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Monday, March 18, 2013

On death row because a Police Officer has a problem with the truth

"Soon Arizona will have to decide whether to retry Debra Milke. Since its now clear that Armando Saldate, Jr.'s record will be an issue, and because the conviction relies entirely on his word, they probably won't. After a quarter-century Debra Milke will leave death row.

She spent that time there because the criminal justice system — which is required to accord to people like Debra Milke a presumption of innocence — instead accords to people like Armando Saldate, Jr. a presumption of truth."

A Police Officer with a record of violating suspects rights, lying under Oath, taking liberties with the rights of the citizens he is supposed to serve, put this woman on death row for 25 years.  Re-read that, TWENTY FIVE Years of her life after what for me as a parent is one of the most soul destroying thing that could happen, the murder of her 4 year old son.  Two suspects who were convicted of the murder of her son even denied she was involved.  and yet a Police Officer evidently pursued  a private vendetta against this woman.  And it cost her 25 years of her life and almost her life itself.

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