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Monday, March 18, 2013


"Schools teach many things. These dangerous lessons may not be explicitly taught, but they are definitely ’caught’ by every student – even parents. Good or bad depends which side of the desk you’re on.

As an insider, I’m giving you my top six most dangerous lessons that need to be destroyed before the coming chaos. Before sending me angry comments that this is just another teacher bash session, honestly explore the list with your school aged children or grandchildren at the dinner table. You may be convinced, if they’re allowed to talk freely. As I’ve said before many times, I work with some of the most dedicated, selfless, and knowledgable teachers who aren’t allowed to do the job they are passionate about – to teach."

I've been saying for years, that schools DON'T TEACH!  Instead of teaching kids to rote remember a test, they need to teach our children to THINK.  If you teach a child to think the can educate themselves with help from a teacher.

Sarah Hoyt just had an almost textbook example of schools NOT educating children, if you haven't read it, click the following link and do so: Malice or Incompetence?

Did you read that?  Did you understand what the school tried to do to her children?  They wanted to take a child who was taught to THINK by his parents and dumb him down, and to try to make an example out of him and punish the parents who had the audacity to teach their children to think.

That could be YOUR children, your grandchildren, your nieces or nephews.

Do you want that?  Don't you want your children to reach for the stars?  Or to reach for the remote?

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