments that they are subject to the sequester, and that states will receive a bill for repayment of funds already distributed to counties, appears to be an obvious attempt by President Obama's Administration to make the sequester as painful as possible," said the letter organized by House Resources Chairman Doc Hastings, R-Wash., and signed by 30 others, including Democrats."

And yet Obama and his minions are still giving money to Egypt, they are still hiring new federal employees, they are still giving raises to federal employees, Obama and his family keep going on vacations funded by tax payer money.

Hmmm like the quote above, it seems that the Obama Administration is doing it's best to inflict unnecessary pain while not trying to reduce spending at all.

War on drugs? Or war on Civil Rights?

"LEAWOOD, Kan. (AP) — Two former CIA employees whose Kansas home was fruitlessly searched for marijuana during a two-state drug sweep claim they were illegally targeted, possibly because they had bought indoor growing supplies to raise vegetables."

It finally clicked.

The war on drugs and the war on terror and the war on poverty.  All these little political wars are really 1 war.  And that war is against our Civil rights, our Constitution and our future generations.

With the Patriot Act, several of our civil liberties were made easier to restrict and violate.  With the war on drugs, this erosion of our civil rights has been a slow steady progression.

Now with the technology available through drones, satellites, FLIR and who knows what else, the legality of their use off of the battlefield and by the civil government instead of the military still being questioned.  The current authorities seeming to use the Miles Vorkosigan Dictum of "It's better to ask for forgiveness, than to beg for permission", in their pursuit of information about everyone in this country. 

How many drones are flying over us now gathering information, where is their warrant?  What is the probable cause that allows them to even FILE for a warrant?  They don't have one, other than "For the greater good"  Whose good?

Why will it require multiple expensive lawsuits to force the government to follow the laws it is supposed to enforce?

Who watches the watchers?

Wholesale governmental theft

Deposits of more than 100,000 euros ($128,000) at the Bank of Cyprus will lose 37.5 percent in money that will be converted into bank shares, according to a central bank statement. In a second raid on these accounts, depositors also could lose up to 22.5 percent more, depending on what experts determine is needed to prop up the bank's reserves. The experts will have 90 days to figure that out.

The remaining 40 percent of big deposits at the Bank of Cyprus will be "temporarily frozen" until further notice, but continue to accrue existing levels of interest plus another 10 percent."

First it was 10%, then it was 20%, then 40% now it's 60%.  Does anyone seriously believe that this will NOT go to 100% of the confiscation of all the money in those banks?  And does anyone NOT think that this is an isolated occurrence? Other countries in the EU are already saying they might follow Cyprus example.  And rumors of Democrat legislators and their supporters are talking of doing the same here in the US.  And don't say it CAN'T happen here.  It already has happened here, FDR and the forced purchase of Gold, with the government setting the prices.  That is the same thing as what is happening in Cyprus.  So if you really don't think it will happen here again, leave your money in the bank, in your 401k, in your IRA, and Money Market account.  Then ask yourself why Soros, Buffet, Kerry, Reid and others have been moving THEIR money out of US banks for the last 2 years.  They already had money held outside of the US, now they are moving large portions of their US held investments to Cayman Island accounts, Singapore accounts and according to 3 rumors I've been hearing Russian Banks are offering to transfer funds without their usual fees if the funds are being transferred to Russian banks.

Granted many of what I have been hearing is rumor and speculation.  However in most rumor there is a kernel of truth.

Friday, March 29, 2013

The Presidents Guns

Must read.....

A true heroine

Doggies and a kitty

Stella the Wondermutt

Layla the Truck an Bed Dog

Stella the Wondermutt

Getting a kiss from Layla the Truck and Bed Dog

Stella the Wondermutt

Kilo the brave

Kilo the brave scratching in his sleep
Baron White

Malicious Redirect Hack

"The concept is driven home right away by a link in the post which lists PayPal as the target when you hover over it with your mouse. Clicking on it will give you a warning that it could have been a malicious page you were redirected to. Of course the address line of the page shows that you were sent somewhere else, but it’s still an interesting issue. The hack is accomplished with just a few lines of JavaScript. In fact, the original example was 100 characters but a revision boils that down to just 67."

You know the trick where you hover over a link to see where it goes?  Well this hack will show you an benign link, then redirect you to something that good be malicious.  So click the above link and check it out.  This is something you need to be aware of, and make sure your family members, such as parents/grandparents who aren't computer savvy know about this, so they can protect themselves.

The Fae Folk have had their realm noticed

In Golden Gate Park, someone noticed a new addition.  Or is it new?  Could it be the Fae Folk forgot to reweave their spell to hide the entrance to their Realm, and we can now see it?

To read more please click the following link:

Mysterious mini door found in Golden Gate Park

Photo from the same site, used under Fair Use Provisions.  All rights remain with the copyright holder.

To learn more about the Fae Folk please click the following link:

Are we really that old?- from the inbox

Did you know what happened 162 years ago this fall... back in 1850?

California became a state
The people had no electricity.
The state had no money.
Almost everyone spoke Spanish.
There were gunfights in the streets.
So basically nothing has changed except then the women had real boobs and the men didn't hold hands.

The Walking Dead and Toy Story are linked


This Comment:

Anonymous said...

I'm fairly certain that video gave me a herniated testicle. This is especially impressive since I'm female. So I'm giving you a heads up that I'll be sending you the doctoring bill.

On this post:

He wears Oakleys to protect the sun from his eyes..

Full of WIN!

Duty, Honor and Sacrifice

A very long journey

Please watch the video, it's only a few minutes.  However please also watch your blood pressure for the part about the Congressman FAILING to do his sworn duty.

Canaries in Coal Mines - Bill whittle - Afterburner


"And this, this is the failure of modern liberalism.  Excuse me, progressivism.  There is an apparent inability to realize that there is a common thread to these stories.  There is violence--very different violence, but violence nonetheless--in each case.  There is an action particularly revolting to sane individuals in each case.  For some reason, though, society is only the problem in the first one, not the second.  A tool is the problem in the second case."

Sabra hits one out of the park.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

5 Things

Swiped from Blue

Lake Thomas, Florida........pretty scary, & MI looks So Good - from the inbox

Does this make you want to move to FL?

Lake Thomas, Florida

The first 2 pictures were taken by a KTBS helicopter flying over Lake Thomas, Winter Haven, Florida.
The helicopter pilot and the game wardens on the ground were in communication via 2-way radios.
Here is a transcript of their conversation.

'Air1, have you a visual on the gator, Over'
'Approaching inlet now, Over'
'Roger Air1'
'Gator sighted. Looks like it has a small animal in its mouth....moving in, over'
'Roger Air1'
'Oh Crap, it's a Deer!'

 'Confirm Air1. Did you say Deer, Over'
'Roger.........a Deer in its mouth....looks like a full sized buck....that's a big gator, boys. We're gonna need more men, Over'
'Roger Air1.....can you give me an idea on size of animal, over'
'It's a big one.....25 feet at least, please advise, gator is heading to I pursue, Over'

That has to be a HUGE gator to have a whole deer in its mouth!
The deer was later found to be a mature Stag.
If you ski at the west end of the lake ---- try not to fall overboard.

This alligator was found between Lakeland and Winter Haven Florida near the house of Anita and Charlie Rogers, who could hear the beast bellowing in the night.

Their neighbors had been telling them that they had seen a mammoth alligator in the waterway that runs behind their house, but they dismissed the stories as exaggerations.

'I didn't believe it,' Charles Rogers said, but after the alligator was killed, they realized the stories were, if anything, understated.

Game wardens were forced to shoot the alligator.  Joe Goff, a 6'5" tall game warden, shown below, walks past the 28-foot, 1-inch long alligator that he helped shoot and kill in the Rogers ' back yard.


Amazing Pictures...-from the inbox

Impressive Highways system above the Rainforest in Sao Paolo, Brazil


Dinner in the sky in Brussels, Belgium


Beijing International Airport, China


Super Moon rising above Sierra Nevada Sequoia National Park California


The Amazing Stone Mirror in Istanbul, Turkey

Amazing view of Schwerin Castle, Germany


The water is so clear it looks like the boat is hovering! - Bora Bora Pearl Beach


Heart Island in mangrove delta of the Vaza-Barris River, Brazil


Escalator of the New World Trade Center


Airplanes rolling over highway at Leipzig-Halle Airport in Germany


Amazing walk at West Side of Taihang Mountain in Shanxi Province, China


Impressive Swim Pools Balconies at Bandra Ohm Residential Tower in Mumbai, India


Mesmerising Niagara Falls - Rainbow Bridge, USA


Ferrari World Theme Park In Abu Dhabi


Amazing Corinthos Channel in Greece


Awesome Singapore - Dance of Light


World's Largest Ice Cave in Austria


The Streets of Monaco Yacht


World's first billion dollar house in Mumbai, India - 27 Floors Ambani's Palace


Amazing Landwasser Viaduct Switzerland