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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Kilted to Kick Cancer 2014 has started

Remember if you are in the Corpus Christi Texas area I and several other locals are Team Corpus Christi and we can use your support to help raise finds for Prostrate Cancer Research.

Also if you are over the age of 40 and HAVEN'T been checked yet.  Please make an appointment with your Doctor and get your Prostrate Checked.

If you would like to donate to Kilted to Kick Cancer which IS a 501 (c) 3 charity which means your donation IS Tax Deductible please click on the following link.

Please click on Team Corpus Christi.for the Team you are donating through.

And if you have a Kilt of your own, please wear it throughout the month of September for Prostate Cancer Awareness Month.

If you would like to Follow Kilted to Kick Cancer the  following links will help you out.

Twitter: hashtags #KTKC #Kiltedtokickcancer


Border Patrol Agent fired at Texas Militia Member

He didn't hit him.  However he fired 4 rounds, while both the Militia Member and he himself were on Private Property.  The Militia member had permission to be there and put down his weapon and immediately identified himself.

What was the Border Patrol Agent doing there?

He had been chasing a group of illegals but had lost sight of them and he couldn't pick up their trail again.

"Border Patrol spokesman Omar Zamora said agents had been chasing a group of immigrants east of Brownsville Friday afternoon when an agent saw a man holding a gun near the Rio Grande. The agent fired four shots, but did not hit the man. The man then dropped his gun and identified himself as a member of a militia. Zamora said no other details were immediately available."

Now here is the kicker,

"Cameron County Sheriff Omar Lucio, whose agency is involved in the investigation, said the incident occurred on private property and it appeared the man had permission to be there. He was not arrested, Lucio said."

The Militia Member had permission to be there the Border Patrol Agent technically did not.  I say technically because the border area has certain clauses and exemptions for Law Enforcement.

Now then, there is an even MAJOR kicker.  The area where all of this went down is a MAJOR hunting area.  Birds, Deer, you name it, if it's in the area it's probably hunted.  So someone in Camo holding a long arm could easily be a hunter in that area.  To fire four rounds at someone is not exactly a good thing.  And it IS rather Irresponsible.

Now I don't want to come down on the Border Patrol or the Agent involved only.  The Militia could also at fault here.  I don't know, the story doesn't say if the Border Patrol Agent was informed or knew if the Militia member was in the area.  Which he SHOULD have been MADE aware of by the Militia and the Property Owner.  The problem is, in many cases Law Enforcement looks at Militias and Militia Members as insurrectionists and threats, instead of thinking that many Militia Members are Law Abiding Citizens who are tired of the Government and Law Enforcement not protecting them and their friends and family so they will do it themselves.

As I said, the Border Patrol Agent should have been aware of any and all Militia Members and the general areas and properties they might be located.  After all he is chasing people through various pieces of private property, many of which have Militia Members on them to protect the property owners property and families.  For all the Border Patrol Agent knows however, he might be drawing down on a Cartel Gunman, or he could be drawing down on an innocent hunter.  He evidently didn't know.  And he should have.

Monday, August 25, 2014

A possible cure for Autism?

As some of my readers know, my oldest son has Aspergers Syndrome, which is classified as part of the Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Through Peter, I was made aware of new research that has found that there may be a way to a treat Autism.

"Autism, which affects around 500,000 people in the UK, covers a range of behavioural disorders that reduce the ability of sufferers to communicate with and relate to other people.

It is believed to be triggered by a combination of genetic and environmental factors that impact on the developing brain.

During normal brain development, a burst of synapse formation occurs in infancy, especially in the cortex - a region closely linked to autistic behaviour.

Pruning removes more than half of these cortical synapses by late adolescence.

Synapses are known to be affected by many genes linked to autism, leading to speculation about the role they play in the condition."

I would give almost anything for my son to be able to have a normal life.  To be able to live a full and productive life.  Without the teasing and the bullying he goes through at school.

And yes there are some Idjits at my son's school who bully and tease him.  His older sisters before they graduated were almost suspended when they threatened some of their brother's tormentors.  and while the school does what it can, teachers cannot be everywhere at all times.  His younger sister has confronted a few of his tormentors and I've had to discuss the situation with the school resource officer's a few times.

But we all know teens.  Self absorbed and egocentric.

The Entitlement Mindset

Over at The Lonely Libertarian there is a post about the entitlement mentality and just how bad the situation is becoming.

"Every year, the local Kiwanis Clubs team together with the Salvation Army and Walmart to host a Back to School fair for underprivileged kids in the area. There's snacks and bouncy houses, a vaccination booth (don't get me started here), and each child receives a backpack, lunch box (don't know why since they all get free lunches), and all the recommended supplies. This year, they prepared 5000 backpacks. 5000. Backpacks. Full of stuff. Free. And they ran out with a considerable number of kids still left. So they issued vouchers to Walmart for the same items that were being offered at the fair. One $10 backpack, one $5 lunch box, paper, pens, pencils, RoseArt markers and crayons, binders and notebooks. Probably about $70 total. Not a bad deal, especially when you consider most of the recipient families have two or more (many more) kids. Take my next door neighbors, four kids all anchor babies, mom and dad don't speak English, would have received $280 worth of free school supplies."

What happens later, is very disturbing.

That is the "Entitlement Mentality".  No courtesy, no shame.

And it just gets worse every year.  More and more people who are affected by the current economy means more and more people who NEED help.

And yet people like those in the above linked post, make it so more and more organizations are afraid to help.

I see in the future where it will get to the point that many organizations will just stop helping.

Stop giving.

Stop bothering.

Why should they go out of their way when people demand charity, demand more than what is offered freely?

Why should they put up with the headaches and the heartbreaks?

Kilted To Kick Cancer - Dunk Your Junk

Anyone in the Corpus Area who wants to join or donate to Team Corpus Christi please click on the link below

Kilted To Kick Cancer Donation

Remember to say it's for Team Corpus Christi


Friday, August 22, 2014

JPFO Urgent Notice From Claire Wolfe - MUST READ

"Somebody reminded me this week of that statement from Aaron, the late, great founder of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership. That was how Aaron contrasted himself and JPFO with Alan Gottlieb and Gottlieb’s SAF/CCRKBA.

Aaron wanted to educate people so that victim disarmament would go away. He would have been thrilled to be able to close JPFO’s doors and say, “We’ve done it.”

On the other hand, he despised Alan Gottlieb and saw him as an opportunist who used scary mailings to turn SAF/CCRKBA into a fundraising factory. He saw Gottlieb as a person who needed and wanted “gun control” because that’s what kept the money and the publicity flowing.

Gottlieb certainly confirmed many of the things Aaron said about him when he supported the Manchin-Toomey (really Manchin-Toomey-Schumer) universal background check bill last year. He even boasted of having spent hours helping to write the bill.

Now, the JPFO board of directors has hatched a plan to hand JPFO over to SAF — a merger that is scheduled to be finalized next week if JPFO supporters don’t stop it."

Click on the above and go read the whole thing.  If you are concerned about protecting one of the best Second Amendment Right's organizations and want to keep if from joining the fund raising machine of Alan Gottlieb and his SAF/CCRKBA monstrosity, Call, Write e-mails.  Especially if you donate to or are a member of the JPFO.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Kilted To Kick Cancer - Calling ALL CORPUS PEEPS

If you live in or around the Corpus Christi Texas Area and own a Kilt, I need your help.

"Kilted to Kick Cancer Is Only 10 Days Away!
Follow @AmboDriver

There have been some big changes with Kilted to Kick Cancer in the past month, the biggest of which is our official 501(c)3 charity designation!

If you plan to be one of our Kilted Fundraisers for 2014, we have a little change in the usual process. Just drop an email to, and tell him the name of the fundraising team you wish to register. It can be your own name, your blog name, your Internet nom de guerre, whatever you like, as long as it’s unique and distinctive, and…

… boom, you’re registered!

Donations can be made on the donation page at the Kilted to Kick Cancer website. Just direct your donors to that link, have them enter your team name and the amount, and you’re golden! We can track all your donations and post weekly update of fundraiser standings, but donors MUST DONATE ON BEHALF OF YOUR TEAM. That’s how we track your progress."

So please send me a message or comment here if you'd like to join Team Corpus Christi.

AND IT IS O F F I C I A L!!!  We are Team Corpus Christi.  So click on the donation link:

And you can click on Team Corpus Christi to join or donate.

Bill Whittle - Firewall -- Ferguson and the Real Race War

The Senate? Again?

Did I do something again?

Chiappa Triple Threat - Hickok45

I'd love it if they made it in a Drilling or a Vierling

John Oliver on Ferguson and the Militarization of Police

Monday, August 18, 2014

Westboro Baptsist Church wants to protest Robin Williams Funeral

How to deal with the brainwashed

"To be a modern leftist is to embrace a constellation of lies. They eat lies as if they were corn flakes. Leftism is based on a false premise, and all political systems whose roots are planted in quicksand will inevitably sink into totalitarianism. They start with one flawed premise—equality, which is a laughably obvious lie—and embrace it as an untouchable truth. And they will tell a billion other lies to protect that main lie."

And they tell lies and lies and lies.  All to hide the uncomfortable truth that they are "Wrong"  They cannot admit that even to themselves.

Their whole worldview is based on the idea that they are never wrong, they are never mistaken.  Everyone who doesn't agree with their pampered besotted butts is though.

They are the Right and the Righteous, and it is their job, no their "CALLING" to bring their version of enlightenment to the unwilling masses who do not view the world through drug addled rose colored glasses.

Atheism has become a Religion for some

"‘Many Atheists Seem to Have a Rather Thin Skin’: Blaze Readers React to Hollywood Actor Revealing What He Thinks Is ‘Weird’ About Atheists"

I have posted on this a few times before.  Many atheists have made their "Non-Belief" a Religion in and of itself.

Demanding that any display of any diety be removed as it is "offensive" to them.  However many of the comments on the article by people who declare themselves "Atheists" hearten me.


There are some militant atheists, just like there are some religious militants. I’m an atheist, and I don’t care what you believe in. I’m guessing the majority of atheists are like me and have no desire to “convert” you or get into a religious discussion with you. I happen to love Christmas and all the trappings (particularly time spent with family). I could not care less if the town I live in had a nativity scene on display, and I would be very disappointed if there weren’t lots of lights, Christmas trees, and Santa Claus. I happen to like Easter, too. I don’t care to have someone try to convert me to his or her religion or tell me my beliefs are wrong, which is why I normally keep them to myself. I’m also a libertarian, so I believe in liberty. Many laws are based on a religious morality that goes beyond the golden rule. I’m not your brother, and you’re not my keeper. If I want to drink, gamble, or have sexual relations out of wedlock, it is not your business. I don’t think gays deserve to be condemned because of your religious beliefs either. However, I do think you have the right to your beliefs, even the belief that homosexuality is a sin. I don’t think you should have to make them a cake for their weddings, either. Both sides should just follow the golden rule, or try to put yourself in the other person’s shoes.

Well, that’s my atheist take on things anyway."

Dathi, if you read this, I would LOVE to interview you sometime.

You espouse many of my own personal beliefs with the exception that I am a Deist/Theist and believe in our Creator.  However I still feel more kinship towards you than I do rabid Atheists who attempt to force a compliance to their beliefs at the expense of all others.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

He needed Killin

As a viable defense.

A case in Angleton Texas has brought up the Old "He Needed Killing" Defense.  Possibly.

"ANGLETON, Texas (AP) -- David Barajas denies killing a drunk driver in a fit of rage after his two sons were fatally struck in 2012 on a rural road in Southeast Texas.

His defense attorney says Barajas is a good man, a grieving father and not a murderer. At the same time, his defense hasn't publicly suggested who else might be responsible for Jose Banda's shooting death."

A drunk driver struck and killed two boys pushing s truck less than 100 feet from their own home.  Allegedly, the boys father came, saw that his children were dead/badly injured, went home got a firearm came back and shot the man who had stuck his kids.

How would you handle it?  If you were on that grand jury?

In 2012, a man beat his childs molester, who he had caught in the act, to death.  The grand jury "No Billed" him. refusing to return an indictment.

In another case in 2013 a man shot and killed a Law Enforcement Officer who was part of a team executing a "No Knock" Warrant on his home.  The man doesn't deny shooting the officer, but said he was in fear of his life and his pregnant girlfriends life.  The Grand Jury declined to indict him as well.

One thing you may notice about these cases.

They are for the most part in rural/suburban areas.

Makes you think?  Doesn't it?

Old NFO had an interesting conversation

"Spent the morning at the dealer getting stuff done on the truck…

Ended up sitting next to an Army Major (Ranger/Airborne), just back from downrange. We got into a rather in-depth conversation about what is going on in the Army. He’s just back from downrange, was the G-2 on a Batt staff…"

And it shows just how bad the state of our armed forces is becoming, and how that affects not just some hypothetical but real persons.

Troops not knowing if they will have a career soon, and not sure if they will be able to pay the bills or even put a roof over the heads of their families.

And the situation back at their familes homes is not much better.

All do to the policies of our current CIC.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Rick Perry responds to his indictment

The Palestinian Problem

Don't believe the lies from the Hamas Apologists.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Alfonzo Rachel - Zo's Take on Ferguson - Democrat Cities are Dangerous Places

Bill Whittle - Firewall - The Struggle For Stupidity

Inventions I'd like to see

I'd like Subway, Quiznos and all the other sub shops to put a Chef Salad Sandwich on the menu.

I'd like to combine an Adroid Smart phone with a Baofeng UV-5R dual band HT and a Satellite Phone into one piece.  Being sure it still has all of the functions of a smartphone, but adding the ability to use the whole combo for packet or digital communications.  Such as sending files/photos through the cell phone part, the HAM Radio part or the Satellite Phone part, or using it for FM Voice.  Keep the whole package about the size of the UV-5R with the extended battery and make it so you can either drop it into the desk charger or plug directly into the battery through a cigarette lighter adapter..  And you can still plug the whole thing into a computer for programming, transferring files or even use the "Device" as a cell modem.

I'd like an inexpensive single shot take down .22 rifle with a threaded barrel that costs less than $60.00 and can fit inside a piece of 2" PVC pipe when taken down.

I'd like a modern version of the Webley MK VI that is chambered for .45LC.

I'd like Colt to license the Patent on the ACE .22 conversion so it could be put back into production.

I'd like to see a Heads up that can be added to motorcycle and bicycle helmets that has GPS/Compass and other functions.

What would YOU like to see them make?

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

FedEx indicted for Drug Trafficing?

There are on-line pharmacies.  Many of them follow all of the laws and only sell their medications to people who have a valid prescription.  However there are some who sell to anyone.

How does that involve FedEx?

Well those prescriptions, legal or not have to be delivered somehow.

"FedEx was indicted on July 17 by a federal grand jury, and plead not guilty to the 15 criminal counts at a July 29 hearing. The case is due back in court on August 28. If convicted, FedEx could face up to $1.6 billion in fines."

Now in the past UPS has had to deal with things like this before and they reached an accommodation with the government, and this is what the kicker of the story deals with.

"The Wall Street Journal pointed out the fact that UPS previously settled this same issue with the DOJ, which offered the carrier a non-prosecution agreement in exchange for paying $40 million in fines and assisting the government in catching illegal online pharmacies. It is possible that the prosecution of FedEx is an effort to get the company to assist the DEA in enforcing drug laws."

Somehow FedEx is SUPPOSED to know who is and isn't a legitimate package recipient. And the reports that some of the packages were delivered to parking lots?  I know of a small converted school bus that is a small cell phone store/electronics shop.  They guy cannot afford the funds to rent/lease shop space but he did have an old school bus he converted into a mobile shop.  And since he cannot receive packages at his Post Office Box, and he is usually out in a parking lot so his customers can find him, that is where he gets his packages delivered.  Even the US Postal Service knows that he does this and they know that he moves every once in a while.  And they know where he goes if he has to move from one lot to another. Just like some of the food trucks.  The move to where the business is.

So tell me, how is that illegal? 

Like FedEx says, they do not know what is inside the packages, they just deliver them.

Alfonzo Rachel - Chipotle endorses Slavery

Bad Lip Reading - Game of thrones

A friend posted this on a board, and it made it very hard to breath after watching it.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Chuck Woolery - Looking to the Future

Round Ball vs Cut Lead

Oleg posted this on FB and I found it so interesting I had to post it here along with a comment from another user on FB

WR:  Very interesting! I had never heard of the extruded bar bullets. A Confederate infantryman in Missouri described in his journal the practice of casting bullets in a thimble. He said they would pour in the lead, then very quickly jam a pointed stick into the thimble to make the base cavity. He didn't comment on the accuracy, but said they'd shoot clear through a box car at 200 yards!

When we exhumed the remains of 31 Confederate soldiers who died at the battle of Glorieta Pass, in New Mexico, several of the skeletons yielded the bullets that had killed them - everything from buckshot to a 12 pound howitzer canister ball, and several minie bullets. In the pelvic area of one skeleton, we found a .58 minie bullet with the skirts grossly expanded. The expansion was pretty uniform, and the nose of the bullet wasn't deformed, at all, and showed no rifling marks. A few days later in the dig, we found a group of about 15 bullets, identically deformed, in the pelvic area of another skeleton.

The bones didn't show any damage, so we concluded that the bullets had been in the soldier's pockets. The Confederates were pretty poorly armed, even by early war standards, and many of them had shotguns they'd brought from home. They had captured many thousands of rounds of .69 ammunition in paper cartridges at Ft. Bliss, and several mentioned in their letters and journals that a .69 buck and ball round made a 12 gauge shotgun a pretty effective close range assault weapon. (See how I brought in that terminology?)

The flaring of the skirts on those minie bullets baffled us until I took my 12 ga. muzzleloader out of the car and tried one of those bullets in it. It wasn't a tight fit, but was a lot better than a plain .58 bullet. Somehow or another, they were swaging the skirts out to use those bullets in shotguns. (They were too big to fit in an 1842 musket.) I have never tried to fire an altered bullet from my shotgun, but I have tried to swage the skirts of some, and they must have had some kind of home made die, because every method I've tried mangled the nose of the bullet, too.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Kurzgesagt - Everything you need to know about planet earth

Alfonzo Rachel - ZoNation - Jesse Ventura tosses dead puppies at Widows

Some motivators and demotivators

Over at Blue's



Never underestimate stupid...

Keeping their own arms...


A little more Liberal logic...

Voting Republican...

I vote Democrat because...


Bad behavior... 

Devastation and destruction...

Completely irrational...


There is no media bias

BBC: climate change “deniers” — silence them! No air time!


Fisking of a "Gun Control" Expert

Bob over at 3 boxes of BS has done a fisking you should read.  I found it to be rather informative.  As such I won't excerpt it.

Click the link to go RTWT:

Dissertation Level Fisking ?

Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence what is 7 times?

"WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A top U.S. healthcare official involved in the botched rollout of the website may have deleted some emails that were later sought by Republican congressional investigators, administration officials said on Thursday.

The emails were from a public email account maintained by Marilyn Tavenner, who heads the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) agency chiefly responsible for implementing President Barack Obama's healthcare reform law."

I mean we are obviously past enemy action and way past conspiracy.

And yet the current administration won't do anything as it would reveal their culpability in the issue and open them up to criminal prosecution.

So they are going to do their best to bury the issue and destroy as much of the evidence as they can.

I think it's high time the courts order the Marshal's Service in to seize any and all computers and to start a detailed investigation WITHOUT the input of the FBI or any other agency.  As they have been shown to be just as corrupt.

A tick bite could make you allergic to meat?

"A bug can turn you into a vegetarian, or at least make you swear off red meat. Doctors across the nation are seeing a surge of sudden meat allergies in people bitten by a certain kind of tick.

This bizarre problem was only discovered a few years ago but is growing as the ticks spread from the Southwest and the East to more parts of the United States. In some cases, eating a burger or a steak has landed people in the hospital with severe allergic reactions."

Is there nothing more dangerous?  Think about it.  How much of the proteins consumed here in the US is meat?  And not just meat but red meat?

Hamburgers, hotdogs, steak, roasts, briskets, and how much other red meat products find their way into our diets?

You might be thinking to yourself that I am over exaggerating, but think about it.  If one of the least expensive proteins suddenly cannot be consumed what other proteins are there that those people can eat?  And how much of them are available?

Go back to the law of supply and demand.

Right now due to the drought and other factors any proteins, meat, peanuts, milk chicken, turkey, seafood, eggs, beans and a few others.

According to the article for some of the people afflicted by this allergy even milk and dairy triggers the reaction.  So that takes out just one more protein available.

Many people already suffer from seafood allergies, plus algae blooms are making more and more seafood toxic as well.

So what does that leave?

Legumes and beans such as peanuts and soy beans.

Do you really want to eat soy and peanuts all the time?  Do you think there is enough to supply demand with the prices currently rising as they are?

So this allergy could be something rather bad.  How bad remains to be seen.

Also consider this.  What OTHER diseases are transmitted through tick bites?

Lyme Disease is one of the biggies.

So the main take away from this is use bug spray folks.  Not just on you but spray your pets as well as ticks can hitchhike on your pets into your house and on to you.

Bill Whitttle - Firewall - The Murderer in the Kremlin

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Behind the Scene's of Kubrick's 2001" A Space Odyssey

"The Discovery

The vehicle selected for the Jovian mission is the impressive, 700-foot long spaceship Discovery. So-called "Cavradyne" gaseous core, nuclear reactor engines at the rear provide the craftls propulsion. Hundreds of feet of tankage and structure separate the spherical part of the ship where the crew quarters, the computer, flight controls, small auxiliary craft, and instrumentation are located. In the centrifuge, the crew enjoy Earth-like gravity conditions created by spinning; it is there that they spend most of their time and where the hibernating astronauts sleep in their hibernacula. Actual piloting, navigational checks, and the like take place in the zero-gravity environment command module. Other sections of the sphere include the pod bay, where three one-man repair and inspection craft are housed, and the HAL 9000 computer with its level-upon-level of memory storage and related elements."

2001 was a ground breaking piece of cinematic art.  It showed the dreams of space travel that could become possible reality.

Stanly Kubrick wanted a realism so real, that many thought what he showed was actually exiting technology.

I have always thought, that NASA should turn to Hollywood when it comes to creating the tools necessary for our exploration of space.

Could you imagine, what would happen if Hollywood was tasked with designing and building a EVA Space suit that would cost less than 50 thousand dollars per suit?  I bet you they could do it and do it so the final cost would be considerably less than 50k.  The Disney Imagineers could probably do it for less than 20k a suit.  Just give them the specs and turn them loose.

People like Elon Musk, and many others have the ability and the imagination to build the future of space travel.  Burt Rutan has taken one of the many steps needed to bring the future about.

The largest problem we have currently, is the hindrance of big government.

I bet if NASA joined with private industry and offered a prize for the first private space station to reach orbit in one of the Lagrange points, inside of 7 years the prize would be collected.

Bigelow Aerospace, has already built several inflatable stations that are in current orbit.  I bet if they were offered the opportunity to put a station in L2 with some help for launching their units, they would jump at it.

So we have the technology NOW to build Kubrick's and Clarke's dreams.  Do we have the determination to do so?

More people added to no fly list

"Of the 680,000 people caught up in the government’s Terrorist Screening Database—a watchlist of “known or suspected terrorists” that is shared with local law enforcement agencies, private contractors, and foreign governments—more than 40 percent are described by the government as having “no recognized terrorist group affiliation.” That category—280,000 people—dwarfs the number of watchlisted people suspected of ties to al Qaeda, Hamas, and Hezbollah combined.

The documents, obtained from a source in the intelligence community, also reveal that the Obama Administration has presided over an unprecedented expansion of the terrorist screening system. Since taking office, Obama has boosted the number of people on the no fly list more than ten-fold, to an all-time high of 47,000—surpassing the number of people barred from flying under George W. Bush.

“If everything is terrorism, then nothing is terrorism,” says David Gomez, a former senior FBI special agent. The watchlisting system, he adds, is “revving out of control.”

People have been added for being critical of the current administration.  For unpaid tickets. For having a last name that is ethic in origin.

And there is NO Oversight.

Slavery and history

From Cracked Magazine: 29 Images That Will Change How You Picture History

Josie Outlaw - The End of Oppression

KTD Project using the drive on any computer to view the files

Chuck Woolery - News Sensationalism

Pat Condell - Hypocrisy over Gaza

Published on Aug 5, 2014

Israel doesn't owe a biased world any explanation for defending itself
against murderers.

Hamas sermon from Gaza strip: “Our doctrine entails exterminating Jews” - (Not Zionists or Israelis, but Jews).

Gaza civilians executed by Hamas for protesting against the destruction of their neighbourhood

Hamas used child labour to build tunnels. Hundreds killed.

Arab apartheid against Palestinians

No apartheid in Israel, lots of it in the Arab world

Hamas glorifies the deliberate murder of Israeli civilians

Hamas TV teaches children: Shoot all the Jews

Meet the Hamas billionaires

Private jets, restaurants, luxury hotels: the good life of senior Hamas officials,73...

A thank you letter from Hamas to the media

Egyptian TV hosts slam Hamas: “We are sick and tired of you.”

Egyptian TV host tells Hamas they belong in a mental asylum

Test yourself: Are you pro human rights, or just anti-Israel?

Israeli Arabs: We do not want to live in a Palestinian state

Queers for Palestine. Idiots supporting a regime that wants them dead

Israeli Fringe show closed down by BDS bigots

If you support the “Palestinians”, watch this short history of the region and educate yourself

If you disagree with blacks you're racist - Zo Nation

Monday, August 4, 2014

Had a Doctors appointment today

My appointment was at 11:00 a,m.  I showed up at 10:30 to be sure all of my paperwork was in order.  It was.  Sat down in the rather uncomfortable chair at 10:36, pain level around a 4 and a 1/4.  10:53 my back and right leg started to "Twinge", start shifting position constantly and reading Islands of Rage and Hope by John Ringo on my cell phone's Kindle app for about the 7th time since I bought it friday.

11:25 am, lower/mid back and right hip/leg feel as if they are being roasted over coals.  Pain Level now 6.  Still haven't been called back yet.

11:40 am, can't sit still as I can't find any position that ISN'T painful.  Still haven't gone back, pain level 7.5

12:07 pm, finally called back.  It took me 6 attempts to get up out of the chair/torture device.  Pain level approaching 8.

12:10 sit in exam room, chairs in room even WORSE than waiting area. 12:35 pain level above 9, seriously considering calling 911 to be taken to the other side of the medical campus to the ER and to get knocked out.

12:45 pain is about to blow the top of my head off.  I carefully scoot forward and down to the floor, if I hadn't had my cane I never would have been able to do it.  Lie on my back and get my legs up on to the seat of the chair to take pressure off of my lower back.  Pain is almost to the point where I give up and I am actually seeing dark spots in the corners of my vision.

After lying on floor for a few minutes, I carefully do a hip twist and shoulder press to try to get my back, back into alignment.  It sounded like firecrackers were going off in the room. and while painful it wasn't as painful as the rest of my back and the pain started to fade the longer I lay on the floor.

1:07 pm, I carefully pulled myself up to a sitting position on the floor of the exam room., my neck, spine and hips popping on their own as I did so.  Pain level is now down to about 7 and a half again.

1:15 pm I'm sitting on the floor with my head in my hands and my elbows on my thighs when one of the young ladies in the office comes in to take me to get an X-ray.  It takes me almost 5 minutes to get up off the floor and you can hear all of my joints and spine popping the entire time.

1:23, I'm up and the young lady asks me to follow her.  We walk less than 70 feet but it takes me almost 5 minutes to walk it as I'm in so much pain my balance is almost completely shot.

In the X-ray room, she wants me to lay on the x-ray table.  I told her if I get on the table I won't be able to get up.  So we do my x-rays standing up.  I can barely stand and I'm swaying badly.

X-rays done, it's back into the exam room.  I just leaned over the exam table and rested my head on the back of my arms.

1:40 Dr's P.A. came in and we discussed my case.  He asked how am I in such bad shape.

I told him when I came in I was a 4 on the pain scale, his chairs about killed me and I'm close to calling for an ambulance.

So after we finished our talk, I'm now getting scheduled for a CAT Scan with contrast dye now, sometime in the next 2 weeks.

I'm home and after taking pain meds, my pain is about a steady 6.5 and slowly going down.

I'm going to lie down and try to get some rest.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Calling out hypocrites

John Dileo has a post up which I think you should read. I'll do a brief excerpt here.

"Christ didn’t put up with future sin, but He forgave past sins, and advocated leading by example.  He would show the right way, and his apostles too would demonstrate the right way, hoping that as role models they could turn their audiences away from sin and into the light.  He regularly forgave a sinner and then ended the speech with such words as “but from now on, avoid this sin.”

The message was clear:  doing wrong can be forgiven, but advocating that others do wrong – through false teaching, through active endorsement of sinfulness – is another thing entirely, and a much more grievous sin than most.  If you do wrong yourself, that may just be “between you and your God,” as the saying goes.  But leading others astray is a crime with legs, a transgression that tears at the fabric of society, and must be treated differently."

I've had discussions with many atheists, and they all try to pick and choose Bible cites and try to throw them in my face because I believe in something larger than myself, ie: The Creator.

And yet these same people who try to throw their selected and sometime edited cites at me, totally ignore their own and their own sides hypocrisy on many issues.

Same Sex Marriage is one.  I actually had a 4 hour discussion with someone where I tried to get across my belief that the government has no place in the issue as it is a "Religious Sacrament".  Marriage IS for those who want the sanctification of their union by their chosen deity.

If two people want to join into a personal union, fine.  They do up an agreement or contract had file it with the county or city.  DONE!.

If they wish to get married, they do the same but then go to the religious person of their choosing and get the words said.

Either way, the GOVERNMENT has no place in it saying yea or nay.

The only thing the government does is to recognize that there IS a union. 

Civil or otherwise.

And yet this person spent FOUR HOURS telling me I was anti Gay, Anti Same Sex Marriage and on and on.

They refused to even acknowledge what I was saying.

To quote a friend, that person heard what they wanted to hear, not what I was saying.