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Sunday, June 30, 2024

We got our hands on the email he sent out to his supporters... YIKES! - Liberal Hivemind

The M16A4; The 3 Round Burst Menace - Garand Thumb

Why This New CD Could Change Storage - Cold Fusion

Judge Wants to Jail Atty Who Caught Him Acting Improperly during Trial - Steve Lehto

When Blame Shifting Turns Into Gun Control Legislation - Washington Gun Law

CIA EXPOSED For Colluding With Biden Admin To COVER UP Hunter Biden Laptop - Timcast IRL

2A History, Battle Of Athens: Americans Used Their Guns To Fight Their Tyrannical Government & Won - Colion Noir

Barrel Length: Does it Matter?? A Speed & Power Test - Cap and Ball Fanatic

German WWII Type XXI Submarine Walkthrough & Tour - The Wilhelm Bauer/U2540 - Becks Hobby Productions

Disturbing Dan Schneider Content Found on Illegal Websites, It Only Gets Worse - Spill

How to suppress an AK in 2024 - KLAYCO47

Guitars that will Destroy America - THE MOVIE! - NOTE: This is NINE HOURS LONG - Spectre Sound Studios

"AZON" - FIRST U.S. SMART BOMB - Unboxing WW2 Analog Radio Modulator & Transmitter for Guided VB-1 - Ordnance

Solo Overnight Sleeping in an Ultra-Light Bivy Camp with Another Emergency Call to Action - Corporals Corner

Universal AK Optics Rail from KGM Consortium - Forgotten Weapons

How Important is Shot Placement With 22lr? - Paul Harrell

M855 Green Tip For SHTF - The Blind Sniper

Finishing The Hot Weather Sleep System - sargevining

Artifact of the Week: 1917 Stevens 22 Hardware Store Rifle and 1920s Rooster Gong Target - 20th Century Adventures

The Strangest Mysteries Solved with Google Maps - Visual Venture

Good Morning America BUSTED In Hidden Camera Admitting To Massive Political Bias! - The Quartering

Sweden's 1940s answer to the British Sten gun spotted in Ukraine - Forces News

Prototype 12ga. Shotgun Slug for the Apocalypse - Tested! - Taofledermaus

Saturday, June 29, 2024

The Strange Origin Story behind this Iconic Megacity - DamiLee

~1,000 T-80BVs Tanks Disappear From Russian Storage Bases - Covert Cabal

Silencer On A Hi-Point Vs. Glock - Deuce and Guns

Modern Ancient Warfare - Administrative Results

How US Military Recycles Billions $ Worth of Used Cartridges - Fluctus

RG 42: WW2 Soviet handgrenade of choice - Valgear


You can't make this up!! 😂 - Liberal Hivemind

HORRIBLE NEWS FOR THE ATF!!! IT GETS WORSE (for them)... - The Four Boxes Diner

SEE Why THIS SMG Is A Game-Changer! (The Uzi.) - Military Armaments Company

Grandpa Arrested for Shooting Thief - Liberty Doll

SCOTUS REJECTS DOJ’s Felony Charges Against J6ers For Impeding An Official Preceding - Timcast IRL

Enjoying Black Powder Episode 2: The Modele 1874 Gras - Forgotten Weapons

Why AI is KILLING The Power Grid - Two Bit da Vinci

How AREA 51 hides its secrets from the world - Sandboxx

Did you guys notice this...? - Liberal Hivemind

According to Chevron Deference the ATF were gun experts? - Legally Armed America

Blanket or CLOAK? - Modern History TV

Can a New Government Save Haiti? Massive Update - History of Everything Podcast

Tucker Carlson just ENDED this journalist's CAREER!!!!!!! - Liberal Hivemind

Soviet AMPOULE GUN nightmare of Stalingrad's streets. WW2 documentary - WW2 Heroes

Man Reveals SHOCKING Grocery Inflation At Wal-Mart As Leadership Laughs At "The Poors" - The Quartering

Thundering Jets: The F-86 Sabre & The Dawn of Fighter Supremacy - DroneScapes

Why the F-117N Seahawk Could Have Changed Naval Aviation Forever - PilotPhotog

🚨 BREAKING: Supreme Court FREES HUNDREDS of January 6th Political Prisoners | Nukes TRUMP Charges - Benny Johnson

Reflexivity: Leftism in the 21st Century - New Discourses

.327 Federal Magnum is BOSS - Speer Gold Dot .327 Federal VS 9mm+P Ballistic Test - Gun Sam _Revolver Aficionado_

How Powerful Are Concrete Bullets ??? (10 Gauge Slugs & Buckshot) - Kentucky Ballistics

Friday, June 28, 2024


Leftists PANIC Reaction to Biden Debate Shocker - Paul Joseph Watson

Chevron Destruction Fallout… Lefties Were Caught With Their Pants Down & They Are PISSED… - Langley Outdoors Academy

Hanabie Cancels 3 Shows, Miyako Played in a Bar in Valencia, the Collab Between Band-Maid and TW! - Venus Gaijin

I Shot Every 22 LR Into Ballistic Gel - Banana Ballistics

Rare Dragon Fire Laser Weapon Melts Enemy Weapons to Slag - Dark Tech

The Beastly Propeller Fighter that Demolished Modern Jets - Only Planes

Why South Korea is Literally Going Extinct - RealLifeLore

You Don't Need a SIG Romeo 9T - Hop

Just How Deadly Were Guns In The 18th Century? - History Hit

FBI Commits the Largest Armed Robbery in American History - Institute for Justice

Massive Increase In Narco Submarines Smuggling Across Atlantic - H I Sutton

Fritz's Enlarged PP - Legacy Collectibles


Biden Begins Trump Debate HORRIBLY, Is Challenged On His FAILING Economy - Timcast IRL


Handguns in the US Army in World War Two - Forgotten Weapons

Barbary Pirates Slavers of Europe (History of Everything podcast episode 144)

Full on PANIC, media calls for his REPLACEMENT & tears are flowing like rain - Better Bachelor

The Worst Movie Ever: A Tale of Corruption and Studio Meddling - Suspect Green

#1 Reason Your Gas Grill Doesn't Get Hot Enough Today - 30 Second Fix - Silver Cymbal

Setting Up Your First Rifle - The Blind Sniper

A Chilling Encounter - F-16s Scramble to Intercept Russian Nuclear Bombers Over Alaska - Dark Footage

Mexican Immigrant Student “HATES America” But REFUSES To Leave..?! - LFR Jojo

New York Times BLAMES Israel & AIPAC For Jamaal Bowman LOSING Primary - Timcast IRL

Who Took This Photograph? - blameitonjorge

When journalists actually do their job lol - Liberal Hivemind

The Rise & Fall of the Harrier Jump Jet - Curious Droid

The Great Thermal Burgle!!! Hamas Sympathizers Break Into Night Vision Factory -

Thursday, June 27, 2024

Could Putin Awaken This Dormant Spy Station? - Ringway Manchester

Guns Declared a Public Health Crisis - Liberty Doll

Modernized G3 - [AK4D] 🏁 Speedway [ Long Range On the Clock ] - Practical Accuracy - 9-Hole Review

The Little Known Illinois Assault Weapon Ban Case That Just Got a Lot More Interesting - Washington Gun Law

The Genius Tactical Fighter That Transformed into a Different Aircraft in Combat - Dark Skies

HERE IT IS! The Push For A Federal Red Flag Law, Thanks To The Supreme Court - Guns & Gadgets 2nd Amendment News


Courts Scold The Government (US v Rahimi Case Update - Restraining Order) - USCCA

Absolute Mad Lads - Adrian Carton de Wiart - Count Dankula

Tucker Carlson DEMOLISHES Lefty Journalist Who Tries To Trap Him On A Gun Control Question... - Langley Outdoors Academy

America's High-Explosive Weapon that Turned Russian Tanks into Desert Scrap - Dark Docs

Supreme Court "Semi Auto" Cases, This Is The End - Copper Jacket TV

Popular Technologies that Won't be Around Much Longer... - Sideprojects

How far will $20 take you on a mini 125cc Honda Monkey motorcycle?(It's INSANE!) #minimoto #4k - Project Odyssey

CNN Has On-Air PANIC ATTACK As Vivek Goes BEAST MODE On Rigged Debate LIVE On CNN | 'Cut The Feed'🚨 - Benny Johnson

GOP To FORCE VOTE On ARRESTING AG Garland For Withholding Biden Special Counsel Audio - Timcast IRL

The Victims of Hollywood - Moon

Winston Churchill's "Stolen Valour"? - Mark Felton Productions

Vibroplex: the Fastest Key in the West - Our Own Devices

CNN Explains How They Will MUTE TRUMP'S MIC During Presidential Debate - Timcast IRL

I Took the Bait AGAIN! - TheFirearmGuy

The cartidge of the French M1777 light cavalry carbine - capandball

Why Everyone is Quitting BIG Automotive YouTube Channels (Donut, Hoonigan, CarThrottle) - AutoTea

CNN Host Stunned by Pollster Telling Her Bluntly Why Media Are Always Wrong on This - The Rubin Report

Crazy Rubik's Cube Cheating Scandal - Karl Jobst

Wednesday, June 26, 2024

The Julian Assange situation just got weird - Liberal Hivemind

MH370: The Deadliest Mystery in Aviation - Decoding the Unknown

Omg... He decided to respond with a PERSONAL VIDEO!!! - Liberal Hivemind

Meet the WACO CG-4A - Air Zoo

One Knot to Rule Them All The Arbor Knot or The Canadian Jam Knot - Corporals Corner

Did the Surgeon General have CNN debate questions when he lied to the American people this week? - Legally Armed America

🚨 CIA Officials APPROVED Biden Campaign Plot to RIG 2020 Election With Hunter Laptop Coverup - Benny Johnson

White House Releases Blatant Lies About Newest Anti-Gun Law - Guns & Gadgets 2nd Amendment News

Death Trap in the Air....The WWII WACO CG-4A Glider - Two Guys and a Ride

Left Gets Their Way For Gun Control In Rahimi Case... Immediately Outraged They Got Their Way... - Second Legacy

The Great Glider Grab - Salvaging Operation Market Garden Gliders 1944 - Mark Felton Productions

Those Losers At ATF Just Pulled ANOTHER Injunction! -

Hackers Shut Down 15,000 Car Dealerships - Steve Lehto

FBI FRAMED TRUMP, Admits They Staged Evidence In Mar-A-Lago Raid - Timcast IRL

Now They're Going to Use Some Other Doctor to Disarm You - Washington Gun Law

Far Left Democrat Jamaal Bowman LOSES, Jewish Voters REVOLT Against Democrats Boosting Trump 2024 - Timcast

Gun Controller Get KICKED OUT BY DEMS While Lauren Boebert Wins Easily... Gun Rights WIN BIG! - Langley Outdoors Academy

TO24 C: Series Finale - Times Gone Tech

Cap and Ball Revolvers vs Ballistic Gel - All Outdoors

BREAKING NEWS: Supreme Court Sides With Biden In Social Media Collusion Case - Guns & Gadgets 2nd Amendment News

Mud Test - PSA Jakl - InRangeTV

AOC WINS Democratic Primary, Jamaal Bowman Projected To LOSE - Timcast IRL

CZ Bren 2 MS: The Civilian Version of a Modern Combat Rifle - Forgotten Weapons

Why Chicago Secretly Razed A Major Airport - IT'S HISTORY

Piracy in the South China Sea - Sub Brief

The Real Rambo - Roy Benavidez - The Green Beret That Took On An Army With Just A Knife - The Fat Electrician

The Greatest Flying Boat That Never Was - Saunders-Roe SR.45 Princess - Ruairidh MacVeigh

Gulf War Syndrome - Count Dankula

Why China is Terrified of US Reclaiming These Pacific Islands - GeoPolitico

BREAKING: FPC Goes For The Jugular On AR BANS… Sotomayor’s Dissent Used Against Them In AR BAN Case! - Langley Outdoors Academy

.22 LR in a Rifle is the SAME as .22 Magnum in a Handgun? - Gun Sam _Revolver Aficionado_

White House Using Guns To SCARE Left To Vote?! - Dana Loesch

Tuesday, June 25, 2024

CNN SHUTS DOWN Interview With Trump Press Sec PROVING Debate Will Be Biased - Timcast IRL

After Las Vegas "mass shooting", was Biden right about the greatest threat to America? - Legally Armed America

Top 5 Guns to Keep in Your 3 Day Emergency Pack - Paul Harrell

The Effort to Overturn the Worst Second Amendment Ruling Ever - Washington Gun Law

FBI Now ADMITS To FRAMING TRUMP, Classified Documents Were Placeholders, FBI STAGED Evidence - Timcast

BREAKING: Biden Weaponizes Surgeon General To Push EXTREME Gun Control… & Lefties Are Lapping It Up… - Langley Outdoors Academy

🚨FBI ADMITS STAGING & TAMPERING With Evidence in Trump Raid 'Crime Scene Photo' | Jack Smith JAIL? - Benny Johnson

The ATF is a Criminal Organization - Liberty Doll

She's completely lost her mind on this one - Liberal Hivemind

ATTENTION: US Surgeon General Declares "Gun Violence" A Public Health Crisis In America - Guns & Gadgets 2nd Amendment News

Tim Pool & Steven Crowder SLAM CNN Attempt At CENSORSHIP Of Presidential Debate To Help Democrats - Timcast

Texas Suppressor Freedom Law Struck Down: You Will Be Mad Why - The VSO Gun Channel

BREAKING: Disney Director Sohrab Makker: 'No Non-White, Non-Jewish' Hires, Calls CEO 'Corrupt' - O'Keefe Media Group

Elon Musk Tells CNN To SHOVE IT After Network Claims It Will BLOCK Presidential Debate Commentary - Timcast

Judge Grants Order to Tear Down House Built on Wrong Lot - Steve Lehto

Why Ukraine is Actually Taking the Turtle Tank Seriously - Task & Purpose

History Primer 198: Webley's Improved Government Revolver Documentary | C&Rsenal

Julian Assange IS FREE After Plea Deal With Biden Administration - Timcast IRL

Using a .45-70 to Open a Safe! // Ranger Point Precision Exploded All Over This Gun! - OG's Danger Show

The Media Fear Mongers The English Flag - Romanian TVee


Block Windows 11 Update & Stay on Windows 10 - CyberCPU Tech

MSNBC SLAMMED For Defending Illegal Immigrant Who TOOK LIFE Of Child, SNAPS At Guest Saying ILLEGAL - Timcast

Seattle Wants Migrants To Replace Cops - Actual Justice Warrior

M39 "egg" grenade, why did the German soldiers dislike it so much? - WW2 Heroes

Gun Controllers Well Laid Plans CRASH & BURN... Propaganda Like This Doesn't Usually Fail This Bad.. - Second Legacy


Lefty Gun Owners DEMAND To Know If MLK Jr. Was Disarmed... Well, It Just Got Officially Fact Checked - Langley Outdoors Academy

Adventurer's Guide to Herbal Remedies - Living Anachronism

Russia vows revenge on the US, female politicians investigated for corruption - Better Bachelor

Monday, June 24, 2024

My sons gave me a newer laptop

and I'm working out it's various settings.  It has over 3 times the RAM of my other laptop and a much faster, much larger hard drive.  IT's still an experience, since they went through and updated all of my software, and much of it, has changed features, or eliminated some of them.  So couple that with my health being not the best at the moment, posting may or may not be like my normal posts.

Right On Cue… ABC Lays Out The Push For Red Flags In Wake Of Rahimi Coverage… Almost Like Its A Plan - Langley Outdoors Academy

The Little Revolver that Could? M1862 Colt Pocket Police Distance Challenge - Cap & Ball Fanatic

Federal Agent Pleads Guilty to Stealing Cash from Travelers - Steve Lehto

How does Chinas Social Credit System Work? - History of Everything Podcast

Chicago Mayor LIES About Migrant Spending - Actual Justice Warrior

Experts Reveal What Really Happened (Full Episode) | Area 51: The CIA's Secret - National Geographic

7.62x39 - The Goldilocks Round - The Blind Sniper

Sunday, June 23, 2024

Innocence Project CAUGHT Faking Evidence - Actual Justice Warrior

Illegal aliens attack/murder 12 year old as media covers up their immigration status - Legally Armed America

She had the guts to say this in front of everyone lol - Liberal Hivemind

The 5 Most Surprising Scientific Discoveries of the Last 20 Years - Sideprojects

The Kriss Vector .45 - Grease Gun on Crack - Brandon Herrera

Real Life Use of Simple Knots Self-Rescue and Live - Corporals Corner

LMT Ion-LT Suppressor: Multipurpose, Light, & Low Back-Pressure - Forgotten Weapons

Democrats Are Preparing For MILITARY DRAFT, Senate Moves To Draft Women - Timcast IRL

The Glock 18 Machine Pistol - Garand Thumb

I Killed One Big Project So Others Can Live - Aging Wheeels

They had to DELETE the video after someone pointed this out - Liberal Hivemind

The Significance of the Indian Trade Gun in Early America - History with G-Hall

Just Buy a Red Dot Already - Operator Inquiries

Has Music Become Worthless? | Salari

Gun Controlling AG RUSHES To "Explain" Why Liberal Justice Opened The Door For DESTROYING AR BANS - Second Legacy

The GI's Darling: M1911A1 at the BUG Match - Forgotten Weapons

Left Lines Up To BASH Rahimi “Victory” As A Massive LOSS… Wait Until You See Why They’re Upset Now… - Langley Outdoors Academy

Saturday, June 22, 2024

Posting may be very erratic the next few days

 I have gall stones, and my gall bladder is acting up.  Couple that with my arthritis acting up from the tropical storm, and I'm not in the best of shape at the moment.  I've spent more time in bed than I have vertical in my chair.  And between the pain and general discomfort I'm feeling, I will probably be posting rather irregularly.

My apologies to my readers and subscribers.

The TRUTH about Biden's anti gun campaign - Legally Armed America

Disney Exec Says the Quiet Part Out Loud... - Clownfish TV

Friday, June 21, 2024

Whatever Happened to SILENT RUNNING? - Dan Monroe / Movies, Music & Monsters

.357 Magnum VS .44 Magnum 180 gr Battle - Federal Handgun Power-Shok - Gun Sam _Revolver Aficionado_

The Real Story Behind "The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare" - The History Chap

Illegal Immigrants From Tajikistan SKYROCKET Under Biden, Biden Border Crisis WORSENS - Timcast IRL

The Battleship Resurrected and Heavily Weaponized Against All Odds - Dark Seas

Lockheed's Attack Helicopter That Never Had a Chance | Lockheed AH-56 Cheyenne | History in the Dark

Poopy Pants Wants To Ban Shooting On Public Land -

The Homemade Warship Annihilator Hammering the Russian Navy So Badly - Dark Tech

BREAKING NEWS: Supreme Court Rules 8-1 In RAHIMI. They Got This One Wrong! (Prohibited Persons) - Guns & Gadgets 2nd Amendment News

Do Your Homework! - New Discourses

Supreme Court Upholds "Red Flags" Thanks To Justice Roberts Opinion - Copper Jacket TV

This “Racist” Elevator Encounter Went Insanely Viral. One Problem: It’s Fake - Amala Ekpunobi

Fort 221: The Ukrainian Tavor TAR - Forgotten Weapons

SCOTUS just Dropped The Rahimi Decision: Will it affect other lawsuits? - CRPA TV

Can You Outshoot an FBI Agent? [Part 3: 2019] - Lucky Gunner Ammo

Interview With New York State GMRS Alliance President After FCC Shutdown Of Their GMRS Network - NotaRubicon Productions