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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Gee, I wonder who they plan on using these on?- from the inbox

Buddy, this is a communist ploy that leaves only a few right wing militant groups that are not under the command of the supreme leaders. This is well known by a lot of govt. reps and some of the press. Can you guess why OBummer wants this?

I can only HOPE and PRAY that this isn't true, as projected!

In God We Trust       

Any man
Who may be asked in this century
What he did to make his life
Can respond with a
Good deal
Pride And Satisfaction,
"I served in the
United States Navy".

President John F. Kennedy
August 1, 1963
United States Naval Academy
Annapolis, Maryland

                                                                   The Lone Sailor   

I hesitated to even send this, I forward very little but this truly makes me sickened and sad.
If there was ever a time to sit our children down and tell them they can NEVER BE SEPERATED FROM THE LOVE OF CHRIST AND THAT HE IS IN THEM.
They need to know their protector and not fear those who might destroy our bodies.


► Obama speaking OPENLY about the need for creating a "Civilian National Security Force" just as powerful as the military:

► Obama arming DHS to the teeth: 450 Million rounds of hollow-point bullets and another 175 million .223 caliber rifle ammo massive ammunition purchase:
(UPDATE: Now up to 2 BILLION rounds... for perspective: we only shot 5.5 million rounds/month during the Iraq war. 2 Billion = 24 year "Iraq War". Update story:

► DHS Buys 7000 assault rifles:

► DHS Buys 2500 armored fighting vehicles:

► DHS Buys millions of dollars worth of target practice posters with pictures of armed civilians (including: pregnant women, elderly, children etc.) from a company named "Law Enforcement Training, Inc.":

I don't care if you're the most die-hard Obama sycophant. You cannot deny the disturbing pattern that's emerging here. Take the Obama blinders off and wake up to the real agenda that's behind all those fancy speeches. If not for your own sake, for your children, and your children's children.

If you're an Obama voter, Obama doesn't care about you. He used you to get in power in order enact his sinister agenda, just like many other Marxist demagogues before him throughout recent history (look at Cuba, Russia, China, Vietnam, Cambodia etc., almost exactly the same pattern, and exactly the same outcome). There's no shame in admitting you were duped, as long as you wake up before it's too late. This isn't about republicans vs democrats, liberals vs conservatives, or left vs right. This is about ALL our futures! Obama is toiling hard to destabilize and CRASH the US economy, so that from its ashes he can "fundamentally transform" the United States of America just like he always said he was planning to do (only you thought it meant something else). Since coming into office, Obama has more than DOUBLED Bush's deficits after promising to cut them in half by the end of his 1st term; and with no slowdown in sight. No one is THAT incompetent unless they're seeking to intentionally derail the US economy. Pay attention to what this man DOES not what he SAYS. This will affect all of us, regardless of political affiliation. We have to stop the bickering and start focusing on our common enemy and our common interests. Will you keep being in denial about all of this until it's too late? Or are you willing to consider the possibility and start thinking for yourself instead of having someone else tell you what to believe?


Contact your REPS in Congress and demand answers!
202-224-3121 Senate, 202-225-3121 House


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