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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

VA Paper shuffling while Marine entitled to care

for a Service related cancer is killing him.

"A Marine veteran dying of cancer is stuck in limbo as the Department of Veterans Affairs mulls his claim for disability benefits, even though his condition is recognized by law as connected to his service"

I'm sorry, but if he was exposed to KNOWN causative agents during his service that relate DIRECTLY to his cancer, why is the VA messing around with his and his families benefits? When there is Caselaw that DIRECTLY addresses this issue, WHY is the VA fighting it? 

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Anonymous said...

This is par for course with the VA. Sometimes the vet dies before they grant disability. Most people don't know that the widow can still get the disability her husband would have gotten while alive. For most people it is best to get a professional to help. DAV is one of the best.
My casr was simple. I did my own app and it was approved in less than 4 months.Just go down the checklist making sure you give them everything they want.