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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Police Misconduct? Thin Blue Line?

"DALLAS (CBS 11 NEWS) - A Dallas police officer, with a history of trouble, is back on duty less than two weeks after killing a man during a struggle.

The family of that man, 25-year-old Clinton Allen, doesn’t believe the shooting was justified and has filed a complaint against the officer.

Allen’s mother says the family was suspicious about the circumstances of the shooting and conducted an internet search of Dallas police officer Clark Staller."

More about this at Justice for Clinton Allen

Caveat here.  I am friends with the family of Clinton Allen.  I do NOT know what happened.  However with my past history in LE, and my own experiences, I am inclined to believe the Allen Family, not JUST because I am friends with a family member. And this officer involved in this shooting is now BACK on the street, which leads me to wonder if this is a case of the "Thin Blue Line"  Read that definition, especially about the part "which may be positive for many reasons, or negative in cases where a rogue officer may exploit it to avoid accountability".  So take from that what you may.  But something smells here.

If you want to do a google search for yourself this is the search term I used.:

 Clinton Allen Killed by Police in Dallas

The police is saying that Clinton was nothing but a thug, however his family, who knows him better than the police or the media have on their page more about him.

If you want to search about the Officer in question and his history the search term I used is:

Dallas Police officer Clark Staller

There are some interesting news stories about him in there.

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